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Auction 31 Lot Number 539

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Letter to Eretz Israel Rabbis from Judge Philip J. Joachimson – New York, 1880

Joachimson, Philip J. Handwritten letter addressed to the "Chief Rabbis in Eretz Israel," Chief Rabbi Rafael Meir Panigel (1804-1893) and head of the Ashkenazim, Rabbi Shmuel Salant (1816-1909). New York, September 19, 1880. English and some Hebrew. In the letter, on two leaves, Joachimson thanks the chief rabbis graciously and at length for their New Year greetings and sends warm regards to the rabbis and their friends, families and members of their congregations. He further writes to the rabbis that he continues to pray for them and for Eretz Israel, and asks the rabbis to show his letter to Rabbi Avraham Eisenstein (Head of the Ashkenazi Kollels) and to his other friends in Jerusalem.
Joachimson, Jewish-American judge and a military person, served as District Attorney in New-York. In this capacity he was the first judge in American history to issue a conviction for slavery. Was one of the founders of the Voluntary 59th Infantry Regiment of New-York in the framework of the Union Army during the American Civil War (1861-1865), and served as a judge in the American Navy during the years 1870-1876. Joachimson was one of the only Jews holding several public positions at that time. He was granted the rank of Brigadier General.
[3] lined leaves, 35.5 cm sewn with thread and glued at the top. (Heavy paper, parchment-like) Third leaf is blank. Good condition. Stains, folding marks. Two minor tears at the lower part.

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Auction 31 Lot Number 540

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Regulations of “Kol Israel Chaverim” Organization – New-York, 1864

Regulations of Alliance Israélite Universelle. Davis' Job printing press. New-York, 1864. English and German.
Regulations of" Kol Israel Chaverim" organization with details about the organization and its goals – struggle for civil rights for Jews and assisting Jews who are persecuted for being Jews. "Kol Israel Chaverim" was founded in France in 1860, with the emancipation, to serve as a central social leadership for the Jewish community. The organization which still operates, was of significant political power and established numerous educational institutes worldwide. 8 pp, 22 cm. Good condition. Stains. Original cover, partly detached, upper part of cover is missing. Ex-library copy.

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Auction 31 Lot Number 541

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“Signs of the Time” – German Jewish Reform Newspaper – Chicago, 1869

Zeichen der Zeit, Eine Monatschrift für Religion, Philosophie und Gesellschaft, Redakteur: Dr. Chronik.
"Signs of the Time", Monthly periodical on religion, philosophy and society, edited by Dr. Isaac Loew Chronik from Koenigsberg.
The editor was one of the prominent leaders of the Sinai Reform Congregation, established in Chicago in 1861. Here are Issues 1-12. No further issues were printed. 192 pages (consecutive page numbers) Binding 22.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Binding detached, loose leaves, stains, mainly in issues 11-12. Ink stamps.

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Auction 31 Lot Number 542

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Book about Rabbi Moses Chaim Luzzatto – New-York, 1878

A Modern Hebrew Poet - The Life and writings of Moses Chaim Luzzatto by A.S. Isaacs. New-York: The Jewish Messenger, 1878. English. First edition. Book about Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto – RAMHAL. Signature and Ex-Libris label of the reform rabbi Joseph Rauch, founder of the World Union for Progressive Judaism. Ex-Libris label of Alfred Gottschalk, president of "Hebrew Union College" – institute for Judaic Studies in the years 1971-1966. Good condition. 53 pp, 18 cm. Good condition. First two leaves – detached. Damages to binding.

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Auction 31 Lot Number 543

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“Hebrew Album” – Prominent Israelites of America – New -York, 1905

The Hebrew Album of Prominent Israelites of America – Hebrew Album, gift for the readers of "HaLe'om" [periodical], 1905, published by Moshe Goldman. New-York, 1905. Hebrew and English.
Short biographies of eighty prominent Jews in America (philanthropists, rabbis, professors, Zionists, publishers, judges, senators and writers) with plates bearing their portraits. From the introduction: "reading the biographies of leading figures who dedicated their lives to the benefit of society…is fascinating and unforgettable. Reading the biographies will encourage the readers to imitate the good deeds of those prominent figures and follow their trail". 24 pp, [15] portrait plates, 23.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Ink stamps. Detached binding. Two last plates are detached. Several tears and stains. Worn binding.

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Auction 31 Lot Number 544

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Collection of American Publications in Yiddish – Booklets and Books

Six books in Yiddish, printed in New-York, late 19th and early 20th cent.
*di geshikhte fun amerike in dray tayl, N. M. Babad [Nahum Babad]. "Hebrew Publishing Company", Brooklyn, New-York, 1898, Yiddish. *Yidishe forms in amerike, "educational alians" publishing, [New-York], 1906. * *der amerkaner sitizen, vos man darf visn, un vos man darf tun ven man vil veren a birger fun di farainigte shtatn, fun S.P. Kremer. "natchurelizashn ayd lige", New-York, [1906]. Torn cover. *der frayer gedenk, a dzurnal far fraye velt anshoyungn, edited by Leopold Bergman. New-York, 1910. First year, first booklet. A periodical published irregularly. *der amerikanisher vitsling, 116 shene vitsn, zer satirish zum lakhn. New-York, [1910s]. *lehr-bikhl fun D.A.R. [doters ov de amerikan revolushn] far birgershaft. New-York, [ca. 1938]. Sizes and conditions vary.

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Auction 31 Lot Number 545

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“Agudat Achim Anshey S’farad” Society Regulations – Canada

Konstitushn fun kongregashn Agudat Achim Anshey S'farad. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: International Press, [ca. 1925]. Yiddish.
Small booklet, with 61 of the society's regulations. The society was founded in 1912. At the end are printed names of the committee members who composed the regulations and several leaves with tables for inscriptions and follow-up. 16, [4] pp, 13.5 cm. Good condition. Tears at borders of leaves and cover. Bibliographically unknown.

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Auction 31 Lot Number 546

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Regulations of Congregations and Institutes in the USA

Seven regulations-booklets of Jewish organizations and institutes in the USA, first half of 20th cent. English and Yiddish.
* Jewish Protectory and Aid Society. New-York, 1907. English. *Konstitutsion un by-low fun gemaynde Agudat Achim Anshey Madison. Madison, Wisconsin, [late 1910s or early 1920s]. Yiddish. *Konstitushn fun der First Congregation Anshey S'farad (Brooklyn), New-York, 1924. By-Laws of congregation Emanu-El of the City of New-York. New-York, 1926. English. *Constitution of the Cemetery and Funeral Departments of the Workmen's Circle. Regulations of "Arbeter ring" workers' organization. [New-York], 1936. Yiddish and English. *Constitution and By-Laws of the Daughters of Zion Jewish Day Nursery and Infant Home. Chicago, 1939. English. * Constitution and By-Laws of the Maine Jewish Council. Lewiston, Maine), 1945, English. Various sizes and conditions.

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Auction 31 Lot Number 547

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Ephraim Deinard – Two Books

1. Massa BeEyropa – by the traveler Ephraim Deinard. Pressburg (Bratislava), [1885]. [2], [5]-196,[2] pp, 22 cm. Fair-good condition. Minor stains, tear to one leaf. Binding somewhat worn, loose leaves.
2. Gibroei Israel, by Menachem Nahum Litinsky(MNL) published by Ephraim Deinard in Odessa. Odessa, 1883. 24 pp, 18.5 cm. Good condition. Minor stains.

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Auction 31 Lot Number 548

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Catalogue of the Baron de Hirsch Trade School – New-York

Catalogue of the Baron de Hirsch Trade School, 222 East 64th Street, New York. New-York, [no printing date, 1920s, post 1912]. English.
Catalogue detailing the professions studied in the trade school established by Baron de Hirsch. Baron Maurice de Hirsch (1831-1896) was a Jewish-German philanthropist who assisted, through the Jewish Colonization Association which he founded, East European Jews to immigrate to the USA and mainly to Argentina in the late 19th cent. The trade school established by Baron Hirsch was financed by a fund founded by Hirsch for the welfare of Jewish immigrants to the USA. Professions such as carpentry, painting, plumbing, mechanics and electricity were studied in this school. There was also a printing training program, and the catalogue presented was printed by the students of this school. [1], 32 pp, 23 cm. Fair-good condition. Minor tears, minor stains (moisture marks to corners of leaves) and creases, cover partly detached.

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Auction 31 Lot Number 549

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Rare Collection of Printed Items – J.W.B – for Jewish Soldiers in USA

86 items, mostly printed items, that were printed for the Welfare Board, the American JWB, for Jewish chaplains and soldiers in the USA Army. USA, 1917 to 1950’s (mostly from WWII). English, Yiddish and Hebrew.
J.W.B - "Jewish Welfare Board", a welfare organization established in April 1917 (three days after America declared war on Germany) for the welfare of Jewish soldiers in the American Army, on religious subjects: enlistment of rabbis in military service concern for Jewish places of worship, prayer books, etc.
Rich and varied collection of military prayer books, and many prayer booklets, for festivals and holidays (Tish’a BeAv, Yom Kippur, etc.), Hebrew-English-Yiddish song book, miniature mezuzah, letter headings, official envelopes and postcards, air-mail letters, various booklets on religion; catalogue of publications, issues of the newspaper “The Jewish Chaplain”; booklets containing sermons and speeches, and other items. (A number of items were intended for American Jewish soldiers in USA Army but were not printed for the JWB). Various sizes and conditions. General good condition.

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Auction 31 Lot Number 550

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Leaflet on behalf of “Ahuza Aleph” company that Established Ra’anana – New York, 1930

Et Livnot, New York Ahuza Aleph…zumer 1930. Printmore printing press, New-York, 1930. English and Yiddish.
Informative leaflet of "Ahuza Aleph, New-York". Details about the company's goals and its operations. Includes a plan of Ra'anana.
"Ahuza Aleph, New-York" company was formed in New-York in 1912, to establish a Jewish settlement in Eretz Israel. Its members were middle class American Jews, "Po'aley Zion" members and some Yemenite Jews. In 1921 the company founded Ra'anana. 14, 21 pp, 20 cm. Good condition. Minor stains.

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Auction 31 Lot Number 551

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“Zion – the Hope of Israel” – Handwritten Poem – Los Angeles, 1932

Zion, the Hope of Israel, by Samson Greenberg [Los Angeles, California, 1932]. English.
“An Inspirational Poem" of eight rhymed stanzas with an introduction by the author. The poem is bound in a small booklet, written and designed by the author as a gift in honor of Mr. Aaron Riche of Los Angeles. Dedication in the inside part of the front cover + letter from the author. Presented in a cardboard case, that was specially made by Greenberg. [15] Leaves + letter + S. Greenberg’s visiting card. Booklet 14.5 cm. Good condition.

Opening350$ Unsold

Auction 31 Lot Number 552

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“Der Hammer” – Communist Monthly – New-York, 1934

Der hammer, komunistisher chodesh-dzurnal/Der Hammer, Workers' Monthly. New-York, 1934. Yiddish.
A dozen issues of "the hammer" a communist monthly published between the years 1926-1939. Issues of January to December 1934. Remarkable illustrations on title-pages, mostly by William Gropper. All of the issues are bound together. Volume 26 cm. Good condition.

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Auction 31 Lot Number 553

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Photo Album – “Habonim” Movement in Los Angeles, 1936 / Booklet Published by the Movement

Album documenting the activities and life of the members of Habonim movement in Los Angeles, USA, 1936 to the beginning of the 1940’s.
The album contains about 230 photographs, mainly of the life of the Habonim movement, which was founded in London in 1929 and whose purpose was to promote Jewish culture and the Hebrew language and the education of its members in the national revival, through personal pioneering in the spirit of the Labor movement. Most photos are described and the names of those movement members photographed are listed. The album belonged to Haim Douglas. The Booklet “The Bonim Handbook, Madregah Sheniyah Section” published by the Habonim movement in South Africa in 1953 (second edition) is attached. Photos from 4.5X3.5 cm to 6X8.5 cm. Album with wood binding 25X22 cm. Fair to good condition. Several loose leaves, loose photos. Booklet 21 cm. Good condition.

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Auction 31 Lot Number 554

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Invitation Poster to a Ceremony – Synagogue “Beit Shalom” in Havana, Cuba, 1953

Invitation to a festive event in honor of the second anniversary of laying the corner stone for "Beit Shalom" synagogue in Havana (Cuba). "Artprint" printing press, Havana 1953. Yiddish and Spanish.
In the center of the poster are photos of the synagogue construction. The conservative synagogue "Beit Shalom" in Havana was built in 1952, and is one of the largest and most beautiful synagogues in Cuba. 40X53 cm. Good-fair condition. Folding marks, stains, tears (some restored). Cloth-backed for display and preservation.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 31 Lot Number 555

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Documents Collection – Mexican Jewry

Approximately sixty printed documents of the Jewish community in Mexico, [1950s-60s]. Yiddish and Spanish.
Amongst the documents: two booklets of receipts, periodicals and documents concerning Jewish periodicals in Mexico, protocols and reports of Jewish organizations (including "Ort"), proclamations and leaflets. Lot of 60 items. Size varies, good to very good condition. Some of the items appear in several copies.

Opening400$ Unsold
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