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Auction 18 Lot Number 565

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Medal-Amulet “Zechut Yerushalayim”, 1920

Medal-amulet. Silver? (Unstamped). Eretz Israel, 1920.
On one side, the inscription "The merit of Jerusalem will protect you 5680, the year of redemption" is prominent between two branches and at the top is a small Magen David; on the other side are decorations, a Magen David in which the name of G-d appears - the letters Shin, Dalet, Yud. Possibly, the amulet was struck in honor of the appointment of Herbert Samuel as High Commissioner of Palestine in the atmosphere of joy that permeated Eretz Israel and the world with the appointment of a Jew to that position. Diameter: 2.5 cm. Good condition.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 597

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Chanukkah Menorah Made by Nordia

Brass Chanukkah menorah made by Nordia. Eretz Israel, [1950s].
Back in shape of triptych: prominent decorations of the battles of the Maccabis and modern Hebrew fighters and the inscription "In those days at this time". Crescent-shaped base, inscribed "Israel". Signed on back "Nordia Made in Israel". Height: 13.5 cm, width: 20 cm. Good condition. Part of the shamash is missing.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 128

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Caricatures about Circumcision

Eleven postcards and a small mirror with the theme of circumcision (Brit Mila). USA, Tunisia and Algiers, all with captions on the topic. Two cards are not divided on the reverse for use as postcards. Condition varies, good to very good.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 160

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Tenth Anniversary of the State of Israel – Collection of Items

Collection of pins, first-day covers, postcards, booklets, song-booklets, and various publications issued on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the State of Israel, 1958. The collection reflects the joy and excitement of the young state's citizens and leaders on that festive occasion. 23 items, various sizes and conditions.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 288

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“Carnival by Robert Schumann” – Original Etchings – Berlin, 1924

Carnaval, Scֳ©nes Mignonnes sur Quatre Notes, par Robert Schumann. Berlin: Horodisch & Marx, 1924. German.
Music notes for the composition Carnival (Office 9) by the composer Robert Schumann (1810-1856), accompanied by 15 etchings by Ernst Oppler. The etching on title page is signed by the artist in pencil. Copy no. 158 from the edition of 420 copies. Good condition. Minor foxing. Minor damage to cover edges and spine.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 576

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Ya’akov and Rachel By the Well – Silver Brooch

Brooch, Ya'akov and Rachel by the well. Holland, middle of 19th century.
Silver stamped 833 with additional stamp, beaten.
Graphic portrayal in abstract lines, of the meeting of Ya'akov and Rachel by the well. Diameter: 5 cm. Fair-good condition. Apparently, the lock is not original (although it appears that it was changed near the time that the brooch was produced).

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 75

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De Haan’s Funeral – Photograph

Photograph of the crowd who participated in the funeral of Ya'akov Yisrael De Haan. [Jerusalem, 1924]. Handwritten description on back of photograph.
De Haan (1881-1924), lawyer, journalist and poet, native of Netherlands. Zionist activist who became religious, immigrated to Eretz Israel and joined the circles of the Eidah HaCharedit in Jerusalem. Amongst other activities, he organized a Charedi envoy to the Amir Abdullah King of Jordan, as part of his efforts to foil the Zionist plan. His murder is considered the first political murder in Eretz Israel. 9x14 cm. Divided like a postcard. Good condition, wear and tear to margins.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 203

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Circus in Tel Aviv, 1930s

"Circus on Stage". Tel Aviv: Ephraim Strod and Sons Printing Press, [late 1930s]. Invitation-poster to the circus, with participation of dogs, acrobats, wonder-child, actors, singers and magicians. Photographs of some participants were printed on the poster. 92x61 cm. Good condition. Minor stains. Folding-marks (folded into six).

Opening180$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 363

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Letter to Ze’ev Jabotinsky on behalf of the Rabbis of Jerusalem, 1920

Letter to Ze'ev Jabotinsky, from the "Israel Rabbinate Office". Jerusalem, 1920.
A letter of greetings on behalf of the city's rabbis upon the return of Jabotinsky to Jerusalem, after being arrested as a result of the 1920 riots. Signed: Rabbi Joseph Chai Panigel. Official stationery. 28 cm. Good condition, stains and folding-marks, left-upper corner cut.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 395

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The Choir – Gallery of Hebrew Poets – London, 1903

The Choir, or Gallery of Hebrew Poets. London: Greenberg & Co., , [1903].
Ninety four photographs of poets with short biographic details in Hebrew and English; printed on heavy, glossy paper, in colorful, decorated frames. All edges gilt, original leather binding with embossed golden decorations and the book title in six languages.
[4], 94pp, [1] picture plate, 25.5 cm. Good condition. Some stains. Wear and slight damages at borders of binding.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 459

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Booklet about Winston Churchill

Barker, Sir Ernst. Winston Churchill. [Jerusalem, 1944].
Essay about Winston Churchill, by Ernst Barker, a Cambridge University Political Sciences professor, with numerous photographs in black and white. 64 pp, 20.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains, tears, significant tear to cover.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction 18 Lot Number 587

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Ze’ev Jabotinsky – Embroidery

Machine-made embroidery of Ze'ev Jabotinsky's portrait. [Manufactured by Mifa'ley Ta'assiya BeEretz Israel, Shamai Arnon?], [Tel Aviv, 1920s?].
23x14 cm, in original cardboard frame 38x22 cm. Good condition. Cardboard frame slightly damaged.

Opening150$ Unsold
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