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Auction 18 Lot Number 172

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Booklet Published by the Arab-Jewish Village “Neve Shalom”

Neve Shalom. [Jerusalem?], [second half of 1970s].
Booklet published by the village members. Opens with the words:
" 'Neve Shalom' is the place to where people, of various national, religious, ethnic and cultural groups, come to meet in a friendly atmosphere and discover, beyond all differences between them and through those differences, the bond that unites them as human beings, and that the identical image of G-d is reflected in all of them". The booklet contains the ideological platform of the village founders and tells about the various activities in the village. The emblem of the village and its name in Hebrew, English and Arabic appears on the cover. At the end is a map with directions to reach the village. [8] leaves, 22.5x14.5 cm. Good condition. Tears and minor stains. Bibliographically unknown.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 334

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Illustrations for the Book of Genesis – Abel Pann

Die Bibel in Bildern von Abel Pann. Jerusalem-Vienna: The Palestine Art Pub. Co., 1926.
Twenty four lithographs of illustrations in pastels by Abel Pann for the book of Genesis stories, accompanied by verses translated into German. Preceding each facsimile-plate a leaf was bound with the relevant verse. 36 cm. The body of the book is in good condition. Cloth binding damaged and somewhat worn.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 91

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Photographer J. Rudi – Jaffa – Two Photographs

Two studio photographs by photographer J. Rudi.
1. Photograph mounted on cardboard with photographer's name on the front, on the reverse appears a Magen David and the word "Zion" and the caption "Artistic Photography, J. Rudi, Jaffa, Eretz Israel" in Hebrew and in English. Early 20th century. 16.5x11 cm. Good condition, damages to borders of the mount.
2. Postcard-like photograph, on the reverse appears an ink stamp of the photographer "J. Rudi Photography, Lilienblum Street, Tel Aviv." 8.5x13.5 cm. Good condition.
We could find no information about the photographer in literature about Eretz Israel photography.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 177

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Booklet About Arlosoroff’s Assassination, 1933

MS [unknown alias]. Behind the Scenes of the Mysterious Assassination on the Tel Aviv beach. Jerusalem, [1933].
A booklet describing the affair of Arlosoroff's assassination in a literary style. Published a few weeks after the assassination. Bibliographically unknown and not in the JNUL.16 pp, 18 cm. Good condition. Minor tears at borders of cover, sporadic stains.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 317

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Rudi Lehman / Menachem Shemi

1. R. Lehman, woodcuts. Sifriyat HaPo'alim Publishing, Art Department, [1959]. A dozen reproductions of woodcuts in large format, contained in the original folder. Printed from the original plates in "Hadassah" vocational printing press.
2. Menachem Shemi, forty eight pictures with selected letters and drawings. Album, edited by Moshe Bassok, with an introduction by E. Kolb, Director of the Tel Aviv Museum. Hakibutz HaMeuchad Publishing, [1958]. Tears to paper cover.
Size varies, good condition.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 605

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Purim Dreidels – USA

Two Purim dreidels. USA, 1940s.
Wooden handle and tin dreidel. On one, figure of Esther is printed with the verse "And the king said to her what do you want Queen Esther" and inscribed "Queen Esther"; on other dreidel, the figure of Haman is printed with the verse "Haman son of Hamdata Jew hater" and inscribed "Wicked Haman". Diameter: 10 cm, handle length: 6 cm. Fair-good condition.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 169

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Booklets opposing the Vietnam War

1. Will there be peace in Vietnam? Published by HaShomer HaTza'ir in Israel, Tel Aviv, 1966. The map of "battlefields" is pasted to page 4.
2. End Slaughter in Vietnam!, translation: Eliezer Halevy. "This booklet was published by the 'Campaign for Peace in Vietnam' in Israel". Published by the National Committee for Peace in Israel, 1966. Cover design: Ruth Schloss. Text by Jean Paul Sartre, Arik Wolf, Bertrand Russell and others.
3. Vietnam, Black Book (Black Book on the American Crimes in Vietnam), translation: Eliezer Halevy. Published by the National Committee for Peace in Israel, 1967. Illustrations: Ruth Schloss.
Size varies, good to very good condition. Library ink-stamps.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 96

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Mivtza Shlomo for Bringing Ethiopian Jews to Israel

Ten original photographs from "Mivtza Shlomo" that brought Ethiopian Jews to Israel, 1991. "Mivtza Shlomo" was a military operation which brought about 14,400 Jews from Ethiopia within thirty four hours in thirty airplanes belonging to the Israel Air Force and the company "El Al". Two large photographs signed: "Nathan Alpert, Government Journalism Office". 12.5x18 cm. until 17.5x26 cm. Very good condition.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 278

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Nimrod – Children’s Comics Journal, 1954

Valentin, Y [ed]. Nimrod, weekly comics journal for children. Tel Aviv, [1954].
Weekly comics journal for children; includes several comic series (some in color), a "Technology and Science" section, a crossword, and more. Only sixteen issues were published. This is issue no. 12, the only issue not in the collection of the JNUL. 12 pp, 33 cm. Good condition. Minor foxing and tears at borders.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 310

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Ludwig Blum – Views of Eretz Israel – Handwritten dedication

10 Historical Sites of the Holy Land by Ludwig Blum. Jerusalem: Shulamit Publishing, 1955. English and Hebrew.
"10 Views of Historical sites in Eretz Israel" - reproductions in color of oil paintings by Ludwig Blum, with a short biography of the artist. A dedication appears on the title page, handwritten by Blum. [13] leaves, [10] reproduction plates, 33 cm. Very good condition.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 33

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Instructions for the Reception Ceremony in Honor of Winston Churchill on Mount Scopus, 1921

A typewritten and stenciled document with instructions for schools and teachers participating in the reception ceremony in honor of Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill during his visit to the Hebrew University. HaTikva and the British national anthem were sung by the "Institute for the Blind." The document was sent to the Talmud Torah for boys in the Bucharim Neighborhood. [1] leaf, 28 cm. Fair condition. Stains, creases, filing-holes.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 353

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Yeshayahu Leibowitz – Letter in Regard to Draft of Yeshiva Students

Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz, letter to C. Glick, in regard to drafting yeshiva students to the army. [Jerusalem], 1975.
"Ben Gurion, Moshe Dayan and Shimon Peres wholeheartedly agreed to excuse yeshiva studentsג€¦ because they understood that this arrangement causes desecration of G-d's name, disgrace to the Torah and destroys religionג€¦ and for this they are assisted by rabbisג€¦". Leaf 12.5 cm. Good condition, creases and folding marks. Tear to upper right corner.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 76

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Zadok Basan – Disciples in Yeshivat Etz Chaim

Disciples in Yeshivat "Etz Chaim" in Jerusalem, Zadok Basan (1882-1956). Jerusalem 1920s. The photographer's name is embossed on the cardboard, at the borders of the photograph. 21x16 cm, mounted on cardboard 35.5x30 cm. Good condition. Tears and stains at borders of cardboard.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 524

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“BaMessilah” – Booklet published by Members of “HaBonim” Movement – Berlin, 1937

Auf dem Wege - On the Track - HaBonim Noar Chaluzi, Jugend-Alijah des Bundes Nach Tel-Chai. Berlin, December 1937.
Booklet published by the young group "Tel-Chai" of "HaBonim" Youth Movement, sponsored by "Aliyat HaNo'ar". Texts written by boys following their aliya to Tel-Chai and Kfar Giladi, with several illustrations and photographs. 500 copies printed. 33, [1] leaves, [8] illustrations and photograph plates, 29 cm. Fair condition. Significant moisture-marks on cover and first and last leaves.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 290

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Chalomotav shel HaShabtai R’ Mordechai Ashkenazi

Chalomotav shel HaShabtai R' Mordechai Ashkenazi, about the dreams notebook of R' Mordechai Ashkenazi, disciple of R' Avraham Ravigo, by Gershom Scholem. Leipzig: Schocken (Schocken Library/Jerusalem, Researches and Sources, First Book), [1938].
"One hundred and fifty copies printed", as a token of friendship for R' Shlomo Zalman Schocken on his sixtieth birthday". Private, non-commercial edition, with wide margins on fine paper, handmade. The book opens with and introduction to a dozen of the chapters of the manuscript of the notebook, which is in the Schocken Library in Jerusalem, attachments and two facsimilies. [6], 100, [2] pp, 29.5 cm. Good condition. Damages to end paper and to spine.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 610

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Israeli Toy-Automobiles – “Gamda”

Two Israeli toy-automobiles: Military truck [Gamda production]; Tnuva truck (composed of two parts). Both signed: "Made in Israel". Varying condition, fair-good condition. Scraping of paint and few defects.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 142

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New Year Cards with Gilded Decorations and Illustrations – U.S.A

Seven leaves with a printed greeting "LeShana Tova Tikatev/u". U.S.A.
Leaves are folded in half, embossed illustrations on the front, decorated with gold. Greeting is in Hebrew and English. Colored cut-out drawings were pasted onto all the leaves like a Jew holding the Torah, flowers, girl holding a "Shana Tova" flag and so on.
20.5 - 21 cm. Very good condition. One greeting somewhat different.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 366

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Itzik Manger – Long Letter from London, 1943

Manger, Itzik (1901-1969). Long typewritten letter, with several corrections and with a handwritten signature. London, October 1943.
Addressed to "Dear Mr. Fried". In this long letter, Manger congratulates his friend who succeeded in escaping from "Dark" Romania, refers to the death of his brother during the war, the disappearance of Yiddish due to the extermination of Eastern European Jewry, and comments about various literary ideas. 5 pp, 20 cm. Good condition. Folding-marks, some writing is faded, minor tears, remnants of glue on the reverse of the first three leaves.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 281

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Sikot – Weekly Magazine of Humor and Satire

Sikot, weekly magazine of humor and satire. Tel Aviv, 1940-1942.
Seventy nine non-consecutive issues of the satiric weekly magazine "Sikot". Contains many illustrations and caricatures by Yosef Bass. Fair condition. Tears, stains, several detached leaves.

Opening120$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 313

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Photograph of Gabriel Talpir’s Portrait by Reuven Rubin, with Dedication

Photograph of Gabriel Talpir's portrait by the artist Reuven Rubin, from 1972. Photographer: I. Zafrir, Tel Aviv.
Talpir is seen in this portrait with a beret on his head, surrounded by a collage consisting of headlines of "Gazit" periodical for art and literature edited by Talpir. On the reverse appears a dedication by Reuven Rubin, in pencil: "For my dear friend G. Talpir, with appreciation, Reuven". 25x20 cm. Good condition. Minor damages at borders.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 505

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Handwritten “Mi SheBerach” Prayer in honor of Emperor Wilhelm I Birthday, 1872

Handwritten leaf, by "ג€¦Josef benג€¦Avraham Zvi". [Germany], March 22, 1872.
"Mi SheBerach" prayer in honor of Wilhelm I, King of Prussia and Emperor of the German Empire. Leaf 14.5x14 cm. Good condition. Folding-marks, tears, staining.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 601

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Eight Eretz Yisrael Mezuzahs

Eight mezuzahs. Eretz Yisrael, 50s-60s.
Silver (some stamped), beaten and etched, filigree; beaten copper; brass.
Four are stamped "Israel" or "Made in Israel". One is stamped: "Bezalel". Various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 420

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Torah Scroll Ornaments – Jerusalem, 1966

Nahon, Dr S. U. [ed]. Torah Scroll Ornaments. Photography: Alfred Bernheim, layout: Ariel Wardi. Jerusalem, 1966. Hebrew, English and Italian.
Twenty five black and white professional photographs of crowns and pomegranates, covers, breastplates, holy arks, etc, of Italian communities. Copy no. 11 of an edition of 477 copies; including an illustrated index of the photographs. In a folder 44x32 cm. Good condition. Staining and minor damages.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 452

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List of Donations to a Jewish Womenג€™s Society – New York, 1919

Four handwritten pages, list of donors to "Ladiesג€™ Society" "Keter Torah", established in New York in 1908, and letters. New York, November 23, 1919. Yiddish.
List of 44 donors, a letter handwritten by Zvi Menachem Weiss with the address of Chaim David Tokinoff in Brooklyn, New York, the society's ink-stamp and an additional letter (not signed). [4] pp, 20 cm. Good condition. Stains and folding-marks.

Opening120$ Sold For148$ Including buyers premium
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