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Auction 10 Lot Number 1

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Amulet and Protection – Jerusalem, 1874

Notice to be hung on a wall – amulet and protection against fire and for the woman in confinement and for the prevention of any bad occurrence, by Rabbi Yosef Eligula. Yisrael Dov Frumkin Printing Press (publisher of "Chavatzelet" newspaper), Jerusalem, [1874].
“Please my friends, do not be suspicious that, G-D forbid, I am writing amulets for the purpose of earning money…”, including the endorsement of the Rishon L’Zion [chief rabbi] Rabbi Avraham Ashkenazi. Printed in black ink upon especially large paper.
This amulet was printed in a number of versions. The following is a sheet with the approbation on its top (and without some of the illustrations)
49X68cm. Good condition. Tears, Folding marks and few stains. Presented within a fine frame.
S. Ha’Levi 224.

Opening250$ Sold For280$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 2

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Protection – Zuckerman Printing Press – Jerusalem

Protection for child and for woman giving birth, with spells against evil eye by Rabbi HID"A. Jerusalem, [post 1899]. Zuckerman printing press.
In the center appears drawing of a palm, underneath a circle with an eye, letter-combinations and names in a square frame.
Leaf 28cm. Good condition. Tears (professionally restored).

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 3

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Three Protection Leaves

1. Protection for child by Ba'al Shem Tov. Tehilim verses and holy names. Djerba. Blue-greenish leaf.
2. Protection for plague, checked and tried, by Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum [author of "Yissmach Moshe"]. Holy names and spells in Hebrew and Yiddish.
3. Protection for child, for Mazal Tov. Tehilim verses and holy names.
Sizes and conditions vary.

Opening120$ Sold For120$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 4

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Shiviti – Lamnatze’ach

Shiviti Hashem l'negdi tamid, ink on paper.
In the center a Lamnatze'ach menorah, surrounded by p'sukim, Holy Names and letter combinations, some in the shape of a circle.
Leaf 29cm. Fair condition. Fold-marks, creases, slight tears and stains. In a number of places ink acid burned the paper

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 10 Lot Number 5

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Shiviti – Two Items

1. Passage from a book, "P'tichat Eilyahu"? Teheran? – at the preface “Shiviti” is printed along with the outline of the Menorah and the Holy Vessels.
Leaf 17cm. Fair condition. Stains and tears.
2. Handwritten Shiviti on thick paper. Verses written in circular and Star of David pattern, on the bottom a Hebrew sentence written in Hebrew letters appears, in which the name of the writer and his location in Afghanistan is mentioned.
11X15.5cm. Poor condition. Creases and stains, detached section.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 10 Lot Number 6

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Shiviti – Written and Prepared by Rabbi Ben-Zion Levi

Shiviti Ha’Shem L’Negdi Tamid. Lithographic print of a work of art and graphics by Rabbi Ben-Zion Levi. Month of Adar II, [1954].
In the center a “Lamnaze’ach” Menorah, surrounded by holy letters and names, names of the Tribes ornamented by Stars of David. Notice on the bottom: “No person is granted the permission to replicate this Menorah… published… under the supervision of Avraham Shalom Aharon Cohen. Written and edited by Ben-Zion Levi”.
The version of the verses, the ornaments and the names in this “Shiviti Menorah”, differ from similar Shiviti pages.
30X39cm, within a frame of 47X57.5cm. Very good condition. Slight tear on bottom

Opening250$ Sold For250$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 7

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Mizrach –Toronto – Canada

Mizrach, printed in blue and red. Toronto, Canada.
Letter-combinations, hand-palm shape and prayer sections. On the back side a Yiddish text by Rabbi Yudel Rosenberg of Toronto is printed.
44cm, good condition. Creases and tears to edges. Pinhole to upper part. Few dark stains.

Opening250$ Sold For340$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 8

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Colorful Mizrach Sign – Breslau

Mizrach". One leaf in lithographic print by S. Schottlaender. Breslau, year of print not mentioned (printing house operated between 1888 and 1894).
In the middle there are snowy mountains, and the Holy Ark with two cherubs and the Tablets. On the side, there is a picture of Moses holding the tablets, Aaron wearing the breastplate, two lions, and a picture of the Western Wall. Above the gates on the sides, there are illustrations of the symbols of the Twelve Tribes. Many golden illustrations.
In frame of 43.5x33.5cm. Good condition. Moisture damages and stains. Slight tears on edges.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 9

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Mizrach – Know Before Whom You Stand

Mizrach printed for cantor's pillar – Know Before Whom You Stand – Shiviti Hashem Lenegdi Tamid. [Morocco or Livorno?, 19th century].
Drawing of the Tablets of the Law with the Ten Commandments in a frame decorated with prayer verses.
24-25cm. Lithographic print in gold ink on deep-blue paper, pasted to a special cardboard. Good-fair condition

Opening150$ Sold For300$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 10

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Besht Family Tree – Unknown Edition

Wall poster, Lithography of a painting of the Ba'al Shem Tov family tree – trunks and branches of descendants and disciples [missing are name of writer, printing place and date, c. 1927].
According to the writing style under the list of rebbes it seems that this printing was done in the area of Galicia-East Hungary.
Similar editions of this family tree poster were printed around 1927 in Warsaw, Lublin and Grosswardein (see attached material). This edition is unknown, writings are different and there are changes in the frame decorations.
67x56cm. Good condition, some wear and stains.

Opening100$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 11

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Drawing of the Akeidat Yitzchak– Jerusalem the 1900’s

An illustration of the Akeidat Yitzchak (The Binding of Yitzchak). Colorful lithographic work. Jerusalem, [c. 1900], Moshe Mizrahi style.
It has the images of Avraham, Yitzchak, Yishmael, Eliezer and the donkey. Yitzchak is bound to the altar and Avraham, holding the knife in his hand, listens to the Angel, while, in the background, there is a deer entangled in the trees.
On the borders of the page, handwritten in a Sephardic style, there is a Shana Tova letter from the holy city of Jerusalem to Lord David Ezra [from Bombay], by Rabbi Shmuel Menachem Mendel and Hinda Agasi [fathers of the Agasi family in Jerusalem].
33x23.5cm leaf. Very good condition, folding marks.
One of the first colorful works of Monsohn print in Jerusalem.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 10 Lot Number 12

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“Purim Mishloach Manot” Postcard – Ornamented Micrograph, 1937

“Mishloach Manot for David [and] Frecha Sasson for Purim”. Hand-made micrographic and ornamented postcard.
Sent from Berzen, Poland, to Mrs. Frecha Sasson in London.
Texts from the Scroll of Esther and "sending of food gifts and giving charity to decent poor people" integrated within the letters, alongside letters which are formed from dots and lines.
10.5X15cm. Good condition. Slight tear on margin. Dry and delicate paper.

Opening120$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 13

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The Five Megilot – Printed Micrograph

The Five Megilot. Printed micrographic work. “Ha-Tehiya” print, Tel-Aviv.
Drawing of a big bird standing on a tree branch, spreading its wings. The text reads: Chamesh Megilot, written in Rashi letters. The inscription below the drawing reads: “…Five Megilot… written by Levi Rabinowitz” – “Copy is prohibited”.
24.5x32.5cm. Good condition. Few stains and tears.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 14

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Notice about Fixing Last Names and Registering Jewish Residents – Holland, 1811

Publicate [proclamation], official notice by the Boven-Ijssel regional administration, publicized in the city of Arnhem, Holland, 16.10.1811.
In the notice it is written that according to the decision of the Dutch government's interior minister regarding the registration of first names and the fixing of last names of all the Jews, those appointed by the Jewish communities in the above region are required to prepare a resident-registration book and to detail all the names of the community residents, servants and household members, to update this register every year and to submit its contents to the region's government authorities.
Leaf 33X39cm. Good condition. Missing tears to top and left edges.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 10 Lot Number 15

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Agreement Between the Kollelot of the Holy Land (Safed) – Venice, 1830

Since in the year 1424 a compromise was reached in the holy city of Safed between the Sephardic and Ashkenazi sages and rabbis concerning all the claims and stipulations between them”. Printed in Venice, [approximately 1830].
A compromise agreement between the Sephardic and Ashkenazi congregations in Safed, concerning the method of approaching the various countries and the distribution of the charity funds collected from abroad. This agreement was arranged between two emissaries of the congregation, Rabbi Avraham Shlomo Zalman and Rabbi Natan Marji, who met in Venice. This agreement is a continuation of a preceding one (the writers mention that the Ashkenazi congregation is divided into two sects – Hassidim and Prushim – “and each group has its own appointees and observers, as is well known”).
Signatures (in print) of rabbis and leaders of Safed from all congregations (Rabbi Yisrael of Shklov disciple of the Ga’on Rabbi Eliyahu from Vilna, Rabbi Nissim Zrachia Azulai, Rabbi Avraham Anhori, Rabbi Chaim Cohen Av Beit Din of Pinsk and others) from the month of Elul 1830.
Significant document for the history of Safed in its flourishing era, during the period prior to the earthquake.
[Printed without a title page] 4 pages. 24cm. Light and thin high quality paper. Very good condition. Folding marks.

Opening300$ Sold For400$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 16

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Songs and Praise for the King of Holland’s Birthday – Bucharest, 1873

Songs and praise, thanks and blessings for the birthday of our king and father William the Third, the King of Holland. A single leaf printed in gilded ink. Bucharest, February 1873.
At the top of the leaf a poem appears in Hebrew, under it are Roman and German translations of the poem in two columns. The poem has seven stanzas, opens with the words "Behold our ears have today been filled / With a blast of joy from all lips".
The words "first to the secretary and translator by the General Counsel of Holland Staraste – Those who take refuge under the wings of Holland here in Bucharest…" are written under the Hebrew version.
Leaf 58.5cm. Fair condition, fold marks, stains, including ink stains with damage to writing. Slight tears.
Rare and bibliographically unknown.

Opening600$ Unsold

Auction 10 Lot Number 17

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Poem in Honor of Marbeh Torah Yeshivah – Venice, 1703

Poem in honor of the termination of tractate Shabat in "Marbeh Torah" Yeshivah. Venice, 1703.
The poem opens with the words "on the day that they erected a dwelling for the inhabitants of this land". The author Rabbi Moshe Ben Ya'akov Levy Moya of the Venice rabbis [signed in approbations on behalf of the general yeshivah in Venice, on books printed in the 1700's]. Died 1707.
47cm. Fair condition, foxing stains and tears to borders.
Rare, unknown bibliographically and does not appear in Otzar Ha-Shira Ve-Hapiyut.

Opening600$ Unsold

Auction 10 Lot Number 18

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Before Sunrise – Amsterdam, 1762

"Terem Yizrach Hayom", poem in honor or Rabbi Shlomo Shalem's appointment as chief Sephardi rabbi of Amsterdam, author is Ya'akov Chai Yisrael. Amsterdam, 1761.
Rabbi Shlomo Shalem (1708-1781), born in Turkey, served as rabbi of Sofia and Belgrad. Author of "Lev Shalem" and "Divrei Shlomo".
1 leaf. 33cm. Fine paper, good condition, slight damages to borders.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 10 Lot Number 19

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Proclamation– Amsterdam, 1802

Proclamation concerning a new money-collecting organization for Hekdesh Bikur Cholim. Amsterdam, 1802.
The emblem of the community appears on top [Amsterdam's Ashkenazi Community].
Hebrew and Yiddish-Deitsch. Printed in two different letters: Hebrew in square letters, Yiddish-Deitsch in "Tzena ure'ena" letters.
1 leaf, 33cm, heavy paper, good condition, folding marks.
Rare, not in Bibliography Institute CD

Opening350$ Unsold

Auction 10 Lot Number 20

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Machzor Print Announcement – Hertz Levi Rofe And Kosman – Amsterdam, 1750

Message from the printers Hertz Levi Rofe and his son in law Kosman, and their third partner Moshe Bar Lima Hena Schreiber. Amsterdam, [c.1750].
New Machzor print announcement as customary in Ashkenazi communities, with Yiddish translation and the “Kavanat Hapaytan”, “Acknowledged by the great Gaon, Av Beit Din of our community”.
Yiddish, with little Hebrew.
25cm leaf. Fair condition. Wrinkles and tears on the borders. Few stains.

Opening200$ Sold For240$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 21

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Unknown Bibliographically Page – Instructions for Slichot of Yom Kippur – Pressburg, 1852

Slichot for Yom Kippur recited by our holy congregation of Pressburg and the nearby communities. Bartislava (Pressburg), 1852.
Single page, printed in two columns. the right column consists of a detailing of the verses which are said at the opening, the chorus and the Akeda of Yitzchak recited in Shacharit, Musaf and Mincha; the left column consists of the prayer “El Melech Yoshev Al Kiseh Rachamim”. All the text is surrounded by a frame.
20.5cm. Good condition. Minor stains in the corners.
Bibliographically unknown

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 22

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Prayer Leaf for Hanging in the Synagogue – Bulgaria – Ladino

"Open the gates and the righteous nation who guards their trust shall enter, into the House of G-d we shall enter with trembling…". A prayer-leaf for hanging at the entrance to a synagogue, handwritten, by Yehuda Yoseph HaLevi. (Niš, Bulgaria), [19th century].
Written in ink in Hebrew letters and Rashi script, three of the p'sukim quoted are written in the shape of a bow, a Ladino text separates the leaf's title and its lower part. At the bottom: "I have offered this gift in honor of the Jews of this community, and the gift from me, Yehuda Yoseph HaLevi of Niš, should be pleasing to them."
Leaf 46cm. Fair-poor condition. Many tears and stains, folded.

Opening180$ Sold For550$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 23

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Handwritten Prayer Leaves for Hanging in Synagogue

Two prayer notices, for hanging in synagogues, graphic handwriting, [Turkey], 1869, 1885. Most probably were hung on the Holy Ark's door for use by the opener of the shrine:
1. Prayer written by Chaim ben Eliezer Alfandari in 1869 [?].
Leaf 31cm, fair-poor condition, torn into 4.
2. Prayer in Aramaic, written by Chaim Alfandari in 1885.
Leaf 42cm, fair condition. Tears and stains.

Opening200$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

Auction 10 Lot Number 24

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Colorful Death Anniversary Print

“Woe! When I remember the bitter day every year I will awaken in mourning”. Death anniversary page in a colorful lithographic print. Details of the publisher, place and year of print [20th century] do not appear.
“For the remembrance of my dear mother’s death anniversary”. Illustrations of a man and a woman at a grave, wiping their tears with a handkerchief. Illustrations of the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and Rachel’s Tomb appear as well.
36X47.5cm. Good condition. Tears on the margins. Margins slightly cut off.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium
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