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Auction 44 Lot Number 1


Small Torah Scroll – With Unique Adorned Tagim – Eastern Europe, 18th Century

Small Torah scroll. [Eastern Europe, c. 18th century].
Ashkenazi handwriting, characteristic to Russia or Eastern-Europe, 18th century. Bereshit and Shemot have unique, elaborate crown-like adornments on the Tagim (serifs). This is a rare phenomenon, since halachic requirements forbid adding adornments and decorations to a Torah scroll, but these adornments were done in a permissible manner – they are an extension of the Tagim.
Height of parchment: 25 cm, Atzei Haim: 50 cm. Overall good-fair condition. Stains, repairs with parchment and repairs to the writing.

Opening5,000$ Sold For6,150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 2


Esther Scroll with Adornments

Esther scroll. Ashkenazi Bet Yosef writing. [20th century].
HaMelech scroll [most columns begin with the word “HaMelech”]. With adornments at the top of the columns.
Height of parchment: 43.5 cm. 42 lines in each column. Fair condition, stains and creases. Tears [completed with glued parchment] on the last page. Housed in a case, with damages.

Opening250$ Sold For344$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 3


Miniature Esther Scroll – Carved Olivewood Case

Esther scroll, ink on thin parchment, Sephardic (Vellish) scribal writing. 14 lines. HaMelech scroll [most columns begin with the word “HaMelech”]. Rolled on a wooden pole with a carved olivewood case, with illustrations of holy sites, black inscriptions [Jerusalem, Western wall and Rachel's Tomb] and a colorful decorative frame. Jerusalem, 20th century.
Height of parchment: 5 cm. Maximum height including handles and carved case: approximately 22 cm. Good condition. break to upper handle.

Opening250$ Sold For590$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 4


Esther Scroll – 19th-20th Century

Esther Scroll, ink on parchment, fines scribal writing, "Beit Yossef" script, with some ornamentations. [19th-20th century].
In the words "Chor Karpas Utchelet" appears an odd "ח" (the legs of the letter "ח" are wide apart adorned on both its tips – an early custom according to Ashkenaz tradition, common in scribal script until the 17th century). At the end of the page "Ten sons of Haman" appears a drawing of a wine goblet [for the Mitzvah of the day to drink and celebrate] and an illustration of grapes appears at the end of the last word of the scroll.
Height of parchment ca. 41 cm. 40 lines. Good-fair condition, faded ink and damaged letters.

Opening300$ Sold For443$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 5


Oil Painting – A Jewish Figure with a Book

Oil painting, depicting a Jewish man, with an open book in front of him.
Oil on canvas. Unidentified artist.
37X53.5 cm. Tear, reinforced on back with a strip of fabric. Framed.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 44 Lot Number 6


Oil Painting – Jewish Man with a Torah Scroll – Poland

Attractive oil painting, depicting a Jewish man wrapped in a Tallit standing in front of the Holy Ark, holding a Torah scroll wrapped in its mantle, with a Torah shield and finials.
Oil on canvas, mounted on plywood. Signed: Wladyslaw Wachowski [?], Lodz.
28.5X40.5 cm. Cut piece on upper part. Placed in an attractive frame.

Opening400$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 7


Painting by the Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Patilon – “The Holy Artist”

Oil-painting by the Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Leon Patilon.
Oil on canvas, signed: Patilon.
Seen in the painting is a religious Jewish man standing in an alley on the background of a high mountain.
Kabbalist Yehuda Leon Patilon (died Cheshvan 1975) was known as a wonder-worker, knowledgeable about Olam HaNeshamot and gilgulim. He earned his livelihood as an artist and was called the "Holy Artist". Rabbi Yehuda Patilon belonged to a kabbalistic group who clandestinely studied together and were named after their professions: “The Shoemaker” – Rabbi Moshe Ya'akov Ravikov, “the Milkman” – Rabbi Chaim Ezra Cohen, "the Floorlayer" – Rabbi Avraham Fish and "the Street Cleaner" – Rabbi Yosef Waltoch.
35X45.5 cm. Minor damages. Framed.

Opening500$ Sold For2,460$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 8


Four Handwritten Leaves of Prayers – Calligraphic Art – Germany, Mid-19th Century

Four handwritten leaves of prayers, made with impressive calligraphic art, by Zenvil Wolf Katz Wertheimer "Scribe in Bodersweier" (Germany), [1847]-1848. Hebrew, Yiddish (Tzena U'Rena letters) and German.
Brown ink on thick paper. Each leaf is written on both sides within a frame. • Leaf, "Seder Tashlich according to Ha'Ari", with the version of Eruv Tavshilin. Written in 1847 (German colophon on leaf margins). • Leaf, Seder Tashlich, written in 1848. Dedication [in Yiddish and German] to Ms. Esther Roos from the city of Lichtenau (See enclosed material). • Leaf, with a plea to recite at the time the Sefer Torah is removed from the ark (begins with "Open the gates of mercy", Hebrew and Yiddish). German dedication to Ms. Roos. • Leaf, with the Seder of the 13 Midot, verses to recite before Selichot and the Piyut "Ata Hu Elokeinu BaShamayim U'va'aretz" (you are our lord in heaven and on earth).
Seder Tashlich includes an unknown prayer. "It shall be your will…that you shall remember the love of Avraham and the Akeida of Yitzchak… they passed in the river to fulfill your commandment…" [This prayer was printed in the Kehillat Shlomo siddur by R. Shlomo Zalman Londan].
4 leaves, 19-20 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains, faded ink in several places, wear and tears around the edges.

Opening400$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 9


Mishe’Nichnas Adar Marbin B’Simcha – Lithograph – Satmar

Mishe'Nichnas Adar Marbin B'Simcha – A leaf in lithographic printing. Satmar, [C. 1940-1944].
Lithograph printed in blue ink. Illustration of fish in the center, with the inscription "Adar – mazal dagim", frame adorned with floral and geometric patterns, and with Magen-David symbols.
This leaf was printed in Hitler street (Hitler Utca) No. 6.
31X42 cm. Good condition. Several tears on margins.
The custom to hang such illustrated leaves on the synagogue wall from the beginning of the month of Adar was prevalent in Romania, Hungary and the surrounding region.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 10


Collection of Photographs of the Family of the Author of “Leshem Shvo Ve’Achlama”

A collection of family photographs of the family of the young daughter of the renowned Kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv, author of “Leshem Shvo Ve'Achlama”.
• Photograph of Rabbi Shalom Krominsky, Šiauliai, Lithuania, [c. 1910]. • Photograph of Rabbi Shalom Krominsky, his wife the Rebbetzin Sarah Leah [daughter of the author of “The Leshem”] and their four daughters. [Šiauliai?, c. 1920]. • Photograph of the Rebbetzin Sarah Leah with her four daughters. Šiauliai, [c. 1900]. • Printed leaf in memory of the author of The Leshem. Jerusalem, 1926. On the leaf and behind the frame are various inscriptions of family Jahrzeits, [the Rebbetzin - the Leshem's wife who died on the 25 th of Nissan, and other Jahrzeit dates] - in the handwriting of one of Rabbi Shalom Krominsky's daughters.
Rabbi Shalom Zvi Krominsky (1884-1935), a great Torah-scholar, was the son-in-law of the holy Kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv of Šiauliai, author of Leshem Shvo Ve'Achlama. Served in the rabbinate of Vaiguva, Lithuania and later settled in nearby Šiauliai. In 1933, he moved to Palestine and served as a kashrut supervisor in a slaughterhouse in Haifa. His wife, the Rebbetzin Sarah Leah was the youngest daughter of the Leshem and was the aunt of Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv (his mother's sister) [who moved to Jerusalem in the autumn of 1923 together with his parents and grandfather, the author of the Leshem].
4 items, in old frames, varied size and condition.

Opening250$ Unsold

Auction 44 Lot Number 11


Photograph of the Study Hall of Telz Yeshiva – 1914

Photograph of yeshiva students studying in the Bet Midrash of the Telz Yeshiva in Lithuania. [1914].
On the reverse side of the photograph is a postcard with a postage stamp and a stamp from the city of Telz in 1914 sent to the city of Rietavas with a letter in Yiddish from a yeshiva student to his parents. He writes them that he is well and that he can be seen in the photograph.
Postcard 9X14 cm. Good-fair condition, wear and stains.

Opening250$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 12


Melechet Machshevet – Venice, 1710 – Attractive Copy with Illustrated Title Page and Author’s Portrait

Melechet Machshevet, philosophical study on the five books of the Torah, by Rabbi Moshe Chefetz. Venice, [1710]. Bragadin printing.
Impressive complete copy containing a detailed copper engraving frontispiece, a leaf with the portrait of the author and a leaf with geometric sketches. Another sketch on Leaf 57.
Rabbi Moshe Chefetz (1664-1712, Otzar HaRabbanim 14709), an Italian Rabbi, researchers and philosopher.
His age at the time of printing is written in a colophon under his portrait, “ben me’ah shana” (literally 100 years old) the gematriya value of me’ah being 46. Many misunderstood that this was a gematriya and thought that he was 100 years old at the time he wrote the book.
[8], 98 leaves + three illustration plates. 29 cm. Good condition, high-quality paper, stains and moisture marks. Light worm marks to few leaves. Restoration on the bottom of the illustrated title page. New binding.

Opening1,800$ Sold For2,214$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 13


Sefer Evronot – Offenbach, 1722

Sefer Evronot, Astronomy and New Moons, by Rabbi Eliezer Belin Ashkenazi, including Noten Yeshuah Pamphlet, by Rabbi Meir son of Rabbi Natan Yehoshua. Offenbach, [1722]. Illustrated title page [an illustration of the solar system and zodiac signs on top]. With illustrations and charts for calculation of new moons and seasons, and many tables. [2], 40 leaves. 19 cm. Good-fair condition, stains, wear and mildew marks. Tears and worm damage professionally restored (damage to text in one place, restored by completion). Stamps. Worn and damaged binding.

Opening700$ Unsold

Auction 44 Lot Number 14


Igeret Orchot Olam – First Book in Hebrew Containing a Description of America – Prague, 1793 – With Illustrations

Igeret Orchot Olam, by Abraham ben Mordechai Farissol. With the compositions: Igeret Teiman, called Petach Tikva, by Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon; Yesod Moreh V'sod Torah, by Avraham Ebn Ezra. Prague, 1793. Published by Rabbi Yisrael Landau, son of the Nodah B'Yehuda.
Igeret Orchot Olam is the first Hebrew composition written about the discovery of the "New World". The first part gives a general description of Earth, its division into climate zones, continents and countries. The second part focuses on discoveries by Spanish and Portuguese explorers, and describes in detail how Vasco de Gama traveled to India via the Cape of Good Hope. One chapter is dedicated to America and describes the country and its inhabitants. This is the first Hebrew composition with a description of America.
The book is accompanied by three impressive copper-etching illustrations, by the artist Anton Balzer [from
the same city and time as the publisher], and by comments and additions of Rabbi Yisrael Landau and other sages.
Ancient ownership inscriptions.
[8], 96, [2] leaves. 18 cm. Good condition, stains. Tear to one leaf. Ancient binding, with damages.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 44 Lot Number 15


Adorned Vellum Ketubah – Rome, 1788

Large attractive vellum ketubah, recording the marriage of the groom Yedidya son of the honored elder Yehuda of Siena, with the bride Bayla Fiyori daughter of the honored Ya'akov of Tivoli. Rome, March 19, 1788.
Witnesses' signatures: Rabbi Shmuel Yehuda ben R' Gavriel of Castro and Rabbi Aharon ben R' Chananya of Porto.
Square frame ornamented with floral patterns, decorated with ribbons and birds. Flanked by a pair of large jugs, from which flowering bushes are growing. Two Biblical scenes are drawn on the upper corners: On the right, Moses (standing next to another figure, apparently Aharon) striking the rock from which water is gushing. On the left (blurred and damaged) is another scene linked to the exodus from Egypt (apparently, Moses splitting the Red Sea). We are not familiar with these scenes from other Ketubot from Rome or from any other place in Italy from this time.
On the lower margins is a vase with flowers flanked by a pair of flamingoes. At the bottom of the Ketubah is a pair of cornucopia under an altar upon which a fire is burning (perhaps the "Altar of Love" which appears in other ketubot drawn in Rome. Drawn on the altar is a pair of tiny figures standing next to an unidentified monument, one figure holding a stick).
51X86 cm. Overall good condition. Damages (creases, holes and moisture damages) to upper part. The left drawing is damaged. The upper left corner is missing. The text is slightly faded. Framed.

Opening15,000$ Unsold

Auction 44 Lot Number 16


Ketubah and Decorated Marriage Contract – Mashhad, 1874

Ketubah and marriage contract recording the marriage of the groom Binyamin ben Shemtov with the bride Shoshana bat Yosef. Mashhad (Iran), Elul 1874.
Handsome ketubah, adorned in simple patterns of blue, orange, purple and green. Marriage contract, similarly adorned.
These two documents reflect the custom of Mashhad anusim, who married according to Jewish law with a Hebrew ketubah with signatures of witnesses and of family members (according to their custom), while simultaneously drawing up a Muslim marriage contract (in Persian). Added to the margins of the contract in Persian are many Persian and Hebrew signatures.
The Hebrew document: 35X64 cm. Composed of two separate paper sheets. Overall good condition. Folding marks. Minor tears (minor damages to text), creases and stains. The Persian document: 35X64 cm. Composed of two separate paper sheets. Fair condition. Coarse tears with damage to text. Folding marks, creases and stains.

Opening600$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 17


Pamphlet – an Illustrated Ketubah – Mashhad, 1898

Illustrated ketubah, in pamphlet form, for the marriage of Mashhad Anusim: The groom Elisha ben Malik Elisha with the bride Jan Jan Khanum. Mashhad, [1897-1898]. Persian.
Eight page pamphlet, with margins adorned with plant patterns in silver, green, red and purple colors. Signatures and several Hebrew inscriptions on leaf margins.
[8] pages, 22 cm. Fair-good condition. Creases and stains. Tears and folding marks. Moisture damages. Delicate sheets of papers separate the pamphlet leaves.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 18


Large Colorful Illustrated Ketubah – Jerusalem, 1882 – Signatures of Jerusalem Rabbis

Illustrated colorful ketubah, recording the marriage of the bridegroom Yechiel ben R' David Chefetz with the bride Cheftziba bat R' Eliyahu Ye'oshua Ba'ivaga. Jerusalem, 10th of Adar 1882.
The ketubah is written in a handsome Oriental writing. With witnesses' signatures of two Jerusalem rabbis: Rabbi Meir Refael Fanijal [HaMarpeh, the Rishon L'Zion in Jerusalem] and Rabbi Yosef Y'oshua Karyo [Ra'avd of Jerusalem author of Bnei Yosef]. In the center is the signature of the groom R' Yechiel Chefetz.
Ketubah illustrated and adorned with colorful ink, in the style of "The Jerusalem Ketubah". Fashioned into two frames culminating in a purple pattern framing a stylish flower at the top. Upper margins are adorned with roses and green vegetation. Written in the bottom frame is the text of the ketubah and in the upper frame are three vases with roses and vegetation with stars in between. Some of the adornments are in golden ink.
The Chefetz family members were the forerunners of immigrants from Bukhara to Eretz Israel and founded the Bukharim Neighborhood in Jerusalem. The father, Rabbi David Chefetz (died in 1898) was Rabbi of the city of Kokand in Bukhara and a wealthy individual and left his city in 1871 to immigrate with his family to Jerusalem. When he arrived in Jerusalem, he printed a book titled Birkat HaIlanot. His sons are mentioned on the title page: Yisrael, Yechiel [the groom of this ketubah] and Emanuel Zion. In his introduction he wrote: "I am the first from Bukhara to dwell in the Holy Land with my family" (he later published more books). Later, Yechiel Chefetz became an influential community leader of the Bukhara community.
54X75 cm. Fair condition. Stains and moisture damages, folding marks and tears.

Opening1,000$ Sold For5,658$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 19


Printed Ketubah – Jerusalem, 1904

Ketubah recording the marriage of the groom Yedidya ben Levi HaCohen Simchayoff with the bride Bruria bat Refael Yitzchak Sidoff. Jerusalem, 1904.
Ketubah printed in purple ink, adorned with illustrations of the Holy Sites. At the top is the stamp of "Kollelot Va'ad HaSephardim" in Jerusalem, in a round frame with "Keter Shem Tov" and a pair of lions. Printed by Avraham Moshe Luntz.
Completed by hand, in Oriental writing. Signatures of witnesses in the margins: Rabbi Chaim ebn Wallid and Rabbi Avraham Azriel. The groom's signature is in the center.
Printed Ketubah, 47X58 cm. Fair-good condition. Folding marks, tears to folds and worn edges.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 44 Lot Number 20


Notebook – Copies of Ketubot of the Jerusalem Beit Din, 1910-1911

Printed notebook, with stubs of Ketubot, contains over 150 copies of marriage Ketubot, completed by hand with names of brides and grooms, 1910-1911.
Many copies have Beit Din stamps and the signature of the dayanim's scribe Rabbi "Chaim Mendel S.D.D." [Rabbi Chaim Mendel Sherlin-Safra, author of Lechem She'arim on Tractate Kallah Rabati and of the book Imrei Shefer. He served as scribe of the dayanim in the Jerusalem Ashkenazi Beit Din for decades]. Many names of brides and grooms which appear in the notebook belong to known Jerusalem figures and the city's builders. Following are a few of them: the marriage of the groom Baruch ben Yitzchak Isaac Ben-Tovim with Chana bat Rabbi Ya'akov Rabinowitz [no. 73]; the marriage of the Kabbalist Rabbi Aharon Shlomo ben R' Katriel [Author of To'ameha Chaim Zachu], who remarried Sheina Gittel bat R' Shmuel sister of Rabbi Netanel HaSofer [no. 31]; marriages of the members of veteran Jerusalem families (Solomon, Rivlin, Levi, Weisfish, etc.).
A rare and valuable document of the history of the Jewish yishuv of Jerusalem, at the end of the Ottoman rule. Many of the people whose names appear in the notebook died during World War I, during which more than one third of the Jewish yishuv in Jerusalem perished by hunger, plagues and while serving in the Turkish armed forces.
Approximately 170 leaves, 30-40 cm. Among them are approximately 157 leaves completed by hand. Some leaves were printed with gold ink (or a gold and black combination). Fair condition, tears to bottom margins of approximately the 100 first leaves. Stains, wear and tears.

Opening250$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 21


Handwritten Large Wall Calendar – India, 1871

Handwritten leaf – Wall calendar for 1871. India [1871].
Wall calendar designed for hanging in the synagogue. Bottom half is missing. A list of dates is situated at the top of the leaf, many of them distinctive for Jewish history in India: "1,804 years since the destruction of the second temple and the arrival of Jews to the city of Kodungallur", "1,027 [years] since the giving of the copper shield to the people of Pantnagar", "364 [years] since the arrival of Portugal in Cochin", etc.
Height: 30 cm. Width: 48 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Tears, professionally restored damages.

Opening250$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 22


Yiddish Leaf of Oath – Prague, 18th Century

Printed leaf, "Shevua MeCapital". [Prague, 18th century].
Printed on both sides of the leaf, square letters with vowels. Contains a long version of oath in a Beit Din, with a declaration of the value of the assets possessed by the person taking the oath [for the purpose of determining his obligation of community
taxes, according to the regulations of the Nodah B’Yehuda]. The city of Prague and the Beit Din are mentioned on the second page. Contains another version for women.
Leaf, [2] pages. 36 cm. Good-fair condition. Wear and tears to margins. Folding marks.

Opening1,000$ Unsold

Auction 44 Lot Number 23


Collection of Printed Items – Synagogues / Congregation Regulations – Germany

Collection of printed items from Germany: • Seating place card for synagogue, for two days of Rosh Hashannah and Kol Nidre. (seat number 217). German. • Synagoge Basel – Yom Kippur 1917. Printed card in Hebrew and German, with synagogue schedule. • Printed card filled in handwriting - prayer times in minyan of mourners, by synagogue in Schoneberg (Berlin). • Printed leaf, “Sinai – Lehrgange“. Agudat Yisrael in Berlin. • Verein für die Juden Interessen Rheinland ,Köln [organization for Jewish interests, Rheine region, Cologne]. Shabbat and holiday candle lighting times for 1922. • Invitation to meeting and lecture on Eretz Israel, by Talmud Torah organization. Koln, Germany. • Neue Statuten fur die Judische Gemeinde zu Strelitz, booklet of regulations for the Jewish community. Neustrelitz, 1868. • Satzungen fur die israelitische Kultus-Gemeinde zu Bamberg, pamphlet of community regulations Bamberg, 1910. Regulations for women’s organization. Grunstadt, 1896. • Additional leaves.
14 items, various sizes and conditions.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 44 Lot Number 24


Letters – Heter Meah Rabbanim

Printed letters sent by post for joining the “Heter Meah Rabbanim” [permission by one hundred rabbis]
• Letter by Rabbi Chaim Galeranter Av Bet Din of Kuty (Kitev) and its region and his Bet Din with a long halachic responsum. Kuty, 1902.
2 leaves. 3 printed pages. 30 cm. Fair condition, minor tears.
• Letter by Rabbi Ya'akov Aryeh Rabbi in Piotrków and other rabbis of his Bet Din. With letters of Rabbi Meir Dan Refael [Plotzky] and Rabbi Meir HaCohen. Piotrków, Tamuz 1923.
Leaf 33.5 cm. Good condition. Creases. Corrections, words and letters added by hand.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium
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