Israeli & International Art

Israeli & International Art is Kedem’s newest area of expertise, with dedicated auctions held at least once or twice each year. The auctions and complementary catalogues showcase pieces from all of Israel’s art movements – from early Bazalel masters through to contemporary Israeli artists. Works by well-known international artists are also up for sale. Oftentimes, these works of art will be presented in a separate sub-department, together with auctions of Israeli culture and history.

The art department receives on-consignment works by established and well-known artists. We present these works to the public in a detailed catalogue featuring high quality photos of each piece, corresponding technical information and a price estimate as evaluated by various art connoisseurs.

The Israeli art scene is particularly vibrant and many artists have entered the international art world. At Kedem, we do not to accept works by artists in the midst of launching their careers as we do not wish to become a gallery. Kedem is an auction house that sells collectible pieces of art created by popular artists that represent the Israeli art movements through its various periods.

Our art auctions include works of various schools and techniques – oil, watercolor, works on canvas and paper, sculpture, and artistic photography. Consigned works of art receive the most attention and appreciation. On display at Kedem’s offices, all of our on-consignment art is exceptionally safe and secure at our company headquarters.

We welcome the opportunity of appraising each and every piece of art, both from beginner collectors or art dealers who purchase complete collections on consignment. Kedem is supported by a team of professionals with years of experience and expertise. However, when the need arises, we do request second opinions from leading Israeli art experts to obtain the best possible results for both buyers and sellers.

When it comes to Israeli and international masters, many collectors may question an item’s authenticity. At Kedem, we guarantee the authenticity of each and every item we sell, and that the information provided in the corresponding catalogue is accurate and reliable.

We are pleased to share our expertise with prospective buyers and sellers to enhance our overall offering and customer service.

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