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Auction 24 Lot Number 1א

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Theodor Herzl – Handwritten letter – Wien, 1898

Theodor Herzl, Handwritten draft of a letter, on official stationary of "Die Welt" newspaper. Wien, January 24th 1898. German.
Two pages, handwritten in pencil. On the first page, addressed to a friend [his name is not mentioned], Herzl writes: "attached is a draft of an answer I wrote". On the second page, appears the answer itself – a long and sharp response to an article against Max Nordau, Theodor Herzl and the Zionist Movement: "the conciliatory tone of your letter from January 19th is inconsistent with your attack on our movement… Furthermore, it is unclear how you identified [Max] Nordau as the "Spectator" [probably, the recipient of the letter assumed that an article signed "spectator" was written by Nordau], since it is well-known that neither Nordau nor Herzl sign by that name…". Signed with initials. [2] pp., 22.5 cm. Fair-good condition. One corner is missing (restored), folding marks, stains.

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Auction 24 Lot Number 2

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Theodor Herzl – Eight Postcards

Eight postcards with Theodor Herzl's portrait, various publishers and printers, some of the cards are rare; four postcards are undivided. Amongst them: postcard printed by Isidor Knopf, Vienna, with portraits of Max Norday, Karl Lippa and Theodore Herzl, mailed in 1900; postcard printed by Isidor Knopf, Vienna, mailed in 1900; postcard printed by Max Victor, Cologne, with portraits of Herzl and Nordau, mailed in 1900; postcard printed by Salamon Zweibel, Narajow, Galicia; postcard printed by Ramler's Postkarten Verlag, Horodenka; postcard with the photo of "funeral of Dr. T. Herzl's coffin", 1904; Generally in good condition.

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Auction 24 Lot Number 3

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Herzl’s Study / Herzl’s Children – Two Postcards

1. Das Arbeitszimmer Dr. Herzls [Dr. Herzl's Study]. Postcards printed by "Zion", Vienna, [early 20th cent.]. Good condition.
2. Die Kinder Dr. Theodor Herzl's. Hans. Pauline. Trude [Dr. Theodor Herzl's children, Hans, Pauline and Trude]. Postcard printed by "Zion", Vienna, mailed in 1904. Good condition. Several stains, creased corners.

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Auction 24 Lot Number 4

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“Bar Hadya” – Against Theodor Herzl and Max Nordau – Warsaw, 1899 – Interesting Comment

Sefer Bar Hadya, or Herzl's dream by Dov Ber (Doverush) Tursh. Warsaw, 1899.
"As Hadya [a dreams interpreter], I will prove that the idea of settling Eretz Israel declared by Theodor Herzl and Max Nordau and their meetings in Basel, is a weightless movement flying on the imagination's wings…". A composition disgracing Herzl and Nordau and the way they led the Zionist Movement. On the last page of the book – the owner added an interesting "confession" by the author, which was published in Eretz Israel newspapers: "I admit that all the words of contempt about the author… printed in one of the letters which appeared in "Stirat Zekenim" which I myself printed and published, were just lies and I apologize to the author…". 78 pp, 21.5 cm. Good condition. Portrait is missing. Stains.

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Auction 24 Lot Number 5

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Medal – 2nd Zionist Congress

Bronze medal, 2nd Zionist Congress. Paris, 1898.
Embossment on one side. On the reverse a biblical quotation: “I shall take the people of Israel from amongst the nations… and bring them to their land”. Feuchtwanger Catalogue, item no. 764. Diameter: 6.3 cm. Good condition.

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Auction 24 Lot Number 6

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Document Concerning the Printers’ Strike in Jerusalem – December 1908 – The first Jewish Workers Strike in Eretz Israel

A memorandum, summary of a "delegates" from Jaffa meeting about the printers' strike in Jerusalem. December 7, 1908. Rashi script.
A short, handwritten, document summarizing the meeting held in view of the printers' strike in Jerusalem. The document announces the establishment of a committee consisting of the members Yhiel Michal Piness, Antebi, David Yellin, Hagiz, Manni and others. Signed (by hand): Nachman Batito, Avrham Philosoph, Yoel Moshe Salomon, Mordechai Ben Hillel HaCohen (who was one of the intermediaries to bring the strike to an end), Yehiel Michal Piness, David Yellin, Israel Dov Frumkin and others. The strike was led by Yitzchak Ben-Zvi and Rachel Yana'it Ben-Zvi following the beating of a printer and was accompanied by demonstrations against the Arab and Jewish owners of printing presses who abused the workers and humiliated them. [1] Leaf 29 cm. Good condition. Folding-marks, minor tears at borders, filing-holes.

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Auction 24 Lot Number 7

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“HaTikva” – Four Printings – Early Printing from 1900

1. Fir tsiyonistishe lider, mit der melodye fun Hatikva, R. Mazin, bukhhandler in London. A. W. Rabinovitch printing press, London, [1900]. Hebrew, Yiddish and English. One of the first printings of "Hatikva" verses as a self-standing composition not within N. H. Imber's book. 8 pp, 18.5 cm. Fair-good condition.
2. Hatikva / The Hope. Single leaf with the nine stanzas of "Hatikva". [USA or England, 1910s or 1920s]. In the center of the title appears a Magen David with the word "Zion", surrounded by different citations and the words Peace, Wisdom, Truth, Strength, Concord, Beauty. [1] Leaf 22.5 cm. Good condition.
3. HaTikva, "di hofnung" (national lid) far a zingshtime, kor un piano, bearbaytet fun yanot Z. Roskin. Series "yidishe folks lider", musikfarlag, "Hatikva", Berlin, [1910s]. [5] pp, 28 cm. Good condition.
4. Shir Hatikva, Tunisia, [ca.1940]. Version of "HaTikva" in Hebrew with transcript in Latin letters. 8 pp, 15.5 cm. Poor-fair condition.

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Auction 24 Lot Number 8

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Letter from Tel-Hai, end of 1919

Handwritten letter. Tel-Hai, [October, 1919?].
"I mentioned in my previous letter the unrest around us. The day before yesterday 4 dead were found. Christians: 13 were killed already. Of the Druze – I do not know… two days ago seven Arab riders passed here, all of them with rifles…".
The letter is signed: "Ya'akov" who addresses the letter to his brother. It might be that the writer is Ya'akov Toker (1896-1920), one of the casualties of the Adar 11 battle. Leaf 27.5 cm. Good condition. Folding marks, minor tears, stains.

Opening300$ Sold For566$ Including buyers premium

Auction 24 Lot Number 9

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Accounting Notebook – “Jerusalem Music Society”, 1920s

Accounting notebook of "Jerusalem Music Society" founded by Cellist Thelma Yellin. Jerusalem, 1921-1926. English.
Accounting notebook with accurate and detailed handwritten inscriptions relating to revenues and expenses of the "Jerusalem Music Society" during its first years. While writing the financial activities, important details documenting the society were added: the musical events held by the society, lists of members and musicians, etc. The society was founded in 1921 by cellist and composer Thelma Yellin (née Bentwich). This society was a pioneer organization as far as classical music was concerned during the British Mandate and it produced concerts of high quality that attracted a varied public of listeners. At the beginning, the concerts were held at the Jerusalem Governor's house, Sir Ronald Storrs. More than 100 handwritten pages, notebook 32.5 cm. Worn cover, torn and detached, with moisture-marks. Minor stains to notebook leaves and minor moisture marks to its borders.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 24 Lot Number 10

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David Yellin Testifying before the Western Wall Commission – Dedication

David Yellin testifying before the special international Western Wall Commission. Jerusalem, [1930].
David Yellin testimony before the British "Western Wall Commission" appointed to investigate the status of the Western Wall following the 1929 riots. On the cover appears a dedication handwritten by David Yellin to Sir Aryeh Simon, "with appreciation and friendship". [1], 16 pp, 21 cm. Good condition. Minor damages.

Opening180$ Sold For443$ Including buyers premium

Auction 24 Lot Number 11

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“Bayit VaIr” – Yearbook for Construction, 1935 – Numerous Photos

"Bayit VaIr", construction yearbook, editor: Y. Shifman. Tel-Aviv: "Mischar VeTa'asiya", 1935.
Numerous advertisements and essays in the area of construction and industry in Eretz Israel; tens of plates with "photos of works by architects and engineers in Eretz Israel" – photos of buildings planned by leading architects, most of them photographed by the photographer Yitzchak Kalter (1903-1995) – of the prominent photographers of modern architecture in Eretz Israel, who perpetuated the International Style (Bauhaus) buildings in his work.1-60 pp, 56 plates, IV pp, 61-80 pp, 31 cm. Tears to cover and spine, loose leaves or partly detached, creases to corners of leaves.

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Auction 24 Lot Number 12

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Journal of Engineers and Architects Association – Ten Issues

Journal of Association of Engineers and Architects in Eretz Israel. Tel-Aviv, 1941-1942
Many professional articles concerning engineering and architecture. Ten consecutive issues, July 1941 – November 1942 (vol. 2, issues 1-5; vol. 3, issues 1-5). All issues are bound together, vol. 33.5 cm. Good condition. Ex-library copy. Staining.

Opening180$ Sold For221$ Including buyers premium

Auction 24 Lot Number 13

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Collection of Documents – “Yefe Nof” neighborhood, Jerusalem

Collection of documents relating "Yefe Nof" neighborhood in Jerusalem, 1920s-40s (most documents of 1930s).
Land property deeds, membership declarations in "Yefe Nof – mutual society ltd", protocols, agreements and receipts. Numerous signatures of the society's members (many of them in oriental handwriting), with finger-prints. "Yefe Nof" neighborhood was established in 1929. Lot of 39 documents. Various sizes and conditions.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 24 Lot Number 14

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Collection of Documents – Yemenite Settlement in Kefar HaShiloach – Silwan – Sa’adya Kovshi

Documents dealing with the demand of the Yemenite settlers of Kefar HaShiloach to return to their homes and be compensated for their looted or destroyed property since they were obliged to leave their homes by order of the authorities during the riots of 1936-1939. In spite of promises by the British Governor, the settlers returned to their homes only after the establishment of the State of Israel.
Amongst the documents: record of property taken from the homes of the Yemenite and demands for compensation; agreement regarding sale of land; letters to and from various national institutes (letters signed by Yitzchak Ben-Zvi) – requests for compensation and return to homes; document signed by Sa'adya Kovshi, of the Yemenite community leaders and one of the Independence Scroll signatories; correspondence concerning property ownership in Kefar HaShiloach, etc. The lot also contains documents from 1967, when sixty Arab families from the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem were settled in Silwan and requests by Kefar HaShiloach settlers to move into the Old City. Total of 75 documents, sizes and conditions vary.

Opening400$ Sold For36,900$ Including buyers premium

Auction 24 Lot Number 15

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Map of Eretz Israel / Map of Israel’s Camp in the Desert – Constantinople, 1764

Me'Am Lo'ez, commentary on the Torah in Ladino, part IV – the Book of Numbers (BaMidbar), by Rabbi Isaac Magrisso. Constantinople, [1764]. First edition.
There are omissions at the beginning and at the end. Between pages 8-11 appears the map of Israel's camp in the desert, which does not appear in all of the copies. (In the Bibliography Institute CD, record 0311674, it is written: "between pages 8 and 11 there was, probably, a folded leaf with the map of Israel in the desert"). On page 158/1 appears a map of Eretz Israel according to a map by Eliyahu Mizrahi, which appeared in his book about Rashi commentary in Venice in 1527 and was, most probably, the first map printed in Hebrew. "Eretz Israel" appears in the center, east facing up. 7-8, 11-136 leaves (instead of: [2], 8, 11-168 leaves) + a plate between leaves no. 8 and 11. 29 cm. Condition varies, fair-poor: stains, mold-marks and moth. Rough tears. See Wajntraub, maps no. 8 and 32. Map with stains and creases.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 24 Lot Number 16

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Map of Eretz Israel – London, 1901

London Atlas Map of Palestine. London: Edward Stanford Ltd, [1901].
A detailed map of Eretz Israel, of good quality. Composed of twenty printed parts, cloth-backed, folding into a booklet-shape format, in hard binding. The map is not included in Eran Laor collection, and it seems, that this format is unknown. 65.5X54.5 cm (spread); folded into a binding 17 cm. Good condition. Minor damages to binding.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 24 Lot Number 17

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Books by Yehosef Schwartz – First Editions

Impressive collection of Rabbi Yehosef Schwartz's books, amongst the first editions printed in Jerusalem.
1-4. Divrei Yosef, by Rabbi Yehosef Schwartz, Halachah and astronomy pertaining to Eretz Israel. Jerusalem, (1843). Woodcut on first title page.
Bound together with the book Tvu’ot Ha’aretz (which is the second section of' Divrei Yosef') and with the books Totzao't Ha’aretz and Ma’aseh Ha’aretz. Scientific and Halachic enquiry of the land of Israel. Jerusalem, 1845. [8], 70, [6] leaves; [2] 156, [3] leaves; 52 leaves (five title pages). 15 cm. Very good condition. Cardboard binding with leather spine. Ex-Libris of David Yellin. Ownership signatures in Sephardic and Ashkenazi handwriting. (The young Shlomo Chazan, “Rabbi Shabtai Shimshon HaLevi from Brisk Lithuania”, “to the master Refael Aharon HaLevi”).
5. Divrei Yosef (Third and Fourth Sections), Jerusalem, (1861).
"Including Pri Tvu’a, Pardes, responsa, explanations and various matters of wisdom which people of all levels can benefit from". Corrections and additions to the book Tvu’ot Ha’aretz published in 1845. [7], 247, [1] leaf. 15 cm. Good condition. Tears to corners of leaves.
6. Divrei Yosef (Third and Fourth Sections – Beginning of Second Section). Responsum. Jerusalem, 1862
[4], 170, [1] leaf. 15 cm. Very good condition. Cardboard binding with leather spine.
The Kabbalist rabbi and researcher, Rabbi Yehosef Schwartz , born in Germany in 1804, immigrated to Jerusalem in 1833, and passed away in 1865. Until this very day his books are fundamental for discussions in matters of the Holy Land, both in the Halachic and scientific-historical realms.
Rare collection. S. HaLevi: 17, 31, 58, 62.

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Auction 24 Lot Number 18

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“Tvu’ot Ha’Aretz” – German Translation – Map and Illustration, 1852

Das Heilige Land, nach seiner ehemaligen und jetzigen geographischen Beschaffenheit, nebst kritischen Blicken in das Carl v. Raumer’sche "Palaestina", von Joseph Schwarz; Deutsch bearbeitet von Israel Schwarz. Frankfurt am Main, 1852. German.
German translation of the book "Tvu’ot Ha’aretz", research pertaining to the Land of Israel, by R' Yehosef Schwartz. A portrait illustration of R' Yehosef Schwartz appears facing the title page. A folding plate with an illustration of the view of the Old City appears at the end of the book in lithographic printing, together with a folded map of Palestine (1847). For additional information about R' Yehosef Schwartz, see previous item. XIX, 452, 20 pp. 21.5 cm. Size of plate: 32.5X21.5 cm. Size of map: 31X54 cm. Good condition. Stains. Ink Stamps.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 24 Lot Number 19

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“Eretz Zvi” about Eretz Israel Towns – Olive Wood Binding, 1899

"Eretz Zvi", towns of the Holy Land and its settlements, with many pictures and illustrations. Jerusalem: A. M. Lunz, 1899. Hebrew and German.
"Summary of the book 'Guide to Eretz Israel and Syria' by Lunz". Information about the towns of Eretz Israel as well as settlements, with illustrations and photos. Olive wood binding, with a decorated frame and the printing "Yerushalem / Jerusalem". [2], 78 pp, 16 cm. Good condition. Two detached leaves. Binding and first leaves – partly detached. Forzats leaves are not original.

Opening150$ Sold For185$ Including buyers premium

Auction 24 Lot Number 20

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“Eretz Israel Album” – New-York, Early 20th Century

Eretz Israel album, fotografishe bilder fun Eretz Israel und ihre kolonyes, oykh bilder fun der yiddisher geshikhte berihmte mener und fun yudishen leben, mit beshraybungen. Brooklyn, New-York: Hebrew Publishing Company, [early 20th cent.]. Yiddish.
Souvenir-album with printed "Shana Tovah" greetings and tens of picture-plates of Eretz Israel settlements, rabbis, Jewish customs, leaders, writers and poets, etc. An extra title page in German. [96] Leaves, 14X11.5 cm. Good condition. Loose binding. Stains. Part of front Forzats leaf is missing.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 24 Lot Number 21

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Panorama of Jerusalem – Colored Illustration in Lithographic Printing

Panorama of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. Lithographic printing in color, no date [early 20th cent.].
Names of sites appear in English. 21X74 cm, good condition. Folding marks. Framed 88X35 cm. Not examined out of frame.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 24 Lot Number 22

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Panorama of Jerusalem

Panorama of the Old City of Jerusalem. W.R. Wallace, London, [ca.1920]. Printer's details appear on the lower right corner. 118X21 cm. Good condition. Framed 121X23.5 cm. Not examined out of frame.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 24 Lot Number 23

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Research about the Temple Mount, Prints of Photographs by Auguste Salzmann – France, 1867

Mémoires de L'institut Impérial de France, Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, Tome vingt-sixième. Mémoire sur la nature et l'age respectif des divers appareils de l'enceinte extérieure du Haram-ech-Chérif de Jérusalem, par M. de Saulcy. [Paris, 1867]. French.
Volume no. 26 of a research by the Royal French Institute. This volume deals with the Temple Mount site – "El Haram A-Sherif" – accompanied by 11 plates with lithographic printings of callotype photos by August Salzmann. [1], 81 pp, [11] folded plates, 28 cm. Good condition. Several stains. New binding.

Opening4,000$ Unsold

Auction 24 Lot Number 24

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Tour of the Holy Land – Photographs by Francis Bedford – London, 1865

The Stones of Palestine, Notes of a Ramble through the Holy Land, by Mrs. [Augusta] Mentor Mott. Illustrated with Photographs by Francis Bedford. London: Seeley, Jackson, and Halliday, 1865. English. Impressions from a tour in Eretz Israel, accompanied by 11 photos 7.5X10 cm by photographer Francis Bedford (1816-1894). Bedford started to photograph during the 1850s. In 1862 he was appointed by Queen Victoria to photograph Eretz Israel and the vicinity while touring the area with prince crown Eduard VII. The photos presented here were taken during this trip. On the second title-page appears a hand-written dedication of 1865. 88 pp, [11] photo-plates, 21 cm. Good condition. Several moth-holes throughout the book with minor omissions.

Opening1,500$ Unsold
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