Objects – Judaica, Israeliana & Numismatics

Our objects Auctions are a veritable blend of ancient Jewish ritual objects, amulets, items from Jewish culture and the Jewish spiritual world, and non-religious Jewish and Israeli art objects. Auctions of this department are held twice annually and include objects directly connected to our main area of expertise. Kedem is committed to the authenticity of each piece in this very special collection.
Kedem sell items of religious Jewish or of ritual-liturgical nature, including holy and ritual items from the religious Jewish home or synagogue, spice towers, Hanukkah lamps, candlesticks, Kiddush cups, Torah scrolls and related objects (Torah finials, plates, crowns, wimples, mantles and valences for the holy ark (Parochet). Other items include embroidered fabrics with Jewish motifs, amulets, graphic items, paper-cuts, Tzedaka boxes, silverware and filigree objects, and Seder plates.
We boast a unique offering of Eretz Israel items, including olive wood pieces, pre-1948 Eretz Israeli and Armenian ceramics, folk art, Bezalel artifacts, Jewish carpets, Jewish-Damascan items, stone-works crafted in Cypriot internment camps, decorative vessels and Hanukkah menorahs from Eretz Israel, Jewish coins and medals, tokens and money-substitutes, badges and tags, toys and games, and other decorative Eretz-Israeli items.

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