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Auction 46 Lot Number 1

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Esther Scroll with Colorful Illuminations – Italy

Esther Scroll with colorful illuminations. [Probably, Italy, 18th century].
Ink and paint on parchment; wood handle; cloth.
20 lines per column. the text is written in miniature letters, within a dozen decorated arches (two text columns under each arch), standing on massive columns. the columns are decorated
with flowers at their bases and topped with vases with flowers. In the center of each arch appears a heraldic shield, in its center a star; vegetal decorations rise up from the shields. the Scroll blessings, within a medallion supported by a pair of lions and decorated with vegetal and floral decorations, open the scroll. Decorations are in the shades of red, green and yellow.
Rolled on an engraved wooden handle. Height of parchment: 13 cm, handle: 34.5 cm. First sheet in fair condition. Beginning of scroll in fair-poor condition (wear, creases and stains). Rest of scroll in fair-good condition. the first sheet is covered with red fabric.

Opening1,500$ Sold For6,150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 2

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Illuminated Esther Scroll on Parchment – Morocco, 19th Century – Illustration of Haman’s Ten Sons

Esther Scroll on parchment, rolled on a wooden handle. Morocco, 19th century.
Text is written within 22 colorful horseshoe arches (the first ones painted yellow and red; all the others painted red, blue and yellow). Between each two arches appear vertical braided decorations. At the end of the scroll is a naïve illustration of Haman and his ten sons hanging [it is not known to us with certainty whether the illustration was created during the writing of the scroll or whether it was added later].
At the beginning of the scroll appears a later addition - an illustration resembling a family emblem that features hands spread for the Priestly Benediction; apparently this was added in Italy in the late 19th century.
Height of parchment: 19 cm, length of handle: 35 cm. Good condition. Stains and damages, mainly at the end of the scroll. Handwritten comments (in pencil) on last sheet. Inscription in pen at the beginning of the scroll (on reverse of parchment).

Opening2,500$ Unsold

Auction 46 Lot Number 3

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Esther Scroll with a Wooden Handle

Esther Scroll, rolled on a wooden handle. [19th century].
Parchment; wood.
Fine Sephardi script, ink on parchment, 22 lines per column. the letters G-d are highlighted in the seventh column.
Rolled on a nice olive wood handle. Height of parchment: 19.5 cm, handle: 33 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains and creases. Faded (brown) ink

Opening350$ Sold For443$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 4

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Esther Scroll in an Olive Wood Case – Jerusalem

Esther Scroll in an olive wood case. Jerusalem, [20th century].
Parchment; wood.
Small format, 16 lines per column. In a fine case made of olive wood, inscribed "Jerusalem", with an ornamentation of a colorful bouquet of flowers.
Height of parchment: 12 cm, case: 32 cm. Good condition. Minor damages to wood.

Opening250$ Sold For984$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 5

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Chassidic Esther Scroll – With Ornamented Tagim and Highlighted Holy Names

Esther Scroll. [Russia-Poland, c. 19th century].
Ink on parchment. Fine scribal writing, Ashkenazi-Chassidic Ari script. 27 rows per column.
"HaMelech" scroll [most columns begin with the word "HaMelech"]. With "crowns" adorning the tagim at the top of each column. In seven places, enlarged letters allude to the Holy Names hinted at the beginning and end of words. [G-d's name is not mentioned throughout the entire Esther Scroll, but those who can decipher "remazim" found acronyms of Holy Names in the Megillah. the custom to highlight these Names is a common Kabbalistic-Chassidic custom, although the Vilna Gaon opines that letters can be enlarged only according to the Mesorah].
Height of parchment: 13.3 cm. Fair condition, dark stains, wear and tear, faded browning ink.

Opening300$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 6

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Esther Scroll with a Fine Ivory Handle – “Yitzchak Molcho”

Esther Scroll with an ivory handle. [Holland?], [19th century].
Parchment; ivory.
21 lines per column. Rolled on a nice ivory handle, carved, striped and pierced. In numerous places in the scroll appear enlarged letters for initial and last letters of words, highlighting the letters G-d. In this scroll, there are tens of enlarged letters, while in other scrolls with enlarged letters there are only about 3-5. In addition, signs in shapes of pointing fingers appear on the right margins of columns, pointing at verses, and it might be assumed that they point at the mentioned hints.
On the reverse of the parchment appears an ownership inscription: “Molcho” and on the first leaf: “Yitzchak Molcho” [the Molcho family – a famous rabbinic family from Turkey and Greece].
Height of parchment: 14 cm, handle: 30.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Wear and holes to first parchment sheet. Stains. Breaks and cracks to upper part of handle. Remnants of a parchment ribbon for binding, appear at the end of the scroll.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,214$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 7

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Large Esther Scroll on Gevil – Ivory Handle

Esther Scroll with ivory handle. [Holland?], [19th century].
Gevil; ivory; fabric.
Fine Oriental scribal script, with serifs. 21 lines per column. Written on Gevil and rolled on an impressive ivory handle, carved with geometric patterns and slots; lower part in a conic shape widening upwards towards a disc separating it from the scroll; upper part with a smaller disc, slotted and adorned with button-like decorations.
Height of vellum: 28.5 cm, handle: 53 cm (upper decoration is missing). Minor damages, tears, stains and creases. Part of the first sheet is covered with blue fabric.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,952$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 8

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Miniature Esther Scroll – Wood, Bakelite and Ivory Case

Miniature Esther Scroll, in a case. [19th century].
Parchment; wood; Bakelite; ivory.
Sephardi script, 16 lines per column. Fine case: handle and body of case made of black wood (ebony), two discs made of white Bakelite, clasp made of ivory.
Height of parchment: 6 cm, case: 15.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains and wear. Tears to first sheet. Last sheet is pasted. Clasp is broken.

Opening300$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 9

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Esther Scroll with Colorful Illustrations

Esther Scroll with colorful illustrations. Israel, 20th century.
Parchment; ink; paint.
"Hamelech" scroll (most pages open with the word "Hamelech"). 23 lines per column. Text is written within arches supported by massive columns designed as towers. On the third tower appears an illustration of a lute and on the other towers illustrations of the twelve zodiac signs. Highlighted letters of G-d in several places.
Height: 17 cm. Good condition. Stains.

Opening250$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 10

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Handwritten Poem – Upon Removal of the Sefer Torah from the Ark – Italy, 19th Century

Handwritten poem – Upon the removal of the Sefer Torah from the Ark (Hotza’a). [Italy? C. 19th century].
Unknown author. Alternating size of paragraphs, (apparently, one paragraph chanted by the cantor and the following by the congregants). At the end of the poem are the verses of Ata Horaita LaDa’at etc. which are recited at the opening of the Ark.
[3] pages. 29 cm. thick, high-quality paper. Very good condition.

Opening250$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 11

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Miniature Manuscript on Parchment – Hosha’anot and Piyyutim for the three Festivals – Ashkenaz, c. 1500

Manuscript on parchment, Hosha'anot and piyyutim for the three Festivals, according to Ashkenazi tradition. [c. 1500].
Miniature format, Italian-Ashkenazi square writing.
At the beginning of the manuscript are piyyutim of Hosha'anot for Succot. Begins in the middle of the piyyut Adama Me'erer followed by four other (complete) piyyutim, (leaves [1]-[3/a]). these are followed by the complete order of prayers for Hosha'ana Raba ([3/b]-[10a]), Seder Hakafot for Simchat Torah ([10b]-[12a]). Written at the end: "All the Hosha'anot were completed".
Piyyutim for the three Festivals follow: Ma'ariv for the first eve of Pesach and for the second eve of Pesach and for the Seventh Day of Pesach (leaves [12b]-[23b]), Ma'ariv for Shavuot (for the first and second day, [23b]-[29b]); Ma'ariv Piyyutim for the first and second night of Succot ([29b]-[32b]), for Shmini Atzeret eve ([32b]-[35a]), and Ma'ariv for Simchat Torah (incomplete).
On Leaf [12a] above the word Yitzchak is a mark. Possibly, this was the name of the scribe who wrote this manuscript, or perhaps it alludes to the year of writing (1448).
[35] leaves. Approximately 9 cm. Good condition. Stains, damp stains. Detached leaves.
Enclosed: expert’s opinion on the manuscript.

Opening4,500$ Unsold

Auction 46 Lot Number 12

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Collection of Amulets

Eight rolled amulets (narrow and oblong format) and three additional amulets (square format). Amulets for conceiving and fertility, protection and rescue, against evil eye and for good health, success and ending disputes between couples. One amulet is entirely in Arabic (except for the name of the woman for whom it was composed). Nine amulets are written on parchment and two on paper. Enclosed are several cases for carrying the amulets as well as dry leaves rolled in paper.
Lot of 11 items. Size and condition varies.

Opening400$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 13

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Amulet Painted on Glass – Eretz Israel

Amulet painted on glass. [Eretz Israel], 20th century.
Glass; paint.
A glass plate, in its center a rectangular frame with the letter "Heh", on its top appears the inscription "Shadai", and in the center a hand (Hamsa), painted in gold. Fine vegetal and floral decorations in the shades of green, red and gold appear in the frame.
38X30 cm. Fair condition. Moisture marks. the paint sticks to the back cardboard in numerous places.
Framed: 41.5X33 cm.

Opening700$ Sold For861$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 14

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Compilation of Amulets – North Africa, Kurdistan and Near East

Ten amulets for protection of child and mother. North Africa, Kurdistan, Iran and Eretz Israel , 19th and 20th centuries.
1. Large rectangular amulet, with cutoff corners. Engraved silver.
2. Round amulet, for protection of child and mother, in the center is shape of Lilith. Engraved silver.
3. Rounded rectangular amulet, for protection of child and mother. Engraved silver.
4. Rounded rectangular amulet, with inscription "L'yeshuatcha kiviti - Gad Gdud Yegudenu…". Engraved silver.
5. Rounded rectangular amulet, with the inscription "Shema Yisrael…" and "Baruch Shem…". Engraved silver.
6. Round amulet, with the initials of Ana BeChoach. Engraved silver.
7. Octagon amulet, made of engraved metal.
8. Amulet for protection of home and residents. Ink on parchment, in a metal frame.
9-10. Pair of drop-shaped amulets, with Arabic numerals and words. Engraved silver.
Varied size and condition.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,722$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 15

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Handwritten Astrological Map – 19th Century

Large handwritten leaf, astrological map. [Oriental writing, c. 19th century].
Detailed sketch of the constellations, the sun, stars, celestial bodies and the zodiac.
On the side of the leaf is an explanation of the celestial bodies and the zodiac.
37X51 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Damages and tears, professionally restored. Worming. Damage to text in several places. Folding marks.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 46 Lot Number 16

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Family Tree of Rabbi Elazar Löw, Author of Shemen Rokeach – Berlin-Tel Aviv, 1925-1935

Stammtafel des Rabbi Elazar Löw genannt Schemen Rokeach – Family tree of Rabbi Elazar Löw, author of Shemen Rokeach. [Berlin-Tel Aviv, c. 1926 and 1935]. German.
Large printed chart, folded, with a printed cardboard cover. the family tree was arranged by Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Mintz and printed in Berlin. Apparently, the cover was printed in Tel Aviv in c. 1935 after the author immigrated to Eretz Israel.
Rabbi Elazar Löw (1758-1837, Otzar HaRabbanim no. 2919; Ishim B'Tshuvot HaChatam Sofer, p. 74), a famous Torah prodigy and leading figure in the generation of the Chatam Sofer and Rabbi Akiva Eiger. He served in the rabbinate of Wodzisław, Pilica, Triesch (Ťrešt), Ronsburg, Pilsen-Klattau, Liptószentmiklós (Liptovský Mikuláš) and Abaújszántó. Wrote many works and was famous for his book Shemen Rokeach. the Maharam Bennet wrote about one of his books: "this book was not written by a human being, rather by an angel of G-d ...".
Chart, 65X84 cm. Good condition, stains, tears to folding marks. Damages to cover.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 46 Lot Number 17

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One Hundred Year Calendar – Germany, 1840 – For Hanging on the Wall

Vollständiger Kalender vom Jahre 1841 bis 1940 [Complete calendar for 1841-1940]. No note of publisher or printer [Germany, 1840].
Large format calendar, for hanging on the wall. Lithographic printing, Hebrew-German, in an adorned frame. Includes holidays and Rosh Chodesh, international holidays, weekly Torah portions ("parshiot"), etc.
58X84 cm. Fair-good condition. Folding marks, tears and stains.

Opening250$ Sold For308$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 18

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Collection of Printed Items – Amsterdam Community

Collection of printed items of the Amsterdam community:
· Debenture with the value of 10 gold coins, of the To'elet Company in Amsterdam. With handwritten signatures of the company's kashrut supervisors. Amsterdam, 1823. On the leaf margins is an inscription that the debenture was donated to the company.
· Handwritten leaf, "Songs and prayers for the Jubilee… of the liberation of the Netherland nation". [Amsterdam, 1864].
· Printed Chalitza bill. Amsterdam, 19th century. Letters printed in cursive Ashkenazi writing. At the top of the leaf is the emblem of the Amsterdam Ashkenazi community.
· Printed leaf, "Hilchot Shulchan Aruch of Tiferet Bachurim…at its centennial". [Amsterdam], 1927.
· Booklet, Prayers and Songs, on the sixtieth anniversary of the inauguration of the synagogue of Hoogeveen, Holland. Amsterdam, 1925.
· Printed leaf, sources for the Shabbat Shuva sermon, by the Amsterdam rabbinate. Elul 1953. Hebrew and Dutch.
· Prayer upon the birth of a prince or princess. Amsterdam, Nissan 1909. Hebrew and Dutch.
· Printed leaf, order of prayer upon the birth of a prince or princess. [Amsterdam]. Hebrew and Dutch.
· Printed leaf, eulogy on the death of the Head of the yeshiva, our Teacher and Rabbi, R' Avraham ben R' Shimon HaCohen Underveiser… of the Etz Chaim Beit Midrash. Amsterdam, the 13th of Tevet 1934.
· Printed leaf, Gebed – special prayer composed during the time that the country was vulnerable to floods. Recited on Shabbat Parshat Yitro. [Amsterdam?], 1916.
10 paper items. Varied size, overall good condition.

Opening600$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 19

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Collection of Handwritten and Printed Poetry Leaves – Amsterdam

Collection of handwritten and printed poetry leaves:
· Handwritten leaf, Shir Yedidut, by an unknown writer. [Nine stanzas].
· Handwritten leaf, poem "in honor of the philanthropist…Eliezer ben Meir Razen, on his 69th birthday…". [Amsterdam?], [1862].
· Printed leaf, by Rabbi Avraham Delavila. [Amsterdam], 1856. Hebrew and Dutch.
· Printed leaf, poem "in honor of the wedding of Eliezer Dov Ber and Miriam Bayla Davids". [Amsterdam?], 1926.
· Printed leaf, "Poem in honor of… Rabbi Yonah ben Rabbi Leib Fahrzanger…". [Amsterdam], 1890. Hebrew and Dutch.
· Printed leaf, poem in nine stanzas, by Rabbi Shimon Heigmans. [Amsterdam, 1858]. With author's signature.
· Printed leaf, Poem in seven stanzas by Rabbi Shimon Heigmans. [Amsterdam, 1858]. With author's signature.
· Printed leaf, "Gift sent to our relative…Eliezer ben Rabbi Binyamin de Yung…". [Amsterdam?], 1898. Poem with acrostic of the name Eliezer.
8 items. Varied size, overall good condition.

Opening600$ Unsold

Auction 46 Lot Number 20

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Printed Page – “HaNoten Teshua” Prayer in Commemoration of the Marriage of Prince William V of Orange – Amsterdam, 1767

"HaNoten Prayer, in honor of our Prince, His Majesty, in commemoration of the day of his marriage and heart's joy, which was recited by the Sephardi Jews of the Amsterdam community… on Sabbath eve" [Amsterdam, 1767].
Prayer in honor of the marriage of Prince William V of Orange. Hebrew and Portuguese.
[1] leaf, 31 cm. Good condition, folding marks, minor tears.

Opening250$ Sold For443$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 21

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Handwritten Parchment Leaf – Hachnasat Sefer Torah in a Synagogue in the Culenborg Community (Holland), 1850

Handwritten parchment leaf, Dedication of a Sefer Torah in the Culenborg Community. Culenborg (Holland), Iyar 1850.
Written on the first part of the leaf is the detailed schedule of the ceremony which took place on Shabbat, Hachnasat Sefer Torah. this is followed by two poems and the version to be recited "On the first hakafah". On the verso: Reading sections (in the Sefer Torah) and the Mi SheBerach prayer for the benefactors.
Parchment leaf, written on both sides. 31.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and folding marks.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 46 Lot Number 22

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Two Handwritten Parchment Leaves – Culenborg Community (Holland), 1850

Two handwritten parchment leaves, with poems by Rabbi Leib Lepison – Prayer leader, shochet and bodek in the Culenborg
community. Culenborg, (Holland), 19th century.
· Handwritten leaf on parchment, poem in Hebrew and in Dutch, by Rabbi Leib Lepison, in honor of Dutchess Elizabeth who founded an orphanage in Culenborg in the 16 th century. [Culenborg], 1860. the name Elizabeth appears in an acrostic (in Hebrew and in Dutch).
· Handwritten leaf on parchment, poem [for inauguration of a synagogue?] by Rabbi Leib Lepison. [Culenborg, c. 1868]. "Culenborg, Leib Lepison" in acrostic.
Varied size, overall good condition.

Opening600$ Unsold

Auction 46 Lot Number 23

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Emissary’s Letter on Parchment – Ma’aravim Community – Jerusalem, 1907

Emissary's letter on parchment, for the Rabbi Avraham Chai ben Amozag [died in 1931; Tiberias sage, author of Avraham Bakol], who traveled to Morocco and Gibraltar on behalf of the Ma'aravim community of Jerusalem. Jerusalem, [1907].
Handwritten on a large parchment sheet, cut at the top in the shape of a dome and adorned with verses. the emissary's letter addresses the wealthy and influential residents of Gibraltar and of Western cities: Fez, Meknes, Sefrou, Rabat, Sali, Tetouan, etc.
the rabbis of the Ma'aravim of Jerusalem signed the writ: Rishon Letzion Rabbi Nachman Batito, Rabbi Eliyahu Ya’akov Elagimi, Rabbi Levi Yoflach, Rabbi Shmuel Alaluf, Rabbi Shmuel Buchbut, Rabbi Machluf Chazan, Rabbi Yosef Elmaliach, Rabbi Yosef Chaim HaCohen, and others. (several damaged signatures).
Large parchment leaf, 61 cm. Fair condition. Stains and wear, several tears and damages (with slight damage to text). Faded ink in several places.

Opening500$ Sold For3,936$ Including buyers premium

Auction 46 Lot Number 24

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Ketubah on Parchment – Avignon, 1746

Ketubah recording the marriage of Yosef Tzemach ben Nathan Shalom Astruc with the bride Rosa daughter of Aharon Dalpuget. Avignon, France, eve of Succot [September 1746].
Ketubah on thin parchment. Numerous signatures by the groom and his father, the witnesses, family members, relatives and groomsmen appear on the bottom: Shlomo Dalpuget bride's brother; Yehushua Naquet [future father in law of the groom's young brother – see following item] and Binyamin Naquet; Michael Dalpuget – bridesman on behalf of the bride; Ya'akov Ishphiar Afrana and other relatives from both sides.
31X38.5 cm. Fair condition. Upper corners are missing, minor tears and stains. Folding marks. Restored and pasted to paper, for preservation.
Ketubot from Avignon are not recorded in the Ketubot collection of the NLI.

Opening3,000$ Unsold
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