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Auction 33 Lot Number 1

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Torah Scroll – Tunisia

Torah scroll. [Tunisia?], [first half of 20th century]. Parchment coated with white color. Sefardi writing. Parchment height: 39.5 cm. 42 lines per column. Overall good condition. Without Atzei Chaim. Not thoroughly examined.

Opening2,000$ Sold For2,460$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 2

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A Large Esther Scroll – Russia – USA

A Large Esther Scroll. Russia, late 19th century / early 20th century.
At the beginning of the scroll appears a stamp: "proofread Zhetel… Garzovsky". At the end of the scroll appears a different stamp: "David Yitzhak Levin proofreader and author…Newark. The scroll was most likely written and examined in Zhetel or nearby and later was brought to the USA, where it was examined once again.
A Jewish community existed in Zhetel (nowadays, in Belarus) since the 16th century. It is the place of birth of both the "Dubner Maggid" (Rabbi Jacob Kranz) and the "Chafetz Chaim".
Height: approximately 55 cm. 42 rows per column. Fair condition. Tears to the first and last sheets, without damage to the text. Faded writing, partially erased.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 3

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Esther Scroll on Gevil

Esther scroll, oriental scribal writing, on light-brown gevil. [Oriental countries, 19th/20th century]. Parchment height: approximately 48 cm. Non-uniform number of rows per column. Good-fair condition, stains and moisture marks.

Opening300$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 4

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Esther Scroll on Red Gevil – Yemen

Esther scroll, amateur scribal writing, on dark brownish-red gevil. [Yemen, 18th/19th century]. Lacking beginning. At the end of the last sheet is the version of the blessing recited after reading the megillah and the version of the saying: "Cursed be Haman three times. Cursed be Zeresh three times…". Parchment height: approximately 13 cm. Non-uniform number of rows per column. Fair condition. Major damage to beginning of first sheet, damage to the sheet with the text of the blessings, minor damage to margins of the rest of the scroll.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 5

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Fancy Esther Scroll – Carved Ivory Handles

Esther scroll, Sefardi scribal writing, especially beautiful. [20th century]. Parchment height: approximately 54 cm. 42 rows per column. Blue fabric cover, sewn on the back of the whole scroll. Pole with ivory handles, carved in floral and leaf patterns. Maximal size (including handles): approximately 84 cm. Good condition, minor tears to fabric covering.

Opening2,000$ Sold For3,690$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 6

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Tobacco Case of the Kabbalist Rabbi Elijah David Slotky

.Tobacco case of the Kabbalist Rabbi Elijah David Slotky Silver (not stamped), engraved. Lid decorated with a bird and a flower, with an inscription in the center: "'Eli’ David Slotky". The righteous man Rabbi Elijah David Slotky (1899-1980), son of the famous kabbalist Rabbi Aharon Abraham Slotky (student of Chaim Shaul Ha-Cohen Dweck), eminent gaon in Torah studies and famous kabbalist. Head of the kabbalist “Sha’ar Shamayim” Yeshiva and head of the “Mechavnim” community in Jerusalem. Author of “Yad Eliyahu” – encyclopedic key to the Kabbala of the Ari, “Aderet Eliyahu” – Encylopedia of the Zohar, and the Halachic encyclopedia “Hasdei David”. 3X5.5 cm.

Opening300$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 7

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Portrait of the Gur Rebbe, Author of Imrei Emet – Embroidery

Portrait of the Gur Rebbe Author of Imrei Emet, machine embroidery. Eretz Israel, [1920s?]. 16.X10.5 cm, in a 26X23 cm. frame. Good condition.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 8

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Eli and Shmuel – Picture on Fabric

Eli and Shmuel, colored picture printed on felt (?). [England? 19th century]. The picture was done according to the drawing "Samuel Learns from Eli" by the artist John Singleton Copley (1738-1815). Placed in original frame from that time. Fabric: 26X18.5 cm. frame: 36.5X30 cm. Fair condition. Tears and damage to fabric. Damage to frame.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 9

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Drawing of the Sasson Family Succah in India

Drawing (watercolor on paper) presenting the Sasson family Succah in India. India (or England?), 1931. Drawing by Ms. M. Elias(?). Signed and dated. Described and dated on bottom: "Our 'Succah': 5692: 1931". The drawing depicts half of the inner part of the family Succah, elaborately decorated. Inside the Succah is a table set for nine diners. Placed in frame, glued on the back is a typewritten note with a dedication to Saliman Sasson, from his aunt (the dedication is in English). The note has an explanation that actually the Succah was intended for 18 diners who would be hosted every evening around the long table, and a few more words were added by hand: "Blessings of the Ushpizin I'la'in (elevated guests) should by emptied upon you", etc. 27.5X23 cm. frame: 28.5X24 cm. Good condition. Breaks to frame.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,599$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 10

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Rabbi in the Synagogue – Drawing on Bakelite

Rabbi blessing a child in the synagogue, colored drawing on Bakelite. [Germany, beginning of 20th century]. Colored drawing on a piece of elliptic Bakelite. Frame with gilded decorations. Drawing: 8X6 cm. frame: 14X12 cm. Good condition. Hook for hanging.

Opening200$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 11

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HaYad HaChazaka – Illustrated Handwritten Leaf – Lachava

Yad HaChazaka, for determination of seasonal periods. Illustrated handwritten leaf. Lachava [19th century].
Illustrations of “hands”, for determination of known periods based upon “intercalary” [leap year] books and other compositions pertaining to the calendar. Writer and illustrator signed his name: “Yisrael Michel son of Rabbi Asher son of Rabbi Yisrael Yechiel Michel of Vysotsk presently residing in Lachava”.
17.5X11 cm. good-fair condition, stains, folding marks.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 12

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Portuguese Synagogue in Hague – Etching – Holland, 1730

Synagogue der Portugeesche Iooden, etching. [Delft, Holland, 1730]. Structure of the Portuguese Synagogue in Hague, etching done by J. C. Phillips. The etching was printed in the book Beschryving van's Graven-Hage [description of Hague], by J. de Riemer publiched in Delft in 1730. Etching: 27X33 cm. frame :39X45 cm. Good condition. Few stains, folding line in center.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 13

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Family Tree – Descendants of Rabbi Eliyahu Mani, Jerusalem, 1936

Genealogy tree, containing names of the descendants of Ga’on Kabbalist Rabbi Eliyahu Mani Av Beit Din of Hebron (1818-1899). Lithography. Jerusalem, 1936 . “Solomon” art, Jaffa St. Beit Mani, Jerusalem.
Approx. 35X50 cm. leaf. Good condition, folding marks, uneven cutting of margins.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 33 Lot Number 14

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Picture of Malbim – Dedication

Picture of the Malbim.
Cardboard-framed photograph, with fine handwritten caption: “Ga’on Rabbi Meir Leibush ben [son of] Rabbi Yechiel Michel, the Malbim". Born in Vilkomir, passed away in Kiev on second day of Rosh HaShanah 1880”.
Dedication (in same writing): “Gift to Rabbi Dr. Shmuel Greenberg" (1880-1959; native of Romania. Among leaders of Mizrachi movement in Germany and in Eretz Israel).
Photograph: 15X11. Placed in a wooden frame: 23X18 cm. Tears. Not examined outside of frame.

Opening200$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 15

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Collection of Photographs of Rabbis

Diverse collection of photographs of rabbis: * Two photographs of Rebbe Rabbi Avraham Mordechai of Gur. * Photograph of Rebbe Itzikl of Pshevorsk speaking with a Chassid, 1952. * Photograph of Rebbe Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein delivering a speech in synagogue for immigrants of Egypt in Tel-Arish, Cholon. * Photograph of Rabbi Avraham Weinstein. * Photograph of son-in-law of Rebbe of Zlatopol, studying with his son. * Two photographs of rabbi, England, 1940-1960. * Additional photographs.
11 photographs, various sizes and conditions. Majority of photos approx. 14X9 cm.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 16

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Collection of Various Photographs of Rabbis

Collection of various photographs, c. 1930-1960:
* Photograph of Rabbi Mendel Levine, last rabbi of Bendzin and son of sister of Rebbe of Gur. (On reverse side of photograph stamp “Foto Nonat Warszawa”). * Group photograph, several rabbis in center, upon deck of ship. Purim, 1928. * Photograph of Rabbi Natan Tzvi Finkel, Alter of Slabodka. * Photograph of Rebbe of Belz, as a young man, sitting at “Tisch” table with Rabbi Natan Gestetner. * Photographs of gravesites on the Mount of Olives; one photograph depicts righteous Rabbi Shlomo Bloch disciple of the Chafetz Chaim. * Additional photographs of rabbis.
8 photographs, various sizes, very good condition to good-fair condition.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 17

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Temunat HaGedolim / Photograph of Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld

Temunat HaGedolim, "With their life events and history, Torah outlook, activities and public impact", by Avigdor Katzburg. Neu-Pest, 1925. Original edition.
Biography and photographs of 17 rabbis, including Rabbi Avraham Ya'akov Glick, Rabbi Simcha Bunim Sofer, Rabbi Yosef Zvi Dushinsky, Rabbi Koppel Reich, Rabbi Dov Ber Dushinsky, Rabbi Yeshaya Silverstein and others.
[59] pages, [17] photograph plates, 15 cm. Good-fair condition. Signature of the noted scholar and bibliograph: "Saliman David Sasson" + various photographs cut from newspapers from that time. + Postcard with a photograph of Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, with stamp of photographer " Zadok Bassan" of Jerusalem.
A lithograph copy of this book was reprinted in New York. In this original edition, the quality of the photographs is better.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 18

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Rallies of “Neturei Karta” in America – Collection of Photographs and Printed Items

* Large photographs from a rally of “Neturei Karta” in the U.S.A. in opposition to the State of Israel. Photographs depict demonstrators bearing placards in English in contempt of the Zionist State. * Photograph of a wall with posters opposing the State [in English and Yiddish]. * “A Call from Jerusalem!” Printed proclamation on behalf of “Supporters of Neturei Karta” in London, opposing opening of a mixed swimming pool in Jerusalem [1950’s]. English. * “To our Jewish brothers & sisters”. Printed proclamation opposing Zionists. [1950’s]. English. * “Kamnu Va’Nitodad” [we have risen and stood upright]; typewritten letter to administrators of Yeshivot who receive support from “Ministry of Religious Services, on behalf of “Amunei Am Sgula”: “… we warn that we will wage war against these Yeshivot… if they don’t repent…”. On reverse side, handwritten letter draft: “… from protests in opposition of mixed swimming pool last summer, from printing of notices and proclamations, from captive ransoming… we are burdened with heavy debts…”.
5 photographs, approx. 22X17 cm. + 3 printed leaves. Various sizes. General condition good.

Opening200$ Sold For271$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 19

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Ketubah DeIrchesa [Lost], Signed by Rabbi Ya’akov Moshe Ayash and Rabbi Chananya Michael Aryeh – Jerusalem, 1805

Ketubah DeIrchesa [lost Ketubah] written for Rabbi Moshe son of Rabbi Markado son of deceased Rabbi Yosef Zarka, and his wife Ms. Clara. Jerusalem, [1805].
Signed by husband Rabbi Moshe Zarka and witnesses: Rabbi Ya’akov Moshe Ayash and Rabbi Chananya Yitzchak Michael Aryeh.
Following signatures, statement of obligations for dowry brought by wife, resigned by husband and abovementioned rabbis.
Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Ya’akov Moshe Ayash (1750-1817, Otzar HaRabbanim 10254), son of Ga’on Rabbi Yehuda Ayash, among Torah scholars of Algeria and Jerusalem. Prior to 1779 was sent as emissary of Jerusalem to cities of North Africa and afterwards to Italy. Served in rabbinate of communities of Siena and Ferrara where he had notable students. At old age returned to Eretz Israel and was appointed chief rabbi and Av Beit Din of Jerusalem succeeding Rabbi Moshe Yosef Mordechai Meyuchas. Brought his father’s compositions as well as other compositions to print. The Chida [Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azuliai] referred to him as: “Ya’akov, the humble… wholesome scholar…, emissary…”.
Rabbi Chananya Yitzchak Michael Aryeh (Otzar HaRabbnim 6705), member of Beit Din of Jerusalem during that period. Authored Sha’arei Chaim – commentary on Sefer Mekach U’Mimkar by Rav Hai Ga’on (printed in Thessaloniki, 1819).
Handwritten leaf, 25 cm. Good condition, dark stains, folding marks and tiny holes. Signatures of first rabbis faded.

Opening300$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 20

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Collection of “Tosefet Ketubah” Shtarot – Germany, 1774-1828

Collection of handwritten shtarot, testimony on Tosefet Ketubah, written in various communities of Bavaria (Germany).
*Tosefet Ketubah of Rabbi Yonah ben R' Naftali Shmuel of Oettingen in Bayern to his wife Talin bat R' Moshe of Hainsfarth, Tamuz 1774. [Hainsfarth is a settlement on the outskirts of Oettingen in Bayern]. *Tosefet Ketubah of Rabbi Yitzchak Aryeh called Zeligman Leib ben R' David to his wife Rechla bat R' Avraham Heidenheim – signed by the local rabbi: "Mordechai Segal Dayan in Gunzenhausen and its surroundings and Rabbi of Cronheim". Cronheim, Kislev 1795. * Tosefet Ketubah of Rabbi Chaim ben R' Yehuda Yoel of Oberndorf to his wife Nanle bat R' Binyamin called Wolf HaLevi, Elul 1814. Tosefet Ketubah of Rabbi Shlomo ben R' Eliezer called Lipman to his wife Hindel bat R' Yehuda Neuberger of Oettingen in Bayern, Pflaumloch, Shevat 1825.
4 ketubot, 8 leaves. Varied size, good condition. Placed in a new binding.

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 21

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Two Wedding Ketubot and Shtar Tenaim – Ofen, Pest and Bacău

* “Shtar Tenaim”, between R’ Zalman Livner, for his son the Groom Pinchas and R’ Yosef “The Schatz, here” for his daughter the Bride Sheryl. Ofen [or Buda, today part of Budapest], 26 July 1825. Handsome Ashkenazic writing. Heading at top of sheet: “Mazal Tov, they shall grow to great heights”. Signatures of the fathers of the couple and the groom, and signatures of the witnesses Jacob son of Zvi Hazan of Pest, and Mordechai Schwartz, Shochet at Ofen.
* Handwritten Ketubah recording the marriage of the groom Moshe son of Haver R’ Dov Ber with bride Yetel daughter of Yerachmiel, Pest [today part of Budapest], September 4, 1852. Signed Meir son of Solomon Kuhnshtetter, and Joshua son of R’ Lipman from Estich.
* Handwritten Ketubah for the marriage of the groom Abraham Haim Altir son of Shabtai to the bride Esther daughter of Isaac Yehuda Leib, Bacău (Romania) 22 December 1852. Signed: HaKadosh Isaac Av Bet Din Bakoi son of Israel Issar, and Dov Ber son of R’ Abraham Segal.
Shtar Tenaim: 34 cm., two ketubot: approx. 22 cm. general condition good, stains folding marks.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 22

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Ketubah on Parchment – Prague, 1847

Ketubah on parchment, recording the marriage of “Rabbi Levi son of Rabbi Moshe Shimon” and bride “—Chaya known as Caralina”. Prague, 13 Tamuz, 1847.
Witness signatures: “Yosef known as Yosef Ivlis, faithful beadle of community of Prague”. Governmental tax stamps authorizing Ketubah, at beginning of leaf.
25.5 cm. Fair condition. Stains, folding marks, worn or blurry text in several places.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 23

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Ketubah on Parchment – Strasbourg, 1910

Ketubah, written in fine scribe writing upon parchment; recording the marriage of groom Shlomo known as Sali son of Rabbi Moshe Tzvi and bride Viali known as Pelis daughter of Rabbi Meir. Strasbourg, Tevet 1910.
25.5 cm. Very good condition, filing holes.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 33 Lot Number 24

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Kebubah Recording the Marriage of Ga’on Rabbi Moshe Frankenthal – Jerusalem, 1877

Handwritten Ketubah, recording the marriage of groom Moshe Shlomo [Frankenthal], and bride Sarah Nechama daughter of Rabbi Yeshaya [Orenstein]. Jerusalem, 15 Av, 1877.
Groom is well-known Torah giant of Jerusalem, Rabbi Moshe Shochat-Frankenthal (1859-1942), son-in-law of Ga’on Rabbi Yeshaya Orenstein. Sharp genius, proficient in all realms of Torah, considered one of greatest Torah scholars of Jerusalem. In his youth he already established the study group by Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin, together with his brother-in-laws Rabbi Ya’akov Orenstein and Rabbi Shlomo Blau; all three were his prominent disciples who frequently visited his home. As instructed by his rabbi, Rabbi Moshe became chief slaughterer of Jerusalem, however, upon reaching the age of forty he retired and spent the rest of his days studying Torah.
Approx. 29 cm. Fair condition, wear damage and stains.

Opening200$ Unsold
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