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Auction 14 Lot Number 1

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Miniature Sefer Torah – Ari (Chasidic) Calligraphy

Miniature Sefer Torah, particularly fine calligraphy, letters are shaped based on the Ari (Chasidic), in an antique styled calligraphy [would match the style of Russia-Poland, early 19th century].
Homogenous, legible and clear calligraphy. Based on the level of calligraphy and elaborate processing, it would appear that this Sefer Torah was crafted on special order and with great accuracy and conform to the relevant Halachot and customs. Some of the larger letters are from a tradition which differs from the Sifrei Torah of our times.
There are damages on the headers of several pages [mainly affecting the Sefer Va-Yikra]. Spots of damaged text were fixed with Chasidic calligraphy of that time on a parchment patch. [The restoration was made in conformity with all relevant Halachot reported by the Poskim in Yoreh De’ah Siman 280 for the restoration of a Sefer Torah on a parchment patch].
Thin parchment with special processing, about 28.5 cm. High quality, light and strong, artistically crafted wood supports. Maximum size: 43.5 cm. Total weight: about 1,400 grams. Overall good condition. Faded ink in many places. Velvet (decades old) coat, with embroideries of lions carrying a Torah Crown.

Opening2,400$ Sold For2,400$ Including buyers premium

Auction 14 Lot Number 2

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Antique Yemenite Sefer Torah on Red Parchment

Antique Sefer Torah, Yemen, [17th-19th century?].
An impressive Sefer Torah, with particularly beautiful handwriting, on red parchment (thick, soft skin) according to the custom of Yemenite Jews. Several sheets were replaced later on light parchment. From the aspect of the tradition of writing, the book has not yet been studied but we will note that Shirat Ha'azinu is written in 70 rows, something that varies according to the different traditions.
Sheet height c. 61 c. Average width of columns c. 11 cm. 227 columns. Varied conditions good-fair, tears and stains.

Opening2,500$ Sold For2,500$ Including buyers premium

Auction 14 Lot Number 3

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Luxurious Megilat Esther – Leather Case

Megilat Esther, written on a parchment, with two artistic adornments on the column headers. “Ha-Melech” Megila [most columns start with the word “Ha-Melech”]. Comes in a leather case adorned with a delicate engraving, and a “Megilat Esther” tag.
40.5 cm. 32 lines in each column. Very good condition. Leather coated cardboard cone case, 46 cm, good-fair condition, the cone’s edges are damaged or missing on both sides.
This Megilah is apparently Kosher.

Opening300$ Sold For400$ Including buyers premium

Auction 14 Lot Number 4

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Megillat Esther 11 Rows

Megillat Esther written on parchment, 11 rows, ktav Beit Yoseph. [Beginning of 20th century]. On outside of parchment, stamp of earlier owner [died Elul 1935].
According to the opinion of the Vilna Gaon and the Chatam Sofer, the letters of the amud of the ten sons of Haman should be the same size as the rest of the megilla. According to other opinions, the ten sons of Haman should be written on one whole amud and in large letters. In our generation, meticulously observant people have begun to write all the megilla in 11 rows, to satisfy all opinions. These megillot are more expensive since they have more amudim that regular megillot. It is rare to find a megilla with 11 rows from such an early period of time, [most of the poskim who discuss this disagreement, do not bring this solution of writing 11 rows, see Mishna B'rura Siman 691, Sha'ar Tzion, 16. It is well known that the Chazon Ish owned such a megilla].
17 cm. Good-fair condition, faded ink in many letters. Stains. Ancient worn leather case.

Opening250$ Sold For340$ Including buyers premium

Auction 14 Lot Number 5

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Rimonim for Sefer Torah – Morocco

Rimonim for Sefer Torah, made of brass. Morocco, 19th century.
Decorations cut in patterns of plants and nice geometric shapes, abstract style, characteristic to the region where they were created. 30 cm. Fair-good condition. Wear marks and a little corrosion. Repairs.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 14 Lot Number 6

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Two Miniature Sifrei Torah – New York / Israel, 1940-50’s

1. Miniature Sefer Torah printed on paper, rolled on two wooden supports [“Atzei Chaim”], wrapped in a red cloth coat [“Me’il”] bearing the inscription “Yeshivat Rabeinu Shlomo Kluger… New York". [1940’s]. Maximal size 14 cm, including wood supports. Good condition.
2. Especially miniature Sefer Torah, printed on paper, rolled on two supports [“Atzei Chaim”] made of copper, wrapped in a light blue coat embroidered with a Magen David and the letters Kaf and Tav [Keter Torah]; in an original, Aron-Kodesh-like copper case adorned with lions and the Tables of the Covenant, engraving on the back “State of Israel 10”. Israel [1958]. Printed sheet: 35 mm; with the copper handles: 53 mm. Very good condition.

Opening120$ Sold For180$ Including buyers premium

Auction 14 Lot Number 7

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Aron Kodesh Curtain – Matersdorf, 1860

Large curtain with a smaller, upper curtain [Kaporet] for the Aron Kodesh. [Matersdorf – Pressburg], 1860.
Velvet curtain, adorned with gold and silver threaded embroideries, lions and the two tables of the covenant, with metal bells. Donated by “The modest woman Milka daughter of the late Ber Sofer z”l and widow of Meir Faksh. On the day of her grandson’s Bar Mitsva, Avraham Meir son of Shmuel…”. The upper curtain is embroidered with the words “Kodesh La-Hashem”.
Milka Faksh -Meir of Matersdorf passed away in 1885. She was the daughter of Rabbi Issachar Ber Sofer of Matersdorf and the widow of Rabbi Meir Faksh who passed away in the city of Vienna in 1837 (see enclosed material, “Tzuf Dvash” by Rabbi Akiva sofer, page 284). According to the family, who brought the curtain from Hungary, this curtain had been used at the Pressburg community synagogue.
Dark maroon (faded) velvet curtain and upper curtain, adorned with plant and star themed embroideries and 6 metal bells.
The curtain’s dimensions are 138 X 177 cm some of the ornaments are unstitched. Most of the curtain is faded. Tears on the upper part of the velvet fabric, some of which were unprofessionally sawn. A later velvet patch was sawn on the left side of the curtain. The upper curtain’s dimensions are 42 X 147 cm with similar damages.

Opening1,000$ Sold For5,200$ Including buyers premium

Auction 14 Lot Number 8

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Collection of Parochot and Judaica Items Embroidered on Fabric

*Parochet (curtain) for Holy Ark, made of white and blue velvet. At center, a dedication embroidered with gold thread: "Parochet dedicated by the dear woman Chana Siyag…". *Velvet fabric for Torah scroll with embroidered dedication, by the donor "Shmuel Fisher, in memory of his parents Aharon and Beila, 1897". *Two velvet covers for Torah scrolls, with decorations embroidered with gold thread. *Three embroidered fabric bags for tallit and tefillin, two decorated with Magen David. *A cloth for the amud of the chazzan, edges cut in shape of star, gold embroidery.
Total of 8 items, varied size and condition.

Opening800$ Sold For850$ Including buyers premium

Auction 14 Lot Number 9

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Matzoth Cover / Tefillin Bag

1. An embroidered Matzoth cover. At center, two lions holding a Magen David. Above them: Chag HaPesach, below them Pesach-Matzoth-U'Maror. In lower right corner, three squares, Cohen, Levi, Yisrael. 40X45 cm. Fair condition. Creases, stains.
2. A velvet tefillin bag, decorated with colorful embroidery (flowers and birds), with writing "Berel ben Yoseph, 565[6] [1896]. 18X24.5 cm. Fair condition. The velvet is worn, upper part unraveled.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 14 Lot Number 10

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Kiddush Cup – Etched Dedication by Rebbe of Modzhitz, 1967

A silver Kiddush cup (signed).
An etching of a shield and inside "eternal souvenir"; an etched dedication "on the wedding day of the Groom Ya'akov Finkelstein, a gift from Rebbe of Modzhitz Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Taub, Tel Aviv, Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av 1966".
Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Taub (1905-1984), the third rebbe of Modzhitz, author of Imrei Eish was born in Lublin and was brought up by his grandfather, Rabbi Yisrael Taub, the founder of the Modzhitz Chassidut. His mother was the daughter of Rebbe Avraham Eiger of Lublin, son of Rebbe Yehuda Leib Eiger of Lublin, grandson of Rabbi Akiva Eiger. [On his wedding day, Rebbe Shmuel Eliyahu Taub received Rabbi Akiva Eiger's etrog box].
Height: 11.5 cm, width: 6.5 cm. Good condition. Few corrosion marks and slight bends.

Opening120$ Sold For180$ Including buyers premium

Auction 14 Lot Number 11

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Pewter Plate – “Rabboteinu, Higiah Zeman”

A pewter plate with engraved decorations. Produced by JM [Johann Motzars], [c. 1840?].
In center of plate drawing of the Tana'im reclining in Bnei Brak and telling about the Exodus from Egypt the entire night and at the side are images of two of their disciples who are coming to tell them that the time of reciting Kriyat Shema has arrived. Engraved at the side of the table around which the rabbis are reclining is the writing "Rabboteinu, higiya zeman" (Our Rabbis, the time has arrived).
Diameter: 20.5-21.5 cm. Fair-poor condition.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 14 Lot Number 12

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A Jew Studying Torah –Oil Painting – Hungary

A Jew wrapped in a tallit reading a book. Oil on fabric, on upper right corner, signed L.Y. Paneth. [Hungary? Beginning of 20th century?].
16X21 cm. frame 28X34 cm (slightly loose). Good condition, except two tears in upper and lower part of fabric

Opening600$ Unsold

Auction 14 Lot Number 13

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Calendar of Hashkavot and Mi SheBeirach – Jerusalem

A giant calendar for hanging in the Beit HaKnesset with lists of the names of the dead, for whom The Hashkava Prayer is to be said and the names of the living for the blessing of Mi SheBeirach. Jerusalem.
The whole calendar is hand-drawn and the names appearing in it were listed during various periods in three columns: Hashkavot for men, Hashkavot for women and the Mi SheBeirach prayer.
Amongst the names mentioned in the calendar: The gaba'im, Rabbi Shlomo Peretz and Chacham Nissim Oplatka. Sir Moshe Montefiore, Rabbi Ya'akov Shaul Elyashar. Also mentioned the members of the Valero, Meyuchas, Pinto and Sasoon families; Clara Ruso "who was killed by the bomb at The King David Hotel in Jerusalem"; Avraham Optalka "who fell during the Independence War" etc. The earliest date of death entered is 1849 and the latest 1955.
70X100 cm. Good-fair condition. Pasted on cardboard. Heavy tears to margins, creases, moisture damage to lower part.

Opening150$ Sold For190$ Including buyers premium

Auction 14 Lot Number 14

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Printed Notepad for the Sale of Mitzvot – Yagel Ya’akov

Printed notepad for listing the sale of Mitzvot and Aliyot LaTorah from the Yagel Ya’akov synagogue in Jerusalem. [C. 1940].
A special leaf is allocated for each congregation member in which a chart of the Mitzvot and Tzedakot is listed: opening of Shacharit and opening of Mincha, Mashlim and Maftir, Nedavot [contributions] etc .The notepad has assigned perforations to mark the amount of the contributions on Shabbat and Chagim, when it is prohibited to write.
Among the members of the synagogue well-known names of old-time Jerusalemite Sephardic families, including Rabbi Shabtai Chizkiyah, [who served as chief rabbi of Jerusalem].
Since the Gabba’im are unable to note the pledges made by the congregants on Shabbat, many original alternatives to this have been found throughout history. This notebook is one example of such an alternative.
[100] leaves, 35 cm. Fine bluish paper, good condition, slight creases, binding repaired with fabric glue.

Opening120$ Sold For120$ Including buyers premium

Auction 14 Lot Number 15

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Avinu Malkeinu – Illustrated and Handwritten – Fürth, 1908

“Avinu Malkeinu as customary in the congregation of Fürth, [1908].
Handwritten “Avinu Malkeinu” prayer in red and brown ink, two columns, on thick paper. A blue line separates the two columns; the frame is adorned with yellow ink and the title is written with green ink; at the bottom [of the text] there is a colorful drawing of an apple tree. Signed: “David son of Avraham of Anshbach”.
25 X 33.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Glued to cardboard.

Opening350$ Sold For350$ Including buyers premium

Auction 14 Lot Number 16

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Shiviti on Parchment

Handwritten “Shiviti”on parchment.
A “La-Menatzeah” Menorah appears in the middle and is surrounded by Hebrew letter combinations. The names of the holy cities of “Hevron” and “Safed” appear on the bottom.
10X14 cm. Good condition. Light tears on the edges, few stains and damages affecting the ink.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 14 Lot Number 17

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Shiviti on Parchment – Jerusalem, 1936

Shiviti, handwritten on parchment. Jerusalem, Elul 1936.
At center a “La-Menatzeah” menorah, surrounded with kabalistic letter combinations and psukim. At bottom: Shlomo Noach Cohen" and "Here the Holy City his estate1936 Elul". 24.5X41 cm. Good condition. Few damages to margins and stains. Framed, breaks in glass.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 14 Lot Number 18

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Two Shiviti on Parchment

Two handwritten Shiviti on parchment.
1. At center, “La-Menatzeah” menorah surrounded by yellow and red decorations. At bottom, two phrases from Psalms. 6.5X9 cm. Good condition. Frame 16.5X21.5 cm.
2. At center, “La-Menatzeah” menorah surrounded by Kabalistic letter-combinations, at top and bottom, various psukim. 10.5X15.5 cm. Fair condition. Wear, stains and creases. Frame 24.5X30 cm.

Opening350$ Unsold

Auction 14 Lot Number 19

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Shiviti on Paper, 1939

Shiviti, handwritten on paper. Eretz Yisrael, Iyar 1939.
At center “La-Menatzeah”menorah, surrounded by letter combinations, prayers and piyutim. At bottom, dedication in memory of a deceased woman from 1940 and signature of the "editor" the artist, from 1939. 24X33 cm. Fair-good condition. Tears, scraping and stains. Damaged frame.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 14 Lot Number 20

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Amulets and Leather Case

6 Handwritten amulets for the protection of their carriers, include letter combinations, angel names and various Kabbalistic illustrations. Four amulets on parchment, rolled or folded (one has tears and moisture damage); one amulet on rolled, thick paper; two small parchment pieces bearing an inscription, for protection, stored in a copper band; leather case to store and carry the amulet, hand-sewn.
Varying sizes and conditions.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 14 Lot Number 21

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A Silver Amulet for Protection of Postnatal Mother

A silver amulet for wearing around neck, [apparently for protecting postnatal mother]. Decorated with engraved Magen David, letter combinations and names of angels. 5X6 cm. Good condition.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 14 Lot Number 22

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A Parchment Amulet for Success

A parchment amulet, for hanging on the wall, "for the success of Sarit bat Dalia… ". The "holy tree", seder sefirot surrounded by Holy Names. [20th century].
Written in calligraphic writing with colored markers, in Oriental-Moroccan handwriting. On parchment scroll 28.5X65 cm. Good condition, stains and creases from rolling the parchment.

Opening120$ Sold For120$ Including buyers premium

Auction 14 Lot Number 23

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Shmira for Newborn and Mother – Jerusalem

Protection for the newborn and mother – B’Siman Tov U’Be’Mazel Tov. Jerusalem, [c. 1910], Tzukerman printing.
Holy names, verses of protection, incantation against evil eye, Kabbalistic illustrations (palm, eyes and more).
30.5 cm. Shiny blue paper, good condition, minor damage to borders.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 14 Lot Number 24

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Amulet for Protection of Postnatal Mother and Child

An amulet for protecting postnatal mother and child. At top, a text for swearing in Lilith not to harm the child or mother; at center, drawings of angels and at bottom, upside down, names of angels.
Similar leaves appear in Raziel HaMalach, but this amulet was originally printed as a single leaf (no writing on reverse side). Lithographic printing and typography that imitates handwriting.
15X19.5 cm. good condition, 17X21.5 cm. frame, damaged.

Opening200$ Unsold
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