Jewish & Israeli History and Culture

Kedem conducts auctions devoted exclusively to fine collectibles focusing on Zionism and Jewish history. Auctions are held twice a year and include rare items of exceptional quality centered on the history of the Jewish people in Israel and in the Diaspora. These auctions feature paper objects and books, maps and booklets, posters, photographs, children’s books and items of historic importance to the history of the Jews and Eretz Israel.
Each auction is accompanied by a detailed catalogue featuring accurate descriptions of each item and quality photos. The catalogue is divided into several sections, divulging a glimpse into hundreds of years of Jewish history in Eretz Israel and in the Diaspora.
As always, Kedem ensures the authenticity of each and every item in our Israeli & Jewish Culture and History collection.
The Zionist Movement
The history of Zionism is best represented by letters, manuscripts and archives from the founders of the Zionist movement. These include renowned leaders such as Herzl, Wolfson, Weizmann, Jabotinsky, Ahad Ha’am, Warburg and others. These auctions connect us to the founders of the Jewish State and its military and civilian leaders, such as David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin, Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir, as well as presenting important documents related to other leaders, intellectuals, generals, politicians and public figures who helped form and influence the Zionist movement in its early years. Our auctions offer documents and other items from Zionist organizations, such as the World Zionist Congress, United Israel Appeal, Jewish National Fund and others.
At Kedem, we are aware of the keen interest in authentic materials from Israel’s War of Independence and the establishment of the state sought by institutes, libraries and museums in Israel and around the world, as well as private collectors. Our collections contain rare items from the early settlements in Eretz Israel, British Mandate period, internment camps in Cyprus, the War of Independence, and more.
The Jewish Spirit
The Jewish spiritual world attracts noted attention around the globe, and at Kedem, we take pride in presenting the Jewish Spirit collection, guaranteeing original and genuine items and artifacts that represent the kindred spirit of the Jewish people. We offer a unique collection of Jewish philosophy books, rare poetry and prose, bibliographies and study books, ancient maps, travels in Eretz Israel, children’s books, and graphic items, including posters and postcards.
Part of our unique offering includes a collection of extraordinary books, elaborate and bibliophilic editions, some of which were printed privately or in limited editions. We also offer an assortment of single bills, banknotes, coupons, stock certificates, tickets, and philatelic items and ephemera. Many of these items were not preserved throughout the generations, and are therefore particularly rare. Also presented in our catalogs are post-1948 Israeli culture with an emphasis on literature, music, theater and sports of the 1960s, 70s and 80s.
Kedem offers important historic items focusing on anti- Semitism, the persecution of European Jews, World War II and the Holocaust, and other artifacts that symbolize post World War II Jewish life. These include artifacts from Holocaust survivors (She’erit Ha’Pletah) following their liberation in the spring of 1945. At Kedem, we are aware of the sensitive nature of these specific times. We are committed to honoring the memories buried within these artifacts, ensuring these items are furthered only to museums, Holocaust study and research institutes and collectors whose identities and intentions we know and trust.
Auction catalogues provide a view of the Jewish, Hebrew, Arabic and Yiddish speaking cultures and their movement in Jewish history throughout central Europe, Arab countries, Asia and America.

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