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Auction 13 Lot Number 1

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The 3rd Zionist Congress in Basel

Souvenir-postcard of Basel, with photograph of the Casino and Music-House "Jung-Zion" in the city, souvenir of the 3rd Zionist Congress, 1899. Good condition, never used. Tears and slight damages to borders. Not mentioned in Riemer.

Opening400$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 2

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Delegate-Ticket – Congresses 6 and 11

1. Delegate-ticket [originally journalist-ticket], 6th Zionist Congress in Basel, 1905. On inner part is an illustration of Theodor Herzl and the congress's schedule. Fair-good condition. Remarkable folding-marks, tears professionally restored.
2. Delegate-certificate of "HaMizrachi" representative from Zurich, 10th Zionist Congress in Basel, 1910. Congress's ink-stamp on back side. Good condition. Slight tears to borders.

Opening450$ Sold For450$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 3

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Tickets – Congresses 13 and 20

1. Participant's-ticket in the 13th Zionist Congress in Karlsbad, 1923. Given to a delegate from Paris. Czech and German. Ink-stamps. Good condition, folding marks.
2. Guest-ticket, 20th Zionist Congress in Zurich, 1937. Hebrew and German. Very good condition.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 13 Lot Number 4

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Postcards of Zionist Congresses and Organizations

6 Postcards of Zionist congresses and organizations. Amongst them a postcard of the 9th Zionist Congress featuring a work by Hermann Struck – "Well in Jaffa" and a postcard featuring a caricature of the 20th Zionist Congress showing a dispute in the Zionist movement about the Partition Plan, with the participation of Chaim Weizman, David Ben Gurion and others.
Good condition.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 13 Lot Number 5

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Zionist Congresses – Three items

1. Real photo, "Opposers and Supporters" – caricature inspired by the 20th Zionist Congress. Zurich, 1937. Illustrations of Chaim Weizman, David Ben Gurion, Ussishkin, and others. * Photograph of the opening session of the 21st Zionist congress. [Geneva], 1939. Ink stamp of photographer of Tel Aviv, Lasar Dunner. * Visitor card, 22nd Zionist congress. Basel, 1946. Used and worn. Size and condition varies.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 13 Lot Number 6

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Autoemancipation – Pinsker – First Edition, 1882

Autoemancipation, mahnruf an seine Stammesgenossen, von einem Russischen Juden [Autoemancipation, by a Russian Jew]. Berlin, 1882. First Edition.
Yehudah Leib Pinsker, 1821-1891, doctor, philosopher and Zionist activist, one of the founders of the Hibat Zion movement. Pinsker published this book anonymously in 1882. In the book he explains, that the dream of Jewish emancipation has no chance, because hate for Jews has become a mental illness among the nations, which he calls "Judophobia". Pinsker calls for the establishment of a Jewish National Homeland, preferably in Palestine as a solution for the Jewish problem. 36 pages, 23 cm. Good condition. Few stains, inscriptions in pencil. Binding not original.

Opening250$ Sold For300$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 7

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Periodical – Chovevi Zion – London, 1893

Palestina - the Chovevi Zion Quarterly. London, 1893-1898. 10 non-consecutive issues.
"Palestina - the Chovevi Zion Quarterly". Dealing with the future of Eretz Israel emancipation, Chovevi Zion society and more. Some photographs and Zionist poems. English. 21.5 cm. Good condition. From the collection of Prof. Shimon Abramsky.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 8

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Two Special Issues – Die Welt, 1907 / 1914

1. Die Welt Festnummer, special issue on the Tenth Anniversary of the newspaper. Köln June 1907. Printed on heavy chrome paper. Includes photograph of Herzl, many illustrations by Lilien, Herman Struck, copy of the first issue and selection of essays.
2. Die Welt, Herzl-Nummer, Herzl's issue, on the tenth anniversary of the passing of Theodor Herzl. Berlin, July 1914. Printed on heavy chrome paper. Includes photographs of Herzl, letters handwritten by Herzl and articles in his memory, photographs of Moshavot in Palestine, objects made by "Bezalel".
Good condition, both issues were rebound in hard cover, original covers pasted on fronts.

Opening120$ Sold For160$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 9

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Theodor Herzl – Porcelain Figurine

Porcelain figurine of Theodor Herzl's figure. Prague, [1920-1930].
Signed on the back "Praha, Made in Czechoslovakia, 900".
Height: 17 cm. Good condition.

Opening200$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 10

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Herzl – Plaque with Portrait

"Im Tirtsu Ein Zo Aggada – Dr. T. Herzl" . Round zinc plaque copper-plated. Relief of Herzl's portrait in the center.
Diameter: 10.2 cm. Fair-good condition. Peeling of coating.

Opening120$ Sold For120$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 11

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Herzl – Collection of Copper, Wood and Bronze Plates

7 small plates with Theodor Herzl's portrait, in profile. Engraving and hammering in copper, wood carving and bronze casting.
Various sizes and conditions.

Opening250$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 12

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Herzl – Embroidery Work

Dr. T. Herzl, Machine-embroidery work. [1920's].
Placed in original cardboard folder, printed: "Industry works in Eretz Israel. Shamai Arnon, Tal Aviv". 25 cm, folder 33 cm. Very good condition. Slight damages to borders of folder.

Opening300$ Sold For300$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 13

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Herzl – Printed Micrography – Washington, 1929

Dr. Theodor Herzl. Printed micrography drawn by Nathaniel Chasin. Washington, 1929.
The text: "His Biography and great part in the revival of the Jewish people in their forefathers' land". 48X31.5 cm. Good condition. Some corrected tears on lower part.

Opening180$ Sold For180$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 14

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Herzl – Printed Micrography

Dr. Theodore Herzl and his biography. Printed micrography. The text: herzl's biography, written in hebrew. 58X48 cm. Good condition. Tears to margins. Rolled.

Opening120$ Sold For120$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 15

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Theodor Herzl – E.M. Lilien

Theodor Herzl on the balcony of his room in Hotel "Three Kings" in Basel, during the first Zionist Congress. Print of the famous photograph by Ephraim Moshe Lilien. B. Hartz Publishing, Berlin. Good condition. Few tears to borders and stains, framed 55X46 cm, few damages.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 16

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Herzl and Jabotinsky – Poster Designed by Shamir Brothers, 1954

"1904 – Tamuz 20 [date of Herzl's passing] – 1954/ 1940 – 29 Tamuz [Zeev Jabotinsky's date of passing] – 1954". Poster [designed by Shamir brothers], 1954.
Portraits of Theodor Herzl and Zeev Jabotinsky appear in the center, underneath are shorts citations of both, on lower part of poster an illustration of Greater Israel and "Herut Movement". 100X70 cm. Good condition. Creases. Tears to borders.

Opening500$ Sold For400$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 17

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Das Neue Ghetto – Herzl – First Hebrew Edition

HaGeto HaChadash - Das neue Ghetto, play in four acts, by Theodor Herzl, translated by Reuven Breinin. "Achiasaf" publishing, Warsaw, 1898.
First published in German in Die Welt. Location: Vienna, 1893. The play was written following the Dreyfus trial which Herzl surveyed as journalist. The play focuses on an assimilated Jewish lawyer who tries to break through the social ghetto enforced on western Jews, but he fails. The lawyer's death at the end of the play serves as a warning that the situation of western Jews is unbearable. 63 pages, 19.5 cm. Good condition, original binding. Stains and some wear to bindings borders.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 18

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Jewish Life – Harbin, 1935 – Herzl

[Jewish Life], Issue number 22. Harbin, China, July 1935.
Issue dedicate to Theodor Herzl, on the 31st year of his passing. Includes articles in his memory and a few photographs. Cyrillic letters.
22 pages, 30.5 cm. Very good condition.

Opening150$ Sold For180$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 19

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JNF – early Telegram with Russian inscription, 1903

Telegram published by JNF, "Mazal Tov". [Russia, c. 1903].
On it's upper part appears the inscription "Remember JNF" in Hebrew and Russian. In the middle appears the words "Mazal Tov" and another Hebrew inscription. On it's bottom – place to paste stamps. Few typographic variations in the Cyrillic letters from the telegram described in Ladani, item 36. Leaf 28 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains, wrinkles, folding marks, tears. Among the first telegrams ever printed by JNF.

Opening100$ Sold For130$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 20

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JNF – Two Early Paper items

1. Small paper sign, "Ge'ula Titnu La'aretz – Hakupa HaLeumit – yiddisher nazional fund". On reverse side: "Funds and lists of volunteers should be sent to HaMelitz or to Morasha HaGalil". Black lithographic print.
2. Reciept for donation of 100 Francs to JNF. "Begeulat HaAretz Tluya Geulat Ha'am…" Hebrew and French. Various sizes and conditions.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 21

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Stamps-Booklets and Single Stamps – JNF and Jewish Organizations in the USA

7 Complete stamps-booklet and 7 single stamps, all of them have not been used.
Sokolov stamps, Ussishkin, Hankin, Bialik, Arlosoroff and stamps of settlements in Israel, published by JNF in different periods; "Histadrut Ivrit BeAmerica – Shavu'a VeYom Ivri – branch of the World Jewish Alliance"; Our heroes, Children's Fund for the Building of Eretz-israel; Great free Kitchen in Jerusalem. Size and condition varies.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 13 Lot Number 22

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JNF – Booklets and Publications – The Blue Box

Di pushke funm yidishn natzyonal-fund, book of instructions for "activists". Warsaw, [1920's]. * Der Judische Nationalfonds, Adolf Bohm. [The Hague and Berlin, ca. 1916]. Booklet about JNF, with a few photograph-plates. * Golden Jubilee of the J.N.F Blue Box. Leaflet published by JNF on its 50th anniversary. London, [1951]. Designed as a Blue Box. Size varies, good condition.

Opening120$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 23

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Stamps and Objects Handed as Presents – JNF

JNF House, a cast and engraved key, the writing JNF appears also in Hebrew. Dedication from 1955. * Hexagon medal issued by JNF, in honor of the international convention of "Bnei Brit", May 1965. Made by Krechmer, Original cardboard box. * Wrist-watch, JNF 90th anniversary, 1991. Original pouch. * Stamp booklet "Teshuvot LeMivchan HaTeda?", 99 stamps. New York, [1930's?]. Size varies, good-very good condition.

Opening250$ Sold For250$ Including buyers premium

Auction 13 Lot Number 24

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JNF – Certificate for Donors to the Forest of the Czech Martyrs, 1947

Certificate in lithographic printing, presented to donors to the Forest of the Czech Martyrs, in memory of holocaust victims. February 1947. 38X29 cm. Good condition. Few stains and few creases.

Opening150$ Unsold
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