Anti-Semitism, Holocaust and She'erit HaPleita Jewish & Israeli History and Culture

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Auction 17 Lot Number 1

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Warning Regarding Village Inhabitantsג€™ Education – Austria, 1848

Zur Warnung und Belehrung fֳ¼r die Landbewohner. Manifest issued by J.Q. Endlich. Wiener Neustadt, October 20, 1848. Printed during the revolution in Germany. Call and warning directed to the Austrian people, not to be misled and not listen to the anti-monarchy-institutional-governmental propaganda, distributed by radical circles, anti-Catholics and Jewish. A Jew by the name of Fischof is mentioned in the fourth paragraph, left column, who conducted anti-monarchy propaganda in Vienna and tried, apparently, to teach the citizens of Austria what patriotism means. Leaf 47X39 cm. Folding-marks, minor tears, staining.

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Auction 17 Lot Number 2

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Anti-Semitic Proclamation – Germany

Gott der Gerechte! Berlin geiht pleite! [God is Great! Berlin will go Bankrupt!]. A reproduction of an anti-Semitic proclamation from 1848. [Probably printed by Alfred Richard Meyer, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, 1921]. German.
"A speech held by Ya'akov Leibche Tulpental, a Jew who was granted civil rights by the Posen Dukedom, to his wife, Hanshe". The "speech" was printed in faulty German, supposed to imitate the Jewish manner of speech and ridicule it, with Hebrew idioms in Ashkenazi-German accent. The husband tells his wife about the dangers awaiting the Berlin Jews as a result of the anti-imperial civil riots by German workers, which will eventually endanger the Jews who will be the victims of the disturbances and pogroms. Leaf 43 cm. Good condition. Folding-marks. Tears, some fastened with paper-tape.

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Auction 17 Lot Number 3

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Humorous Dialogues by “Itzig Veitel Stern”

Itzig Veitel Stern der Jֳ¼ngere, Komische Vortrֳ₪ge in Jֳ¼dischen Dialekt [Itzig Veitel Stern Junior, Humorous Dialogues in a Jewish Dialect]. Reutlingen: Robert Bardtenschlager, [second half of the 19th century].
"Itzig Veitel Stern" is the pseudonym of the Christian author Heinrich Holzschuher, who signed several of his anti-Semitic essays using this fictitious Jewish name. The book is written in faulty German, intending to imitate and ridicule the Jewish manner of speech. An anti-Semitic illustration appears on the cover. 48 pp, 16 cm. Good condition. Tears at borders of cover, corners of first leaves creased. Bibliographically unknown.

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Auction 17 Lot Number 4

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“Four-Voice Humorous Scene” – Anti-Semitic Musical Composition, Leipzig, 1875

Pinkeles, Jeiteles, Isaak Scholem und Moses Hersch. Humoristische Scene in Form eines Quodlibets fֳ¼r vier Mֳ₪nnerstimmen mit Begleitung des Pianoforte, von Emil Neumann [Pinkeles, Yeteles. Isac Shulem and Moses Hersch, four-voice humorous scene with piano-forte, by Emil Neumann]. Leipzig: Rob. Forberg, Publishing, [ca.1875].
Set of booklets for a theatrical show of this composition, with anti-Semitic characteristics, "Polnisches Juden-Quartett" [Polish Jews Quartet]. The set consists of five booklets: a large booklet of music notes and four additional ones for each of the singers. With direction comments and humorous lyric texts in Yiddish-Deitsch, in a German-Ashkenazi accent mocking the Jews who ask to approach German girls, and discuss between themselves their cynical ideas about politics, their relations with gentiles, and other topics. On the cover of the large booklet and on its title page is an illustration of the four Jews in lithographic printing (see photo). 19; 8; 8; 8; 7 pp, 33 cm; 28 cm. Fair-good condition. Creases, wear and staining, minor tears, some restored. Ownership ink stamps.

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Auction 17 Lot Number 5

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Anti-Semitic Illustration on the Front Page of the Wiener Witz-Blatt Journal – Vienna, 1887

Wiener Witz-Blatt, issue no. 19, seventh year. Vienna, February 13, 1887. German. A large sheet, folded into four, with many caricatures in black and white. An anti-Semitic color illustration appears on the cover, featuring two Jews on the steps of a bank. 8 pp, 46 cm. Good condition. Ink-stamp. Tears at borders of sheet and minor stains.

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Auction 17 Lot Number 6

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Psst! – Anti-Semitic, Anti-Dreyfus Graphic Weekly – Paris, 1898-1899

Psst...! by [Jean-Louis] Forain, Caran d'Ache [Emmanuel Poire]. Paris: Librairie Plon, , February 1898 to September 1899. First and second year, complete run of 85 issues (no further issues printed). French.
Psst! was a weekly graphical French satirical magazine published at the time of the Dreyfus Affair to promote the anti-Dreyfus cause. The hundreds of vehement illustrations by Forain and Caran d'Ache are considered to be amongst the most extreme anti-Semitic publications related to the Dreyfus Affair. [4] pp per issue. Bound volume, 40 cm, with contemporary marbled green cardboard boards. Issues in very good condition, with sporadic stains and folding-marks.

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Auction 17 Lot Number 7

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Anti-Semitic Illustrations Booklet – “Die Wahrheit” Publishing – Berlin, 1883

Skizzenbuch der "Wahrheit" ["Die Wahrheit" sketch booklet]. Berlin: M. Schulze Publishing, 1883. German.
Booklet issued by the editorial staff of "Die Wahrheit" newspaper, a humorous-satirical weekly paper of anti-Semitic tendencies. Many caricatures present preposterous figures of Jews, with prominent anti-Semitic characteristics. Original paper-cover, with anti-Semitic illustrations. 32 pp, 27x18.5 cm. Good condition. Tears at borders of cover. Paper for reinforcement was pasted to the inside of the inner cover.

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Auction 17 Lot Number 8

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Issue of an Anti-Semitic Journal Edited by Istֳ³czy Gyֵ‘zֵ‘ – Budapest, 1881-1883

12 Rֳ¶pirat, Antisemitikus Folyֳ³irat [12 booklets, anti-Semitic newspaper], edited by Istֳ³czy Gyֵ‘zֵ‘. Budapest, 1881-1883. Nine non-consecutive issues.
The editor of this paper, Istֳ³czy Gyֵ‘zֵ‘ (1842-1915) was a Hungarian Nationalist politician, who publicly expressed his anti-Semitic views during his political activities. Following the blood libel case in the village of Tiszaeszlֳ¡r in Eastern Hungary in 1882, he established the anti-Semitic Nationalist party. In response to this anti-Semitic newspaper, several Jewish papers with similar titles were published, see attached material. 25 cm. Fair condition. Tears at borders, stains, detached or partly detached covers and leaves.

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Auction 17 Lot Number 9

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Anti-Semitic Newspapers – Budapest, Late 19th Century

Three issues of Hungarian newspapers featuring anti-Semitic illustrations:
1. Fֳ¼stֳ¶lֳ¶, Budapest, June 1, 1884.
2. Herkֳ³-Pֳ¡ter, Budapest, July 25, 1897.
3. Herkֳ³-Pֳ¡ter, Budapest, July 17, 1898.
30 cm. Good condition. Creases.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 17 Lot Number 10

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Five anti-Semitic Booklets from Romania, 1878-1911

Five anti-Semitic publications about the situation of Jews in Romania. All five in Romanian:
1. SLAVICI, Joan. "Soll" ֵŸi "Haben", Cestiunea Ovreilor din Romֳ¢nia. Bucharest, 1878.
2. LEROY-BEAULIEU, Anatole. Evreii ֵŸi antisemitismul. Iasi, 1892.
3. PANU, G. Chestia evreilor. Bucharest, 1893.
4. SOCOR, Emanuel. Plagiatul D-lui A. C. Cuza. Bucharest, 1911.
5. BOGDAN-DUICA, Gheorghe. Ovreii pִƒmִƒnteni ֵŸi subpִƒmִƒnteni. Bucharest, 1913.
Not in the collection of the Jerusalem National University Library.
Size and condition varies. Fair condition.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 17 Lot Number 11

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Booklet of Anti-Semitic Illustrations – Dreyfus – Paris, 1904

Chֳ©quards, Pochards, Mouchards. Introduction by Henri Rochefort, illustrations by Bruno. Paris, 1904. French.
Booklet with 22 anti-Semitic illustrations in black and white, some refer to the Dreyfus Affair. Color illustration on the cover. [24] pp, 37.5x27.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Tears at borders of leaves, some restored.

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Auction 17 Lot Number 12

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Anti-Semitic Leaf with Citations against Pagans – Leipzig, 1911

Einige Fragen an die gebildeten Juden [several questions to the scholarly Jews]. Single leaf printed by Theodor Fritsch and the editorial staff of Der Hammer-Bund, Leipzig, December 1911. Leaflet no. 4. German and Hebrew.
Single leaf printed on both sides. Hebrew citations from "Shulchan Aruch" concerning the relationships between Jews and the pagans, translated into German. The author of the leaf is Theodor Fritsch (1852-1933), politician, member of the anti-Semitic party "The German anti-Semitic Union", one of the leading anti-Semitic ideologists in Germany. 32.5x23 cm. Fair-poor condition. Tears at borders and at folding-lines, creases, filing-holes.

Opening180$ Unsold

Auction 17 Lot Number 13

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An Illustrated Election Broadside – Berlin, 1919

Wahlbilderbogen [illustrated elections broadside]. [Berlin], [1919].
Printed for the elections for a constituent assembly, which took place in Germany in January 1919. Printed on both sides and illustrated with many caricatures describing the status of German society pre and post World War I, with short texts. The Jews are presented in an anti-Semitic manner, with stereotypical characteristics, as people who became wealthy during World War I, trying to arrange a revolution and leading an affluent life style (sitting on large flour sacks), at the expense of poor Germans. 57.5x41 cm. Fair-good condition. Creases, stains, tears at borders.

Opening180$ Unsold

Auction 17 Lot Number 14

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Elections ABC – Austria, 1919

Wahl-ABC [Elections ABC]. Austria: Austrian Christian-Socialist party (ֳ–sterreichs Christlichsoziale Partei), [1919].
Printed on both sides. Many caricatures comparing the socio-economic status of Christian Austrian citizens to that of Jewish citizens, some of which are vehemently anti-Semitic in nature. Each caricature is accompanied by a two-lined verse. 46.5x30.5 cm. Good condition` some creases and stains.

Opening180$ Sold For221$ Including buyers premium

Auction 17 Lot Number 15

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“In the Cage” – Anti-Semitic Leaf – Berlin, 1919

Im Kֳ₪fig [in the cage]. Single leaf printed by J. Pelzer, Berlin, 1919. German.
The heading of the leaf reads "Helft dieses Blatt in massen verbreiten!" - "Help to distribute this leaf to the masses", under this heading appears an illustration by Theodor Leisser depicting thin German citizens, clad in worn clothes and imprisoned in a cage bearing the sign "Do not feed", outside the cage stand the captors - two fat Jews wearing suits and top hats. Many sentences disgracing Jews. On the reverse are citations from the bible and the Talmud. The caricature published in Berliner Tageblatt newspaper on May 1919. In the 1930s, the newspaper became the official paper of the Nazi Party. 32x24 cm. Fair-poor condition. Folding marks, tears and stains. Handwritten comments.

Opening180$ Unsold

Auction 17 Lot Number 16

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“Emergency Money” and German Anti-Semitic “Notes”

10 Notes of "Emergency Money" (Notgeld). Germany and Austria, 1920-1922.
Printed during the inflation following World War I, when there was a shortage of monetary notes and coins. All are illustrated, with anti-Semitic images or captions. Among them, three notes printed in Sternberg in 1922 commemorating 430 years since a number of Jews were accused of making Matzot using blood of a Christian child in Sternberg in 1492. Size varies, very good condition.

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Auction 17 Lot Number 17

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Anti-Semitic Publications from the Inflation Period

Two postcard-like anti-Semitic publications, from the inflation period in Germany. [Berlin, 1920s].
1. "75,000 Berlin citizens are homeless, because 100,000 Galician Jews occupied all the apartments. We, the workers, are forced to squeeze into small apartments, in order to let these "smugglers" live in comfort. Will the government change this situation? Workers! Think about this matter!".
2. "Jews received from the state 4 million and 800,000 Pfund of supreme wheat flour as a gift for their Passover in order to bake Matzotג€¦ why does this discrimination in favor of the Jews, who always lived well, continue? Workers! Think about this matter!...".
15.5-16X12 cm, good condition. Few stains.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 17 Lot Number 18

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An Original Anti-Semitic Illustration – Totila, 1923

Two original illustrations (ink on paper) by the German caricaturist Totila, whose satiric works were printed in the 1920s in the German periodicals "Simplizissimus" and "Jugend". [Germany, 1923].
The illustration on the left presents three rich Jews drinking champagne. The caption below the illustration (in German), written in pencil, reads: "To life, gentlemen, we hereby establish the new paper 'The Proletariat' and you will see with how much enthusiasm this paper will be accepted by the small people". Signed: Totila; the illustration on the right features a poor German family, whose father reads the new paper "The Proletariat". Signed: Totila 23. Two illustrations 16.5x12 cm, on a leaf 30x23 cm, with instructions to the printing press. Good condition, folding-marks, few creases and stains.

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Auction 17 Lot Number 19

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Early Nazi Anti-Semitic Booklet – Hamburg, 1919

Die Dreihundert. Hamburg: Deutschvֳ¶lkischer Schutz-und TrutzBund, 1919. German.
Anti-Semitic booklet published by the "German Nationalist Protection and Defiance Federation," the largest, most active and influential anti-Semitic organization established in Germany after World War I. Its publishing arm put out some of the books that greatly influenced the opinions of those who later organized the Nazi Party, and after it folded many of its members reached high ranks in the Nazi party. The booklet, which opens with twelve rules on how to treat Jews and confront them (not to marry Jews, not to read Jewish papers, etc.) contains a survey of the situation in central Europe, with a negative attitude towards the Jews and their responsibility for Germany's defeat in World War I. 24 pp, 18 cm. Very good condition. Scattered stains.

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Auction 17 Lot Number 20

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Anti-Semitic Booklet, Germany 1920

Kehraus! Antisemitische Rundschau in Wort und Bild [Last Dance! Anti-Semitic Survey in Words and Pictures]. Berlin-Munich: Kehraus, [ca. 1920]. The booklet opens with eleven reasons for the strength of the Jews and continues with anti-Semitic stories illustrated with black and white drawings. 96 pp, 17 cm. Good condition. A few leaves detached; slight wear at the cover edges. Text block glued to cover.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 17 Lot Number 21

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Crimes of Jewish Freemasons – Portugal, 1924

Crimes da Franco-Macּ§onaria Judaּica, Paulo de Tarso. Guarda, Portugal, 1924. Portuguese.
Anti-Semitic booklet against the Freemasons and the Jews. Anti-Semitic illustration on the cover. 170, [3] pp, 17 cm. Good condition. The cover is partly detached and some of the pages are loose.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 17 Lot Number 22

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Anti-Semitic Postcard – Berlin, late 19th Century

Junden-Cultur [Jewish culture], postcard printed by Deutsches Wirthshaus I, [Emil Bodeck], Berlin SW., Friedrichstr. 210. Berlin, late 19th century.
Posted from Berlin to St. Johann, Tirol in 1898. Good condition, few stains.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 17 Lot Number 23

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Anti-Semitic Postcard Printed on Leather – USA, 1906

"Belief me". Anti-Semitic postcard printed on leather. United States, early 20th century.
Illustrated with a stereotypical figure of a Jew. Mailed within the United States in 1906. Good condition.

Opening150$ Sold For185$ Including buyers premium

Auction 17 Lot Number 24

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Postcard with Anti-Semitic Stickers

Postcard sent in 1907 by mail from Vienna to Brֳ¼nn (Brno, Czechoslovakia).
Various stamps and stickers were pasted on the card; one of them with the citation "Die Juden sind unser Unglֳ¼ck" [Jews are our misfortune]. Another sticker cites a saying comparing Jews and Christians. Good condition.

Opening150$ Unsold
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