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Auction Online 12 Lot Number 1

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Portrait of Theodor Herzl – Advertising Card with Optic Illusion

A printed card with the portrait of Theodor Herzl. Printed by "Stationery and book store Z. Laposhnian", Shalom Shabazi Street corner Eliyahu Sapir, Tel-Aviv, [first half of 20th century].
An advertising card with the portrait of Herzl using an optic illustion: "Great novelty! Look at a point and count to 50… A minute later Dr. Herzl will appear several times". Printed on thick paper with colorful fibers.
9X13 cm. Fair-good condition. Significant foxing. Tears along folding lines. Creases and wear.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction Online 12 Lot Number 2

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Invitation to an Evening in Memory of Theodor Herzl – Postcard Issued by the “Regional Union of Zionists in Eastern France” – Metz, 1933

Postcard printed on behalf of "Union Regionale des Sionistes de L'est de la France, Groupement de Metz" (Zionist Union in East France, Metz group) - invitation to an evening in the memory of Theodor Herzl. [Metz, 1933]. French and German.
Invitation to an evening in memory of Theodor Herzl held in Metz in July 1933.
14.5X9.5 cm. Good condition. Slight stains and creases.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 12 Lot Number 3

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Two Notices – Invitations to Memorial Ceremonies for Theodor Herzl – Petach Tikva, 1929 / 1937

Two notices - invitations to memorial services in memory of Theodor Herzl in Petach Tikva, on behalf of the local committee of JNF. Petach Tikava, 1929, 1937.
1. "On the 25th anniversary of the passing of Dr. Herzl, the local JNF committee will hold… a memorial", notice on behalf of "The local committee of JNF in Petach Tikva". Hatechiya press - R. Kritzman, Petach Tikva, 1929.
51X35 cm. Fair condition. Foxing. Creases and folding marks. Small tears at margins.
2. "Memorial for Dr. Binyamin Zeev Herzl and Haim Nachman Bialik"; a notice on behalf of Petach Tikva municipality and the local committee of JNF. D. Weinstein press, Petach Tikva, 1937.
"Inhabitant of Petach Tikva! Come to honor the memory of the leader and the nation's poet".
63X47.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Foxing. Creases and folding marks. Small tears at margins. Pinhole at bottom margin.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction Online 12 Lot Number 4

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Silver Pendant – Portrait of Theodor Herzl

Pendant with portrait of Theodor Herzl (looking leftwards). Israel, [ca. 1950s-60s].
Obverse: Profile portrait of Herzl. Reverse: plain, marked: "State of Israel, 935".
Diameter: 25 mm. Suspension loop. Fair-good condition. Defect of 6 mm to right lower margin.

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Auction Online 12 Lot Number 5

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“Autoemancipation!” – Yehudah Leib Pinsker – Berlin, 1882 – First Edition

Autoemancipation, mahnruf an seine Stammesgenossen, von einem Russischen Juden [Autoemancipation!... by a Russian Jew]. Berlin: W. Issleib (G. Schuhr), 1882. First edition. German.
"Autoemancipation", by Y.L Pinsker (1821-1891), physician, philosopher and Zionist activist, one of the founders of Hibat Zion movement. Pinsker published this book anonymously in 1882. In the book he explains that the dream of Jewish emancipation does not stand a chance, because hatred towards Jews has become a mental illness among the nations, which he calls "Judophobia". In this essay Pinsker deserts the hope for integration and calls for the establishment of a Jewish National Homeland, preferably in Palestine as a solution for the Jewish problem.
[2] leaves, 36 pp, 22.5 cm. Good condition. Bound in a new binding, without original cover. Stains. Piece of adhesive tape on joint between title page and the following page.

Opening100$ Sold For360$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 12 Lot Number 6

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Protocol of “Hovevei Zion” Conference – Katowice, 1884

Protokolle der Delegirten-Versammlung der Chowawe-Zion. C. Miarka press with Nicolai O.S., [Katowice, Prussia-Poland, 1884]. German.
Booklet with protocols of sessions of the "Hovevei Zion" conference in Katowice, November 1884.
36 delegates participated in this conference, representatives of the different "Hovevei Zion" associations. In view of the suspicion that Russian authorities will object, the conference was held as a meeting in honor of the 100th birthday of Moses Montefiore.
Among other things, printed in this booklet are the opening address delivered by Yehudah Leib Pinsker in which he claimed that to be rescued from their inferior state Jews have to return to Palestine and to farming. In this version, references to nationality have been omitted from Pinsker's speech, which led to accusations against the movement for trying to hide its national attitudes.
30, [1] pp, 15 cm. Good condition. Title page cut and restored, with defect to text. Some stains, creases and tears. Ex library copy. Slightly trimmed margins. New binding with the original cover pasted on it.

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Auction Online 12 Lot Number 7

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A Notebook with Handwritten Dedications – “Mishmeret Chadasha” Youth Movement, 1920

A notebook with 27 handwritten dedications, from members of "Mishmeret Chadasha" youth movement. [Pinsk? Kiev?], 1920.
A notebook which was, most probably, presented to the movement's member Michal (Michael) Ish Shalom, when he decided to move to Palestine. Among the dedications are poems, congratulations for success and several illustrations of the movement emblem, signed by the members. On the cover of the notebook appears a gilt title: "from the Histadrut, Mishmeret Chdasha, for remembrance, Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5680" (Hebrew).
We have no information about "Mishmeret Chadasha" youth movement, however it is known that at the early 1920s two Zionist groups under this name were active in Kiev and Pinsk.
29 written pages, approx. 10X15 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and tears (mostly slight ones, at margins). Detached cover.

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Auction Online 12 Lot Number 8

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Large JNF “Blue Box” – Italy

An exceptionally large JNF "Blue Box", for collection of donations. Italy, [1940s?].
A map of Palestine, from the Hula Valley to the Port of Aqaba, appears in front. On the back appear the monogram "JNF" integrated into a Star of David, the inscription "Keren Kayemeth Leisrael Jerusalem" and a suspension loop. On the side panels of the box appear the monogram JNF, "Made in Italy" and the manufacturer's name: " S. p. A. Lito Latta - Savona".
Height: 24.5. Width: 19.5 cm. Depth: 11 cm. Good condition. Peelings of paint. Stains and bends.

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Auction Online 12 Lot Number 9

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Four JNF Boxes – “Blue Box” / JNF Ink-Stamp, “Value of Stamp Paid”

• Four JNF boxes for collection of donations. Palestine. [ca. 1930s-40s].
1. Box ("Zion Box"), made by Alfred Salzmann (printing: A. Levine-Epstein). Palestine.
On the front - map of Palestine, with highlighting of areas redeemed by JNF (on the map appear the words "Dead Sea"). On the back - monogram of "JNF", Star of David, the inscription "Keren Kayemeth Leisrael" and a suspension loop. Chains in slot for insertion of coins.
2. Box ("Zion Box"), made by Alfred Salzmann (printing: A. Levine-Epstein), Palestine.
On the front - map of Palestine, with highlighting of areas redeemed by JNF (the words "Dead Sea" do not appear on this map). On the back - monogram of "JNF", a Star of David, the inscription "Keren Kayemeth Leisrael" and a suspension loop. Chains in slot for insertion of coins. Broken and detached locking mechanism. Original key with a disc bearing a serial number.
3. Large Box (for use by institutions and for collection of donations in conventions and in the street), made in Palestine.
On the front - map of Palestine, with highlighting of areas redeemed by JNF. On the back - the monogram "JNF", a Star of David,"Keren Kayemeth Leisrael", suspension loop and a folding handle.
4. A box manufactured, apparently, for use in England and in South Africa. No manufacturer's name.
On the front - a map of Palestine to the Golf of Aqaba. On the back - a Star of David between two blue stripes and a suspension loop. By the slot for insertion of coins is a drilled opening for insertion of bills.
Size and condition vary. Good overall condition. Slight defects.
• JNF ink-stamp.
A metal box with a small ink-stamp for stamping envelopes and papers instead of a JNF stamp. The ink-stamp features a Menorah, sun rays and the writing "Keren Kayemet LeISrael - value of stamp paid" (Hebrew). On the lid of the box appears an engraving - the letters "JNF" in the shape of a Star of David.
Size of box: approx.4.5X2.5 cm. Diameter of ink-stamp approx. 2 cm. Fair-poor condition. Defects, rust and corrosion.

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Auction Online 12 Lot Number 10

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Five JNF Collection Boxes – “Blue Box”

Five "Blue Boxes" for collecting donations for JNF. [1920s to 1940s].
1. Blue box made by Alfred Salzmann. Jerusalem/Italy.
On the front appear the letters JNF in an elliptic frame, a Star of David and "Keren Kayemet LeIsrael". On the back appears a Star of David and the manufacturer's details: "Alfred Salzmann Jerusalem/ Made in Eretz Israel / Fabbricato in Italia". Remnants of paper labels.
In the catalogue "The Blue Box" (by Ladany and Shulmann) this model, made by Alfred Salzmann, appears without the inscription in Italian.
2-3. Two "Blue Boxes". No manufacturer's name (it is possible that they were made in England).
On the front - the letters "JNF" appear in an elliptic frame surrounded by dots, a golden Star of David, embossed (with an illustration of a lion within) and "Keren Kayemet LeIsrael". On the back - an embossed golden Star of David and a suspension loop.
4. "Blue Box" with no manufacturer's name.
On the front - the monogram "JNF", in an elliptic frame, with an embossed Star of David (illustration of a lion within it) and "Keren Kayemet LeIsrael". A Star of David and a suspension loop on the back. Lacking locking mechanism.
5. "Blue Box" made in Italy ("Zion Box").
In front - Map of Palestine with areas redeemed by JNF highlighted. On the back - monogram "JNF", Star of David, and an inscription: Keren Kayemeth Leisrael Jerusalem". Suspension loop. On one side panel appears manufacturer's name: "S.A.G De-Andreis - Casanova / Genova Sampierdarena". On the other side panel: "Made in Italy".
Condition varies. Peelings, stains and slight defects to some boxes. Chains at slot for insertion of coins (preventing removal of coins) in boxes 1-4.

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Auction Online 12 Lot Number 11

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“Shekel HaYovel 1948” – Receipt Booklet

"Shekel HaYovel [Jubilee Shekel] 1948" - receipt booklet, with receipts for purchasing Zionist Shekel of the World Zionist Organization [1947-1948].
A booklet with nine receipts (blank, no details added by hand). The cover and receipts are ink-stamped "HaVa'ad HaArtzi leInyanei HaShekel BeEretz Israel".
Booklet: 11.5X16.5 cm. Good condition. Creases. Stains to cover (significantly stained back cover). Cover partly detached.
ארץ ישראל - התישבות, כתבי עת וספרות
Palestine, Periodicals and Literature

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction Online 12 Lot Number 12

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Copy of Telegram on behalf of the German Embassy in Istanbul – 1914 – Occupation of Antwerp by the German Army

"Telegram from the German embassy in Constantinople October 12, 1914". Single leaf with translation of an announcement by German ambassador in the Ottoman Empire, Hans Freiherr von Wangenheim, published after the occupation of the town, on 10.10.1914. The announcement is written in great detail and tells in length about the siege, victories of the army and withdrawal of the English and Belgian forces.
On the bottom of the telegram appears an addition by hand: "Signed: Wangenheim".
Approx. 34 cm. Good condition. Folding marks, slight creases and defects. Printing is faded at end of lines.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction Online 12 Lot Number 13

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Collection of Greetings for the Wedding of Aryeh Feigenbaum and Rachel Meyuchas – Greetings by the “Rishon LeZion” Moshe Franco, Chief Rabbi of Britain and others – Jerusalem, 1914

Nine greetings sent in honor of the wedding of the ophthalmologist Aryeh Feigenbaum and his bride Rachel Meyuchas, daughter of the author Yossef Meyuchas. Jerusalem, London, Hadera and other places, 1914.
Among the items: greeting written by hand sent by the "Rishon LeZion" Moshe Franco, written on a visiting card; a greeting from Chief Rabbi of Britain Joseph Hertz, written by hand on a postcard; a typewritten greeting, signed by hand, from Eliezer Siegfried Hoofien, general director of Anglo-Palestine bank, written on a visiting card; a greeting written by hand from a member of the "Assembly of Representatives" and author Zvi Nechemya Butkovsky; a greeting printed on a Braille machine from students in "The Jewish Institute for the Blind" (written in Hebrew in Latin characters); and more.
Enclosed: wedding invitation, printed by "Goldberg" press, Jerusalem; "Pamphlet of family tree", third edition, "Salis" press, Jerusalem, [1963]; "Ketavim, Sipurim al Mishpachat Meyuchas", by Hemda Zinder [Jerusalem 1989].
Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction Online 12 Lot Number 14

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Two Postcards – Letters to the Directors of the “Herzliya” Hebrew Gymnasium, 1907-1911

Two postcards with handwritten letters to the directors of the Hebrew gymnasium in Jaffa (the "Herzliya" Hebrew Gymnasium), Yehuda Leib Matman and Hayim (Boger) Bugrashov. Jerusalem and Tiberias, 1907-1911.
1. Handwritten letter to Dr. Yehuda Leib Matman, by a father interested in sending his daughter to study in the gymnasium in Jaffa. Tiberias, 23 Adar 1907.
"I would like to send my 11-year-old daughter to study in the gymnasium. She speaks Hebrew very well… and if I receive a reply in the affirmative… I would request His Honor to let me know the yearly price and into which department she would enter according to the studies I detailed above…".
Ca. 9.5X14 cm. Good condition. Filing holes. Slight defects. Open tear to lower left corner.
2. Letter in the handwriting and signature of the director and publisher of the newspaper "HaOr", Shlomo Yisrael Shirizli, to Chaim Bugrashov. Jerusalem, 20 Av 1911.
"Dear Sir, I am surprised at your silence in response to all my letters… I have asked many times that you repay your debt for the publication of the two last advertisements…".
Shlomo Yisrael Shirizli (1878-1938) was a publisher, translator, writer and journalist, and a central figure in Jerusalem's Ladino culture.
Ca. 9X14 cm. Good condition. Filing holes.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction Online 12 Lot Number 15

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Invitation to the Inauguration Ceremony of the Hebrew University – The University Committee in London, 1925

Invitation ticket to the inauguration ceremony of the "Hebrew College in Jerusalem" on behalf of "The University Committee" in London. London, 1925. Hebrew and English.
A card folded into two, with text of the invitation in Hebrew and English: "The Central Board of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Executive Board of the Zionist Organization have the honor to invite your presence in Jerusalem on April 1st 1925 for the inauguration of the university by the Earl of Balfour K.G., O.M., E.R.S." (Copy of handwriting).
Folded: 13X18 cm. Good condition. Wear and tears to top of folding line.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction Online 12 Lot Number 16

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List of Voters for Va’ad HaKehila in Jerusalem – Jerusalem, 1932

"List of voters for Va'ad HaKehila [city council] of Jerusalem", on behalf of the elections committee for Va'ad HaKehila in Jerusalem. Knesset Israel in Eretz Israel. Jerusalem, (1931-1932).
Alphabetical list of Jerusalem inhabitants towards elections to Va'ad HaKehila (city council) in Jerusaelm.
399 leaves (two leaves appear in two copies), 32.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Filing holes to upper margins throughout all of the leaves, some affecting upper title (originally bound with lace).

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 12 Lot Number 17

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“Haaretz” Newspaper – Announcement – Verdict of Simcha Chinkis – Tel-Aviv, 1930

"Verdict of Chinkis", supplement to "Haaretz" of Tuesday, 11.3.1930. "Haaretz" press.
An announcement about the verdict of Simcha Chinkis: "the Appeal Court published today its decision regarding the appeal of Simcha Chinkis: the verdict was cancelled and he was sentenced to fifteen years of penal servitude. Details in the evening edition of 'Haaretz'".
Simcha Chinkis, a police officer in the Mandate police, was convicted for a revenge act in Abu Kabir during the 1929 riots. He was sentenced to death but the verdict was changed to 15 years in prison, and he was freed after six years.
47.5X31.5 cm. Good condition. Folding marks. Stains. Small tears.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction Online 12 Lot Number 18

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Collection of Leaflets and Broadsides – Elections for Tel-Aviv Municipality

Collection of leaflets and broadsides printed towards elections for Tel-Aviv municipality. [ca. 1920s-30s].
Among them: • "To all of Tel-Aviv Inhabitants!", broadside regarding elections for the city of Tel-Aviv council. • Broadside issued by "Reshimat HaHistadrut Mispar 1" calling "inhabitants in northern Tel-Aviv". • Numerous leaflets and broadsides of "Histadrut HaShchenim, Agudat Ohalim Uretzifim veHairgun HaAmami" (list no. 7) headed by Haim Bugrashov, dealing with education, cost of living, taxation, immigration to the country and more (some appear in several copies). • Poster calling "Immigrants from Poland in Palestine". • Leaflet on behalf of "Po'alei Zion" (Hebrew and Yiddish).
Total of some 40 items (some appear in several copies). Size and condition vary.

Opening200$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 12 Lot Number 19

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Collection of Broadsides Printed in Jerusalem and in Tel-Aviv – Official Broadsides Issued by Tel Aviv Municipality, and more

Nine Broadsides Printed in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. Late 1920s to ca. 1970s-80s (most are of the 1930s)
1. "See your country from the air" - a tri-lingual notice (printed in Hebrew, English and Arabic) advertising flights above the country and flights to Cairo on behalf of the Egyptian airline "Misr Airwork". Jerusalem, [1930s].
2. "A Missive of Greetings to Their Most Excellent Majesties George the Fifth and Mary", a broadside on behalf of the City of Tel-Aviv, in honor of the 25 anniversary of the coronation of King George V, signed in print by the mayor of Tel-Aviv, Meir Dizengoff, and the secretary of the city: "With all the other nations, from the rising of the sun unto the going down thereof, who take shelter in the shadow of the powerful British Empire, does the Jewish People also celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Your Majesties' coronation […] We see in the Bible loving People of Britain and in its great Rulers the missionaries of Divine Providence to return to the persecuted and pursued Jewish People the land of its forefathers and to reestablish it amongst the family of nations living on their own soil […] We, the citizens and inhabitants of the Hebrew city of Tel-Aviv […] have resolved on this festive day, as a modest token of gratitude to the Royal House of Great Britain, to name one of the main streets of our city after the name of His Gracious Majesty, King George the Fifth."
3. A notice on behalf of the Municipality of Tel-Aviv regarding the medical condition of Meir Dizengoff, 1936. Written by hand and stenciled.
4-6. Three official notices on behalf of the Tel-Aviv municipality: announcing a performance of the British Army Orchestra (November 1929); a call to enlist to the municipal census (January 1932); and a notice about closing hours of shops (October 1934).
7. "Remember the situation in Jerusalem during the previous war" (Hebrew) - a broadside calling to donate to the emergency tax. "HaUman" press, Jerusalem.
8-9. "To the inhabitants of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa" - Election broadside on behalf of the "Democratic Front for Peace and Equality" (Hadash), "Orly" press, Tel-Aviv, [1970s-80s]. Two copies.
"Do not give your vote to the Likud or Ma'arach who are responsible for the deterioration of the state in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa / vote for loyal representatives of the neighborhoods".
Total of 9 items. Size and condition vary. Overall good condition. Folding marks and creases. Stains. small tears to some of the items. Filing holes to some items.

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Auction Online 12 Lot Number 20

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“Fifty Years to the Establishment of Rosh Pina” – Wall Newspaper, 1932

"Fifty years to the establishment of Rosh Pina 1882-1932". "Eretz Israel" press, Jerusalem, 1932.
A single leaf for hanging, large format. An essay by Zalman Bendel is printed on the leaf, marking 50 years to the establishment of the colony Rosh Pina. The essay, divided into seven chapters, reviews the history of Rosh Pina and mentions significant events in its history (among them the visit of Edmond James de Rothschild).
70X51 cm. Good condition. Creases and folding marks. Some stains. Small tears at margins.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction Online 12 Lot Number 21

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Collection of Receipts and Payment Means

Collection of paper items, receipts and payment means. Palestine, first half of 20th century.
Among the items: • Receipt for a donation to "Linat Zedek" company in Petach Tikva, 1914. • Receipt for payment of Two and a Quarter Gold Francs to "Mishkenot Israel" Company, Jaffa, 1915. • Receipt with stub for donation to "Sela HaYeshuv HaIvri" on the amount of five Grush, designed by Meir Gur Arieh. • Receipt for "Donation of Jewelry - Kofer HaYehuv", including a voucher that was not redeemed for donation of a gold ring. • Certificate for supply of kerosene for Aliyat HaNo'ar, with four attached kerosene vouchers of Kofer HaYeshuv (torn). More items.
Total of 19 paper items. Size and condition vary.

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Auction Online 12 Lot Number 22

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Collection of Ephemera Items – Stamps, Transportation Tickets, and more

Diverse collection of stamps, payment means, paper labels and ephemera items. Palestine and other places.
Most items are from the first half of the 20th century.
The collection includes many stamps, from Palestine and from other countries, among them: Sheet of six "Tel Hai Fund stamps. • JNF stamps. • First Maccabia stamp (1932). • Stamps and paper labels on behalf of "National committee for the Jewish Soldier". • "Kupat HaPo'alim HaEretz Israelit" stamps. • South African stamps sheets and stamps from France, Germany, Australia, Jamaica, Panama and other places.
The collection also includes payment means, paper labels, certificates and ephemeral items from Palestine and Europe, among them: • Transportation tickets of "HaMekasher", "Ichud-Regev", "HaMa'avir", "Daron-Yehuda Ltd.", "Egged", "Atid", "Sherut Yael", tickets for Jenin-Tubas-Nablus (printed in Arabic), and other tickets. • Gasoline tickets on behalf of JNF. • Palestine Immigrant Certificate on behalf of the Eretz-Israeli office in Prague; Immigrant certificate on behalf of the absorption department of the Jewish Agency and a certificate of the Civil Guard in Tel-Aviv. • Entrance tickets to performances. • Paper tickets and labels of stores and companies. • Receipts on behalf of the "National Committee for the Jewish Soldier", "Committee for Jewish detainees", and other organizations.
Total of some 250 items (some of the stamps appear in several copies). Size and condition vary.

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Auction Online 12 Lot Number 23

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Collection of Letters – YIVO Emissary in Palestine, 1930s-40s

About 135 letters, copies and drafts of letters, printed and handwritten, which belonged to Zeev Wilizanski, emissary of YIVO research institute in Palestine. Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Warsaw, Vilnius, New-York and other locations, mid 1930s until early 1940s (several items are from a later or earlier period). Yiddish, English, some Hebrew and some Polish.
Among others, the collection includes: about 10 letters from Menachem Linder, secretary of YIVO historic committee in Warsaw and member of the Jewish underground movement in Warsaw Ghetto (murdered in the holocaust in 1942); two letters from Jacob Lestschinsky (demographer and statistician, one of YIVO founders); letter from Zalman Reisen (philologist and author, one of YIVO founders), letters from representatives of the Technion in Haifa, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the statistics department of the British Mandate government, Keren HaYesod, JNF, Jewish Council in Haifa and other institutions.
Most of the letters concern ordering and locating books, publications and material about Jewish demography and statistics.
Enclosed: two handwritten compositions about Jewish demography (probably by Wilizanski); a printed report (in Hebrew and English) with demographic tables about birth rates in Palestine (no binding, it is possible that this is the brochure "Statistical tables on the natality among various sections of the population of Palestine", printed by the Central bureau for Medical Statistics in Jerusalem, 1945); newspaper cuttings with articles about Jewish demography; and other paper items.
Most of the items are filed in a binder. Size and condition vary. Fair-good overall condition. Stains, creases, filing holes, folding marks and tears (mainly slight, at margins). Several items with open tears.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction Online 12 Lot Number 24

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“The Palestine Government Industrial Exhibition in Cairo”, 1941 – Guidebook and Two Certificates

Guidebook and two certificates from the "Palestine Government Industrial Exhibition in Cairo" - an industrial exhibition held by the British Mandate government in Cairo in 1941, with the participation of about 250 factories, companies and businesses operating in Palestine.
1. Palestine Government Industrial Exhibition, Cairo 1941. Haaretz Press, Tel Aviv, [1941]. English.
Guidebook to the exhibition, including lists of participants and displays in the show, and over one hundred pages with graphic advertisements of Palestine businesses, factories and companies presenting their produce at the exhibition.
111 pp + 120 advertising pages, 21.5 cm. Good condition. Several dark leaves. Two leaves detached. Stains to cover. Ink stamps.
2-3. Two printed certificates granted to participants in the exhibition (Exhibitor's Diploma); one is in English and the other in Arabic. The line where the exhibitor's details are to be filled in is empty in both diplomas.
51X38 cm. Good condition. Some stains. Creases. Tears to margins.

Opening200$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium
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