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Auction 45 Lot Number 1


“Altneuland” – First Edition – Leipzig, 1902

Altneuland, Roman von Theodor Herzl. Leipzig: Hermann Seemann Nachfolger, [1902]. German. First edition.
Utopian novel. Herzl describes his vision of a future Jewish state in Eretz Israel. The book was published several years after the publication of Herzl's book "The Jewish State", and after his visit to Eretz Israel. Herzl wrote the novel during the years 1899-1902 and titled the manuscript "New Zion". Later, inspired by "Altneuschul" - the name of the Prague synagogue - Herzl changed the title to "Altneuland". The book was translated into Yiddish and Hebrew in the same year (translator Nahum Sokolow decided to name the book "Tel-Aviv", later adopted as the name of the first Jewish city) and within less than a year it was translated to six languages. The famous Moto "Wenn Ihr wollt, Ist es kein Märchen" - "If you will it - it is no dream" is printed on the title page. [3], 343, [5] pp, 18 cm. Good condition. Foxing and damp staining. Old and worn cloth and cardboard covers. New Spine. One loose signature. Handwritten dedication on the page preceding the title page (dated 1914).

Opening800$ Sold For3,198$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 2


“The Jewish State” – Theodor Herzl – Odessa, 1905 – Russian

Еврейское государство… [The Jewish State, an Attempt at a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question], Theodor Herzl. Translation to Russian (according to the fifth German edition) by D.I. Adler. Odessa: S.D. Zaltzman, 1905. Russian.
Russian translation of Theodor Herzl's book. With Herzl's portrait on the title page. 64 pp, 20 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains, creases and tears. Library ink stamps and an Ex-Libris label. Damaged binding, detached.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 3


Basel Congress – First Edition / The Jewish State / Two Books about the First Zionist Congress – 1897

"The Basel Congress" and "The Jewish State" by Theodor Herzl and two books about the first Zionist congress. Warsaw and Yekaterinoslav, 1897. Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian.
1. "The Basel Congress" [Hebrew], by Dr. Theodor Herzl. "Translated with special permission from the author by Michal Berkovich, with author's portrait and his handwritten signature in Hebrew". Warsaw: "Achiasaf", 1897. 16 pp.
2. "The Jewish State, a new solution for the Jewish question" [Hebrew], translated with special permission from the author by Michal Berkovich. Warsaw: “Tushiya”, 1897. Second edition. [3], IV, 5-82, VI pp.
3. “Der Yidisher congress in Basel”, by M. (Max) Mandelstam. Warsaw: “Achiasaf”, 1897. Yiddish. [2], 30 pp.
4. “About the present State of the Jews”, speech delivered by Max Nordau in the Zionist Congress in Basel. Yekatrinoslav, 1897. Russian. [2], 22 pp.
The four books are bound together (without wrappers) in a 19 cm volume. Good condition. Stains. Several leaves partly detached. Worming. Damages to binding. Ex-library copy.

Opening300$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 4


Theodor Herzl – Signed Circular Letter – Vienna, 1901

Printed circular letter from the Executive Board of the Zionist Organization in Vienna, signed by hand by Theodor Herzl and Oser Kokesch. Vienna, November 1901. German.
The letter concerns the wording of one paragraph of the Executive Board Meeting protocol, in view of difference of opinion between Herzl and Dr. Jacob Bernstein-Kogan. Bernstein-Kogan (1859-1929) was a member of the Va'ad HaPo'el HaGadol and head of "Lishkat HaDo'ar" of the Zionist Movement. In 1901, considering criticism about him among the Zionist Movement, and after Herzl tried several times to dismiss him from his position, he resigned from "Lishkat HaDo'ar". Leaf, 27.5 cm. Good condition. Folding marks and minor creases. Several tears near margins (no damage to text).

Opening1,800$ Sold For2,214$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 5


Theodor Herzl – Two Early Photographs – Vienna

Two early photographs of Theodor Herzl. Vienna, ca.1878-1886. Two portrait photos of Theodor Herzl in his youth, taken at the time of his studies in the faculty of Law in the University of Vienna (or shortly later). Studio photos, mounted on cardboard. One taken in "K.K. Hof-Atelier Adele" and the other in "Winter" Studio. Two photos, 10X15 cm (one on 10.5X16.5 cm cardboard, the second on 11X17 cm cardboard). Good condition, slightly faded. Stains.

Opening1,200$ Sold For2,214$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 6


Three Postcards with Theodor Herzl’s Portrait / JNF

1. "Pruta LePruta…" [Hebrew], a JNF promotional postcard. Kremnitz, Ukraine, [1920s]. Montage consisting of a photo of a JNF box, portraits of Herzl and Zvi Hermann Shapira, and more. Good condition.
2. "[Program] of a Party" [Hebrew], a postcard issued for a Jewish-Zionist event. Poland, 1922. On top of the card - portraits of Chaim Weizmann, Theodor Herzl and Nahum Sokolow. Good condition.
3. Official postcard, 15th Zionist Congress in Basel. Theodor Herzl on the balcony of the hotel in Basel. Fair condition.

Opening250$ Sold For517$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 7


Postcards – Herzl’s Grave / Herzl’s Visit to Jerusalem

1. Real-photo postcard, two boys next to the grave of Theodor Herzl and his family in Vienna, [1916]. 9X14 cm. Good condition.
2. Real-photo postcard, with a printed caption: "Herzl with friends and hosts in Jerusalem" (German). Dated on the reverse, November 2, 1898. 8.5X13.5 cm. Creases, minor damages and stains.

Opening250$ Sold For443$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 8


Interesting Letter to Theodor Herzl – Russian Zionists – Odessa, 1898

An interesting, handwritten letter, addressed to Theodor Herzl in Vienna, from a group of Russian Zionist activists. Odessa, June 20, 1898. French. The letter deals with the propaganda efforts of the Zionist Movement, and in particular with the plan to found a "National Bank" (a plan which materialized a couple of months after this letter was written, when it was decided in the second Zionist Congress to found the "Otzar Hityashvut HaYehudim" bank. "Russia opposes, and you, sir, know it better than us. Censorship creates difficulties as far as Zionist propaganda is concerned… through the press, and mainly the Christian politics of Zion's enemies which we witnessed in the Basel Congress… we ask to organize a meeting of all Zionist leaders in Kishinev to unite and propose verbal propaganda - the only means left for us regarding the national bank…". Further, the writers of the letter mention the "Warsaw Convention" (a conference of Russian Zionists, held before the second Zionist Congress), and the person elected as chairman of the convention, Jacob Bernstein-Kogan, to whom they refer as "crossed the lines and joined our enemy" (see item no. 4). Five Zionist activists are signed on the letter, including Boris Kazmann, chemist, one of the first members of "Hovevei Zion", one of the organizers and participants of the first Zionist Congress, active in the Zionist Organization of America; Nahum Slouschz, author, scholar of eastern languages and Jewish history in eastern countries, secretary of the "Bnei Zion" Zionist Society in Odessa; and Pinchas Friedman, a merchant and Zionist activist, one of the founders of Tel-Aviv. [3] folded leaves (11 written pages), 21 cm. Good condition. Folding marks, minor tears and damages. Deletions and additions in pencil. Ink stamp.

Opening800$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 9


Baroness Bertha von Suttner – Eulogy for Theodor Herzl and a Letter in her Handwriting – Austria, 1904

Eulogy for Theodor Herzl, and a letter handwritten by Baroness Bertha von Suttner. [Austria, 1904]. German
• Two leaves handwritten by Bertha von Suttner - eulogy for Theodor Herzl. These words were written for an anthology of essays and eulogies published shortly after Herzel passed away, in a special issue ("Herzl Nummer") of the periodical "Ost und West", on August 8, 1904.
"I want to talk about his beauty. He was like an Assyrian king, and still a modern gentleman. About his work (a giant's work: nothing less than the foundations of a state), about…the spirit that his pen dispersed much will be said in this anthology. Perhaps his beauty will not be mentioned (as if it is not worth mentioning, compared to other gifts), but it was part of his harmonious image…". [2] leaves (two written pages), 17.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Folding marks and creases. Filing holes (slight damage to text). A later inscription in pen on the reverse of one of the leaves.
• Letter from Bertha von Suttner. Krumperndorf, Austria. August 1, 1904. This letter preceded the eulogy. The letter was sent to the editor of the periodical "Ost und West", Leo Wintz. The Baroness expresses her hope, that the eulogy which she composed will be published in the special issue in memory of Herzl, but since it was sent late, it did not reach in time for the designated issue.
"Dear editors, your letter has been forwarded to me…I have time just to write a few lines on the requested topic - and who knows if they arrive in time? It was a grievous loss for Jews and for the noble-minded humanity that this glorious man was taken so prematurely". Leaf, 11.5 cm (two written pages). Good condition. Horizontal folding mark and minor damages. Filing holes (slight damage to text).
Baroness Bertha von Suttner (1843-1914), a daughter of an aristocratic family from Prague, Austrian author and peace activist; author of the book "Sie Waffen nieder!" - "Lay Down your Arms", which was one of the most influential books in the 19th century, for which she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905. Suttner was the first woman who won this prize. Since 1999 her image is depicted on Austrian 2 Euro commemorative coins.
Suttner was a leading figure among peace movements. She edited, among other things, an international periodical titled "Lay down your arms" and founded the Austrian Peace Society. For years she maintained her friendship with Alfred Nobel. It is believed that the relationship between the two is one of the major reasons that led to Nobel's decision to include a prize for peace in his will.
Suttner knew Herzl, and corresponded with him about pacifism and Zionism. She tried to assist him several time using her connections among Russian aristocracy. Herzl hired Suttner to cover the Peace Convention in The Hague on behalf of "Die Welt" newspaper, and Suttner is mentioned in his diaries. Amos Eilon wrote about the relations between the two: "She was fond of Herzl and supported the Zionist idea. In her letters to Herzl Suttner named him 'Dear governor of Zion'…Suttner, just like Herzl, was totally devoted to the idea, a sole fighter who was enthused by Herzl's spirit and devotion to an ideal which was seemingly unattainable. As president of the 'World Peace Society' she noticed that banal and worthless arguments are used at the same time against Zionism and Pacifism, and often by the same people". ("Herzl", Amos Eilon. "Am Oved", 1977. P.336).

Opening2,500$ Sold For7,380$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 10


Collection of Items – the Death of Theodor Herzl, 1904

Six printed items related to the passing of Theodor Herzl:
• Program of a service in memory of Theodor Herzl, held in Vienna a week after his death (with participation of Marmorek, Wolfson, Sokolow and others). • Printed leaf with a black frame and Herzl's portrait within a black Star of David. "Levanon" publishing, Warsaw, [1904]. • An issue of “Unsere Hoffnung” dedicated to Herzl. Vienna, August 1904. • Prayer leaflet (Hebrew and German) in memory of Herzl. Vienna, July 14, 1904. • An obituary for Herzl, on behalf of the Jewish-Academic organizations in Vienna: Ivria, Kadimah, Makkabaea, Unitas, Libanonia. • Enclosed is a special issue of Die Welt from 1910 (dedicated to Herzl). Size and condition varies.

Opening800$ Sold For1,968$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 11


Printed Card and a Ribbon – “Herzl Day” in El-Arish, 1919 – Jewish Legion

A printed card and a ribbon in honor of a memorial day for Theodor Herzl which was held in El-Arish, by the "Eretz Israeli Legion" - one of the Jewish Legions in the British Army. July, 1919.
1. "Herzl Day in El-Arish, Company IV Eretz Israeli Legion" [Hebrew], a printed paper card (folded into two). "Achdut" printing press, Tel-Aviv.
Herzl's portrait and the inscription "If you will it, it is no dream!" appear on the cover. On the inside, appears a Hebrew text in honor of the memorial day: "On this memorial day we remember, soldiers-friends, the soul of our great leader and the souls of our dead brothers who…suffer hardships and hunger, and were killed in pogroms…we look up at our flag - flag of national revival in our land". On the back of the card appears a handwritten dedication to one of the company's soldiers who was injured and hospitalized in a British hospital in El-Belah (General Hospital 69). Enclosed is the envelope in which the card was sent to the hospital.
2. Fabric ribbon with the inscription "Herzl Day, Tamuz 20. El-Arish, 1919" [Hebrew]. Enclosed is an additional envelope sent to a soldier in the company.
Lot of 4 items. Size and condition varies. Overall good condition. Tears to envelopes.

Opening400$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 12


Eight Early Zionist Booklets, 1897-1899

Collection of Hebrew booklets about Zionism and Zionist Congresses. Warsaw, 1897-1899.
1-6. Volume compiling six booklets published by "Achiasaf" in Warsaw (and Berlin) in the late 19th century, as part of the series "MiZman LeZman" ("From Time to Time"). When the booklets were published, Achad Ha'Am (Asher Ginsberg) served as editor of the publishing house. Six booklets (without wrappers) bound together in an original binding; on the front cover - an embossed Hebrew inscription: "'Achiasaf' Publishing". To the best of our knowledge no more booklets of this series have been published.
• The Basel Congress, by Dr. Theodor Herzl, translated by Michal Berkovich [1897]. • Observations as to the history of the Zionist movement, by Shaul Pinchas Rabinovich. (1898). • Ideas about the second Zionist congress, by Dr. Mordechai Ehrnpreis. Berlin, [1898]. • Zionism in Jewish history, from the Spanish Exile until the present day, by Ben-Avraham [Ben Zion Katz]. [1899]. • Our literature, opinion as to the development of our language and our literature, by Dr. Shimon Bernfeld, [1899]. • Judaism and the Diaspora, by Ze'ev Yavetz. [1900].
On the first page (preceding the title page of the "Basel Congress") photo of Herzl "with Dr. N. Katzenelson, for Dr. Herzl's voyage to Russia".
7. Knesset HaGedola or the second congress in Basel, conduct of the second congress in Basel, meetings, negotiations, speeches and decisions, edited by Nachum Slouschz. Warsaw: "Tushiya", 1898.
8. The third Basel congress, by S. Rosenfeld. Warsaw: "Achiasaf", 1899.
Lot of 8 booklets (three volumes). Size and condition varies. Ex-library copies.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 45 Lot Number 13


A Dozen Booklets from the Series “Zionistishe Kopeyka Bibliotek”

A dozen booklets printed as part of the Zionist popular series "Zionistishe Kopeyka Bibliotek" (each booklet was sold for 1 Kopeyka). Odessa, 1908-1914. Yiddish.
Booklets no. 2, 4, 16, 17, 21, 22, 24, 26, 27, 32, 34, 37.
Essays about Zionism, Zionist congresses and Eretz Israel. Among them: • Der erfolg fun der yiddisher kolonizatsye in Eretz Israel far di letste 25 yor [success of Jewish colonization in Eretz Israel for the past 25 years]. Address by Menachem Ussishkin (booklet no. 2). • Vos iz dos baseler program [What is really the Basel program], by Ze'ev Jabotinsky (booklet no. 4). • Bezalel: Zayn fargangenhayt gegenvort un tzukunft [Bezalel: history, nature, future], Boris Schatz. With illustrations and decorations by Ya'akov Stark (Ben David), with photos by Zadok Bassan (booklet no. 22). Total of 12 booklets, bound together in a 17.5 cm volume. Condition varies. Stains. Library ink stamps. Several booklets are detached.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 45 Lot Number 14


JNF Report – 7th Zionist Congress – Vienna, 1905

Bericht über den Jüdischen Nationalfonds erstattet am VII. Zionisten-Kongress in Basel, von Ingenieur J. Kremenezky. Vienna, [1905]. German. Two identical copies.
Report listing the operations of JNF during its first years; presented to the 7th Zionist Congress in Basel. The author of the report, Jonah (Johan) Kremenezky, was an industrialist, capitalist and Zionist activist; pioneer of European electrical industry; served as the first chairman of JNF. See lot no. 17. [1], 13 pp, 23 cm. Good condition. Stains. Minor tears.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 15


Picture of the First Zionist Congress Participants – Unique Format – Shana Tovah Greeting – USA

"Conference of the Zionists, Basel 1897". [USA, early 20th century].
The famous picture with portraits of 162 delegates at the first Zionist Congress, in a unique format: on the reverse, alongside the New Year Greeting in Hebrew, English and Russian, appear tens of photos of rabbis, poets and leading Jewish figures, photos of Eretz Israel and of Jewish life. Some of the photos can be folded and hide other photos. The sheet was designed to be folded into a notebook-like pamphlet.Size of Congress photo when open: 50X52.5 cm. Folded: 9X13.5 cm. Fair condition. Tears and stains. Adhesive tape.

Opening700$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 16


Zvi Hermann Schapira – Three Early Portrait Photographs

Three portrait photographs of Zvi Hermann Schapira (1840-1898) a Jewish-Lithuanian intellectual, one of the first members of "Hovevei Zion" and the political Zionist movement, founder of the JNF and advocate of the idea to found a Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Heidelberg, Berlin and Odessa, [ca. 1870s].
A hand-signed dedication from 1874 appears on one of the photos, to Mrs. Klara Blanc, who Schapira married two years later.
Zvi Hermann Schapira's talent for biblical studies was apparent at a young age, and he was ordained as rabbi and head of a Yeshiva in Lithuania at the age of 24. Two years later he turned to secular studies and started to study mathematics. Inspired by the idea of the Haskala Movement, he left Lithuania and the rabbinic world. He lived in Vilnius, Odessa, Berlin and Heidelberg. Later on he became acquainted with the Zionist movement. Schapira published articles dealing with settlement in Eretz Israel, founded in Heidelberg a Jewish society by the name "Zion" dedicated to distribution of Jewish language and literature and realization of the idea of Jewish settlement in Eretz Israel. At the 1884 Katovitz convention, Schapira suggested that "Hovevei Zion" establish a fund to acquire lands in Eretz Israel, but his suggestion was turned down. Thirteen years later, at the first Zionist Congress, he submitted a detailed blueprint to found the Jewish National Fund. This time his initiative was accepted but he passed away before the idea was fully realized. During the same Congress he submitted his initiative to found a Hebrew University in Jerusalem.Three photos, ca. 6X9 cm. Mounted on cardboard. Good condition. Slightly faded. Two of the photos are titled by hand, on the reverse (in Hebrew).

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 45 Lot Number 17


Collection of Documents from the Estate of the First JNF Chairman Yona (Johann) Kremenezky

About 90 documents from the estate of Yona (Johann) Kremenezky (1850-1934) - industrialist, capitalist and Zionist activist, a pioneer of electrical industry in Europe, first chairman of JNF (in the years 1902-1907), initiator of JNF fund raising operations (Blue Box, stamps and the "Golden Book") and a close friend of the Herzl family (executor of Herzl's personal estate).
The collection includes:
• Thirteen photos of Kremenezky (studio photos), six of them taken in his youth. • Professional photograph of "JNF Golden Book". • Letter handwritten by Trude Neuman-Herzl, Theodor Herzl's daughter (September 1934, about one month prior to Kremenezky's passing). • Letters from William Henry Hechler, a missionary and Zionist-Christian clergyman (1910-1911); Hechler promoted Zionism and Herzl's ideology, and even joined him when he visited Eretz Israel in 1898. • Drafts of speeches and articles handwritten and typewritten, with corrections in Kremenesky's handwriting, amongst them a composition written on the 25th anniversary of Herzl's death, a composition titled "JNF and Myself" (German), writings about Zionism, industry and more. • Tens of JNF stamps with Kremenezky's portrait as well as stamps inscribed "For JNF from its loyal servant Kremenezky". • Copies of letters (typewritten) to David Wolfson and from him (1905-1907). • Copies of letters (typewritten) from Theodor Herzl (1901-1903). • Letters sent to Kremenezky from JNF bureaus in Vienna (1925) and from the head office in Cologne (1910). • Letters from the artist Emil Ranzenhofer, designer of JNF telegrams (1911) as well as 4 sketches for a JNF telegram (pencil on paper, not signed). • Photocopies of articles from "Di Welt" issues. • Letter from "Otzar Hityashvut HaYehudim (Jewish Colonial Bank in London)", 1901. • A telegram from Meir Dizengoff with a birthday greeting for Kremenezky's 85th birthday (1934). Enclosed: booklet printed in honor of Kremenezky, "Johann Kremenezky, Seine Technische Laufbahn die Geschichte Seiner Firma". Vienna, 1930 (two copies); about 25 letters sent to Kremenezky's descendants from JNF (ca. 1960s). Most material is in German. Lot of about 115 items; some consist of several leaves. Size and condition varies.

Opening3,500$ Sold For5,658$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 18


Notebook – “Dorshei Zion” Society – Liverpool, late 19th and early 20th Centuries

Notebook with orderly, handwritten entries, recording the operation of the Zionist society "Dorshei Zion" in Liverpool (England), in the years 1894-1901 [one entry is dated April 1855]. Yiddish and some English, French and Hebrew.
The notebook includes dozens of protocols of meetings held regularly by the society, information about its activities, detailed records of incomes and expenses, various regulations, lists of members, copies of letters, and more. Most of the entries are dated (not in a chronological order).
The notebook includes a copy of a letter from Hillel Halpern (society's secretary) to Rabbi Shmuel Mohilever, one of the founders of "Hibat Zion" movement. The letter concerns the founding of "Dorshei Zion": "The idea of 'settlement of Eretz Israel' started to spread among our brothers, citizens of Liverpool, and several months ago we founded a society by the name of 'Dorshei Zion'. The society's goal is to dream about Zion and kindle in the hearts of our brothers, love for our holy land…and in particular among the young people in our city who unfortunately almost turned their backs to Judaism…" (Hebrew).
Zionist ideas started to spread in Liverpool towards the end of the 19th century influenced by Russian immigrants. In 1891 a branch of "Hovevei Zion" was founded in the city and acted to encourage settlement in Eretz Israel. At a later stage several additional societies were founded, all of which supported Herzl's Zionism. The notebook presented provides important evidence about one of the first Zionist societies in Liverpool in particular and in England in general.Approx. 200 written pages, 23 cm. Good condition. Stains and wear, tear on one leaf with damage to text. Several detached leaves.

Opening500$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 19


“Sefer Vav HaMehapech” as to the Revival of the People of Israel in Eretz Israel

"Sefer Vav HaMehapech, expresses ideas about the revival of our people in Eretz Israel" (Hebrew), by Avraham Dov Bernstein. Berlin-Schoeneberg: Siegfried Shalem (Shalom) printing press, 1911.
Deals with the pogroms in East Europe (Kishinev and Gomel) and the revival of the Jewish people in Eretz Israel, according to biblical verses. The author writes that he printed a certain number of copies at his own expense, for distribution, and that proceeds will be donated "for the needs of our poor nation…". The book is dedicated (in print) to Theodor Herzl and his portrait appears after the title page (within a unique illustration). 266 pp, 24.5 cm. Good condition. Original binding, slightly damaged. Ex-library copy.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 20


Theodor Herzl – Collection of Items

Collection of items related to Theodor Herzl or bearing his portrait:
• Issue of Die Welt newspaper dedicated to Herzl's passing. Vienna, July 8, 1904. • Thirteen medals and coins (three silver ones) with Herzl's portrait. • Two pins. • Poster, "Dr. Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl Prophet of the State of Israel", "Pirsum Tozeret HaAretz", Moshe Halutz, Tel-Aviv. • Issue of "HaAretz" newspaper from the day Herzl was re-interred in Israel, August 17, 1949. • Invitation to unveiling of Herzl's tombstone, 1960. • Entrance ticket to the opening of the Herzl Museum on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, 1960. Lot of 20 items. Size and condition varies.

Opening300$ Sold For418$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 21


Collection of Documents – Haikl Shapira of Safed, late 19th Century

Collection of documents - Haikl (Haim) Shapira of Safed, second half of 19th century through 1910s. Hebrew, Arabic, German and Russian.
Collection includes documents concerning purchase of lands, in Arabic and in German; a document with an ink-stamp of the German Consulate in Safed from 1877, with Pesach Friedman's signature; appointment certificate for Haikl Shapira and his sons, as trustees of a house in Meron next to Tomb of the Rashbi, 1905 (Arabic); Passports and certificates from Russian and German consulates (late 19th century); identity documents of Haikl Shapira and his family, from the Ottoman Regime period (1909); a handwritten document, concerning the inheritance of Mrs. Lea, widow of Haikl Shapira; printed copy of Shapira’s will (d. 1913), and other documents. Shapira is named “Efendi” in some of the documents. Lot of about 30 documents. Size and condition varies.

Opening400$ Sold For1,599$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 22


Collection of Documents – David Judelovitch

Sixteen documents from the estate of David Judelovitch.
David Judelovitch (1863-1943), student of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, member of Bilu, teacher and author, one of the first teachers in Rishon LeZion who introduced studies in Hebrew, founder of the first kindergarten in Rishon LeZion. Along his public duties he composed books, translated and edited (he edited the first Hebrew periodical for children "Olam Katan").
Among the documents: a leaf with lists - planning the Ben Yehuda ball which took place in the end of 1932; a letter from Hemda Ben Yehuda; entrance ticket to the ball; draft lists; leaves with lists of names, on stationery of the "Relief Committee for Eretz Israeli Exiles in Alexandria"; Photograph (unknown?) of Herzl's visit to Rishon LeZion (print on a postcard); group photo with Ben-Gurion, Ben-Zvi and Katzenelson; Real-photo postcard of Sir Alfred Mond and Chaim Weizmann in Tel-Aviv, and other items. Size and condition varies.

Opening400$ Sold For590$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 23


“Sefer Hamiknah” – Land Purchase Deed – Jerusalem, 1891

Booklet - "Purchase deed for one lot in Moshavat Sha’arayim (Sha’ar R. Y. Halevi)". Jerusalem. 1891. Land purchase deed in Sha'arayim neighborhood in Jerusalem, "land next to Beit Ya'akov next to Hebrat Sha'arei Yerushalayim on Derech Yafo"; granted to R' Moshe Salant.
The booklet opens with information about "Sha'arayim"; then appear the conditions of the purchase, with owners' signatures: D.[David] Yellin, Haim Hirschensohn (Rabbi, one of the leading figures of religious zionism), and Ephraim Cohen [the three signatories were leading figures in Jerusalem and members of the Jerusalemite chamber of "Bnei Brit"]. The booklet ends with two leaves of "receipt for monthly payment" with handwritten entries. 8 pp. 13.5 cm. Good condition. Stains and wear, detached binding. Ex-library copy.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 45 Lot Number 24


Four Booklets Concerning Eretz Israel Colonies, 1883-1898

1. "Yesod HaMa'alah…" by Yehiel Bril. Printed by the author, Mainz, [1883].
2. "Di menorah fun Eretz Israel, statistishe zipern tzenoiyf gekliben", by Zvi Ze'ev Frankenfeld. Odessa: A. Shultze printing press, 1886. Yiddish. Information about colonies in Eretz Israel - Rishon LeZion, Rosh Pinah, Ekron, Petach Tikva, Gedera and Yessod HaMa'ala.
3. "History of estates in Upper Galilee", by David Shuv (first printed in the book Pri HaAdama part two). Warsaw: Shuldberg printing press, 1893. Composition about Rosh Pina, Mishmar HaYarden, Yessod HaMa'ala and other settlements in Upper Galilee, by David Shuv (one of the founders of the mentioned colonies).
4. "Book of regulations of Rishon LeZion congregation in Eretz Israel". "Hazvi" printing press, 1898. Regulations of Rishon LeZion, written 15 years after its establishment.
Size and condition varies. Ex-library copies.

Opening600$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium
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