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Auction 18 Lot Number 25

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Fundraising for the Schneller Orphanage – Finland, 1885

Palestinan Lֳ₪hetysfanomat. [Finland, 1885]. Finnish.
Booklet about fundraising for the Schneller Syrian Orphanage in Jerusalem. Contains information about the institute, text by Johann Ludwig Schneller, list of donors from all of Finland and text by the Head of the Finnish Committee for fundraising, Herman Hagberg. 24 pp, 23 cm. Good condition. Tears at borders of leaves, ink-stamp. Last leaf detached. Top edge uncut. Bibliographically unknown. No information about additional copies.

Opening180$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 26

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Instructions for Prevention of Cholera – Jerusalem

Rules how to be protected against cholera. Jerusalem, [1920s].
"When one goes out to work in the morning drink hot tea or kaveh and eat a little thoroughly-cooked meat or boiled eggs, and in general do not remain hungry for a long time", and further tips for prevention of the disease. 16 pp, 15 cm. Fair condition. Creases, folding-marks, stains. Ink stamps. In plastic cover.

Opening120$ Sold For209$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 27

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HaCharash VeHamasger BeYerushalayim – Pinchas Grayevsky

Grayevsky, Pinchas. HaCharash VeHamasger BeYerushalayim, a memory book for the first craftsmen and workshops in Jerusalem from the early days of the Ashkenazi settlement in Jerusalem. Jerusalem, [1930]. Second edition.
Numerous photographs. [4] 24, 27-30 pp, [15] photo-plates. An additional copy of the book was bound at the end, with no photo-plates ([4], 24, 27-30), 23 cm. Good condition. Minor stains and tears, leaves somewhat loose. Simple cardboard binding, damaged.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 28


Eretz Chemdah Book – Nachum Sokolow – Warsaw, 1885

Sokolow, Nachum. Eretz Chemdah, the Geography of Eretz Israel. Warsaw, 1885.
Includes the etching, "The new colony Rishon LeZion"; map is missing. VIII; 192 pp + [1] plate (without map). 18 cm. Fair condition, stains, detached leaves, borders not cut, worn. Printed cover, detached.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 29

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Collection of Photographs of Membership Booklets – The Hebrew Battalions

Booklet for members of the Hebrew Battalion for Eretz Israel / Pinkas fun di Chaverim Poalei Zion Lagianeren - photographs of membership notebooks of men recruited to the Hebrew Battalion, primarily members of Poalei Zion that arrived in Eretz Israel from the US to fight in World War I, [photographs from the 50s].
Eighteen volumes (apparently, from 21 original volumes, Volumes 11, 13 and 21 are missing), with high quality photographs of more than 800 membership papers for volunteers to the Hebrew Battalions, in alphabetical order. Each volunteer filled out the pages of the questionnaire with his personal details and answered the following questions: "How long were you in America?"; "What is your will and your instructions?"; "What reasons motivated you to join the battalion?", and other questions. The first volume is in Hebrew, the rest are in Yiddish. Good condition.

Opening1,000$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 30

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Buy Israeli Products/ Continuation of the First Art Exhibition in Eretz Israel

1. Buy Israeli Products! "Complete list, with names and addresses of Jewish Industrial enterprises in Eretz Israel, according to place and profession". Published by the Industry and Trade Department of the Executive Board of the Zionist Organization in Eretz Israel. Jerusalem, 1924. [8], 20, [2] pp, 26.5 cm. Good condition. Pin-hole at upper right corner.
2. Continuation of the first Art Exhibition in Eretz Israel, with the participation of representatives of the 'Eretz Israel League for Spreading Art' and 'HaTomer' group of artists. Exhibition was arranged by: Jacob Peremen and Joseph Konstantinovsky. Jaffa, 1920. List of more than 230 exhibited works. 12 pp, 24.5 cm. Good condition.

Opening120$ Sold For197$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 31

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Kol Eretz Israel, 1926

Pevzner, Yeshayahu [ed]. Kol Eretz Israel [All of Eretz Israel]. Tel Aviv, 1926.
Comprehensive guidebook with information about various aspects of life. Contains statistical data as well as addresses of offices, folded map, stores, industry and more. 24 cm. Very good condition. Minor damages to binding.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 32

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Documents of Hebrew Congregation Committee of Jaffa and Tel Aviv

Approximately two hundred printed, typewritten and handwritten documents, majority from between the 1920s-1930s. Collection of letters, questionnaires, circulars, receipts and additional documents which deal with the diverse activities of the committee: Mediation between residents of the city and the British government, assistance to the needy, birth certificates and listing of children, and more. Includes additional documents which do not belong to the committee, however are related to its activity. Various sizes and conditions, some of the documents were used as drafts on their reverse side.

Opening350$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 33

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Instructions for the Reception Ceremony in Honor of Winston Churchill on Mount Scopus, 1921

A typewritten and stenciled document with instructions for schools and teachers participating in the reception ceremony in honor of Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill during his visit to the Hebrew University. HaTikva and the British national anthem were sung by the "Institute for the Blind." The document was sent to the Talmud Torah for boys in the Bucharim Neighborhood. [1] leaf, 28 cm. Fair condition. Stains, creases, filing-holes.

Opening120$ Sold For148$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 34

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Applications for Certificates for Relatives Abroad, 1930s

Ten applications for Aliya Certificates for relatives abroad, addressed to the Eretz Israel Farmers Union, 1930s.
The letters were sent by settlers in Jewish Moshavot, Magdiel and Nes-Ziona. Attached are two official forms of the Mandate Government Immigration Department, with stamps, ink-stamps and inscriptions in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Lot of twelve documents, various sizes and conditions.

Opening150$ Sold For209$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 35

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Keren HaYesod Settlements – Small Poster

"Keren HaYesod settlements, strongholds during wartime, sources of life for the people during peaceful days." Published by "HaNo'ar LeMa'an Yishuvey Mishlat", the Jewish Youth Project of the Keren HaYesod Youth Department. Tel Aviv: I. Nachtigal Printing Press, [late 1930s or early 40s].
An impressive illustration on the upper part of the poster signed "D. Shneor". Ink-stamp of the Scandinavian Youth Association - "Skandinavisk-Jֳ¸disk Ungdoms Forbund". 35x25 cm. Very good condition. Folded in half.

Opening150$ Sold For185$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 36

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Inauguration of Haifa Port – Invitation to the Ceremony and a Notice

Three documents concerning the inauguration of the Port of Haifa on October 21, 1933:
1. Invitation to the ceremony in the presence of the High Commissioner Sir Arthur Grenfell Waukope. Invitation no. 6, in the name of "Kol Israel" editor; VIP invitation to Zone A and the press table.
2. Invitation, no. 295, on paper in a different color, in the name of "Kol Israel" editor, for a luncheon following the ceremony.
3. "Important notice" concerning the timetable of the "special train" on the day of the port's inauguration. Size varies, good condition.

Opening180$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 37

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Photographs of Architectural Plans by Richard Kaufman

Thirty-four photographs of architectural plans and illustrations by the architect Richard Kaufman, of projects that he worked on in the 1920s. [The photographs are probably from the 1930s]. Amongst the projects: National Institutes Building in Jerusalem (drawings from various stages of planning), Sheinkin neighborhood in Tel Aviv, Nahalal, Antimus Park (Ben-Yehudah pedestrian area in Jerusalem), Herzliya, Antiochia commercial center (Mamilla area, Jerusalem), Chitin (near Tiberius), Ginzaria (Rechavia, Jerusalem), Talpiot (Jerusalem), etc. Some of the drawings and plans are by the architect Maximilian Romanov.
Richard Kaufman (1887-1958) was a Jewish architect and city-planner of German origin. Born in Frankfurt, he studied in Darmstadt and Munich and managed an architect's office in Frankfurt. Made aliya to Eretz Israel in 1920. Considered one of the most influential architects in the history of construction in Israel. Planned more than one hundred agricultural settlements, including kibbutzim and moshavim, as well as urban neighborhoods, thus significantly affecting the Yishuv in Israel.
Size varies, 13x8 cm to 27x21.5 cm. Good condition, varies.

Opening600$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 38

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Three Booklets of Illustrations and Caricatures

1. Events in Eretz Israel - telegrams and news in illustrations by Nachum Guttman. Tel Aviv, 1929. Illustrations following the Tarpat (1929) Events (pogroms).
2. Around Europe on the Point of a Pencil (from the illustrated diary of an Eretz Yisrael soldier), Yehuda Harari. Accompanying inscriptions by N. Ben-Chaim. Brussels: HaChayal, [1946].
3. 500 Caricatures of Delegates of the 24th Zionist Congress, by Joel Buchwald. Jerusalem-Tel Aviv: Letzte Neis, 1956. File holes.
Various sizes, good condition.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 39

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Tombs of the Righteous in Eretz Israel – Heidelberg, 1662

Cippi Hebraici, sive, Hebraeorum, tam veterum, prophetarum, patriarcharum quam recentiorum, Tannaeorum, Amoraeorum, rabbinorum monumenta, Hebraice a Judaeo quodam, teste oculato, tum intra, tum etiam extra Terram Sanctam observata & conscripta /nunc vero Latinitate donata, notisque illustrata, authore Joh. Henrico Hottingero. Heidelberg, 1662. Hebrew, Latin and some Arabic.
A translation into Latin of the book "Yichus Avot" of 1575, by Uri Ben Shimon of Biala. The book deals with tombs of the righteous in Eretz Israel and includes four etching-plates. In one of the plates, tombs and tomb-stones are seen annotated in Hebrew; in the three other plates appear ancient Jewish coins. [26], 188, [8] pp. Fair condition. Detached leaves, stains and several tears. Antique leather binding, worn and torn.

Opening600$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 40

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Voyage in the Holy Land – Paris, 1666

Le Voyage en Terre Sainte contenant une vֳ©ritable description des lieux les plus considֳ©rables que Notre Seigneur a sanctifiֳ© de sa prֳ©sence, prֳ©dications, miracles et souffrances, Jean Doubdan. Paris: Pierre Bienfait, 1666. French. Third edition.
Book by Jean Doubdan, a French clergyman, who visited Eretz Israel in mid 17th century. Doubdan presents in his book important facts about the situation in Eretz Israel and describes Jewish life in the country and in Jerusalem. This copy includes one etching-plate, folded, with three maps: the Holy Land, Jerusalem, the Mediterranean basin. [7], 714, [10] pp, [1] folded plate. 23 cm. Fair-good condition. Numerous stains. Minor moth-damages at inner margins. Original leather binding, somewhat worn.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 41

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A Journey to Mount Sinai and Jerusalem – France, 1704

Morison, Antonie. Relation historique d'un voyage nouvellement fait au Mont Sinaֳ¯ et ֳ  Jerusalem, Antonie Morison [Historic Story about a Recent Journey to Mount Sinai and Jerusalem]. Toul, (north-east France) 1704 or Paris, 1705.
Description of Morison's pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The journey started in Egypt in 1697, its second part is dedicated to the Holy Land and Jewish life in Jerusalem. The third part is dedicated to Asia Minor, Constantinople and its vicinity. Portrait and map are missing in this copy. [22], 750, [9] pp, 24.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains, mainly to first and last leaves. Inscriptions on title-page and an ancient restoration of text omission. Detached leaves and sheets. Antique binding with leather spine, detached and worn.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 42

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“Kaftor VaPerach” and Books about Eretz Israel

1. Nussbaum, Rabbi Moshe. Sha'arei Yerushalayim. Lemberg, 1870. Fourth edition.
2. Mohr, Rabbi Avraham Menachem Mendel. Mevasseret Zion. Jֳ³zefֳ³w, 1880. Second edition.
3. Haparchi, Rabbi Eshtori. Kaftor Vaperach, about Eretz Israel in the Halacha, and a description of the holy sites. Jerusalem, 1897-1899. By Rabbi Avraham Moshe Lunz. Volumes I-II.
Size varies, fair-good condition. From the collection of Dr. Israel Mehlman.

Opening180$ Sold For221$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 43

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HaMisdrona – Frankfurt-Jerusalem, 1885-1889 – Olive-Wood Binding with Editor’s Dedication

Hirshensohn, Chaim [ed]. HaMisdrona, "Kuntress Hakatuv la-chaim". Frankfurt am Main and Jerusalem, [1885-1889].
A dozen issues of the first year in an elaborate volume, binding made of olive-wood and leather, with a personal dedication by the editor on the front, from 1887. The booklets were bound consecutively, with no title-pages (only title-page is of the first issue). Issues 1-4 were printed in Frankfurt am Main, the other issues were printed in Jerusalem. The journal was printed irregularly. Its publication ceased in 1889, when the editor moved to Constantinople. Reading "HaMisdrona" was prohibited - see "HaLevanon", London 1886 (20th year, issue number 8, page 62). Indices at the end of the volume. S. Halevy 509. Volume 22.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Damages at borders of binding and to spine.

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Auction 18 Lot Number 44

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Guide to Eretz Israel and Syria – Avraham Moshe Luncz, 1890

Guide to Eretz Israel and Syria, Avraham Moshe Luncz. Jerusalem, [1890].
Guide for visitors who "arrive to see Eretz Israel, to settle here and for all those who yearn to learn more about the history of our forefathersג€™ land and about the settlements that were established here". Includes useful information, the history of Eretz Israel (starting from the days of the First Temple destruction), recommended routes and advertisements for hotels, schools and other institutions. 6, 274, 24 pp. 14 cm. Fair condition. Several detached leaves, one leaf torn and missing, stains. Torn binding, partly detached.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 45

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Research by Alois Musil – Three Volumes + Maps

Three volumes containing research by Alois Musil (1868-1944), the Austro-Czech researcher, Orientalist and theologist who mastered 35 dialects of Arabic. Musil started his studies in the Dominican Biblical School in Jerusalem after its opening in 1890, but left the institute after 14 months and started his journeys in the Middle East and the Arab world.
In 1902 Musil was appointed Professor of Theology in the University of Olomouc (Czechoslovakia) and in 1909 Professor of Theology in the University of Vienna. He toured the Negev in 1901 and later published a detailed mapping of the area, as well as reports and photographs that served for many years as references regarding the Negev. During World War I, Musil was sent to the Middle East in order to eliminate British attempts to instigate a revolution against the Ottoman regime, provoked by Lawrence of Arabia. After the war, in 1920, he was appointed professor by Karl University in Prague. In cooperation with the American industrialist Charles Richard Crane, Musil published his works in English in the 1920s. Presented here are three volumes of this edition, published by the American Geographical Society, Oriental Explorations and Studies:
No. 2 - Arabia Deserta. New-York, 1927.
No. 4 - Palmyrena. New-York, 1928.
No. 5 - Northern NeִŸd. New-York, 1928.
An original set of maps is included, "Musil: Map of Northern Arabia", which consists of four maps. Good to very good condition, ink stamps and ownership inscriptions.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 46

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Exploration Fund of Western Palestine – Eight Volumes and a Folder of Maps – London, 1880-1881

The Survey of Western Palestine, Memoirs of the Topography, Orography, Hydrography and Archaeology, by Lieut. C. R. Conderm R.E., and Lieut. H. H. Kitchener, R. E. London: The Committee of The Palestine Exploration Fund, 1881. English. Eight volumes + a folder of maps. The Committee of The Palestine Exploration Fund dealt with professional mapping of Eretz Israel and for the first time produced exact maps in the 1870s. The comprehensive survey was done by a group of surveyors of the Ordinance Survey. The whole survey and especially the maps are of great value because of their uncompromising preciseness and the wealth of information they convey about the state of Eretz Israel in the second half of the 19th century. Presented here are eight volumes:
1. Volume I - Galilee
2. Volume II - Samaria
3. Volume III - Judaea
4. Jerusalem, by Warren and Conder
5. Special Papers on Topography, Archaeology, Manners and Customs, Etc.
6. The Arabic and English Name Lists
7. The Fauna and Flora of Palestine, by H. B. Tristram
8. A General Index to The Memories (Vols, 1-3); The Special Papers; The Jerusalem Volume; The Flora and Fauna of Palestine; The Geological Survey; The Arabic and English Name Lists
And a folder of maps:
Map of Western Palestine in 26 Sheets, From Survey Conducted for The Committee of The Palestine Exploration Fund by Liutenants C. R. Conder and H. H. Kitchener, R. E. During the Years 1872-1877. London, 1880. The folder contains 26 hand-colored maps 64x55 cm + a title leaf of the maps (slightly stained) + two additional maps (smaller, 34.5x25 cm.) - in the original folder.
All the volumes are from a Special Edition, are numbered and signed by the chairman of the operating committee. Good condition. Few stains and minor tears to map margins.

Opening4,000$ Sold For5,166$ Including buyers premium

Auction 18 Lot Number 47

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Jaffa – Etching – Nֳ¼rnberg, 1712

Jaffa, vulgo Joppen, volgens de Afteeckening gedaen int Iaer 1668.
A brass etching created by Olfert Dapper (1639-1689) - author, historian and geographer. [Nֳ¼rnberg, 1712].
Description of Jaffa from the direction of the sea. The etching was printed in the German edition of Olfert's book Delitiae orientales, printed in Nֳ¼rnberg in 1712. 29x35.2 cm. Good condition. Stains. In frame 40.5x47 cm.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 48

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Hebrew Map – Eretz Israel and Grapevines – Germany, 1741

Onomasticum veteris testamenti sive tractatus philologicus.Halle: Johann Simonis, 1741.
Lexicon (dictionary) of the Old Testament with Philological treatise by Johann Simonis. Halle, 1741. Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Ethiopian and Greek.
Frontispiece etching of a map of Eretz Israel, marked with important Biblical sites, mountains, cities, and the division of the twelve tribes, in Hebrew. Decorated with grapevines and grapes symbolizing the fertility of the country, andframed in an elaborate frame. Cartographer not mentioned.
One of the earliest and most important maps of Eretz Israel printed with Hebrew writing prior to the 19th century. The map was inspired by the verses from the Book of Psalms referring to planting grapevines in Eretz Israel. The grapes symbolize the People of Israel, the exodus from Egypt and the conquest of Eretz Israel. On the grape leaves appear the names of Kings, Prophets and other outstanding biblical figures. The name "Israel" appears on the vine.
The map is oriented to the north and its northern borders are Lebanon and Mount Hermon. In the south the map reaches the estate of the tribe of Yehuda, the city of Hebron and the Dead Sea. In the west, "the Big Sea" with several vessels, and in the east - Trans-Jordan. The River Jordan flows from Lebanon southward, through the Hula Lake ("May Marom"), the Sea of Galilee and into the Dead Sea. The cities are geographically located incorrectly, for example Be'er Sheba is located north-west of Jerusalem. The author of the book, Johann Simonis (1698-1768), was a professor of Theology and History of the Church in Halle University, a Hebraist, Orientalist and philologist.
Bound with: Onomasticum Novi Testamenti (Halle, 1762).
Wajntraub - Hebrew Maps of the Holy Land, 1992, p. 67. Laor 730.
644, [127]; 206, [8] pp. The book - 21.5 cm, map - 18.5x14 cm. Map and book in good condition. Foxing-marks. Ink stamps. Some stains on the map. Original parchment binding.

Opening1,000$ Sold For3,936$ Including buyers premium
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