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Auction 15 Lot Number 1

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Fifth Zionist Congress

Official postcard of the 5th Zionist Congress held in Basel in 1901 – "The Fifth Congress of the Zionists in Basel", with illustration by E.M. Lilien. Sent to Vienna in 1902, postmarked and handwritten. Good condition. Rimer number 6.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 2

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Seventh Zionist Congress

Official postcard of the 7th Zionist Congress held in Basel in 1905. Published by Zion, Vienna. Mailed from Basel during the congress, inscription in pencil. Good condition, a few stains. Rimer number 11.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 3

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Tenth Zionist Congress in Basel – Real-Photo Postcards

Two real-photo postcards, taken during the 10th Zionist Congress in Basel [August 1911].
Clear and sharp photographs. A large painting of Theodor Herzl is seen in the background, surrounded by a striped flag, a Magen David and the word "Zion". David Wolfsohn delivering a speech is seen in the center of the stage, surrounded by members of the Zionist Organization, with a second flag at the front of the stage, in its center the words "Gur Aryeh Yehuda" encircled by twelve stars. The back of the cards carry the ink-stamps of the photographer and artist Robert Spreng (1890-1969), a pioneer of modern photography and the "New Objectivity" movement, who owned a photography studio in Basel. Very good condition. A few stains on the verso.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 4

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Handwritten Notebook – Sixth Zionist Congress – Basel, 1903

Impressions of the Sixth [Zionist] Congress 1903. Handwritten notebook in pencil, Egon (Michael-Aryeh) Zweig. Basel, Switzerland, August 1903. German and shorthand.
Egon Zweig (1873-1949), a Zionist activist native of Moravia, lived most of his life in Vienna. One of the JNF founders, one of Herzl's secretaries and a delegate to several Zionist congresses.
Delegates mentioned in the notebook: Marmorek, Werner, Garfinkel, Nordau, and others, in detailed notes; short comments followed by shorthand of speeches. Amongst the titles in the notebook: "Membership fees of the World Zionist Organization were sold for 130 Shekalim"; "Trietsch attacks Herzl"; "Revenues and Expenses", and more. Names of delegates appointed to different committees, according to countries, appear at the end of the notebook. The shorthand has not been deciphered and might contain speeches relevant to the dispute regarding the "Uganda Plan" that was discussed in this congress. [32] written leaves, 22 cm. Very good condition.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 5

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The First Zionist Congress – A Booklet from New York, 1897

The Zionist Congress held at Basle, Switzerland, Aug. 29 to Sept. 1, 1897 – The Proceedings in Full – A printout from the London Jewish Chronicle. New York, 1897. English
A booklet about the first Zionist Congress. With list of participants, Herzl's and Nordau's speeches, etc., divided according to the days of the congress. 60 pages. Good condition. Original paper cover, partially detached a slightly torn.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 6

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Kol Koreh L’Chovevei Tzion – Vienna, 1892

Kol Koreh (b) L'Chovevei Tzion!. A printed pamphlet, by Dr. Natan Birnbaum, Dr. Moshe Shnirer, Reuven Breinin and Shlomo Boyer. Vienna, February 1892.
"In our first call, we told you our purpose and our desire… the purpose of the Zionist Movement is known – a national Hebrew congregation, based on working the land of Eretz Yisrael". [4]pp, 34.5 cm. Fair-poor condition. Tears and crease, filing holes.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 7

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Hovevei Zion – London and NewYork – Three Unknown Booklets

Three booklets published by Hovevei Zion members in New York and London. The booklets are bibliographically unknown:

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Auction 15 Lot Number 8

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Twelve Zionist Booklets

1. Can these Dry Bones Live? – Sermon preached at the Hampstead Synagogue on Zionist Day, Rabbi A. A Green. London, 1904.
2. Jewish Territorial Organization – Manifesto and Correspondence. London, [ca. 1906].
3. Annual report of the Jewish National Fund commission for England (1912-1913). London, 1913.
4. Zionism and Liberal Judaism, Paul Goodman. Leeds, [1917].
5. The Case of the Anti-Zionists: A Reply, Leon Simon. London, 1917.
6. The Jewish National Movement, Lucien Wolf. London, 1917.
7. Zionism and the Neo-Zionists, Laurie Magnus. London, 1917.
8. Zionism no remedy – A voice from America, Henry Moskowitz. London, 1917.
9. Zionism and the Allies. London, 1918.
10. The Upbuilding of Palestine – An Address, Philip Snowden. London, 1944.
11. The regeneration of Israel on the Land of His Forefathers, M. L. Lilienblum (from the Russian). London, 1944.
12. Zionism – an appreciation and Criticism, John Howard Adeney. Edinburgh, 1944.
Size and condition varies

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Auction 15 Lot Number 9

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Herzl – Signed Notice Concerning Raising “Shekalim” – Vienna, 1903

Theodore Herzl, stenciled notice hand-signed by Herzl. Vienna, December 1903. German.
Sent by the Zionist Organization in Vienna, to various Zionist leaders. The content of the letter: "Very honorable colleague… We address you in view of the fact that as a result of the current situation in Russia, it is impossible to raise there "Shekalim" [funds]. We ask you to start as early as possible to raise 'shekalim' in your country… We have to inform you that our treasury is nearly empty. We believe that members in western countries have to undertake this mission because the Russian sources were blocked and we need to continue with our Zionist activities…"
Leaf 28 cm, good condition. Several stains. Filing holes.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 10

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Glass Goblet – Bohemia – Herzl

Red Bohemian glass goblet, [early 20th century].
Fine engraving of the portrait of Herzl on the balcony in Basel, observing the Tower of David and the Walls of Jerusalem, with a convoy of immigrants, a shining sun and the text, "If you will it – it is no dream." Height: 15 cm, diameter: 9 cm. Good condition, several scratches close to the brim.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 11

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Bookends with Herzl’s Portrait

Pair of bookends, "History of Zionism". Eretz Israel, [late 1940s].
Styled as an open book: On the right Herzl's portrait in relief with the inscription "1897, Im Tirtsu Ein Zo Agada" [If you will it, it is no dream]; and on the left the emblem of the State of Israel and the inscription "1947, Ratsinu ve-Zachinu" [We willed and we achieved]. In the center: "Toldot Ha-Ziyonut" [The history of Zionism]. Height: 10cm, width: 12cm. Good condition.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 12

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Theodor Herzl – Poster after Hermann Struck

Theodor Herzl, printed poster published by Jüdischer Verlag, after an etching by Hermann Struck. 64.5x48.5cm. Good condition. Slight creases at borders, pinhole on right side.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 13

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Seven postcards with Theodor Herzl's portrait. Various printers and printing dates, 1920s through 1950s. Condition varies, good.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 14

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Medinat HaYehudim (The Jewish State) – New York, 1904- First American Edition + Additional Booklets

Jewish state, an attempt at a modern solution of the Jewish question, Theodor Herzl. New York: The Maccabæan Publishing Co., 1904. The second edition in English, the first was published in London, 1896. Based on Miss Sylvia d'Avigdor's original translation, with an introduction and notes by J. De Haas. *Bound with: Discourse on the restoration of the Jews, by M. M. Noah and D. S. Blondheim, Baltimore, [1905?]. * The Social Conception of Judaism and the Jewish People, by Bernard Lazare. New York, 1900. 3 booklets in one volume 24 cm. Good condition.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 15

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Documentation of Herzl’s Visit to Vilnius, 1903 / Meeting with Herzl in a Restaurant, 1899

Two typewritten documents, first person documentation, by Dov-Menachem Meretzky.
1. Herzl's bezukh in Vilna [Herzl's visit to Vilnius] on August 16, 1903. Written in Tel-Aviv in 1953. 19 typewritten pages, with many handwritten corrections. Yiddish.
2. Was war er? Written in 1949, depicts a meeting with Herzl in a restaurant in Basel during the third Zionist Congress in 1899.
Five typewritten pages, with highlighting and corrections. Good condition, some creasing.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 16

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Homiletics for Herzl’s Memorial Day – Rabbi Aharon Mendel HaCohen – Manuscripts, 1908/1918

"Le-Yom ha-yast [yahrzeit] Dr. Herzl [1908]" / "Drush le-yahrzeit shel Dr. Herzl [1918]". Two homiletics handwritten by Rabbi Aharon Mendel HaCohen (1866-1927). A native of Tiberias, a Torah genius and an author, HaCohen served as the Ashkenazi Rabbi of Cairo for 30 years. He is especially renown for his expansive and outreaching actions for the renewal of "semicha". In this framework he organized the Cracow Gathering in 1903, founded Agudat HaRabbanim, and after World War I founded the Knesset Yisrael Association and acted for the establishment of the Central Beit Din (similar to the Sanhedrin) in Jerusalem. [3]; [3]pp, 21cm. Good condition. Stains.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 17

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Chaim Weizmann – Bronze Plaque – Czechoslovakia

Dr. Chaim Weizmann, první President Státu Israel [Dr. Chaim Weizmann, first President of the State of Israel]. [Czechoslovakia, 1950s].
Cast bronze plaque, with relief of Weizmann's portrait and embossing of Weizmann's signature. Signed by the manufacturer: SˇGyo (?). 35x28cm, weight 6kg. Very good condition.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 18

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Chaim Weizmann – Handwritten Letter

Chaim Weizmann, ALS, addressed to Mrs. May, London. Rehovot, December 1944. English.
A personal, friendly letter, in which Weizmann tells that the "festivities" are over and that he feels tired and is therefore going with his wife on a vacation to the north of the country; the situation in Palestine is improving and if this continues a rapid change in the area will be felt, but one shouldn't talk too soon as Palestine is an unpredictable country. Weizmann continues with a few words about his garden and the Weizmann Institute. Aerogramme 24x19.5cm, good condition. Written in green ink. Some foxing.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 19

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Chaim Weizmann Forest – JNF New-York

Chaim Weizmann Memorial Forest – One Million Trees on the Land of the Jewish National Fund. Poster printed by JNF New-York, [1950s-60s].
Portrait of Weizmann, a line of cypress trees, and the caption "He led his people to the Promised Land" with an illustration of a memorial-candle and the emblem of the State of Israel. 60x43.5cm. Very good condition. Heavy, quality paper. Folded.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 20

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Speech of Chaim Weizmann in Czernowitz, 1927

Reden von Prof. Dr. Chaim Weizmann, gehalten am 12. Dezember 1927 in Czernowitz. [Speech delivered by Prof. Dr. Chaim Weizmann in Czernowitz on December 12, 1927]. Czernowitz: "Neuen Jüdischen Rundschau", 1927. German.
Transcript of a two-and-a-half hour speech delivered by Weizmann to an audience of 5,000 people during his visit to Czernowitz as the President of the World Zionist Organization. See Lot 536 for a photograph of the event. 24pp, 19cm. Good condition. Stains.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 15 Lot Number 21

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JNF – Three Early Pamphlets, 1907-1909

1. Ness Gadol Haya Sham! [A great miracle happened there]. A pamphlet of the JNF, Moscow, Kislev 1908. Yiddish.
2. Di Pushke fun Nazional-Fond. A pamphlet of the JNF, Moscow, Nissan 1909. Yiddish.
3. Adon Nichbad! [Honored Gentleman], a letter that calls for inscribing the names of deceased family members in the JNF Golden Book, or making a contribution. London, 1907. JNF and "London 1907" are printed in Russian.
Average 29 cm. Fair condition. Tears, stains and folding marks.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 22

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JNF – Two Early Postcards

1. Postcard with photograph of a JNF "Land Donation" certificate, designed by Ranzenhofer. With a Jewish New Year greeting in Hebrew and German, and a short explanation of donations for land acquisition. Printed in 1912, sent from Vienna in 1914.
2. Postcard with printed text about the JNF. Hebrew and German.
Good condition.

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Auction 15 Lot Number 23

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Legal Document – Registration of JNF as an Association – London, 1907

Memorandum and Articles of Association of Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael, Limited. London, April 1907. English.
An official, legal document declaring the JNF branch in London as a Limited Association with no shares. The document includes the aims of the association, its mode of operation, role-holders, members and additional technical details. [1], 27pp, 53cm. Good condition. Ex-library copy. Slight tears at borders.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 15 Lot Number 24

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NF Fair in Tomaszów, 1935 – Real-Photo Postcard

Real-photo postcard, Tomaszów Lubelski, 1935.
The second JNF fair in Tomaszów, with an illustration of the JNF Blue Box ["pushke"], photographs of Herzl, Ussishkin, Bialik and Sokolov, and the names of the three people photographed: Schlagboim, Goldman, Laniel. Dedicated on the verso. 14x8.5cm. Good condition. Slight damage, a few stains.

Opening120$ Sold For220$ Including buyers premium
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