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Auction 31 Lot Number 1

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Second Zionist Congress – Official Postcard, 1898

"II. Zionisten-Congress in Basel" – official postcard of the second Zionist congress (Riemer no. 3). Sent from Basel to Vienna. Good condition. Postal stamp missing. Upper left corner missing. Minor damages.

Opening700$ Unsold

Auction 31 Lot Number 2

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Third Zionist Congress – Official Postcard, 1899

"3. Zionisten-Congress Basel, 15.-19. August 1899" – Third Zionist Congress in Basel – Official postcard (Riemer, no. 4). Sent from Basel to Vienna. Good condition. Postal stamp missing. Staining.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 31 Lot Number 3

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11th and 12th Zionist Congresses – Official Postcards

1. Erinnerung an den Gang zum Grabe Theodor Herzl's aus anlass des XI. Zionisten-Kongress in Wien 1913. Officail postcard of the 11th Zionist congress in Vienna (Does not appear in Riemer catalogue). Good condition. Posted by mail and written by hand.
2. Karlsbader Orpheum (im Grand-Hotel Schützenhaus), Sitzungssaal des XII. Zionistischen Kongresses. September 1921. Official postcard of the 12th Zionist congress in Karlsbad (Does not appear in Riemer catalogue). Good condition. Has not been used. Minor damages.

Opening450$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 31 Lot Number 5

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Thirteenth Zionist Congress in Carlsbad / London Convention – Two Photographs

1. Large group-photo of the thirteenth Zionist congress in Carlsbad, 1923. Photographer: Carl Wagner. Carlsbad. 39X29 cm. Good-fair condition. Minor tears and creases, mainly to edges.
2. Group-photo of the "London Convention", a Zionist convention held in London, July 1920. Photographer's name appears on the lower left corner. Mounted on cardboard. Photo: 29X23 cm, cardboard: 31.5X27 cm. Good condition. Minor damages, mainly to edges.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 31 Lot Number 6

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The Basel Congress – Herzl – First Edition – Warsaw, 1897

The congress in Basel, by Dr. Theodor Herzl, translated into Hebrew by Michal Berkovitz. Warsaw: "Ahi'asaf", 1897.
"During the first three days of the month of Elul a meeting was held in Basel, which was much appreciated by both supporters and opponents – this was the Zionist congress…". Copy with no photo of the author. 16 pp, 17.5 cm. Fair condition. Staining. Detached leaves, tears to borders of leaves and a restored tear to title page. Rebound.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 31 Lot Number 7

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Dr. Herzl’s Writings about Zionism – Warsaw, 1904

Dr. Herzl's writings about Zionism, translated into Hebrew by H.Y. [Haim Yehuda] Hazan and S. [Shmuel] Tchernovitz. Warsaw:"Bnei Zion" publishing, "HaZfira" printing press, 1904.
Translation into Hebrew of speeches and essays by Herzl, mainly from "Die Welt" newspaper, related to Zionism and the organization of the first Zionist Congresses. The booklet was published several months following the passing of Dr. Herzl. 84 pp, 21.5 cm. New binding.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 31 Lot Number 8

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Zionist Congresses – Four Books – Odessa, 1898-1903

Four books, in Russian, concerning Zionist congresses. Odessa, 1898-1903.
1. "Third Zionist Congress, survey by M. [Menachem] Sheinkin and speeches delivered by Dr. Herzl, Dr. Nordau, R' Gastro and Dr. L. Kahn". Published by "Sherman" bookstore. Odessa, 1900. Dedication handwritten by Menachem Sheinkin appears on the title page, for his friend Elhanan Leib Lewinski, "In memory of the good days in Basel". 66, 34 pp, 21 cm. Good condition. Stains. Ex-library copy.
2. The Second World Zionist Congress in Basel (complete report)", by S. Penn. Published by "Sherman" bookstore. Odessa, 1898. Detailed report of the second Zionist congress, with b/w illustrations and two photos, one of the congress and the other of the publicist and philosopher Bernard Lazar. 122 [2] pp + [2] leaves, 21 cm. Good condition. Stains, moth holes.
3. "Third World Zionist Congress in Basel (complete report)", by S. Penn. Published by "Halperin and Schweizer", Odessa 1899. 92 pp, 20.5 cm. Good condition. Stains, minor tears. Ex-library copy.
4. "Sixth Zionist Congress in Basel – complete report", by G.A. Luberski. Published by G.M. Levinsohn bookstore in Odessa. Odessa, 1903. 117 pp, 21 cm. Good condition. Stains. Ex-library copy.

Opening1,200$ Unsold

Auction 31 Lot Number 9

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Zionist Congresses – Collection of items

1. Dr. Theodor Herzl: Eröffnungsrede zum 5. Zionisten Kongresse in Basel. Berlin: S. Calvary & Co., 1902. German. Opening speech by Theodor Herzl, the 5th Zionist Congress. Supplement to the Ost und West periodical. An illustration by Lilien appears on the first page ("The fifth Zionist Congress in Basel"). 14, [2] pp, 20 cm.
2. Envelope sent from the 12th Zionist Congress to the management of a bank in Berlin bearing 17 stamps and 16 ink-stamps of the Zionist Congress. 23.5X15 cm.
3-4. Two postcards: an official postcard of the 22nd Zionist Congress (a photographed postcard, not in Riemer catalogue); an official postcard of the 15th Congress with Herzl's portrait (Riemer, no. 58).
5-7. Three postcards: "Shana Tova" card with an illustration of the 2nd Zionist Congress, produced by Hebrew Publishing; a photographed postcard – "Opening Ceremony of the Congress on Mount Herzl", produced by" Keren HaYesod", Jerusalem 1951; Postcard "Mazal Tov – Medinah, Midor – HaGeula", with ink-stamps and a postal stamp of the 23rd Zionist Congress.
Lot of 7 items. Good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For566$ Including buyers premium

Auction 31 Lot Number 10

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Zionist Congresses – Collection of Documents

Twenty one printed publications, posters and leaflets, about the Zionist Congresses in the 1920s and 1930s, most printed in Eretz Israel.
Among them: lists of results of elections in Israel to the 18th Zionist Congress; A letter from Heinrich Loewe, written on stationery paper of "The Office of the 20th Zionist Congress"; guide to attendees of the 21st Zionist Congress; pages with names of candidates from various parties to the Zionist Congresses (lists of Mizrahi, the Old Mizrahi, Poalei Eretz Israel, Brit Olamit of General Zionists, Hapoel Hamizrahi to the 19th Congress; lists of Brit HaZionim Harevizionistim and Beitar in Eretz Israel to the 18th Congress), and other items. Various sizes. General condition is good.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 31 Lot Number 11

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Special Screenings in a Cinema in Vienna – In Honor of the 14th Zionist Congress

Promotional leaf, invitation to special screenings in IFA Palatkino in Vienna (II. Taborstrasse 1), in honor of the 14th Zionist Congress held in the city, [1925]. During all of the congress days, the above cinema held special screenings of films on Jewish topics (titles of films are noted in the leaf presented). A 10 percent discount is granted to whoever presents a delegate's ticket. Leaf 15X23 cm. Good condition. Tears to lower part.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 31 Lot Number 12

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19th Zionist Congress – Collection of Items

Collection of items – 19th Zionist Congress in Luzern, 1935.
*Entrance ticket to the congress. * Offizielle Kurkarte fur Delegierte und jurnalisten beim XIX Zionistenkongress, touristic leaflet for journalists and delegates to the 19th congress, with addresses of museums and other sites in Luzern + vouchers. *Six transportation tickets in Luzern and Zurich and an entrance ticket to the Opera (September 1935). Lot includes 9 items. Sizes and conditions vary.

Opening150$ Sold For209$ Including buyers premium

Auction 31 Lot Number 13

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Theodor Herzl – Group Photograph in Vienna

Nice photo, where Theodor Herzl can be seen with a group of people. Vienna, [late 19th cent.]. Mounted on cardboard with an embossing of photographer's name, J. Löwy, Vienna. 18X24 cm. Very good condition. Stains and minor damages to cardboard.

Opening300$ Sold For418$ Including buyers premium

Auction 31 Lot Number 14

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Large Photographs – Souvenir of the 12th Zionist Congress

Two photos, sent as a souvenir from the twelfth Zionist Congress in Carlsbad, to one of the congress's delegates. Carlsbad, 1921.
Photo of the 12th congress by the photographer Carl Wagner and a group-photo of the "HaMizrahi" delegates, mounted on a cardboard bearing a handwritten dedication: "to Mr. Joseph Zeltzer delegate of the Carlsbad congress". On the cardboard appear Czech postal stamps, postal ink-stamps and the congress ink-stamps. Photos: 23X15 cm, cardboard: 34.5X42 cm. Good condition.

Opening450$ Sold For590$ Including buyers premium

Auction 31 Lot Number 15

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Die Welt, Zionist Weekly – Theodor Herzl – 18 Volumes

Die Welt [The World], weekly founded by Theodor Herzl. Vienna and Berlin, June 1897 until September 1914. 18 volumes (complete set). German.
"Di Welt" weekly, founded by Theodor Herzl, was published during the years 1897-1914. At first it was printed in Vienna and since 1906 in Berlin. Amongst its editors throughout the years were: Shaul Raphael Landau, Erwin Rosenberger, Berthold Feiwel, A.H. Reich, Julius Uprimni, A.Coralnik, Julius Berger and Moritz Zobel. Die Welt published articles concerning Zionism, state of Jews worldwide, Jewish literature and art, and turned to be the official mouthpiece of the Zionist movement. 18 volumes, 28-31 cm. Condition varies. General condition is good. Few issues are missing.

Opening2,200$ Sold For3,198$ Including buyers premium

Auction 31 Lot Number 16

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JNF – Booklet in Ladino – Sofia, 1908

JNF – What is JNF and what are its goals. Published by the central office of JNF, Sofia, 1908. Ladino.
Official booklet with comprehensive explanations about the organization, its symbols, institutions and activities, with illustrations. On p. 29-30: list of JNF representatives worldwide; on p. 33-35: statistics about the Jewish population in Eretz Israel. 35, [1] pp, 22.5 cm. Good condition. Detached and torn cover. Last leaf partly detached. Stains to first and last leaves.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 31 Lot Number 17

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JNF – Collection of Items – Including Rare Postcards

* Four postcards "Remember JNF". * Letter from JNF committee in England to the representative of "Bnei Zion" movement, confirming planting a tree in the name of the movement and a postcard "donation for trees" in the name of "Bnei Zion" (August 1929). * Three postcards with photos of "Donation for Olive Trees" by JNF. *Certificate "Trees Donation" for planting one tree in the name of a woman-soldier of the Jewish Brigade. * Printed postcards, on one side a text concerning "JNF certificate" in Hebrew and German, on the reverse a JNF stamp. "Postcard with illusatration of Herzl's room in the headquarters of JNF in Jerusalem. * Postcard with "Ktiva VeChatima Tova" greeting with Herzl's portrait and a JNF stamp.*Postcard with "If you dream – this is no legend". * Postcard with a photo of the Jordan River. *JNF donation certificate.
Lot of 16 items, some are rare. Sizes and conditions vary.

Opening600$ Unsold

Auction 31 Lot Number 18

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Stamp Booklets – JNF

Seven Stamp Booklets issued by JNF: Diaspora stamps, "Herzl's Homeland", Rupin stamps, Nachum Sokolov stamps (two books), stamps for Chaim Weizman 70th birthday, and more. Sizes and conditions vary. Have been in use.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 31 Lot Number 19

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JNF – Two Commemoration Publications, 1929 Riots and the Holocaust

1. Eternal commemoration for the holy heroes who sacrificed their blood and soul on the homeland's altar during the bloody riots in Eretz Israel, 1929. Printed cardboard, folded into two.
On the inner side are printed names of the riots victims. Issued by JNF, [1929]. [4] pp, 32.5 cm. Good condition. Stains, minor tears.
2. We shall not forget the Diaspora! Booklets dedicated to Jewish communities in the Diaspora, booklet B. Issued by JNF, Jerusalem, [1944]. Booklet concerning a series of JNF stamps meant to teach Israeli youth how rich is life of the Diaspora Jewry and its contribution to the Jewish people. Descriptions of the first ten stamps were printed in this booklet. 32 pp, 15.5 cm. Good condition.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 31 Lot Number 20

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Paper Labels and Receipts – JNF USA, 1940s-50s

Eleven paper labels and printed receipts for donations to JNF. USA, [mostly from New-York], 1940s-50s. Hebrew and English.
*Label "Zion Flag Day", 1940. *Label "Land for Jewish Settlement in the State of Israel". *Label "Flag Day" "The Challenge of the Huleh", 1951. * * "Flag Day", "Flower Day" Labels and a label encouraging settling the Negev. Size varies, good to very good condition.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 31 Lot Number 21

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Two Historic Documents – Letters sent to the Governor of Safed, 1840-1841

Two letters sent to Abd-el-Halim Aga, Governor of Safed, in view of the deterioration of the state of Jews in the Upper Galilee during the period following Ibrahim Pasha's rule. Safed, 1840-1841. Arabic. The first letter, of 1840, was written by Ahmed Zacharia Pasha, commander of Sidon and Tripoli's governor's army. He describes the complaints of Safed Jews regarding the occupation of houses, enslavement of people and confiscation of cattle, and orders the Governor of Safed to restore peace and serenity of Jewish life and provide them with security and defense. It is also mentioned in the letter that R'[Haim Nissim] Abulafia, is in charge of all of his community.
The second letter, of April 1841, deals with the same matter. The writer (signature not clear) announces that a letter was received from R' Haim Abulafia concerning the appointment of two representatives of Safed Jewry – Haim Mizrahi and Haim Franco, and all requests towards the Jewish community have to be addressed to them. Translation of both letters appears in the book "Mechkarim U-Mekorot" by Yitzchak Ben-Zvi. (Edited by Zalman Shazar and Meir Benayahu). Yad Ben-Zvi publishing, Jerusalem, 1966. See attached material. 19.5X32 cm; 20X30 cm. Good condition. Stains, folding-marks, tears, restored with adhesive tape.

Opening3,000$ Unsold

Auction 31 Lot Number 22

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Leaflet with Regulations and an Illustration of “Moshav Zekenim” Institute – Jerusalem, 1893

A four-pages printed 'leaflet' containing general information about "Moshav Zekenim in Jerusalem" as well as its regulations. An illustration of the building appears on the upper side of the leaf and the verse "Do not cast me off in time of old age" (Psalms 71,9) in German. On the third page appear the institute's regulations: " Statutten des Verein's "Moschab Sekenim" In Jerusalem". The home for the elderly was founded in the Old city of Jerusalem in 1878 as a "Tea-House for the elderly" and developed throughout the years. In 1894 new buildings were constructed and it is possible that this leaflet was printed while the institute was being expanded. [4] pp, 29 cm. Fair-good condition. Folding-marks, stains and minor tears (some fastened with adhesive tape). Bibliographically unknown.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 31 Lot Number 23

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Eretz Israel Yearbooks Edited by Abraham Moses Luncz – 16 Volumes

Useful and Literary Eretz Israel Yearbook edited by Abraham Moses Luncz. Printed and published by the editor, Jerusalem [1895-1914]
Yearbooks for the years 1896 (2 copies), 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1905, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915. Some of the yearbooks are bound together. The yearbooks include the annual calendars for the three great religions, “articles, stories, pictures, poems, and stories describing the situation and life of our brothers in the cities and settlements of Eretz Israel, the situation and life of our brothers in the communities in the cities of the East, notices of the situation of the schools, education and charity, the companies, commerce and crafts in the Holy Land". Attached is Volume 2 of the yearbook “Jerusalem” (1887), also published by Abraham Moses Luncz. Total of 16 volumes, various sizes and condition, some with moth damage. Ex Libris labels of the historian Nathan Schur.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 31 Lot Number 24

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Hebrew Study Book – Yehuda Grasovsky

"Beit Sefer Ivri", Yehuda Grasovsky. Jerusalem: "HaZvi" printing press, 1895-6. Parts 1 and 2. 1st edition.
The first two volumes of "Beit Sefer Ivri", a Hebrew study book by Yehuda Gur (Grasovsky), of the earliest study books printed in Eretz Israel for educating children. Both volumes are dedicated, in print, to Kalonymus Ze'ev Wissotzky.
Grasovsky (1862-1950), teacher, linguist, lexicographer, author and translator, of the first writers in Hebrew in Eretz Israel. Grasovsky acted to realize the vision of a Hebrew school. Following his arrival in 1887 he worked as a teacher in Mazkeret Batya where he was the first Hebrew teacher.
At that period he organized with David Yudelevitch a convention of Hebrew teachers in Eretz Israel which was considered as the origin of the Teachers Union. In 1891 Grasovsky introduced the study of Hebrew in Hebrew at Zichron Ya'akov together with the teacher Chaim Ziprin. Later on he moved to Jaffa where he taught at first in Israel Belkind's school. When this school was closed down he taught in Alliance school for girls. Volume 1: [4], 3, 64, [1] pp. Volume 2: [4], 258 pp, 16 cm. Good condition. Staining. The original covers are mounted on new bindings.

Opening200$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium
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