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Auction 50 Lot Number 1

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A Circular Letter Distributed by the Executive Committee of the Zionist Organization – Vienna, 1898

A stenciled circular letter distributed by the Executive Central Committee of the Zionist Organization. Hand-signed by two out of the five members of the first Committee of the Zionist Organization - Dr. Oser Kokesch (the secretary of the committee) and Dr. Moritz (Moshe) Tobias Schnierer. Vienna, 13 May 1898. German.
A call to sign a declaration, in protest of an article by Dr. Aharon (Armand) Kaminka, published in Ha-Magid and The Jewish Chronicle, which criticized Herzl and the Zionist Movement.
"Attached I'm sending you the translation of an article by Dr. Kaminka… Such articles can cause severe harm to the Zionist cause… The Executive Central Committee considers it inadvisable, for obvious reasons, to respond to comments such as these. However, we consider it absolutely necessary that the participants of the pre-conferences in Vienna [in preparation for the Second Zionist Congress] collectively refute the attacks of Dr. Kaminka. We therefore ask you to kindly sign the attached declaration…".
Aharon (Armand) Kaminka (1866-1950) was a rabbi, scholar, and Hebrew poet and translator born in Berdichev. He was a Zionist activist and one of the founders of the Hovevei Zion Berlin chapter. In the article referred to in the letter he expressed harsh criticism of Herzl's conduct, even writing that the Hovevei Zion movement should consider shunning the Second Zionist Congress altogether.
[1] leaf, folded into two and printed on one side, 29 cm. Good condition. Folding marks and creases. Several tears at margins. Some stains.

Opening300$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 2

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“Altneuland” – First Edition – Leipzig, 1902 –Illustrated Binding

Altneuland, Roman von Theodor Herzl. Leipzig: Hermann Seemann Nachfolger, [1902]. German. First edition.
Utopian novel, in which Herzl describes his vision of a future Jewish state in Palestine. Herzl composed the novel during the years 1899-1902 and titled the manuscript "New Zion". Later, inspired by "Altneuschul" - the name of the Prague synagogue - Herzl changed the title to "Altneuland". At the same year of publication, the book was translated into Yiddish and Hebrew (Nahum Sokolow, who translated the novel into Hebrew, titled it "Tel-Aviv" - the name adopted as the name of the first Jewish city) and in less than a year the novel was translated into six other languages. The famous Moto "Wenn Ihr wollt, Ist es kein Märchen" - "If you will it - it is no dream" is printed on the title page.
[3], 343, [5] pp, 18 cm. Good condition. Stains, mainly to first and last leaves. Several leaves and signatures are loose. Signatures on front endpaper and on title page. Original illustrated binding, slightly damaged. Torn spine.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,706$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 3

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Herzl – “Altneuland” – First Russian Edition, 1903

Обновленная страна (Altneuland), by Theodor Herzl. Kiev, 1903. Russian.
Utopian novel, in which Herzl describes his vision of a future Jewish state in Palestine. First translation into Russian.
341, [1] pages. Missing title-cover. 17.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains, some damages. Some tears at leaves’ margins. Some loose leaves. Worn binding, with tears at the margins and spine (partly detached).

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 4

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Theodor Herzl – Portrait Photograph – Basel

A portrait photograph of Theodor Herzl. Photographer: R. Spreng (stamped), Basel, [ca. 1901].
Portrait photograph. Taken at the studio of photographer R. Spreng in Basel, apparently close to the date of the Fifth World Zionist Congress, held in Basel in December 1901.
Photograph 24X16.5 cm., attached to cardboard 24.5X17.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Two lower corners of cardboard are missing.

Opening500$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 5

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Printed Fabric Flag Commemorating Herzl’s 50th Birthday

Printed fabric flag, commemorating Theodor Herzl's 50th birthday. Herzl died 6 years earlier, at the age of 44. [Unknown location], 1910.
A flag consisting of two pieces of fabric, one white and one light blue with a printed Hebrew inscription: "In memory of the 50th year of Dr. Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl, 1859-1910".
27X53 cm. Fair condition. Open tears, some damage to text. Stains. Unravelling marks. Sewn (fine stitches) to fabric mounted on cardboard.

Opening1,000$ Unsold

Auction 50 Lot Number 6

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Portrait of Theodor Herzl – Straw Work

Portrait of Theodor Herzl, in profile, made of glued-on pieces of straw (arranged width and lengthwise). Palestine, [ca. 1920s-1930s].
16X11.5 cm. Good overall condition. Some stains and missing pieces. Hook for hanging.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 7

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Poster – 31st Anniversary of Theodor Herzl’s Death – Manchester, 1935

The 31st Anniversary of the Death of Theodor Herzl, a poster - invitation to a memorial service at the synagogue on Cheetham Hill Road (Manchester), on behalf of the Manchester Zionist Central Council. Manchester, 1935. English and Yiddish.
76X50.5 cm. Good condition. Many stains, folding marks and creases. Very small tears to margins. A number of tears professionally restored.
From the collection of Dr Simon Cohen.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 8

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Pin – First Zionist Congress, 1897

A pin with the emblem of the First Zionist Congress, 1897.
Bronze emblem decorated with white threads surrounding it like a halo, attached to pin.
The emblem shows a Star of David framing a lion, with seven surrounding stars (the uppermost star is missing in this pin). The design is based on the proposal of Theodor Herzl in his book "The Jewish State": "I would suggest a white flag, with seven golden stars. The white field symbolizes our pure new life; the stars are the seven golden hours of our working-day. For we shall march into the Promised Land carrying the badge of honor".
Size of Star of David: 1X1 cm. Length of pin: 5 cm. Good condition. Uppermost star (at the top of the Star of David) is missing.

Opening500$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 9

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Second Zionist Congress – Official Postcard

The second Zionist Congress in Basel, official postcard, [1898].
Rimmer, no. 3.
9X14 cm. Good condition. Unused. Some creases and stains.

Opening700$ Unsold

Auction 50 Lot Number 10

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Early “Shana Tova” Postcard – Portrait of Theodor Herzl / Second Zionist Congress

2nd Zionist Congress in Basel, unofficial postcard.
In the middle, inside a Star of David, is Herzl's portrait, surrounded by portraits of Max Nordau, Bernard Lazare, Max Emmanuel Mandelstam and Rabbi Moshe Gester. The illustrations beneath the portraits are from the official postcard of the Second Zionist Congress, including the citation from Ezekiel. On the lower left corner the greeting "LeShana Tova" is printed.
Approx. 9X14 cm. Sent by mail in 1904. Some stains and creases.

Opening500$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 11

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Printed Card – Fifth Zionist Congress – Basel, 1901 – E. M. Lilien

Printed card (invitation?), "The Fifth Congress of the Zionists in Basel, 5662”. [Basel, December 1901].
On the front is an illustration by Ephraim Moses Lilien, "And Our Eyes Shall Behold Your Return to Zion with Mercy". On the back is an ink stamp: "Bureau des Zionistencongresses, Basel" [Zionist Congress Bureau, Basel].
12X17 cm. Good condition. Vertical folding mark. Creases and stains. Small tears to margins.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 50 Lot Number 12

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Sixth Zionist Congress – Unofficial Postcard Sent from the Congress

Postcard send from the Sixth Zionist Congress. Basel, 23 August 1903.
In the letter, written in pencil on the postcard, one of the Congress participants writes of his impressions from the Congress's opening night: "The impressions are so many that I don't know what to tell of first. Yesterday and the day before the Russian delegates convened… many rabbis delivered sermons at the Beit Midrash, and Dr. Nesig (?) drew a great crowd to hear his sermon on… Zionism. In the course of his speech he cursed Zionism and the listeners made an effort to keep still, but when he dared to call Herzl and Nordau sharp names such as 'arrogant… feullitonists who don't know Judaism and are brazen', mayhem broke out… one man wished to slap him, and the convention decided it no longer wished to hear him, and after singing 'HaTikva', everyone left the hall. […] Nordau has just arrived. He met Herzl on the street - and it was fine to see these two men walking arm in arm" (Hebrew).
9X14.5 cm. Good condition. Some stains and creases. Piece of postage stamp missing.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 50 Lot Number 13

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Booklet of Poems in Honor of the Ninth Zionist Congress, 1909

Festcommers zu ehren des IX Zionisten-Kongresses zu Hamburg am 28 Dez. 1909. Berlin, [1909]. German and some Hebrew.
A booklet with 11 poems, printed for the Ninth Zionist Congress, held in Hamburg in December 1909. The last poem is "HaTikva". Cover illustration: Richard Michel.
[16] pp, 24 cm. Good condition. Stains. Some notes in pencil. Bound with string.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 14

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Postcard and Three “Programs” for Zionist Purim Celebrations – Königsberg and Danzig, 1904-1924

1. Programm zum Purim-Fest. Program for Purim celebrations in Königsberg, March 1904. Printed by the Zionist Organization in Königsberg. German, Yiddish and Hebrew. [2], 9, [1] pp, 22 cm. Tears to cover margins.
2. Programm zur Makkabaer-Feier der Konigsberger Zionistischen Vereinigung… 16 Dezember 1906. Königsberg, [1906]. German, some Hebrew and Yiddish. Program for a convention of Königsberg Zionists. Not in NLI or OCLC. [8] pp, 25 cm. Good condition.
3. Purim Kinderfest 28 Februar 1909. Printed pamphlet for Purim children’s celebrations, printed by the Zionist Organization in Königsberg. Königsberg, 1909. [3] pp, 22.5 cm.
4. Souvenir postcard, Zur Erinnerung an das Purimfest des “Bar Kochba” Danzig, 16 Marz 1919. Souvenir postcard from the Purim celebrations of the “Bar Kochba” organization in Danzig, printed by the city’s Zionist Organization branch. Danzig, 19 March 1924.
Size and condition vary.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 15

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Jewish Portraits and Landscapes, by Alexander Kopelovitch

28 Jewish Portraits and Landscapes, by Alexander Kopelovitch. Riga (Latvia): Rota II, [ca. 1937]. Hebrew and English.
A portfolio with 27 reproduction plates of paintings by artist Alexander Kopelovitch (1915-1990), depicting Jewish leaders and sites in Palestine. Including: portraits of Theodor Herzl, Ahad Ha'Am, Albert Einstein, Shaul Tchernichovsky, Ze'ev Jabotinsky, Shalom Asch, and others, and illustrations of Rachel' Tomb, the Galilee Hills and Mount Tavor, Safed, the Western Wall, and other sites. Each reproduction
is pasted on the margins to a thick paper sheet, to which an explanatory leaf in Hebrew and English is attached. With an introduction: a letter from Shimon Dubnov to the artist.
[1] sheet folded in 4 (introduction and list of paintings, in Hebrew and English), 27 plates. 35 cm. Good condition. Stains and slight damage. Portfolio stained and torn.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 16

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Lithographs of the Leaders of the Zionist Organization – František Reichentál –Czechoslovakia

Builders of the Zionist Organization, 10 lithographic pictures by Fr. Reichentál. Published by the Zionist Federation in Czechoslovakia on the occasion of the convention of Zionist federations in Europe at Karlovy Vary. Czechoslovakia: Atlas Bratislava, [1947].
Original cardboard portfolio containing ten lithographs, portraits of Zionist leaders - Herzl, Nordau, Shapira, Sokolow, Szold, Ussishkin, Weizmann, Wolfson, Warburg and Bialik. Each lithograph is signed by the portrayed figure and by the artist (both in print). Printed on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Zionist Organization by Theodor Herzl, at the First Zionist Congress.
10 leaves, 41 cm. Good condition. Some wear and stains.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 17

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JNF Advertisement Leaf – Avant-garde Design – Vilnius, 1926

JNF advertisement leaf, printed on thick paper. [Vilnius, August 1926].
Designer's signature (Hebrew, in print): "Alkatznitzki 26".
A "classic" JNF illustration appears in the center, surrounded by a designed inscription in innovative typography: "If I forget thee oh, Jerusalem…", "Keren Kayemet LeIsrael", and more.
28.5X36 cm. Fair-good condition. Some tears at margins, professionally restored. Creases and folding marks. Handwritten date and ink-stamp.

Opening300$ Sold For467$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 18

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25th Anniversary of the Founding of the Jewish National Fund – a Lithograph by Joseph Budko, 1927

An invitation to a celebratory event marking 25 years to the founding of the Jewish National Fund - a lithograph by Joseph Budko (signed and dated in print). [Berlin, 1927]. German.
An illustrated page (in lithographic printing), made by Joseph Budko - an invitation to an event marking the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish National Fund, and celebrating the Purim holiday, with the participation of costumed figures representing 5,000 years of Jewish history.
[1] leaf, 31X25 cm. Good condition. Folding marks and creases. Stains on the margins. Pasted to a Bristol sheet at the corners.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 19

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Jewish National Fund and the Blue Box – Four Documents

1. Der Toyer Tzu Eretz Israel [The Gate to Eretz Israel]. Jerusalem: Goldberg Press, [early 1930s, after 1931]. Yiddish. Booklet describing the JNF's activities. [8] pp, 17 cm. Not in OCLC or NLI.
2. Der Keren Kajemeth Lejisrael. JNF promotional brochure. [Berlin, early 1920s, after 1921]. German. Folded brochure, with explanations on JNF activities. Inside is a map of Palestine with details on lands bought by the JNF.
3. Printed envelope, issued by the JNF in Berlin. Berlin, [ca. 1921]. The envelope was intended for donations to the JNF, in return for one of the gifts listed on the envelope's inner side.
4. Printed stub to be filled in by hand after emptying a JNF box. [Germany, ca. 1920s].
Size varies. Good overall condition.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 50 Lot Number 20

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Certificate for Inscriprion in JNF “Sefer Hayeled” – Grete Wolf-Krakauer

"JNF Sefer HaYeled [Children's Book], Jerusalem" - certificate illustrated by Grete Wolf-Krakauer (signed in print). Lithographic printing "Grafika", Jerusalem, [ca. 1930s].
Leaf 35X47 cm (thick paper). Good condition. Stains, creases and tears at margins (one open tear). Upper margins are glued to a sheet of paper, 50X70 cm.
Provenance: Collection of Dotan Family, Jerusalem.

Opening400$ Sold For492$ Including buyers premium

Auction 50 Lot Number 21

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Three Publications of the Jewish National Fund / Original Sketch

1-2. Two publications of the Jewish National Fund:
* "Sold here - greeting cards (telegrams) of the Jewish National Fund" (design: Kanler). [1] leaf, approx. 19 cm.
* "Jewish National Fund stamp, a must-have on every letter of an individual or institution!" (Design: Machner-Wallisch). [1] leaf, 13.5 cm.
3. Original sketch for an advertisement of the JNF, with the inscription "Sold here - stamps and telegrams of the Jewish National Fund". Ink on paper. 34X26.5 cm.
Condition varies.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 50 Lot Number 22

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Jewish National Fund – Five Booklets for Children

1. The Key, by Jessie E. Sampter. Jerusalem, 1925. English.
2. HaKufsa HaKchula - Ma'ase BeAgora SheNitgalgela LeHora shel HaKufsa HKchula Kufsat HaGeula (The Blue Box…), by Dov Kimchi. Jerusalem, [1926].
3. Garger LaKeren HaKayemet (A Grain for the Jewish National Fund). Poem: Anda Pinkerfeld, illustration: Iza Hershkovitz. Warsaw, [1930s].
4. Blue Box the Bold, told and drawn by Mordechai Warhaft. Jerusalem: Reuven Mass, [ca. 1940]. English.
5. Blue Box the Bold and Other Stories. Jerusalem: JNF Press, [ca. 1947]. English.
Size varies. Good overall condition.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 50 Lot Number 23

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Booklet of Regulations – “Moshav” Neve Zedek, 1890

booklet of regulations of Moshav Neve Zedek, established in 1887. Jerusalem: Frumkin, 1890.
Booklet of Regulations of Neve Zedek, the first official Jewish neighborhood established out of Jaffa. At the end of the booklet, on designated leaves, were added signatures of the estate owner who purchased it in 1887, the ink-stamp of "Hevrat Neve Zedek LeBinyan Batim" as well as many inscriptions documenting payments by the estate owner from 1889 till 1896.
16 pp, 20.5 cm. Fair condition. Wear, tears at margins of leaves. Stains. Detached leaves.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 50 Lot Number 24

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Four Letters from Petach Tikva, Mazkeret Batya, Zichrov Ya’akov and Jaffa, 1905-1914

1. A letter from the committee of Petach Tikva, to the Rabbi of "Jaffa and the Moshavot" (Rabbi Kook), December 1905. A request to prevent a certain person from acquiring an estate because he desecrated the Sabbath in public. Ink-stamped with the settlement committee stamp and signed by seven of the settlement members.
2. A letter from the committee of Mazkeret Batya-Ekron, to the rabbi of "Jaffa and the Moshavot", Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Hacohen Kook, 1912. A request addressed to Rabbi Kook, asking him to come and "make peace" after the occurrence of some disputes between the settlement members. Ink-stamped (settlement committee stamp) and signed by thirteen of the settlement members.
3. "Certificate" awarded to Shlomo Wilder confirming that his daughter, from Zichron Ya'akov, is a resident of the Moshavah, and is allowed to marry a young person from Alexandria, 1913. Signed and stamped by Rabbi Gedaliu Kahana, the settlement rabbi; signed by chairman and secretary of the settlement committee, Ink-stamped with the settlement committee stamp and ink-stamped with the stamp of the “Mukhtar” of the settlement (Arabic).
4. A letter from inhabitants of Jaffa "in the suburb of Neve Zedek" to the representatives of Tel-Aviv council, 1914. A protest against approving the establishment of a "cinematograph" - namely "Eden" cinema, established in 1914. With signatures of nineteen "home owners" in Jaffa.
[4] leaves, average size: 27 cm. Fair to good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium
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