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Esther Scroll – Many Highlighted Holy Names

Esther Scroll on parchment. Handsome scribal writing (Ashkenazi, Ha'ari Chassidic), [Early 20th century]. Many places in this scroll have enlarged letters for acronyms composed of the beginning and ending letters of words, with Holy names. The name of G-d is not mentioned throughout the Esther scroll but those who study the scriptures on the level of remez find the name of G-d and other Holy Names hinted by acronyms and initials. The custom to highlight the Names in the Megillah is a wide-spread Chassidic-Kabalistic custom; however the Vilna Gaon's opinion is that letters which are not enlarged according to the Mesorah (tradition) should not be enlarged. This scroll is exceptional having highlighted letters of more than 25 Holy Names and Kabbalistic remazim. Usually Megillot with highlighted Names have only 3-5 highlighted Names. Height of parchment: approximately 58 cm. 42 lines per column. Good-fair condition, creases to parchment and cracked letters, spotting and minor tears.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 2

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Esther Scroll

Esther Scroll on parchment, Sephardic Wellish script. [Early 20th century?].
Thin processed parchment, parchment lace for fastening. Height of parchment: 17.5 cm. 18 lines per column. Good-fair condition. Spotting and wear, faded and missing letters. Stylish wooden pole, approximately 33 cm.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 3

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Shiviti on Parchment – Italy, 18th Century

Shiviti. Handwritten on parchment. [Italy? C. 18th century].
Stylish Shiviti, brown ink on soft light-colored parchment. In the center is a LaMenatzeach menorah and a pair of lions with double tails. Framed by verses.
10.5X16.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Creases. Minor tears and blurred or lacking inscriptions on margins.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 4

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Family Tree on Parchment – The Descendents of the Taz and the Be’er HaGola

A genealogy. Manuscript on a large parchment scroll. Haifa, 1957.
An illustration with the details of six generations of the descendents of the Dokor family of Lida, who trace their lineage to Rabbi David HaLevi, author of the Taz and to Rabbi Moshe Rivkes, author of Be'er Hagola. Edited by Shlomo ben Yeshaya Dokor who writes: "I have taken to heart…that all the scrolls of the genealogy in the possession of the descendents of the Taz and the Be'er Hagola…were destroyed with their owners by Hitler and his party…so the scroll which remained in my possession was blurred and worn from age and soon would disintegrate…and I am already nearing the age of 90 and know six generations…".
The first part of the family tree was written according to the genealogy written in 1812 by Rabbi Aryeh Leib ben R' Gavriel Av Beit Din of Volpa, with details of the family background from the Taz and the Be'er Hagola up to his time. The phrasing of this scroll was copied at the bottom of the tree.
Alongside the "trunk", is a colored illustration of the "plot with the tombstone of the grave of the Taz in Lvov".
Parchment scroll, 90 cm. Good condition, spotting and creases.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 5

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Piyut for Purim – Illustrated Poster – Persian Kurdistan

"Ish Yehudi haya B'Shushan" – Illustrated poster for Purim. [Persian Kudistan, end of 19th century or beginning of 20th century].
Ink and paint on paper.
Colored frame illustrated with flowers, leaves and vases. Inside the frame is the text: "Ish Yehudi haya b'Shushan…". In the center of the leaf is the piyut Tenu Shira V'Zimra written inside two columns. Kurdistan Jews used to sing this piyut before reading the Megilla. The Megilla blessings are written at the end of the piyut.
A similar poster is described by the bibliograph and researcher Menashe Refael Lehman in the Sinai journal (Issue 98, 1986, pp. 74-75): "The piyut Yedidim Barchu was unknown until today. It can be found in various places written on a vellum poster painted in glorious colors with verses from the megillah to be said on Purim. I have recently purchased a poster from an Arab merchant in the Old City of Jerusalem". This is a more exact version than the version publicized by Lehmann.
Leaf, 43 cm. Placed in a frame 32X46 cm. Stains and moisture marks, wear and tear. Not examined outside of the frame.
See: Lights and Shadows, the story of Iran and the Jews (Beit HaTfutzot, the Museum of the Jewish People, Tel Aviv, 2010), pp. 48-49.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 6

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“If I forget thee Jerusalem” – Large Colored Lithograph – Jerusalem, 1926 – Moshe Mizrachi

"If I forget thee Jerusalem" – colored lithograph. [Jerusalem], 1926. Made by Moshe ben Yitzchak Mizrachi (Sha'a).
In the center of the print are four sections, one above the other: On the upper part are illustration of the Temple Mount, flags and Stars of David, doves with letters in their beaks. In the second section is a depiction of The Binding of Isaac: Isaac is lying on the altar and an angel is holding Abraham's knife. On one side is a ram entangled in the thicket. In the third section is an illustration of Abraham and Isaac on their way to the "akeda" and "his two servant-men" are smoking a narghile and guarding the donkey. On the bottom, is an illustration of the Western Wall. The print is flanked by pillars with cartouches crowned by a pair of lions. Inside the cartouches are illustrations of the holy sites: Rachel's tomb, the tomb of Zecharya the Prophet, the tomb of Yosef the Tzaddik, the tomb of R' Meir Ba'al HaNess, Yad Avshalom and the tomb of the Rambam. With floral ornamentations and inscriptions of appropriate verses for each part.
The artist Moshe ben Yitzchak Mizrachi (Sha'a) was born before 1870 in Tehran, ascended to Eretz Israel in 1890 and changed his name to Mizrachi. He lived in Jerusalem and became a scribe. For his livelihood, he opened a store for frames and mirrors in the spice market of the Old City. He died in the 1930s. He was known in Jerusalem as the "lamp artist" (Shiviti). (See: Art and crafts in Eretz Israel in the 19th century, Israel Museum, Jerusalem 1979, pp. 118-124).
Lithograph,46X59 cm. Spotting, creases and wear, restored tears. Mounted on paper for restoration.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 7

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Asah Yareach L’Moadim – Wall Calendar – Constantinople, 1558

"Asah yareach l'moadim shemesh yada mevo'o", a wall calendar designed for the year 1558 [Constantinople?], [1558].
Printed on one side. Twelve-month calendar, with details of the New Moon, the constellations and the location of the heavenly bodies, the order of the weekly Torah portions, the Tekufot and dates of the months according to Ante Christum.
Written at the top of the leaf: "This coming year 5319 from creation…966 for the Muslims, 1558 for the Christians…" [This paragraph lists other counts: "From the Flood", "From the time our forefathers descended to Egypt", "From the birth of Moshe Rabbeinu", "From the rise of the horn of King David", "From the beginning of the Hasmonean dynasty", "From the completion of the Mishna", "From the completion of the Talmud", "From the completion of the Rambam's Yad Chazaka", "From Israel's expulsion from France", "From the Spanish exile", etc.].
[1] leaf. 39 cm. Fair condition. Many stains. Worm damage and tears, professionally restored. Damage to text in several places. New elaborate leather binding (with minor damages).
Very rare. This leaf is almost whole (with the exception of restored damages in several places). See: Y. Yudlov, Ginzei Israel (the collection of Dr. Israel Mehlman), Listing 1817 – a description of a copy of this calendar of which "most is missing". No other complete copy is known anywhere in the world.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 8

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Collection of Leaves of Protection and Segulot

Collection of printed leaves:
* Protection from plagues, segula for livelihood and success, by Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum. Miskolc, printed by R' Binyamin Freidman. * Protection for child, for good luck. [Vienna? 1893?]. Segula for life and cures. Jerusalem, [c. 1935]. Yavneh printing press. * Kupat Eliyahu Hanavi, strong segula for salvation and success. Prayer by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdychiv. With an English letter for sending donations to the "Rehovot HaNahar", yeshiva for Mekubalim in Jerusalem, [US?, c. 1830s-40s].
4 leaves, Varied size and condition.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 9

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Illustrated Leaves of Protection – Lithography – Morocco

Leaves of protection for a woman giving birth and for the newborn, with illustrations depicting hands, Stars of David and zodiac symbols of fish, Menorah and Temple vessels, [Morocco, early 20th century]. Made by R' Avraham Bokobza.
3 leaves, 22 cm. Lithography. Gilt ink, good-fair condition, one leaf in fair-poor condition.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 10

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Vegen Taharat HaMishpacha – Printed Proclamation by the Chafetz Chaim

"Article by the Gaon HaTzaddik Author of Chafetz Chaim – Vegen Taharat HaMishpacha", printed Yiddish proclamation, words of inspiration to fulfill the laws of family purity, by immersing in a kosher Mikveh according to Torah law. [Vilna, c. 1920s].
Leaf, 47.5 cm. Good-fair condition, wear, minor tears within paper folds.
Rare. Printed during the life of the Chafetz Chaim.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 11

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Afilu a Los Judios di Bulgaria – Ladino Proclamation – Bulgaria, 1902

Afilu a Los Judios di Bulgaria [Call to Bulgarian Jews] – a printed proclamation. Bulgaria, 1902. Ladino.
The proclamation calls upon all Jewish parties to support Rabbi Mordechai Ze'ev (Marcus) Aharonfreiz, who was elected two years previously as Chief Rabbi of Bulgaria, and to oppose the "Rabbi's enemies". The proclamation presents details of the rabbi's activities in uprooting anti-Semitism.
Printed leaf, 50 cm. Fair-poor condition. Spotting, wear and coarse tears (restored with paper glued on the reverse side of proclamation).

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Auction 40 Lot Number 12

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Kol MeHeichal – Proclamation by Jerusalem Rabbis, 1873 – Unknown

Kol MeHeichal. Proclamation against "those who ascend without permits", printed signatures of "The heads and managers of the community of Ashkenazim". Jerusalem, Adar 1873.
The proclamation was written in opposition to the Ma'apalim (illegal immigrants) to Eretz Israel "against the wish of Torah scholars" that by doing so are stealing from the city's Jews who live from the "Chaluka". The proclamation cautions against this unsupervised immigration and threatens that the unauthorized immigrants will not be privileged to receive monetary support from the "Chaluka" funds and will be subject to poverty and risk of death.
Leaf, 35 cm. Good condition, folding marks, few stains.
Bibliographically unknown. Not listed in the Bibliography Institute nor by Shoshana HaLevi. Does not exist in the National Library of Israel.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 13

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Prayer in Honor of Sultan Abdul Hamid – Jerusalem, 1898

"The prayer arranged by our teacher, Rabbi Shmuel Salant" – A leaf with a printed prayer in honor of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II. Jerusalem, 1898.
Leaf printed in green ink. The Sultan's name is written in gilded ink. Red ink frame.
35 cm. Good condition, folding marks, several holes, spotting.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 14

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Tenure Regulations of Sephardim – Ashkenazim – Printed Proclamation – Jerusalem, 1875

"Tenure regulations", a proclamation with regulations by Jerusalem rabbis from 1957-1959 concerning leasing houses and courtyards in Jerusalem. Jerusalem, [c. 1875].
Printed signatures: Rabbi "Moshe Yehuda Leiben [should be Leib, Ben] Binyamin" [Zilberberg] – "Rabbi of Kutno"; Rabbi Shmuel Salant; Rabbi Mordechai [Chaim] Meyuchas; Rabbi Ya'akov Kapiloto, Rabbi Avraham Ashkenazi and Rabbi Mordechai Meir ben Rabbi Eliyahu [Rabinson].
The regulations concern both Sephardim and Ashkenazim but after the signatures the Sephardi rabbis added: "This has been decided by the Sephardim and the Ashkenazim, and if an Ashkenazi tradesman (!) lives in a Sephardi courtyard or the opposite, they will conduct themselves according to the regulations… But we, the Sephardim have a different way of settling matters…".
Leaf, 30 cm. Good condition. Dark-colored paper, folding marks, tiny hole.
S. HaLevi (no. 57) lists the date of printing: 1859, but this is erroneous since Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Leib of Kutno died in 1865 and here he is already referred to as after his death. The shape of the letters also indicate that the leaf was printed later than the date of the regulations. The estimated date has been written according to the Bibliography Institute CD.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 15

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Leaf with Prayer in Honor of Nicholas II of Russia – Jerusalem, 1895 – Unknown

"The prayer which was said by the Jewish community … for the success of the powerful kingdom of Russian Tsar Nikolai the II … in the great synagogue Beit Ya'akov…" – a printed leaf with a prayer for the success of Caesar Nikolai the II of Russia and his wife Alexandra Fyodorovna. Jerusalem, 1895.
Leaf printed in black and gilded ink, with red ink frame (identical frame on reverse side of leaf).
23X29 cm. Good condition, tears, some spotting, folding marks.
Bibliographically unknown. Not listed in the Bibliography Institute. Does not exist in the National Library of Israel.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 16

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Printed Letter by Rabbi Shmuel Salant – Polemic of “Kollel America”

Printed leaf – letter by Rabbi Shmuel Salant, to R' Leib Rottenberg and to R' Yitzchak Zvi Beilin. Response to the slander of the people of "Kollel America" against the Vaad HaKlali in Jerusalem and about the opinion of the Brisker Rav on the polemic of "Kollel America". Jerusalem, 1897.
The establishment in 1996 of "Kollel Tiferet Yerushalayim" known by the name of "Kollel America", roused a great storm in Jerusalem. At that time all the Ashkenazi kollelim in Jerusalem were united in the framework of the Vaad HaKlali – Knesset Yisrael and the establishment of an independent kollel would harm the income of the rest of the kollelim and may even cause a break in their unity. The kollel was established following claims that the Vaad HaKlali did not distribute the monies fairly and the Brisker Rav, Rabbi Yehoshua Leib (the Maharil) Diskin supported the move to establish the new kollel. On the other hand, Rabbi Shmuel Salant supported the Vaad HaKlali and strictly opposed the establishment of the new kollel. He announced that "the destruction of the Vaad HaKlali is the destruction of the whole yishuv". The rabbis of Jerusalem who headed the various kollelim joined Rabbi Shmuel Salant in his opposition. This matter sparked a great dispute and those who supported the Brisker Rav clashed with the members of the Vaad HaKlali as reflected in this letter. In the first stage of the polemic, before the Maharil Diskin's support of the new kollel became distinct, Rabbi Shmuel Salant claimed in this letter that the Brisker Rav is being extorted by the members of "Kollel America" but he does not really support them and his signature on their proclamations is forged. He adds that the Brisker Rav himself "sent me an excellent G-d fearing Torah scholar to request in his name that I publicize that this is a complete falsehood because he is not involved at all in the matter of Kollel America and he has never given his approval of it…". But on Erev Rosh Hashana 1898, the Maharil Diskin wrote an explicit letter: "I have approved the establishment of Kollel America".
Leaf, 33cm. Good condition, folding marks, tears to paper folds (without damage to text).

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Auction 40 Lot Number 17

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Power of Prohibitions – Jerusalem, 1896

Proclamation – "Power of Prohibitions in the past and present, one against the other". [Jerusalem, c. 1896].
Copy of the excommunication written by the Rabbis of Vilnius against the Chassidim: "…Cult of Suspicious men" (Chassidim) who "formed their own groups, and their religious ways and prayers differ from those of Bnei Israel…". The proclamation calls “to destroy and uproot, and raise a call to ban and excommunicate and curse…” 18 of Vilnius’ Rabbis signed this proclamation together with the Vilna Gaon.
This ban is accompanied by the excommunication of Rabbi Shmuel Salant: “To completely forbid our brothers of the Ashkenazi Kollels to study in the schools…".
This proclamation was distributed as a parody by the Enlightenment circles in Jerusalem, to show they were not afraid of Rabbis' bans, just as the ban on Chassidism did not prevent the Chassidic movement from spreading.
Leaf, 45 cm. Thin pink paper. Good-fair condition. Folding marks, tears at the margins without damage to text. Part of the title is printed on an Ottoman postage stamp.
Rare, not listed in the Bibliography Institute CD.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 18

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Proclamation against English Missionary Activities – Jerusalem, 1893

Kol Nehi Nishma B'Zion, printed proclamation to "Our brothers in the Diaspora" by Jerusalem Rabbis, concerning English missionary activities. Jerusalem, 1893. Signatures (printed) of about 20 Jerusalem Rabbis. Stamps of the "Knesset Israel Committee" and the "Badatz of the Ashkenazi Community" (Pharisees).
"…A fire was ignited in Zion by a band of missionaries, consuming the foundations of the Torah". In the proclamation, the Jerusalem Rabbis warn not to believe the false rumor spread in Russia, according to which those immigrating to Eretz Israel will receive a free plot of land. Following this rumor, needy Jewish families - "refugees of Russia" - came to Jerusalem. The proclamation further states details of the English missionary activities in Jerusalem and of Jews who have already fallen into their trap and the efforts to save them.
Proclamation, 37 cm. Fair condition. Tears (with damage to text), filing holes, wear stains and folding marks. Mounted on Bristol.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 19

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Collection of Printed Leaves – Jerusalem and Eretz Israel

Large collection of printed material: proclamations, single leaves and rare booklets. Jerusalem and Eretz Israel, early 20th century (mostly 1920-1930).
Leaves of protection, Shiviti and Segulot, proclamations of Kabbalist Yeshivot (including a notice of the Or Chadash and Tzemach Tzedek Yeshiva regarding the recital of Psalms and Ta'anit Dibur, with handwritten inscriptions of a journey to Hebron in 1927, to pray at the gravesites of our Forefathers and of Otniel ben Knaz and Yishai, King David's father). Polemic proclamations, commercial advertisements, publicity for institutes and colorful New Year letters. Receipts [signed], certificates of Nezer Gaba'ut.
Approximately 65 items, some are colored lithographs, varied size and condition.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 20

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Sefer Chibat Yerushalayim – First Edition, Jerusalem, 1804

Sefer Chibat Yerushalayim, geography and history of cities of the Holy Land, holy sites and graves of tzadikim. By Rabbi Chaim HaLevi Horowitz. Jerusalem, 1804. First edition. Rabbi Yisrael Beck printing press. Illustration of houses in Jerusalem and Mount of Olives on title page.
Approbations of rabbis of Jerusalem and Rebbe Rabbi Aharon descendant of Zvi of Brod son-in-law of editor. Preface by printer, Rabbi Yisrael son of Rabbi Avraham Beck. Page preceding title page contains fine handwritten dedication to Rabbi Avraham Maragi.
[3], 60 leaves. 20.5 cm. Quality paper, good-fair condition, spotting and wear, original binding, leather spine, worn.
S. HaLevi no. 23. Several forged editions of this book were printed in Koenigsberg and Blomberg. This is the first and original edition.

Opening250$ Sold For566$ Including buyers premium

Auction 40 Lot Number 21

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Tevu’at HaAretz – Books by Rabbi Yehosef Shwartz – First Editions, from the First Jerusalem Printings

* Divrei Yosef, by Rabbi Yehosef Shwartz "From the Ashkenzi children", Halacha and astronomy of Eretz Israel. Jerusalem, 1843. Woodcut on first title page.
[8], 70, [6] leaves. Approximately 15 cm. The two last leaves are missing and are replaced by facsimiles. High-quality paper, good condition, paper restoration to the corners of the first and last leaves. New binding.
* Tevuot HaAretz (Part 2 of Divrei Yosef). Bound with Totzaot HaAretz and Ma'ase HaAretz. Science and halachic research on Eretz Israel. Jerusalem, 1845.
[2] 156; 52, [3] leaves. Approximately 15 cm. High-quality paper, good-fair condition, worm damages to several leaves. New binding.
* Divrei Yosef (Parts 3-4), Pri Tevua, Pardess, responsa, explanations and various other topics of wisdom. Corrections and additions to Tevuot HaAretz which was published in 1845. Jerusalem, 1861. Illustrations on Leaf 7.
[7], 147, [1] leaf. Approximately 16 cm. High-quality paper, good condition. New binding.
* Divrei Yosef (Parts 3-4 – second part. Responsa). Jerusalem, 1862.
[4], 170, [1] leaves. Approximately 15 cm. High-quality paper, good condition. New binding.
The Rabbi, Mekubal and researcher, Rabbi Yehosef Shwartz was born in Germany in 1805, ascended to Jerusalem in 1833 and died in 1865. Even today, his books are the basis for many discussions regarding Eretz Israel, both in the Torah-halachic area as well as in the area of historic-science research of Eretz Israel.
S. HaLevi: 17, 31, 58, 62.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 22

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Book of Regulations of the Torat Chesed Society and the Keter Torah Yeshiva – Jerusalem, 1884

Book of regulations for the Torat Chesed Society and the Keter Torah yeshiva. Jerusalem, [1884]. Printed by Yitzchak Gashtzinani.
Printed pamphlet, "The objective of the society is…to raise the honor and glory of the Torah". The stamp of the association and handwritten signatures of the heads of the society appear on Page 4.
8 pages. Fair condition, coarse tears (without lack), stains and wear.
See: S. HaLevi, Sifrei Yerushalayim HaRishonim, no. 481, who lists a copy in Hebrew and in Yiddish (from the Jews' College library). This is a different copy, only in Hebrew. Not listed in the Bibliography Institute. Does not exist in the National Library of Israel.

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Auction 40 Lot Number 23

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Parchment Ketubah Signed by Chazan Yossele Rosenblatt / Family Items – Hamburg, 1907

* Ketubah recording the marriage of the groom "Uri, called also Philip" (of the Peine family) with the bride "Hendel, called also Henny" (of the Fleischman family). Scribal writing on parchment. Hamburg, 1907.
The Ketubah has two signatures, one by "Yosef ben R' Refael Rosenblatt Chief Shliach Tzibur and faithful witness of the Ashkenazi community of Hamburg…" referring to the renowned Chazan (cantor) Yossele Rosenblatt (1882-1933), one of the greatest cantors of all times, who contributed greatly to shaping the world of Jewish Chazanut. In 1906, he began filling the position of Oberkantor (Chief Cantor) in the city of Hamburg, where his fame started spreading, and where he remained until he finally moved to the USA in 1912. He signed this Ketubah about a year after he was appointed Oberkantor in the Hamburg community at the age of 25.
* Fabric pouch. Greenish silk with gilt impression. Souvenir from the wedding of Philip Peine and Henny Fleischman. German. (Tears and damage to pouch). * Photograph of groom and bride (apparently the aforementioned couple). * Siddur Iyun Tefilla, with German translation. Prague, 1855. German signature: Moshe Peine.
4 items, varied size and condition.

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 40 Lot Number 24

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Illustrated Ketubah – Herat, Afghanistan, 1898

Ketubah recording the marriage of the groom Nuriel ben Netanel, with the bride, Yocheved bat Ya'akov Chaim. Herat, (Afghanistan), Elul 1898.
Ink and paint on paper. Scribal writing.
Ornamented architectural frame around text, and simanim in alphabetical order. Witnesses' signatures inside cartouches at the bottom of the Ketubah.
Approximately 46X57 cm. in a frame. Wear and tear. Not examined out of the frame.

Opening800$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium
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