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Auction 36 Lot Number 1

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Illuminated Ketubah on Parchment – Ancona, 1789

Illuminated Ketubah on parchment, recording the marriage of Aharon, son of the deceased Benyamin Abulafia with Sara Bracha daughter of the deceased Eliya Modona of Modena. Ancona, Adar 8, 1789.
The Ketubah's borders are adorned with colorful illustrations: the inner frame with two tall pillars, the outer frame with rich floral decorations and on top of the outer frame a heraldic shield with a double-headed eagle. Five lines in eloquent Italian writing appear on the lower part of the Ketubah – the text concerns the monetary arrangements in case one of the parties dies and has no descendants, as well as the signatures of the witnesses "Mordechai Raphael Shimshon Zemach – rabbi and Dayan in Ancona and Yehoshua Shabtai ben Shmuel of Ascoli".
Length: 64 cm, width: 47 cm. Good condition. Creases, slight cracks in the paint, cracks near the margins and three holes (with no loss of text or illustration). Framed: 83X67 cm.

Opening5,000$ Unsold

Auction 36 Lot Number 2

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Fragments of Two Ketubot which served as Book Bindings, 18th century

Fragments of two illuminated Ketubot which served as book bindings:
1. Fragment of an Italian Ketubah. [Mantua?], mid 18th cent., probably Heshvan 1755. Script and illustrations are very faded; reverse side of the Ketubah served as a book binding. Remnants of colorful illuminations – flowers and geometric designs into which the verses of "Eshet Chayil" are integrated – first letters of some of the words, not complete words, appear throughout the text. 35X50 cm. Poor condition. Tears (some glued), folding marks and stains.
2. Fragment of a Ketubah on parchment. [Europe? 18th cent.]. Upper right part of the Ketubah only. Title of book, for which the Ketubah served as a binding, appears on the spine, "Sefer Shem Tov Katan", a (Kabbalistic) prayer book several editions of which have been printed in Zholkiev in the 18th cent. 28X19.5 cm. Fair-poor condition. Stains, tears. Folded

Opening1,000$ Unsold

Auction 36 Lot Number 3

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Ketubah on Paper – Herat – Afghanistan,1889

Ketubah recording the marriage of the groom Joseph son of Israel with the bride Esther daughter of Jacob. Herat, Afghanistan, 1889.
Watercolor on paper.
The text and the blessings fill up most of the page. On the top, five red arches with blue background are inscribed with blessings and verses. Every line in the text is framed in red. On the bottom, five red cartouches with blue background. The ketubah is signed by the witnesses following the text. In Afghanistan, at the completion of the wedding ceremony, it was customary for the mother of the bride to keep the ketubah folded and sealed.
46x38 cm approximately, framed: 63x55 cm. Was not examined outside of the frame. Fair condition, some damage, holes and stains

Opening300$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 4

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Illustrated Ketubah – Persia, 1927

Ketubah, recording the marriage of the groom Yochanan son of Hajbi Yoseph to the bride Byton daughter of Refael. Isfahan, 1927.
Ink and watercolor on paper.
The ketubah is adorned with characteristic color illustrations: lions, birds, cypress tree, suns and flowers. Hand written verses frame the text of the Ketubah. The Motif of the lion with a half sun with a human face is one of the national symbols of Persia. It appears on many Jewish marriage contracts from this area. The Jewish congregation in Isfahan is known to be one of the ancient and large communities in Persia.
66X62 cm. Fair condition, folding marks and a few holes

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 5

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Ketubah – Jerusalem, 1925

Ketubah recording the marriage of the groom Eliyahu ben Ya'akov Mizrahi with the bride Sarah bat Avraham Eliezer Bilu. Jerusalem, Sivan, 1925.
Printing in golden ink; inscription in brown ink.
The Ketubah is decorated on the upper part with characteristic verses. In the center appear two lions holding a round shield with an inscription: "Hotam Kolelet Va'ad HaSefaradim, Yerushalem" in Hebrew, French and Arabic. The Ketubah text is written in traditional oriental handwriting. The groom signed next to Rabbi Avraham Azriel's signature. Two decorative pillars on right and left with printed verses and an illustration with the inscription "tombs of Davidic line kings" and "the Western Wall".
35X50 cm, fair condition, folding marks and stains, adhesive tape on the reverse.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 36 Lot Number 6

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King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba – Printed Micrography – Frankfurt, 1899

King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Micrography by Moshe Eliyahu Goldstein. Frankfurt am Main, 1899.
Illustration: the queen of Sheba arrives to test King Solomon through riddles. The text: passages from the Book of Kings A and B.
On the upper part of the drawing appears the inscription "tribute sent to" (appears on all of the copies) followed by the name of the receiver "Meir Marx", handwritten by Moshe Eliyahu Goldstein.
Approx. 49X39 cm. Tears and stains to folding marks. Adhesive tape on the reverse. Frame: 59X49 cm, not examined outside of the frame.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 7

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Printed Micrography – Emperor Wilhelm II

Portrait of the German Emperor and King of Prussia, Emperor Wilhelm II. Printed micrography, Germany, 1908.
The portrait of the Emperor consists of miniature letters composing a Hebrew text (the text: biography of the Emperor from the book "Berur Davar"/ Der Kaiser und die Krone des guten Namens, 1908); framed by oak-wood branches.
50X35 cm. Stains, tears restored with adhesive tape (to borders). Frame 62X47 cm, not examined out of frame.

Opening400$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 8

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Postcard with Micrographic Text of the Samson Tale and “Hatikva” – In Honor of the Anniversary of the Coronation of King George VI – India, 1937

Honor of the Anniversary of the Coronation of King George VI – India, 1937
A postcard with micrographic text of the biblical Samson tale from the Book of Judges. Together with the words of "Our Hope" ("Hatikva) poem Written by Naftali Herz Imber. The scribe: Samson Son of Avraham Eliyahu. Bombay, India, November 1937.
the story of Samson is written on the postcard In minute letters, as it appears in the Book of Judges chapters 13 and 14. The words of the poem: "Our hope" by Naftali Herz Imber appear as well; the short version of this poem became Israel's national anthem.
At the ending of the text are biographical details regarding the scribe, Samson son of Avraham Eliyahu from "Bene Israel" congregation in Bombay. "After he finished the school of the Bene Israel in Bombay he entered the school of art". It continues: "He traveled to England to study architecture". Following his return to Bombay "He completed all sorts of employments, among them in the synagogue "Magen Hasidim" and "Bene Israel". The postcard was manufactured for the anniversary of the coronation of King George VI as well as for the journey of Eliyahu to Eretz Israel. On the bottom right corner, a photo of Shimshon Eliyahu is glued on.
Postcard: 9x13.5 cm, glued on cardboard: 11.5x19.5. cm. Slight damages.

Opening300$ Sold For541$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 9

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“Mizrah” – Beads – Europe, 19th century

A Mizrah with lions, angels and the name of God. embroidery with beads. Europe, 19th century.
Gray-brown cotton canvas, embroidered with silk, wool and beads.
The design of the embroidery is symmetrical: Two rampant lions standing on red flames, supporting a Star of David with the Tablets of the Law, two winged putti holding a golden crown. Under them, an inscription with God's name in black.
Height: 51.5cm, width: 53cm. Some stains.
See: Barbra Kirschenblatt-Gimblett and Cissy Grossman, Fabric of Jewish Life, New York, 1977, cat. No. 175.

Opening2,000$ Sold For2,460$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 10

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“Shiviti” Edited by Rabbi Ben-Zion Levy / Two Handwritten “Shiviti” on Parchment

1. "Shiviti". Lithographic printing of an editorial and graphic work by Rabbi Ben-Zion Levy. Adar B, 1954. "LaMenatze'ach" menorah in the center, on its sides are letter combinations and names of martyrs, names of the tribes and Star of David decorations. On the lower part appears a warning: "no one has the right to draw such a menorah or copy it or print it…printing was supervised by Avraham Shalom Aharon Cohen, written and edited by Ben-Zion Levy". The text of the verses, decorations and names in the "Shiviti menorah" are different from similar Shiviti leaves. Approx. 41X33 cm. Good condition. Frame: 59.5X49 cm, not examined outside of the frame.
2-3. Two "Shiviti" on parchment. [Jerusalem, early 20th cent.]. The "Lamenatze'ach" menorah, letter combinations and martyrs' names appear in both. "Yerushalem" is written on the base of one of the Menorahs. 12.5X9 cm; 16.5X11.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains; tear to one leaf. In fine frames.

Opening250$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 11

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“Shiviti” – Poland – 1920s

"Shiviti". Warsaw, [1920s].
Stencil printing. Signed: "M. Feigenblum, Warsaw" (Hebrew).
In the center appears an inscription in Hebrew: "I have set the LORD always before me". On the lower part a depiction of a menorah flanked by two lions, with Hebrew inscriptions. God's name and the menorah are printed in gold.
50X41cm. Good condition.

Opening300$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 12

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Large “Mizrah” with a Map of Eretz Israel

"Jerusalem – Mizrah – Map of Palestine". [USA?], 1937.
Lithographic printing on paper.
In the center – Map of Eretz Israel and its surrounding. Around the map appear the holy sites, list of 22 settlements [moshavot] in Eretz Israel and an empty space for adding the Jahrzeit (memorial day) dates.
56X43 cm. Good condition. Stains and creases at borders. Tear to upper left corner.

Opening250$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 13

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Three Prints – “Mizrah” / “Shanah Tovah”

1. A linocut portraying worshipers praying next to a stone wall, with the sun shining in the background. Inscription: "Mizrah". Signed in pencil and dated 1929. Mounted on cardboard: 25X19.5 cm. Stains.
2. Woodcut, view of Jerusalem and the inscription "Mizrah". Signed (unidentified). 12X13.5 cm. Fair-poor condition. Attached to acid-free paper.
3. Etching by Yehuda Wallersteiner. Figure blowing a Shofar on the background of the Old City of Jerusalem. Inscription: "LeShanah Tovah Tikatevu BeEretz Israel, 1935". 15X10.5 cm. Stains.

Opening200$ Sold For295$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 14

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Illustrated Leaf with Zionist Motives (After Lilien) – Warsaw

Single leaf. Golubczyk printing press, Warsaw, [1920s-30s].
Lithographic printing in color.
Promotional or useful leaf of a Jewish business owner, "E. Lipsker" of Warsaw. Decorated with a Star of David and Menorahs, with a large inscription: "Mizrahi".
In the center appear a nice illustration and the writing "for Zion's sake I shall not be silent", after Ephraim Moshe Lilien's drawing from the book Lieder des Ghetto.
Approx. 23X23 cm. Fair condition. Tears, professionally restored. Folding marks. Minor stains. Frame: 35X34.5 cm, not examined out of frame.

Opening300$ Sold For394$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 15

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Holy Ark Decoration Shaped as the Tablets of Law

A decoration for the upper part of a holy ark, shaped as the Tablets of Law. [Eretz Israel, c. mid 20th century].
Bent tin, with cutouts, painted and decorated.
This decoration was finely painted and written by an artist. It was intended to decorate the upper part of a holy ark. On the top it bears the symbol of the priestly blessing and a small Torah Crown; a main decoration shaped as the Tablets of the Law with the Ten Commandments. The lower part bears an inscription in Hebrew, with stylized branches on the sides.
Height: 45 cm, width: 46.5 cm. fair condition, Some damages and peeling of the paint. Rust and corrosion. The decoration has some bends and a missing part on the right side.

Opening300$ Sold For566$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 16

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“When Adar Begins” – a Sheet Designed for the Month of “Adar”– Mukačevo

"When Adar begins we increase our joy". Published by Kahn & Fried, book merchants in Mukačevo, c. 1910-1920.
It was customary in Hungary, Slovakia and other countries to hang similar decorations on the synagogue wall at the opening of the month of "Adar".
On the margins and center verses and a liturgical poem for Purim are inscribed in Hebrew. Illustrations of storks, fish and lions.
34x41.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Glued on a paper for preservation. Folding marks. Some tears at the borders. The left bottom corner is missing.

Opening200$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 17

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“When Adar begins” – Hand Painted Postcard – Russia

"When Adar begins we increase our joy", drawing on a postcard (undivided). Russia, [Early 20th century/ the 1920's].
Watercolor illustrations: three medallions with fish, curtains and a sign with the Hebrew inscription: "When Adar begins we increase our joy", Pisces – the symbol of the month of Adar and "Adar". 13.5x8.5 cm. Good condition. Stains.

Opening200$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 18

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Map of Eretz Israel from the Rabbi Eliyahu Mizrahi Torah Commentary – Fürth , 1763

Map of the borders of Eretz Israel according to Rabbi Eliyahu Mizrahi [leaf from the book about Rashi commentary by Rabbi Eliyahu Mizrahi. Fürth, 1763].
On p.122/2 appears a map of the borders of Eretz Israel, according to a map by Eliyahu Mizrahi which appeared in his book about Rashi commentary published in Venice in 1527 and was, most probably, the first printed Hebrew map. "Eretz Israel" is printed in the center, east pointing upwards.
Leaf 29 cm. Good condition. Stains.

Opening200$ Sold For246$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 19

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Picture of Prominent Jewish Rabbis – Breslau, late 19th century

"Prominent Jewish Rabbis" – large leaf in lithographic printing [S. Schottlaender. Breslau], no date of printing. [Printing press operated between the years1888 and 1894].
Portraits of 40 leading rabbis through the generations, amongst them: Rambam, Rabbi Shmuel Eidels (the Maharsha), Maggid of Koznitz, Vilna Ga'on, Chatam Sofer and his sons, Ba'al Shem Tov of Michelstadt, Rabbi Akiva Eger, and others.
Printed with gold and olive green decorations. 47X37.5 cm.Fair-good condition. Chopped margins. Minor damages. Frame: 45X54.5 cm, with minor damages.

Opening250$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 20

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Three “Shiviti” and “Jahrzeit” Plates in Colorful Lithographic Printing

1. Erinnerung. Jahrzeit leaf in colorful lithographic printing. Published by S. Grünwald, Timisoara, Ingusz-nyomda printing press, Arad, Transilvania, [early 20th cent.]. 33X42.5 cm. Good condition. Stains, minor tears.
2. Jahrzeit leaf [memorial day] in colorful lithographic printing. No printer details, [Germany, early 20th cent.]. 40X50 cm. Good condition.
3. "Mizrah" in colorful lithographic printing. [Breslau?, Germany, early 20th cent.]. 38X50.5 cm. Good condition. Minor damages to borders.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 36 Lot Number 21

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“Soldier Leaving for the Battlefield” – Lithograph – Vilnius, 1905

"Soldier leaving for the battlefield", lithograph. H. Laskov, Vilnius, ca. 1905.
Illustration by H. Laskov portraying a Jewish soldier leaving his family, since he was drafted to the Russian Army during the Russo-Japanese War.
The illustration shows the whole family taking leave of the soldier who goes to war. His father blesses him; his wife, mother and daughters are crying. Inscription in Russian above the illustration: "Soldier on reserve duty goes to war".
62X48 cm, framed 75X61 cm. Good condition. Folding marks, stains. Pasted on paper for preservation. Faded ink stamp under the illustration. On the left – censor approval – Vilnius, 1905. Publisher's name – erased.
See following item.

Opening600$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 22

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“The Young Widow” – Lithograph – Vilnius, 1905

"The Young Widow", Lithograph. H. Laskov, Vilnius, ca. 1905.
Illustration by H. Laskov, portraying a family receiving the news about the death of a soldier, one of the family members.
The illustration features a military person holding a letter in his hand. His other hand is on the shoulder of the soldier's mother who buries her face in her hands. The soldier's wife and his daughters are crying. His father holds a photograph in his hand with the writing "Our Hospital" and an issue of "Der Fraynd" newspaper.
The interior of the apartment is almost identical to that of the previous lithograph with minor differences: here, next to Herzl's portrait on the wall hangs the portrait of the soldier and a map of the Far East. The Siddur on the "stander" which was open is now closed.
An inscription in Russian above the illustration: "The Young Widow". Under the illustration:"A friend delivered a letter from the hospital which announces the death of the soldier".
The illustration is signed: "H. Laskov". The name of the publisher and the censor's approval appear under the illustration.
61X49 cm framed 75X61 cm. Good condition. Folding marks. Pasted on paper for preservation.

Opening600$ Sold For1,968$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 23

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Souvenir Poster – Inauguration of the Hebrew University, 1925

Souvenir poster in honor of the opening of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, [central Europe (Vienna?), 1925]. No mention of printer's name.
In the center appears the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus (viewed from the west), according to plans drawn by Patrick Geddes and his son in law Frank Mears, which, eventually, were not followed. The illustration is surrounded by medallions with portraits of prominent persons in Jewish history: Herzl, Baron Rothschild, Nordau, Weizmann, Wolfson, Bialik, Ahad HaAm, Trumpeldor, Ben-Yehudah, Shapira, Ussishkin, Sokolov and Herbert Samuel. The portraits are encircled by decorations of leaves and acorns. On the reverse appear two ink-stamps: 14th Zionist Congress in Vienna (1925) and an ink-stamp indicating price.
54X47.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Frame: 58X56 cm.

Opening500$ Sold For2,460$ Including buyers premium

Auction 36 Lot Number 24

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Ephraim Moshe Lilien – Via Dolorosa

Ephraim Moshe Lilien, sketch for a drawing of the Ecce Homo arch, crossing the Via Dolorosa.
Pencil and ink on paper.
Stamped on the reverse with an ink stamp: "Nachlass E.M. Lilien".
51X36 cm, frame: 56X46 cm.

Opening1,500$ Sold For3,444$ Including buyers premium
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