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Auction 18 Lot Number 11

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Fancy Gold Stamp of Theodor Herzl – First Zionist Congress – Gift to Frederick the First, the Grand Duke of Baden, 1897

Stamp made from gold (signed) and mother of pearl, in the shape of a Magen David, with the name of Dr Theodor Herzl and six stars at the six points. Made by personal order of Theodor Herzl for commemoration of the First Zionist Congress in Basel, 1897.
The stamp's handle is studded with ten lengthwise units of mother of pearl and its upper part is decorated with patterns of plants and stars. Its upper part is curved and etched with the inscription "Zionisten Congress, Basel, 29-31 August 1897" - in commemoration of the First Zionist Congress in Basel.
After the stamp was prepared, Herzl gave it as a gift and token of appreciation to Frederick I, the Grand Duke of Baden (GroֳŸherzog Friedrich I. von Baden 1826-1907), who was the sixth Grand Duke of Baden, uncle of German Caesar Wilhelm II, and Herzl's acquaintance and supporter of the concept of Zionism. Because of the family relationship of Duke Frederick I and Kaiser Wilhelm II, he succeeded in assisting Herzl to have a short meeting with the Kaiser when traveling to Eretz Israel on October 28, 1898.
Enclosed is a copy of a letter by Prince Joseph Clemens of Bavaria, (1902-1990), son of Alfons Maria Franz Clemens Maximilian von Bayern of Bavaria, (1862-1933), from 1985, that testifies that his father purchased the stamp (and a kippa - "yarmulke") from the estate of Frederick I Grand Duke of Baden and he knows that the two items were made by Herzl's order and given by Herzl to Duke Frederick I. Since the estate of Prince Joseph Clemens of Bavaria was sold, the stamp has been in the possession of private collectors. Height: 7.5 cm. Weight: 57 gram. Good condition. Two mother of pearl units covering the stamp's handle are cracked.

Opening10,000$ Sold For36,900$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 337

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Hanna Szenes – Handwritten Note

Hanna Szenes, a short handwritten note, addressed to Gusta [Gusta Strumpf-Rechav]. [Eretz Israel], probably, March 5, 1944.
"Gusta! I must thank you for everything, regards to all, from Hagar". "Hagar" is the code name given to Hanna Szenes prior to her departure on a mission and served her when she arrived in Yugoslavia and Hungary. Hanna Szenes signed by this name, a short while before her departure, a letter to Yehuda Barginsky, member of HaKibutz HaMeuhad secretariat, who took care of her departure on mission to Europe, before leaving Eretz Israel. [See: Braslavsky, Moshe (editor): Hanna Szenes, diaries, poems and testimonies. HaKibutz HaMeuhad publishing, 1994 - "Letters by Hanna Szenes - on the Verge of Departure"].
Gusta mentioned in the note is Gusta Strumpf-Rechav (1891-1982), one of the first pioneers who made Aliya from Germany following World War I, member of Kvutzat Kineret during the early 1920s. Worked with David Remez in "Solel Boneh" management, edited "Davar" newspaper in German, established and managed the first Beit Hachalutzot in Haifa, and managed the maritime and fishing company "Nachshon" for tens of years. Attached is the original envelope in which the letter was found. An inscription on the envelope reads "Last letter from Hanna Szenes, keep!!". Note 8.5x7 cm, fair-good condition. Staining. Missing corner, creases. Envelope 12x9.5 cm, minor damages and omissions.

Opening7,000$ Sold For8,610$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 46

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Exploration Fund of Western Palestine – Eight Volumes and a Folder of Maps – London, 1880-1881

The Survey of Western Palestine, Memoirs of the Topography, Orography, Hydrography and Archaeology, by Lieut. C. R. Conderm R.E., and Lieut. H. H. Kitchener, R. E. London: The Committee of The Palestine Exploration Fund, 1881. English. Eight volumes + a folder of maps. The Committee of The Palestine Exploration Fund dealt with professional mapping of Eretz Israel and for the first time produced exact maps in the 1870s. The comprehensive survey was done by a group of surveyors of the Ordinance Survey. The whole survey and especially the maps are of great value because of their uncompromising preciseness and the wealth of information they convey about the state of Eretz Israel in the second half of the 19th century. Presented here are eight volumes:
1. Volume I - Galilee
2. Volume II - Samaria
3. Volume III - Judaea
4. Jerusalem, by Warren and Conder
5. Special Papers on Topography, Archaeology, Manners and Customs, Etc.
6. The Arabic and English Name Lists
7. The Fauna and Flora of Palestine, by H. B. Tristram
8. A General Index to The Memories (Vols, 1-3); The Special Papers; The Jerusalem Volume; The Flora and Fauna of Palestine; The Geological Survey; The Arabic and English Name Lists
And a folder of maps:
Map of Western Palestine in 26 Sheets, From Survey Conducted for The Committee of The Palestine Exploration Fund by Liutenants C. R. Conder and H. H. Kitchener, R. E. During the Years 1872-1877. London, 1880. The folder contains 26 hand-colored maps 64x55 cm + a title leaf of the maps (slightly stained) + two additional maps (smaller, 34.5x25 cm.) - in the original folder.
All the volumes are from a Special Edition, are numbered and signed by the chairman of the operating committee. Good condition. Few stains and minor tears to map margins.

Opening4,000$ Sold For5,166$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 299

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Passover Haggada – Ya’akov Agam – Silk-print Album

Passover Haggada, Ya'akov Agam. 58 original silk prints, hand printed on Ribs paper 270 gram (Arjomarie-Prioux( by Atalia Arkai in Paris, 1985.
Leaf of introduction signed by Agam and numbered, 22/27 AP. The first and last prints are signed by Agam, as well. "All of the separation of colors was done by the artist, all the print screens used for each print were destroyed".
Fancy velvet cover, in original matching box 52x42.5 cm. Very good condition.

Opening4,000$ Sold For4,920$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 48

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Hebrew Map – Eretz Israel and Grapevines – Germany, 1741

Onomasticum veteris testamenti sive tractatus philologicus.Halle: Johann Simonis, 1741.
Lexicon (dictionary) of the Old Testament with Philological treatise by Johann Simonis. Halle, 1741. Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Ethiopian and Greek.
Frontispiece etching of a map of Eretz Israel, marked with important Biblical sites, mountains, cities, and the division of the twelve tribes, in Hebrew. Decorated with grapevines and grapes symbolizing the fertility of the country, andframed in an elaborate frame. Cartographer not mentioned.
One of the earliest and most important maps of Eretz Israel printed with Hebrew writing prior to the 19th century. The map was inspired by the verses from the Book of Psalms referring to planting grapevines in Eretz Israel. The grapes symbolize the People of Israel, the exodus from Egypt and the conquest of Eretz Israel. On the grape leaves appear the names of Kings, Prophets and other outstanding biblical figures. The name "Israel" appears on the vine.
The map is oriented to the north and its northern borders are Lebanon and Mount Hermon. In the south the map reaches the estate of the tribe of Yehuda, the city of Hebron and the Dead Sea. In the west, "the Big Sea" with several vessels, and in the east - Trans-Jordan. The River Jordan flows from Lebanon southward, through the Hula Lake ("May Marom"), the Sea of Galilee and into the Dead Sea. The cities are geographically located incorrectly, for example Be'er Sheba is located north-west of Jerusalem. The author of the book, Johann Simonis (1698-1768), was a professor of Theology and History of the Church in Halle University, a Hebraist, Orientalist and philologist.
Bound with: Onomasticum Novi Testamenti (Halle, 1762).
Wajntraub - Hebrew Maps of the Holy Land, 1992, p. 67. Laor 730.
644, [127]; 206, [8] pp. The book - 21.5 cm, map - 18.5x14 cm. Map and book in good condition. Foxing-marks. Ink stamps. Some stains on the map. Original parchment binding.

Opening1,000$ Sold For3,936$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 537

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Newspaper Collection of Eighty Eight Volumes – Italy

1-26. CorriereIsraelitico, Periodicomensilepel la storia. La spirit e ilprogresso.del gudaismo, A di S. Curiel e Prof. Leone Rocah. 1-26. [Monthly Magazine on Jewish History and Spiritual Matters]. First five volumes (1862-1866) and twenty one non-consecutive volumes from 1884-1913. Some have notes in Italian handwriting.
27-41. CorriereIsraelitico, Israel, weekly magazine published as sequel to monthly magazine.
Fifteen volumes, issues from 1916-1928 (Years 7-21). The ninth year volume is missing.
42-67. VessiloIsraelitico, rivistamensile per la storia, la scienza e lo spirit del giudaismo. [The Jewish Educator, Weekly Magazine of History and Religion]. Twenty one consecutive volumes, 1853-1874.
Various sizes and conditions. Many double volumes.

Opening2,500$ Sold For3,075$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 555

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Collection of Documents – Reischer Family – 30s Until the 50s

Collection of official and personal documents of Leon and Stephy Reischer. Leon, Austrian native, lived in Poland and Russia, and eventually immigrated to Argentina.
The collection includes various documents (birth certificate, identity card, marriage certificate etc.); official documents from Austria, Russia and Argentina, including a document from 1939 from the Jewish community of Vienna with details of the instructions and guidelines for the Jews of the city who were expelled to Poland after the Anschluss; postcards; personal letters received by Stephy Reischer during World War II, and more items. Total of approximately eighty items. Various sizes and conditions.

Opening2,500$ Sold For3,075$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 570

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“Shoshanta” – Isac Chagise Edition – Jerusalem

Flower of the Holy Land. Isac Chagise Edition Jerusalem. [Beginning of 20th century].
"Shoshanta" in lithographic print, sold as a souvenir to tourists and Jews from the Diaspora. Eight paper-cut triangles; folded one into another to create the shape of a triangle that reminds you of a rose and on the reverse side, there is a colored rose. Illustrations of holy sites in Eretz Israel arranged in two circles: in the inner circle illustrations are printed in a round frame portraying Yad Avshalom, Metzudat David and other sites; in the outer circle, more important sites: the Holy Temple site, Jerusalem from four directions, praying near the Western Wall, etc. - all in golden frames. In the center of the rose, the details of the printer Isac Chagise appear as above and the word "fish" as well. Placed in original yellowish cover, made of nine illustrations of holy sites in Eretz Israel that can be opened and folded. See Kedem Catalogue No. 9, Item 388 and see: "Amanut V'Omanut B'Eretz Yisrael B'Meah 19", page 207. Open cover: 33.5x29 cm, folded: 14.5x11 cm, detached into three parts. Shoshanta: 27x27 cm, detached into three parts.

Opening600$ Sold For2,952$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 151

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“Combat Leaves” of the Givati Brigade Including Censored Leaves – Comments and Dedication in Handwriting by Abba Kovner

Comments and Dedication in Handwriting by Abba Kovner
Combat leaf, Givati Brigade. Album containing forty three publications printed by the combat staff of the Givati Brigade (South Region) during the War of Independence with routine updates of events in the various combat zones during the War of Independence; daily orders of the brigade's commander and a number of additional items.
This album was arranged by Abba Kovner, Cultural Commissar, Politruk of the of the Givati Brigade during the War of Independence, and given as a gift to Tzvi (Chera) Tzur, the sixth Chief of Staff of the IDF and commander of jeep battalion "Shimshon wolves" during the War of Independence. On title page is a dedication handwritten by Kovner to "Tzvi, commander of the sister-brigade, with much appreciation, Abba" [end of the 40s]. Likewise, a number of sections of the album are titled in Kovner's handwriting and several leaves have notes in his handwriting " censored " / "also censored ": Four "combat leaves" that were printed and censored afterwards appear in the album (two in Hebrew, one in Yiddish and one in French).
Album 35 cm. with the brigade's symbol. Good condition. Foxing. Tears to spine, minor damage to binding edges.

Opening1,500$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 300

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Drawings for the Bible – Marc Chagall – 24 Original Lithographs – Paris, 1960

Drawings for the Bible, by Marc Chagall. Text by Gaston Bachelard. Verve, Vol. X - Nֲ° 37-38. Distributed in Great Britain and the Dominions by A. Zwemmer Ltd London. Verve Publishers, Paris, 1960. English.
Album format. Ninety six high-quality black and white reproductions and twenty four original colored lithographs for works on Bible topics created by Chagall during 1958-1959. Cover design by Chagall especially for this edition. Handwritten dedication on full page, for Dr. Norbert Moschytz, about his contribution to the Jewish community of Wֳ¼rttemberg-Hohenzollern (West Germany). Enclosed are paper clippings with articles about Chagall. 35.5 cm. Very good condition. Minor damage to cover edges. Celluloid cover slightly torn.

Opening1,800$ Sold For2,460$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 152

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Proclamation by the Provisional Council – The Fifth of Iyar 1948

Proclamation to all residents of the State of Israel, proclamation on behalf of the Provisional Council. Tel Aviv: "HaPoel HaTzair" Co-operative, May 14, 1948.
First proclamation printed by the Provisional Council; calling on all State residents to volunteer to protect the homeland and care for its benefit: "In the period of this primary test, during the enemy's attack, the Provisional Council takes the rule in its hands"; "We have been thrown into a cruel war. But we shall remember: Inside the borders of our State, the Arab citizens shall continue to live - and for many of them this war is unwelcome. Their rights, equal citizen rights, we are commanded to fulfill. Our face is towards peace. We stretch out our hands to them for sharing in the building of the homeland. Citizens! We will protect the honor of our young State. Each of us is responsible for it by his conduct, the purity of his stand, his honesty. Every person is responsible for its security and its future". 92.5x59 cm. Poor condition. Tears, some missing. Stains. Mounted on linen for display and preservation.

Opening600$ Sold For2,337$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 12

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Postcard with Herzl’s Portrait and Herzl’s Signature – Chanukah – Vienna, 1903

Postcard with Theodor Herzl's portrait on the balcony of the hotel in Basel, according to a photograph by Ephraim Moshe Lilien. Leo Winz, Phֳ¶nix, Berlin.
Herzl's signature in pencil appears on the lower part. On the upper part appear several inscriptions in pencil, probably in Herzl's handwriting (German). On the reverse is a "Zion" stamp, ink-stamped "Makkabֳ₪erfeier" , Vienna, December 12, 1903, to mark the holiday of Chanukah. 14x8.5 cm. Good condition. Minor damages: glue remnants, stains and creases.

Opening500$ Sold For2,214$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 447

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Immigration to America – Illustrations Album

Emigracya do Ameryki Album / Auswanderung nach Amerika Album, nach Aquarellen von J. Kruszewski [Immigration to America Album]. Illustrations by J. Kruszewski. Krakow: Fr. Ryszarda Wernera, [19th century].
Eight plates with illustrations in color, lithographic printing, describing the mass immigration to America in the 19th century. The illustrations refer to the immigration attempts by citizens of Poland and Eastern Europe and describe them in a humorous manner. The Polish are sometimes presented in a ridiculous light, and the Jews appear with long side-locks and large noses. Each of the plates is annotated in Polish, German and Hungarian. The plates are in the original paper envelope. Rare and bibliographically unknown, no additional copies located. 49x32 cm. Plates in good condition, minor tears at borders. Tears to envelope.

Opening900$ Sold For1,968$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 64

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JNF – High Quality Photograph Collection

Sixty-nine black and white high quality photographs from all over Eretz Israel, arranged in an album for JNF use. Unknown photographer. Eretz Israel, [1930s].
Every photograph is pasted on a separate paper; all the photographs are described on a printed label pasted on the paper: Safed, Haifa, a house in Chulda, Kiryat Anavim, the Mekor Baruch neighborhood of Jerusalem, the train station in Kfar Baruch, school for young women in Nahalal, women workers' farm in the Borochov neighborhood, beehives in Ein Charod, grape harvest in Rishon LeZion, Wadi Fo'ara (Gedura River), Mrs. Mond planting a tree in the Balfour Forest, Mrs. Chancellor planting a tree in the Balfour Forest, Czechoslovakian Consul planting a tree in the Masrik Forest, Kish speaking at a planting festival in Masrik Forest, Ussishkin speaking at the house-warming celebration of the JNF House, stonemasons in Jerusalem, concert in Migdal David, etc. Average size 16x11 cm. Very good condition. Some album leaves are empty; several photographs are missing. Album 25.5 cm, tied with a lace. Good condition.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,968$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 257

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“Motele Mazik” – Manuscript of an Unknown Children’s Book by Mordechai Tsanin

Tsanin, M. Motele Mazik. Tel Aviv, July 1946.
Children's story, about Itche-ber, who has two professions: a shoemaker and a beggar. Manuscript with colorful illustrations. Ink, colored pencil and aquarelle on paper. This story, most probably, has never been published. On the title page, under the book's title, appears a dedication to Tsanin's son, Itzchak.
Mordechai Yeshaya Tsanin (1906-2009) - founder of Yiddish journalism in Israel, linguist and Yiddish writer, cultural leader of Yiddish in Israel; author of the Yiddish-Hebrew-Yiddish dictionary, founder and editor of the newspaper "Letste Nayes" - one of the most popular newspapers in Israel. Tsanin was born in Poland. Served in the Polish Army during World War II. Arrived in Eretz Israel in 1942 and lived in Tel Aviv until his last day. [18] leaves (six with illustrations only) bound as a notebook 19x15.5 cm. Good condition. Foxing-marks.

Opening1,500$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 111

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Three Photo Albums – Journey to Morocco, 1958

Three photo albums documenting a journey of the British couple, the Wronkers in Morocco, 1958. 406 photographs, including visits to many cities and villages throughout Morocco: Marakesh, Casablanca, Goulimine, Safi, Agadir, Tinzit, Mazagan, Skoura and other places. The photographs document the big cities, hotels, roads and modern streets side by side remote settlements and rural inhabitants, craftsmen and workers doing various traditional works. Some photographs document Jewish life in Morocco: the house of the righteous Rabbi Shlomo Ben Lhens in the Ourika Valley, a cemetery and its gate - "built by Chevrat Chesed VeEmet in Nisan 1926", a sign "Talmud Torah", elderly Jews, and more. Ninety three of the photographs are in color. Size varies, 11.5x9 cm to 23.5x17.5 cm. Very good condition. Three leather albums 31.5x22.5 cm.

Opening1,500$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 147

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Entrance Permit to British Prison – For Rabbi Aryeh Levine “Father of Prisoners”

Permit to visit Jerusalem lock-up, entrance permit for Shabbat and Chagim, for Rabbi Aryeh Levine, to the [British] prison in Jerusalem, for visiting Jewish prisoners held there. Typewritten and signed by British officer. Jerusalem 1944. On reverse side of leaf, Rabbi Aryeh Levine wrote: "Official permit for visiting the prison on Shabbat and Chagim".
Rabbi Aryeh Levine (1885-1969) the famous "Tzaddik of Jerusalem", incredible man of chessed, merited the name "father of prisoners" because during the British Mandate he used to walk every Shabbat to visit the prisoners in the British prisons to lift their spirits. He was especially renowned for his consoling visits to the underground prisoners and those doomed for hanging. Leaf 19.5 cm. Fair condition. Stains, wear to margins and folding marks from much use, tears restored with tape, file holes.

Opening300$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 52

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Auguste Salzman – Bethlehem, 1863

Beit-Lehm [Bethlehem], photograph by Auguste Salzman from his second visit to Eretz Israel. France, [1863].
Salt prints. 32.5x23 cm. Attached to paper with description of photograph and details of printer. 62.5x45 cm. Good condition. Tears and slight creases to paper margins. Photograph slightly faded.

Opening1,500$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 282

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Writings of Chaim Nachman Bialik in Four Signed Volumes – Fancy Parchment Bindings

Writings of Chaim Nachman Bialik and a selection of his translations. Berlin: Chovevei HaShira Ha'Ivrit, 1923.
Writings of Chaim Nachman Bialik in a fancy edition, high-quality leather bindings decorated with gold, with golden upper leaf-cuttings. Each of the volumes is signed at the end by Chaim Nachman Bialik and by the artist Yosef Bodko.
Volume 1 - poems; Volume 2 - Stories and literature; Volume 3 - translation of Don Quixote; Volume 4 - translation of William Tell.
"3,200 copies of this book were printedג€¦ the book's decorations and illustrationsג€¦ done by Yosef Bodko in Berlinג€¦ the first 200 copies were printed on very heavy paper, and the wood-cuttings are from the artist's original cuttings, all marked according to order in letters from aleph to resh, signed by the author and the artist, bound in parchment and not for sale on the marketג€¦". Volumes 25.5 cm. Very good condition.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,722$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 244

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The Roosters and the Fox – Chaim Nachman Bialik – Omanut Publishers

The Roosters and the Fox. Moscow-Odessa: Omanut, Gamliel Library, [nd, beginning of 1920s, before 1923].
A parable of Berachyahu HaNakdan, adapted by Chaim Nachman Bialik. Illustrations by Moshe Moltzmacher. [12] pages, 30x22 cm. Good condition. Stains. Minor tears to leaf margins and cover.
"One of the nicest books of the ג€˜Gamlielג€™ series is ג€˜The Roosters and the Foxג€™, based on Berachyahu HaNakdan's parable which Bialik enhanced with a clever text full of humor. The illustrations in this book excel in their decorativity and color and are extraordinary in their beauty and intensity. The description of the animals is delicate yet dynamic, and the complex compositions of the chickensג€™ movements as a homogenized group - all move right or left, or all peck together - are very successfully rhythmic". (From: Ayala Gordon, Iyurim Ivri'im, Nachum Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv, [2005] page 107).

Opening800$ Sold For1,722$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 489

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Regulation and Legislation Documents – Darmstadt, 1639-1790

Thirteen "stamps" on behalf of Prince Ludwig of Darmstadt and his son, Earnest Ludwig. Darmstadt, 1639-1790. German.
Regulations regarding the Jews' civil and religious obligations. Includes: limitations on trade and business transactions with Christian citizens, laws regarding the establishment of Batei Knesset and cemeteries, the version of the Hebrew oath for Jews who reach the courts, etc. Various sizes and conditions.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,661$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 355

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Letter from Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States – to Herman Bernstein

Wilson, Thomas Woodrow. 28th President of the United States, letter to Herman Bernstein. Washington, October 1914.
Bernstein (1876-1935), Jewish-American journalist, writer and diplomat, U.S. ambassador to Albania and a renowned fighter against anti-Semitism. The letter includes greetings on the occasion of the establishment of a Jewish newspaper, The Day, established and edited by Bernstein. Typewritten on official White House stationery, with a handwritten signature by Wilson. 22.5 cm. Good condition, stains and folding-marks.

Opening750$ Sold For1,599$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 421

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First Camouflage Military Unit of the Jewish Brigade – Italy, 1945 – Two Haggadot and Appendix

1. Passover Haggada. First Camouflage Military Unit. [Italy], 1945.
Non-traditional stencil copied Haggada. On leaf 5, illustration of the four sons wearing uniforms. Printed for the soldiers of Camouflage Military Unit of the Jewish Brigade. The Unit was established in 1942. In 1945, it operated in Italy. Hand-painted illustrations. [20] leaves, 20 cm. Good condition. Stains. Not mentioned in Haggadot Kibbutziot by Nathan Steiner.
2. [Passover Haggada, First Camouflage Military Unit]. [Italy, year unknown]. Non-traditional Haggada, missing cover. Many of the texts and illustrations are identical to the Haggada mentioned above. On last leaf: "We have lit bonfires, fire of lights shone (in Hebrew rhyme)". Hand-painted illustrations. 18 leaves, 20x16 cm. Bound with string. Stains, creases and folding marks.
3. Single leaf, "Modern unfinished Haggadaג€¦". Apparently, it was also printed by the soldiers of the First Camouflage Military Unit. Has square verses, humorous and in rhyme - dialogs between the "wise son", "the wicked son", "the simple son" and "just a fool". Signed at bottom (in print): Meir. Character illustrations are hand-painted. Leaf 33 cm. Good condition. Folding marks and stains.

Opening800$ Sold For1,599$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 545

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Reports of the Vienna Jewish Community, May-October 1939Jewish Papers – Vienna, 1938 / 1946

Two detailed reports with a lot of information about the Jewish community in Vienna just prior to World War II, including figures about the number of citizens and immigrants, financial data, etc.
1. Report of the Vienna Jewish Community, May-June 1939.
2. Report of the Vienna Jewish Community 1.7.-31.10.1939. A folded map at the opening of the booklet shows the numbers of immigrants from Austria and their destination.
26 cm. Good condition. Ink stamps. Minor tears at borders.

Opening450$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium
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