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Auction 20 Lot Number 1

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Lithograph of Jewish Torah Leaders, Berlin c. 1868

"Torah Leaders" - a large lithograph print leaf. Group photograph of 22 figures of renowned rabbis from Hungary, Germany and Poland. Leaf enclosed with the names of the rabbis in the photograph. Berlin, [between 1868-1870]. C. Fisher printing.
Portraits of : the "Ktav Sofer", Rabbi Eliyahu Guttmacher, Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz, Rabbi Shlomo Eiger, Rabbi Dubrish Meizlish, Maharatz Chayut etc. The year of printing is not noted - it was printed after Sivan 1868 and before Kislev 1871, since the date of the death of Rabbi Elazar Horwitz Av Beit Din of Vienna on the 21st of Sivan 1868 is mentioned. Rabbi Ya'akov Ettlinger, author of "Aruch LaNer" is mentioned as still living and he died on the 25th of Kislev 1871.
41x55 cm + 10x55 cm. Good condition, in antique and decorated wooden frame 75x90 cm, damaged frame. (Not examined out of frame).

Opening800$ Sold For1,968$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 2

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Illustrated and Hand-painted Mizrach – Jerusalem

Illustrated and hand-painted mizrach. Jerusalem, [end of 19th century or beginning of 20th century].
Water colors and ink on paper.
At top, the "Western Wall" and "Mizrach". At center, a large illustration of the Western Wall with cypress trees, designed like the engravings that appeared in the Jerusalem printings at the end of the 19th century. At the sides, inscription with the initials of Mizrach, at the four corners are illustrations of the Holy Sites in round frames: Me'arat HaMachpelah, Kings from the House of David, [grave of] Rachel the Matriarch and [the grave of] Shmuel the Prophet. At the bottom, "Jerusalem" and "If I forget you Jerusalem my right hand shall be forgotten".
Leaf 41x26 cm. in 46.5x36 cm. Good condition. Stains. Not examined out of frame.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 3

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Jerusalem – Panorama – Netherlands, 1698

Panoramic view of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, by the Dutch artist Cornelis de Bruyn, who traveled to Eretz Israel at the end of the 17th century. Delft, Netherlands, 1698.
Engraving on three sheets, hand-painted.
Originally printed in de Bruyn's book: Reizen... door Klein Asia...van Aegypten, Syrien en Palestina. Delft, Henrik van Krooneveld, 1698.
27.8x124 cm, good condition, few stains and creases. Simple wooden frame, damaged and dismantled.

Opening400$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 4

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Portrait of Rabbi Ya’akov Sasportas – Amsterdam

Portrait of Rabbi Ya'akov Sasportas. Not Signed. Amsterdam.
Oil painting on wood; wooden frame.
Fine portrait of Rabbi Ya'akov Sasportas (1610-1698), a Torah giant of his times, one of the first and leading fighters against Shabtai Zvi's followers. Served in the Morocco rabbinate, Amsterdam, London and Hamburg. Glued on reverse side of frame are notes, written by former owners that the picture was bought in Amsterdam in 1920 and a reference to the issue of the Jewish-Dutch monthly journal from 1928 that apparently displayed the picture of Rabbi Ya'akov Sasportas.
Drawing 23x20 cm, fair-good condition, faded. Original frame 30x27.5 cm. Fair condition.

Opening500$ Sold For6,150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 5

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Picture of Rabbi Moshe HaCohen Dwek – Calcutta

Lithograph printed leaf, picture of Rabbi Moshe HaCohen Dwek (of Aleppo) Chief Rabbi of Calcutta (India). English inscription and picture of his signature. Parchment attached with inscription: "At age 55 he had his portrait made from 1840 and he died at age 67 in 1861". [The printing was done in 1849 according to a portrait painted in 1840, died in 1861].
C. 16X22 cm. Good condition, foxing, placed in nice wooden frame 34.5X40.5 cm. (Not examined out of frame).

Opening500$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 6

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Four Torah Scholars – Oil Paint

Four Torah scholars. Oil paint, unstamped and not dated, [20th century].
Oil paints on masonite; wooden frame.
Four Torah scholars studying Torah.
34.5x24.5 cm. Good condition, slight damage to margins. Frame 43.5x33.5 cm, lightly cracked and damaged.

Opening500$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 7

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Ha Lachma Anya – Illustration on Glass

Ha Lachma Anya, colorful illustration on glass [copied from illustrated manuscript from the Middle Ages). Beginning of 20th century.
20x14 cm. Good-fair condition, minor damage and color erasing. In frame 26x20 cm. (damaged).

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 8

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MiShenichnas Adar – Lithographic Printed Leaf – Slovakia

MiShenichnas Adar Marbim B'Simcha. Katz Trebiֵ¡ov Publishers, Wiko Lithographic Printing, Koֵ¡ice, [1930s].
Printed on paper.
The custom in Slovakia, Hungary and other countries, was to hang such pictures on the wall of the Beit Knesset from the beginning of Adar.
48.5x33 cm. Fair condition. Tears, primarily along folding lines, some missing. Unprofessional tape repairs.

Opening200$ Sold For295$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 9

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Elaborate Certificate of Gold (50th) Anniversary – Brezinsky Family of Chicago, 1930

Certificate in honor of the 50th anniversary of Shmuel Zevil Brezinsky and his wife Basha [Batya] Bayla. Jerusalem, Tammuz 1930.
Gilded, silver and colored ink, pastel colors on paper.
Elaborate certificate of blessing on behalf of the charity and chessed undertakings of Rebbetzin Brezinsky, in honor of the couple's gold anniversary. At top of certificate: "Loving-kindness - a house of chessed for Talmud Torah schools and yeshivot by Basha Bayla Brezinsky and her daughter Toibe Faiga of Chicago, here in the Holy City of Jerusalem". Impressive hand-illustrated and hand-painted decorations: a large imposing eagle, flowers, Stars of David and geometric patterns.
Leaf 45x30.5 cm. Good condition. Minor tears and creases to margins.

Opening500$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 10

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Two Original Illustrations – Bar Mitzvah – Germany

Zum Andenken an Die Barmizwah (memento from Bar Mitzvah). Two original illustrations. [Germany?].
Ink on paper. Signed by artist: D. Rund.
In center, Bar Mitzvah boy reading the Torah, with candles to his right and left and above him the verse Yevarechecha HaShem VeYishmerecha, two tablets of the Ten Commandments, Star of David symbols, doves with olive branch and more.
[2] leaves, glued on cardboard plates. 24X30 cm. Good condition, stains and penciled notations.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 11

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Printed and Rolled Megillat Esther – Basel, 1806

Megillat Esther. [Basel], 1806.
Printed and rolled like a scroll, with illustrations and decorated frames.
23 cm. Good condition, stains. Several tears (torn-off on last column), professionally restored. With box.

Opening360$ Sold For541$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 12

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Illustrated Ketuba – Jerusalem, 1858

Ketuba on the marriage of the groom Pinchas ben Yitzchak Zafran with the bride "Mazal Tov" bat R' Chaim Alchadif. Jerusalem, 1858.
Ink and paint on paper (Oriental writing). Leaf and floral ornamented frame. On upper part, a vase of flowers and cypress and palm trees, crowned by a large flower. [Characteristic design. The online ketuba collection of the National Library has several ketubot from that time in Jerusalem, with the same style of illustrations].
Signed as witnesses: Rabbi Avraham Bechar Yitchak, Rabbi Yosef Ye'oshua Kario [1807-1883, Head of the Beit Din of the Sefardi community of Jerusalem, author of "Bnei Yosef"]. The groom's signature is in the middle, between the witnesses' signatures.
32x46 cm in new frame. Fair condition, stains and creases (not examined out of frame).

Opening500$ Sold For4,182$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 13

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Ketuba Printed on Parchment from Jerusalem – Tֳ©touan, 1913

Ketuba printed on parchment from Jerusalem. Filled in by hand for the marriage of the "nice groom" Yosef ben Moshe Chadida with the bride "from the house that performs loving-kindness" Esther bat Yehuda ben Maman, Tֳ©touan (Morocco), 1913.
Ketuba printed with colored ink, Oriental handwriting, on parchment (usually, such ketubot were printed only on paper). Ornamentation (printed) of the Holy Sites (the Western Wall, the grave of Rabbi Meir Ba'al HaNess, Ma'arat HaMachpelah, Safed, the Churva of Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid, Rachel's Tomb, Yad Avshalom, the Tower of David, the graves of the kings of the House of David), lions, Torah crown, etc.
59 cm. Good condition, stains and wear, small tear to margin. Part of the witnesses' signatures are erased.

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,599$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 14

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Illustrated Ketuba on Parchment – Ancona, 1852 – Signature of Rabbi Moshe Azulai

Ketuba for marriage of the young man Reuven ben Shmuel Avraham Elgranati with the bride Ms. Caliofi bat Shlomo Salmoni. Ancona (Italy), 8th of Sivan 1852.
Scribal writing on processed parchment, with frame illustrated in colored ink, floral and leaf ornamentation. The ketuba is signed by the witness "Moshe Azulai" (apparently, Rabbi Moshe Azulai, the Chida's grandson, author of "Lechem Min HaShamayim" and other books, who lived in Ancona at that time. The date of his death is not known and it seems that he died that year - see enclosed material).
46 cm. Good condition, folding marks.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 20 Lot Number 15

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Illustrated Parchment Ketuba – Ancona, 1886

Ketuba on the marriage of the "wonderful young man" Chizkiyahu ben Shlomo HaLevi, with the "dear and important" Leora bat Azarya ben Ya'akov. Ancona (Italy), 23rd of MarCheshvan 1886.
Scribal writing on thin processed parchment. Decorated in colored frame with leaf and floral ornamentation. The rabbis who signed as witnesses are: "Chizkiyahu of Pergola, witness", "Shlomo Moshe of Adumim, witness" (Rabbi Shlomo of Adumim, a rabbi in Ancona).
51 cm. Good-fair condition, folding marks and stains.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 20 Lot Number 16

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Illustrated Ketuba – Karmashan (Iran), 1857

Kol Sasson V'Kol Simcha - illustrated ketuba on the marriage of the groom "Baba Gan" with the bride "Zalicha". Karmashan (Iran), 13th of Sivan 1857/1859?.
Ink on paper, colored gouache. Square and rectangle frames, some have floral ornamentation, branches of leaves and fruit, in style characteristic of ketubot from the Iranian region.
40 cm. In frame 56x46 cm. Fair-poor condition, upper part of ketuba has restored tear, stains, folding marks and tears. Not examined outside of frame.

Opening800$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 17

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Decorated Ketuba – Salonika, 1872

Ketuba written on the marriage of the groom "Aharon ben R' Shlomo Kafon", with the bride "Esther bat R' Shlomo ben Avraham Kafon". Salonika (Greece), 1872.
Ink on paper, floral decorations and gates in purple ink. Divided into two columns, on right, ketuba and on left, tena'im and dowry. Oriental witnesses' signatures.
44 cm. In frame 58x47 cm. Fair condition, stains and moisture marks. Not examined out of frame.

Opening800$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 18

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Illustrated Ketuba – Al-Jazira (Syria), 1925

Illustrated ketuba on the marriage of the groom "Sasson ben Mordechai" with the bride "Sissy bat Mordechai". "Jazira on the banks of the Chidekel" (apparently, Al-Jazira, Syria), 1925.
Ink on paper and paint.
Gate frame adorned with geometric shapes in various colors. The edges of the ketuba are decorated with fowl and other shapes.
45 cm. In frame 56x46 cm. Fair-poor condition, tears and folding marks, stains and ink smears. Not examined out of frame.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 20 Lot Number 19

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Embroidered Wimpel – Germany, 1671

Wimpel (linen Torah binder) for Torah Scroll, from circumcision of Eliezer Lipman son of Rabbi Shmuel. Germany, [1671].
Linen fabric, embroidered with colorful threads.
Combination of four pieces of fabric finely embroidered together. Embroidered inscription in green, white, yellow and blue threads: "Eliezer Lipman son of Rabbi Shmuel Shalit born on 12 Adar, 1671, may his parents merit to raise him to Torah, Chupa and Maג€™asim Tovim". At end of inscription embroidered Star of David with inscription "Mazal Dagim" [Pisces] and illustration of three fish. The quotation marks in the abovementioned inscription are substituted with an embroidered ornament in the shape of a crown; above detail of year, embroidery of two small birds; additional bird embroidered over quotations marks of acronym "Rabbi".
The custom of the Wimpel was especially prevalent in South Germany, and also in a number of congregations in North Germany and a few congregations in Italy. For additional detailed information regarding this custom see book Shorshei Minhag Ashkenaz, section II (Bnei Brak 2000).
283x16 cm. In generally good condition. Several tears and stains. Color of embroidery threads slightly faded.

Opening1,500$ Sold For2,460$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 20

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Embroidered Wimpel, 1819

Wimpel [linen Torah binder] for Torah Scroll, [1819].
Four pieces of linen cloth finely embroidered together. Inscription and ornaments colorfully embroidered as well: "Yissaschar son of Rabbi Avraham born on Tuesday, 24th of Elul 1819, may he be raised to Torah, Chupa and Maג€™asim Tovim, Amen Sela". 290x16.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Slight damage to embroidery.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 20 Lot Number 21

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Wimpel with Flags of France and State of Israel – France, 1949

Wimpel [linen Torah binder] for Torah Scroll. France, 1949.
Hand illustrated and painted letters, with fine ornaments: "Michael son of Yitzchak HaLevi born on Shabbat, 5th of Tammuz 1949, may he be raised to Torah, Chupa and Maג€™asim Tovim, Amen Sela". Flags of State of Israel and France appear above words "son of Yitzchak". At edge of Wimpel, after the word "Sela", illustrated ornament with name of newborn in French: "Gerard Michel Levyג€¦ 1949". 350x16.5 cm. Good condition.

Opening200$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 22

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Wimpels – Germany, 1859 / 1894

Two Wimpels [linen Torah binders] for Torah Scroll. Germany, [1859], [1894].
Hand illustrated and painted letters, with ornaments, upon fabric:
1. "Yitzchak son of Rabbi Meir HaCohen (of Hittersdorf) born on Tuesday, first day of Shavuot 1859, may he be raised to Torah, Chupa and Maג€™asim Tovim, Amen Sela". 320x19.5 cm.
2. "Yona son of Rabbi Shabtai, known as Paritzki, born on Wednesday, 8th of Marcheshvan 1894, G-d watch over him and may he be raised to Torah, Chupa and Maג€™asim Tovim, to wealth, honor and longevity, Amen Sela". 310x20 cm.
Fair-good condition. Stains and creases.

Opening300$ Sold For394$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 23

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Two Wimpels, 1887 / 1895

1. Wimpel [linen Torah binder] with embroidered inscription and ornaments: "Yosef son of Rabbi Natan Hilb, known as Feitel, born on Thursday 27th of Nisan 1887, may he be raised to Torah, Chupa and Maג€™asim Tovim, Amen Sela". 275x20 cm.
2. Wimpel [linen Torah binder] with hand illustrated and painted inscription and ornaments. Apparently, amateur workmanship, with several spelling mistakes: "Pinchas son of Rabbi Avraham, born on Shabbat, 22nd [of Shvat] 1895, may he be raised to Torah, Chupa and Maג€™asim Tovim, Amen Sela". 355x22 cm. Blue frame, partially unraveled.

Opening300$ Sold For394$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 24

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Five Wimpels

Five Wimpels [linen Torah binders], embroidered or painted on fabric:
* Remnants of Wimpel from 1782. Sewn onto new cloth, with minor inaccuracies: "ג€¦ dear Rabbi Kaliv Katz S--- Motג€¦ Feish Shai born on Tuesdayג€¦ Tevet 1782ג€¦". *Wimpel with Unclear text and ornaments, embroidered along length of Wimpel (and not along width, as customary). * Yuzel (Yozef Kaufman) son of Shmuel of Leutershausen, born on Wednesday 21st of Iyar (Taurus) 1885ג€¦". * "Tzvi son of Rabbi Avraham Kaufman born on Monday 28th of Sivan 1893ג€¦". * Menachem son of Rabbi Zadok born on Adar 1914ג€¦". Various sizes and conditions.

Opening900$ Sold For1,107$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 25

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Atara for Prayer Shawl – “LeHitatef Beג€™Tzizit”

Atara [silver adornment] for prayer shawl. Fabric; gold and silver thread embroidery.
Fine high quality embroidery: "LeHitatef Beג€™Tzizit", in widely spaced letters; between each letter, embroidered ornaments of flower patterns. Large Stars of David embroidered on both edges of Atara. Reverse side is of pale silk material. 73x8 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains, minor tears and unraveled ornaments.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 20 Lot Number 26

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Atarot for Prayer Shawls

Seven Atarot [silver adornments] for prayer shawls.
Various techniques: silver and gold thread embroidery upon fabric, silver beads, and more. Variety of designs: Stars of David, palms (Chamsot) and geometrical patterns. Various sizes and conditions.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 20 Lot Number 27

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Torah Scroll Mantle – Inscription From 1876

Torah Scroll mantle. [1876].
Gold thread embroidery upon fabric; red velvet; gem-like ornaments.
On top, embossed red velvet Torah crown covered with silver thread embroidery, set with gem-like ornaments. Beneath crown, embroidered inscription: "Kodesh LaHaShem, donation of Ms. Pesel Panta, 1876". 70x44 cm. Good condition. Tears on upper section and on borders.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 28

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Torah Scroll mantle – 19th Century

Torah Scroll mantle. [Europe, 19th century].
Blue velvet cloth, with embossed ornaments embroidered with gold threads: leaf frame surrounding two pages in which two lions are holding the Two Tablets. Embroidered crown on purple velvet with colorful threads. Stalk from gilded metal.
Height: approx. 65 cm. Fair-poor condition. Coarse tears, mainly surrounding ornaments.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 20 Lot Number 29

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Torah Scroll Mantle – Inscription From 1912

Torah Scroll mantle in memory of Avraham Tzvi Gottlieb. [1912].
Silver thread embroidery upon fabric, embossed letters.
On top, Torah crown, beneath it embroidered inscription: "Donation of philanthropist Rabbi Yitzchak Gottlieb in memory of the soul of his father, Rabbi Avraham Tzvi 1908, and his spouse Beila, 14 of Elul 1912". 90x50 cm. Good condition. Stains, old stitched tears.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 20 Lot Number 30

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Colorful Torah Scroll Mantle – Amateur Craftsmanship

Torah Scroll mantle. Amateur craftsmanship.
Strips of gold and silver thread sewn onto red fabric; embroidery.
Large Star of David ornament. At center, pair of hands performing Birkat Cohanim and small crown, embroidered with yellow thread. All ornaments sewn and embroidered upon red fabric with flower ornaments in shades of blue. On top, two loops for hanging. 52x30 cm. Fair-good condition. Damage to strips of gold and silver thread.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 20 Lot Number 31

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Velvet Tablecloth for Shabbat and Festivals – Germany

Embroidered tablecloth for Shabbat and festivals. Germany.
Cloth; high quality embroidery using colorful threads.
Square tablecloth. At top, embroidery of large vulture, beneath it the words "Ken Yagen" as well as "Beג€™ezrat HaShem Yitbarach" and "Zeh Keli Veג€™anvehu"; two lions grasping the tablets of the Ten Commandments with inscription "Moג€™adei Kodesh" and in center of tablecloth - "Yevarechecha HaShem Meג€™Zion, Tivneh VeTechonen Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh", with ornaments of Star of David and image of European village with a water well. The composition of all the abovementioned ornaments, embroidered in the center of the tablecloth resemble the Torah Ark. On sides of tablecloth, order of Kiddush for Shabbat and Yom Tov, with unique ornaments: Inscription "Tiku BaChodesh Shofar BaKeseh LeYom Chagenu" with embroidery in shape of Shofar along with inscription: "Eleh Moג€™adei HaShem Mikraג€™ei Kodesh" with embroidery in shape of cake and knife. Gilded ornaments sewn onto borders of tablecloth. 52x55 cm. Stains and few tears and damage to velvet cloth.

Opening1,600$ Sold For2,214$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 32

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Large Pillowcase for Pesach Seder – Artistic Embroidery with Inscription

Large pillowcase for Pesach Seder. Germany.
Fabric embroidered in various colors.
At center, illustration of family around the Seder table with wine goblets and open Haggadot. Father of family is dressed in white and leaning on pillow. Borders of pillowcase embroidered with inscription "LeShana Haג€™Baג€™ah Bג€™Yerushalayim", and "In honor of Rabbi Paltiel son of Meir".
76x79 cm. Good condition. Stains.

Opening1,600$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 33

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Fabric Decoration for Succah

Embroidered fabric. Germany.
Hand-embroidered work on light colored fabric.
Frame and decorations of floral and leaf motifs. At center, embroidered Yiddish inscription "Mir Yidden vellen tantzen von Yerushalayim vet intz geherin in gantzen" [We the Jews will dance when Jerusalem will be all ours]. Under the inscription, two figures of crouching wolves, perhaps hinting to the story of Rabbi Akiva who saw wolves exiting from Jerusalem's ruins. Apparently used as Succah decoration.
67.5x59.5 cm. Good condition. Stains and wear.

Opening1,200$ Unsold

Auction 20 Lot Number 34

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Embroidered Tablecloth for Pesach Seder

Square tablecloth for Pesach Seder. Germany.
Fabric embroidered in various colors.
High quality embroidery. In center of tablecloth inscription within decorated frame: "Pesach Matza Uג€™Maror" with a wine bottle, goblet and Seder plate. On four corners, embroidered illustrations of the Four Sons from the Haggadah in unsophisticated style: The "Rasha" is dressed as a Roman worrier and "Sheג€™eino Yodeג€™a Lishol" is illustrated on a background of a European village. 94x100 cm. Good condition. Stains.

Opening2,000$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 35

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Collection of Objects Made of Fabric – Adler Family of England

Collection of objects made of fabric, formerly owned by the family of Rabbi Yitzchak HaCohen Adler (1895-1979), a descendant of Rabbi Nathan Adler - the Chatam Sofer's teacher. [England, end of 19th century]. * Illustrated wimpel for Torah scroll with the inscription: "Yitzchak ben Mordechai Adlerג€¦ Sivan 1895ג€¦ he should grow in Torahג€¦". * Red fabric matzah cover, with embroidered trimming (red and white): "You shall eat matzot for seven days". * Rectangular red fabric tablecloth for Seder night table, embroidered with the four figures of the four sons (Amsterdam Haggada style), and the order of the Seder (Kadesh U'rchatzג€¦). * Pillowcase for Seder night. At center, embroidered eagle (Adler family emblem) surrounded by the verse: "And I shall lift you on eagle's wings and bring you to Me". * Silk talit (prayer shawl) embroidered with golden and silver threads. Apparently, this talit belonged to Rabbi Zalman Trier Av Beit Din of Frankfurt am Main and was used by Rabbi Yitzchak Adler [see enclosed material].
Various sizes and conditions.

Opening800$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 36

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Three Matza Covers – Embroidery

Three Matza covers, fine embroidery. Germany, early 20th century.
1. Round cover. High quality and impressive colorful embroidery with letters "A.M." (apparently, initials of owner of cover), year: "Et Ketz" [1900] and "Korban Pesach". Three protruding tabs: "Cohen", "Levi", "Yisrael".
2. Round cover. High quality colorful embroidery. Purple flowers and yellow text and Star of David.
3. Square cover. Colorful embroidery upon reddish-brown velvet. dated: 1902.
Various sizes and conditions

Opening200$ Sold For394$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 37

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Amulet – Jewish Arabic – Yemen

Amulet. Black ink upon thick paper, in Yemenite writing. Yemen, 19th century or early 20th century. Jewish Arabic.
Lengthy text, incantations and Holy Names, with illustrations and many Stars of David including name combinations.
Length: approx. 2 meters (composed of 3 pieces of paper). Folding and rolling marks (folded for the purpose of carrying on body).

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 20 Lot Number 38

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Amulet for Safeguarding – Colorful Handwriting

Amulet for protection.
Black ink upon paper; Oriental writing with decorations in colorful ink. For protection "of woman in confinement". Includes incantations, Holy Names, Kabbalistic illustrations and charts, symbol of Star of David and "Chamsa".
Length: 126 cm. Good-fair condition, coarse tears at beginning and end of amulet, folding and rolling marks (folded for the purpose of carrying on body).

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 20 Lot Number 39

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Three Parchment Amulets

Three amulets. Ink on parchment in square letters. Rabbi Shmuel Vital's version. [Oriental countries], 19th century.
Enclosed is an expert's opinion on amulets.
Various sizes. Good condition, stains and wear.

Opening250$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 40

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Collection of Parchment Amulets

Five amulets for protection and success. With names of angels, oaths, kabbalistic illustrations, menorahs, Stars of David and "chamsa".
Four amulets are in a long narrow format (for rolling and hanging in pouch around neck) and one is square.
Each in separate frame. Apparently, all written on parchment (not examined out of frame). Various sizes. Good to fair condition. Rolling and folding marks, stains and tears.

Opening600$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 41

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Protection for Children – Lithographic Print – Oriental Countries

"The angel who redeems me from all bad, shall bless the youths" - a lithographic printed leaf in golden ink. Oriental countries, end of 19th century.
Ornamented frame, a pair of lions holding Tablets of Law and a Torah crown, five-pointed stars and moon symbols. Perhaps it was used as a flag for Simchat Torah.
21x21 cm. Good condition, stains and wear. Restored tear to top of leaf.

Opening350$ Sold For431$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 42

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Silver Amulet with Chamsa

Amulet in the shape of a locket with a hand (chamsa) at center. [Central Europe, end of 19th century or beginning of 20th century].
Silver (unstamped).
In the center, embossed shape of a hand (chamsa), G-d's name and the inscription "Jerusalem" and "Ben Porat Yosef". The edges are decorated with floral patterns. Diameter: 6 cm. Good condition.

Opening200$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 43

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Sephirot – Illustration on Parchment

Sephirot - long leaf with detailed kabbalistic illustrations of the tree of sephirot and the progression of the worlds.
Oriental handwriting, black ink on parchment.
81X5 Cm. 90X13 Cm frame (disassembled). Good condition, folding marks. Pasted on wood.

Opening300$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 44

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Three Large Amulet Leaves – Kabbalistic Illustrations – Judeo-Arabic

Three large handwritten amulet leaves, particularly large.
Ink on paper, several colors. Holy Names and incantations, Kabbalistic illustrations. Long Judeo-Arabic inscriptions.
67x41 cm; 62x47 cm; 44x28 cm. Good condition, stains and wear, folding marks

Opening200$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 20 Lot Number 45

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Important Silver Chanukah Lamp – Eastern Europe

Chanukah lamp. Eastern Europe, late 18th century or early 19th century.
Silver (not stamped), hammered and carved. High quality amateur work. At center of rear panel, large embossed ornament in shape of Star of David; at center, a Menorah surrounded on both sides by pillars of Yachin and Boג€™az, decorated with clusters of grapes. Flowerpot positioned at top of each pillar. On sides of pillars, ornaments of two different bird designs. Hammered plaque with inscription "Miracle of Chanukah" attached to top of rear panel. Base of Chanukah lamp hollow with eight carved circles to which eight oil vessels which were attached as one unit were inserted through an opening at the back of the Chanukah lamp extending outward (the opening is closed with a hinged door and a cross-shaped closure). On front of Chanukah lamp, at the two sides of the base, two large birds are attached with screws. The Chanukah lamp is positioned on four legs which extend outward to the sides.
Six apertures on rear panel and one on each of the side panels; larger aperture at center of base (possibly where Shamash belongs). Hollow element welded to outer side of one of the panels, which may have served for attachment of Shamash; on second panel the element is missing.
Height: 27 cm, width: 30 cm, depth: 6.5 cm. Good condition. Slightly bent. Leg missing from one of large birds.

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Chanukah Lamp – Poland

Chanukah lamp. Warsaw - Poland, 19th century? Fr Hirsh Warszawa.
Cast bronze.
Barred panel, with lion ornaments and Torah crown at tip. Contains folding lid for oil font. On both sides protruding candlesticks (occasionally used for Shabbat candles, see: Narcissus, Chanukah Menorah, page 39).
Height: 27 cm. Width: 25 cm.

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Chanukah Lamp with Candlesticks – Polish Style

Chanukah lamp. Polish style, end of 19th century or beginning of 20th century.
Cast brass.
Latticed back panel, side-panels in the shape of lions, with a pair of candlesticks.
Height: 21.5 cm, width: 19.5 cm, depth: 12 cm. Good condition.

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Silver Chanukah Lamp – Poland, 19th Century

Chanukah lamp. Warsaw - Poland, 1889. O.C. [Josef Sosnkowski=]; Fabecki.
Silver (stamped with several stamps), embossed and engraved.
Panel ornamented with two gazelles grasping a Torah crown; in center, flower and fruit vase with two birds pecking from it. At front of panel, two palm trees (screwed) with birds above. Removable oil vessel for Shamash.
Height: 23 cm. Width: 23 cm. (additional metal component, which apparently served as a pitcher, missing).

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