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Over the years our auctions created a lot of interesting stories. We gathered for you all the stories which we thought you would be interested in.


October 31, 2018

מאחורי הקלעים של מבצע....

הרב מנחם ליכט

The New York Times

July 9, 2018

Exodus Refugee Ship Flag Finds Safe Haven at Holocaust Museum WASHINGTON — Bill....

Eric Lichtblau


September 25, 2016

Bubby’s version of Instagram – now up for auction in Israel Special postcards from....

Rachel Gross

Israel National News

June 26, 2016

Rare 1701 Bible for sale Amsterdam Bible used for ‘Goral Ha-Gra’ up for....

Reut Hadar

Jewish Press

April 5, 2016

Collection of More than 3,000 Passover Haggadahs Displayed in Jerusalem A collection of....

Hana Levi Julian


March 4, 2016

Jerusalem – Discovered: Rabbi’s Letter From Jerusalem 1948, Under Siege Letter of....

Tazpit News Agency

Ynet News

December 7, 2015

Lubavitcher Rebbe's items sold for more than NIS 300,000 Collectors pay NIS 80,000 for a....

Kobi Nachshoni

Times of Israel

November 30, 2015

State nixes $1 million auction of Declaration of Independence drafts Court rules....



November 9, 2015

To Rega, Rachel, Doris, Rivka — Oh, and Paula Too — Love, David Ben-Gurion A planned....

Ofer Aderet

The Times of Israel

August 26, 2015

Secret file reveals Haganah feared Eichmann infiltration post-WWII Pre-state intel....

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