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The auction took place on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, at 17:00 Israeli time.

The preview and the auction were held at our offices: 8 Ramban st. Jerusalem.

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Thursday, 08.02.18, 12:00 – 20:00
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The Auction was held on 13/02/18

Auction 59 Lot Number 49


Three Siddurim – Livorno – Sephardi and Italian Rites

Three siddurim printed in Livorno:
1. "Prayers according to the rite of the holy Sephardi community". Livorno, [1808 or 1829]. Not recorded in the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book. Original leather spine with gilt decorations.
2. Siddur "Beit Tefillah according to the rites of the Italian community". Livorno, [1862]. Contemporary binding, leather spine with gilt decorations.
3. Siddur "Beit Tefillah according to Sephardi rites for every Rosh Chodesh and every Shabbat". Livorno, [1892]. Original binding, floral fabric.
3 books. Size and condition vary.

Opening300$ Sold For394$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 50


Four Siddurim and Machzorim – Fine Unique Bindings

Four siddurim and machzorim with fine bindings:
1. "Year-round machzor, according to the Italian rite", Part 2. Venice, [1772]. Leather binding with gilt adornments and embossment: "S.U". Printed leaves with Italian songs are bound at the beginning and end of the machzor.
2. Machzor for the High Holidays and for the Festivals of the month of Tishrei. [Italy, 18th century?]. Lacking title page and several concluding leaves. Leather binding with gilt ornamentation and embossment: "S.U".
3. Siddur Imrei Lev, Prières d'un coeur israélite, livre d'offices et recueil de prières et de meditations pour toutes les circonstances de la vie. Paris, [1860?]. French. Binding covered with embroidered fabric. Detached binding. Tears and damages to fabric cover.
4. Siddur Imrei Lev, Preghiere D'un Cuore Israelita, Raccolta Di Preghiere E Di Meditazioni. Trieste (Italy), 1864. Italian. Leather binding with an embroidered fabric cover with floral ornamentation.
4 books. Size and condition vary.

Opening300$ Sold For566$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 51


Elaborate Set of Machzorim, with French Translation – Nine Volumes – Paris, 1865-1868

Erech Hatephiloth, Rituel de Toutes les Grandes Fêtes a l'usage des Israélites du Rite Allemand. Set of machzorim - prayers for all the festivals of the year, German rite, "arranged and accurate, translated into French" by R. Elchanan Durlacher. Paris, 1865-1868.
Hebrew and French translation on facing pages.
Complete set, ten parts in nine volumes, with elegant bindings. At the beginning of each volume, a leaf precedes the title page with a charming lithograph (each lithograph depicts a different Biblical scene). Several leaves with names of subscribers (who advanced funds for printing) in French, were added at the ends of the second volume for Sukkot and the second volume for Pesach. These leaves are not recorded in the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book and do not exist in the copies in the NLI.
9 volumes. 20 cm. Good condition. Stains. Gilt upper edges. Bindings with leather spine. Colored endpapers. Minor wear to bindings.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 52


Brit Yitzchak – Amsterdam, 1852

Brit Yitzchak, arrangement of chapters of the Bible, Mishnayot and Zohar to recite on the eve preceding a Brit Milah (circumcision), Ashkenazi rite. Amsterdam, [1852].
At the end of the introduction (p. 7) are handwritten signatures of the publishers: "Shimon Heigmans" and "David Shelihas". [R. Shimon Heigmans wrote a grammar book titled Safah Achat, Amsterdam, 1835].
8, 90 pages. Good condition. Clean leaves. Stamps on title page. New leather binding.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 59 Lot Number 53


Book of Prayers in Danish – Copenhagen, 1862 – Original Binding with Portrait of the Author, Chief Rabbi of Denmark

Psalmer til brug ved gudstjenesten i Synagogen [liturgical hymns for the synagogue], translated into Danish and edited by A. A. Wolff [R. Avraham Alexander Wolff]. Copenhagen (Denmark): S. Triers Forlag og Tryk, 1862. Danish.
On the front binding is a portrait photograph of the editor, Dr. Avraham Alexander Wolff (1801-1891, Otzar HaRabbanim 1044), Chief Rabbi of Copenhagen and of Danish Jewry in the 19th century. Prolific author, he wrote thousands of sermons during his tenure, hundreds were published in Danish and a selection in German.
Handwritten revision on p. 22.
64, [3] pages. 15.5 cm. Good condition. Few stains. Inscription on inner side of front binding. Original binding, with gilt ornamentation. Gilt edges. Damage to binding.

Opening400$ Sold For800$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 54


Keter Kehuna – Hamburg, 1881 – Pocket Edition for Cohanim, with Colorful Title Page

Keter Kehuna – Birkat Cohanim, Pidyon HaBen and Birkat HaMazon. Hamburg, 1881.
Pocket edition intended for cohanim, containing two relevant topics: Birkat Cohanim and Seder Pidyon HaBen. With instructions and other sections in Yiddish. Charming colorful title page (hand-colored print), with an illustration of the raised hands of cohanim in the center. Contemporary red binding, with gilt embossment of a gate, crown and the name of the book.
German dedication on front endpaper, dated 1912.
[1], 32 pages. 11 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains. Small tear to bottom margins of title page, without loss. Contemporary binding, slightly worn.

Opening400$ Sold For677$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 55


Hilchot Rav Alfas – Krakow, 1597-1598 – Three Parts

Hilchot Rav Alfas (Rif), with commentaries. Krakow: Yitzchak ben Aharon Prostitz, 1597-1598. Three parts in three volumes.
Many ownership inscriptions and pen scribbles in Ashkenazic handwriting on the title pages and endpapers, as well as on pages 48b and 192b of volume I. Among them are ownership inscriptions of R. Alexander Sender Katz, dayan in Metz (mentioned in the introduction to Yam Yissachar, Metz, 1769), and his son R. Avraham Mordechai Katz.
Three parts in three volumes. Volume I: [288] leaves. The final [14] leaves of Tractate Avoda Zara, followed by [8] leaves of "Esrim Sha’arei Shevuot", which belong to volume III, are included also at the end of this volume. Leaves [284] and [285] from Tractate Moed Katan are bound incorrectly between the leaves of Tractate Avoda Zara. Volume II: 268 leaves. Volume III: 302, [8] leaves. Without leaves 853-872 of Halachot Ketanot.
35-36 cm. Condition varies; good-fair. Many pages in good condition. Stains and wear. Worming, partially repaired. Tear to the title page of volume I, repaired with photocopy. Repaired tears to the other two title pages and other pages with several instances of damage to text. Original bindings - wood covered with leather, damaged, with traces of clasps.

Opening2,000$ Unsold

Auction 59 Lot Number 56


Talmud Yerushalmi – Krakow, 1609 – Signature of “HaAviv” Rabbi Eliezer Bergman

Talmud Yerushalmi. Krakow: Yitzchak ben Aharon Prostitz, 1609. Four parts in four volumes.
Second edition of the Talmud Yerushalmi, based on the Venice edition (1523-1524). A short commentary was added in the margins by R. David son of R. Menashe of Krakow, known as Rabbi David HaDarshan.
At the beginning of Zera'im is a general title page of the Talmud Yerushalmi, each of the other parts (Mo'ed, Nashim and Nezikin) have their own title page.
On the title page of Vol. 1 is a signature of "Eliezer son of R. [?] Yosef Binyamin Heidenheim" - signature of R. Eliezer Bergman (1799-1852), born in Heidenheim. One of the heads of the Jerusalem settlement of German immigrants, rabbi and friend of R. Yehosef Schwartz, author of Tevu'ot HaAretz. Disciple of German yeshiva deans R. Wolf Hamburg and R. Avraham Bing. He customarily signed his name with the acronym of his name "HaAviv" [Eliezer son of Yosef Binyamin]. A small part of his novellae and compositions were printed in the books Sha'arei Aviv (Bnei Brak, 1969) and B'Har Yera'eh (Jerusalem, 1975).
Several glosses. Long ancient [trimmed] gloss on p. 2a of Vol. 2 (Seder Mo'ed).
Ownership inscriptions and scribbles on last leaf of Vol. 4 (Nezikim). Among them is the inscription: "This book belongs to the orphans of the late… R. Yissachar Ber who was Rabbi of the Schwerin community, today Thursday, Rosh Chodesh Elul…", and the signature of "Shimshon son of R. Yissachar Ber Rabbi of the Schwerin community", etc.
Four volumes. 65; 83; 66; 51 leaves. 33.5 cm. Overall good-fair condition. High-quality paper. Stains and wear. Dampness traces. Restored tears, in some places affecting text. Worming, restored in some places. Restored tears and worming to first title page. New bindings.

Opening3,000$ Unsold

Auction 59 Lot Number 57


Mishnayot – Seder Nezikin, Kodshim and Taharot – Amsterdam, 1697 – Contemporary Leather Binding

Mishnayot, with Kav V'Naki commentary, Part 2 - Nezikin, Kodshim and Taharot. Amsterdam, [1697]. First edition of the Kav V'Naki commentary.
Pocket edition.
Short glosses, references and erasures in several places.
19, 21-[100], 100-119, 150-247, 247-276, 278-282 leaves. 11 cm. Good-fair condition. Most leaves in good condition. Stains. Worming. Worming to some leaves affecting text. Nice-looking contemporary leather binding, with gilt ornamentation. Damages and worming to binding.

Opening300$ Sold For418$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 58


Six Sidrei Mishnah in One Volume – Amsterdam, 1713 – Pocket Edition – Contemporary Leather Binding

Six Sidrei Mishnah in one volume, with the Kav V'Naki commentary, Part 1 - Zera'im, Moed and Nashim, Part 2 - Nezikin, Kodshin and Taharot. Amsterdam: Shlomo Katz Proops, [1713].
Pocket edition ["We have printed it in a small volume so the reader will be able to carry it with him…"]. Separate title page for Part 2. Printed at the end of the volume is a "tikun for study of the Bible Mishnah and Tur" - a daily study plan.
Contemporary leather binding with clasp.
Inscriptions. On the front endpapers are a kabbalistic prayer written in Italian script for Shabbat at Mincha time and a segula "for eliminating bad thoughts while praying". One of the back endpapers bears a copy of a passage from Sefer Yetzira in Sephardic script.
134; [1], 136-325, [4] leaves. 11.5 cm. Fair condition. Many stained leaves. Several detached leaves. Contemporary leather binding with clasp. Worming to binding, affecting handwritten text on front endpaper.

Opening400$ Sold For566$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 59


Six Sidrei Mishnah – Berlin, 1716-1717 – Fine Set in Six Volumes – With Etz Chaim Commentary by R. Ya’akov Chagiz

Six Sidrei Mishnah, with Rashi commentary and Etz Chaim commentary by R. Ya'akov Chagiz. Berlin, [1716-1717]. Second edition.
Fine six-volume set, with contemporary leather bindings, adorned with gilt embossments.
Signatures and stamps to title pages: "Avraham Yekutiel Zaks" of Lissa (son of R. Dov Yo'el Rabbi of Lovshin); "Mordechai son of R. A. of Hall"; "Chaim Tuvia Fligeltov son of R. Moshe Naftali of Warsaw" (father-in-law of R. Shmuel Tanchum, commentator of Rambam La'Am), etc.
Six volumes. Vol. 1 (Zera'im): [1], 8, 98 leaves. Vol. 2 (Mo'ed): [1], 8, 136 leaves. Vol. 3 (Nashim): [1], 120 leaves. Vol. 4 (Nezikin): [1], 160 leaves. The title page of this volume was replaced from a different copy. Vol. 5 (Kodshim): [1], 136, 139-150 leaves. Vol. 6 (Taharot): 5, 196, 201-206 leaves. Lacking leaves 197-200 (total of 4 leaves). 17 cm. Good condition. Stains. Few tears to several leaves. Worming to last leaves of Vol. 5. Contemporary leather bindings, with gilt ornamentation.

Opening600$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 60


Mishnayot Tiferet Yisrael – First Edition Printed in Hanover, Danzig (Gdańsk) and Königsberg – Five Parts – Wrappers Printed on Colored Paper

Mishnayot, with Tiferet Yisrael commentary, by R. Yisrael Lifshitz. Five parts out of the Six Sidrei Mishnah: Seder Mo'ed, Danzig, [1844]; Seder Nashim, Danzig, [1843]; Seder Nezikin, Danzig, [1845]; Seder Kodashim, Königsberg, [1850]. Seder Taharot, Hanover, [1830]. First edition of the Tiferet Yisrael commentary to Mishnah, which later was embraced by the entire Jewish world and has been printed in hundreds of editions.
Five sedarim in six volumes. The "Peticha" (introduction) of Seder Mo'ed (called Kupat HaRochlim) is an a seperate volume, without binding. The other five volumes include the wrappers printed on colored paper (blue, yellow and red). On the back of the wrappers is an illustration of a harp, with the caption, "Thy statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage".
The composition Avi Ezer on the Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer, by the author's father R. Gedalia Lifshitz, is included (as of printing) in the volume of Seder Nashim.
Ownership inscription in the volume of Seder Taharot: "…Uri Feivel son of R. Meir Falk Breslau 1882".
Part 2 - Mo'ed: [2], 229 leaves; including (in a separate volume) "Peticha… Kupat HaRochlim": [2], 148 pages. Part 3 - Nashim: [7], 162, [1]; [1], 25 leaves; Part 4 - Nezikin: [4], 6 pages, 281 leaves. Part 5 - Kodashim: [5] leaves, 71, [1] pages, 234, 224-319, 319-336 leaves. Without [1] folded plate with the layout of the Beit HaMikdash. Part 6 - Taharot: [4], 3-18; 54, [1] folded plate, 55-179, [4] leaves.
5 parts in 6 volumes. 15.5-16 cm. Overall good condition. Stains. Dark leaves. Ownership stamps. Original bindings with leather spines, besides one volume (the introduction to Seder Mo'ed) which has no binding. Wear and damages to bindings. Volume of Part 5 is detached into two parts between leaves 81 and 82.

Opening400$ Sold For1,845$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 61


Vilna Talmud – Handsome Set of Thirty Four Volumes

Babylonian Talmud. Vilna: the Widow and Brothers Romm, [1881-1912]. 34 volumes.
Set of Vilna Talmud, bound in contemporary bindings, with leather spines.
The volumes of this set were printed from 1881-1912.
* Berachot, Mishnah Seder Zera'im. 1886. * Rif Berachot, Shabbat, Eruvin and Pesachim. 1881. * Shabbat. 1883. * Eruvin. 1887. * Pesachim. 1886. * Yoma, Yerushalmi Shekalim. 1886. * Sukkah, Rosh Hashanah. 1912. * Beitzah, Ta'anit. 1886.* Megillah, Mo'ed Katan, Chagiga. 1886. * Rif Yoma-Chagiga. 1881. * Yevamot. 1889. * Ketubot. 1887. * Rif Yevamot, Ketubot. 1883. * Nedarim. 1897. With: Nazir. 1884. * Gittin. 1886. * Kedushin, Sota, 1884. * Rif Kiddushin and Gittin. 1884. * Bava Kama. 1886. * Bava Metzia. 1886. * Rif Bava Kama, Bava Metzia. 1882. * Bava Batra. 1886. * Sanhedrin. 1892. * Makot, Shevu'ot. 1891. * Avodah Zara. 1897. With Horayot and Masechtot Ketanot. 1889. * Rif Bava Batra, Makot and Shevu'ot. Without title page and year. * Rif Sanhedrin, Avodah Zara. Without title page and year. With Hilchot Bechorot and Challah by the Ramban. 1885. * Zevachim. 1884. * Menachot. 1887. * Chulin. 1892. * Rif Chulin. 1886. * Bechorot. 1892. With Arachin. 1885. * Temurah, Keritot, Me'ila, Tamid, and Mishnah Midot. 1885. * Nidah. 1886. * Mishnah, Seder Taharot. 1886.
34 volumes. Approx. 43 cm. Overall good condition. Stains. Uniform contemporary bindings. Wear, tears and damages to bindings and spines.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,091$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 62


Babylonian Talmud – Lazarus Goldschmidt – Berlin-Vienna, 1925 – Hebrew and German

Der Babylonische Talmud, Babylonian Talmud with German translation, "printed according to the first edition of Daniel Bomberg’s Talmud, Venice, with textual variations", by Eliezer (Lazarus) Goldschmidt. Berlin-Vienna: Benjamin Harz, 1925. German and Hebrew. Eight out of nine volumes.
The translation of the Talmud into German was a monumental project undertaken by Lazarus Goldschmidt in 1896. His translation was based on the uncensored edition of the Talmud first printed by Daniel Bomberg in Venice in the early 16th century. Goldschmidt’s work was completed in 1909.
Eight volumes, without the last (ninth) volume. 31 cm. Overall good condition. Damages to bindings.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 63


Collection of Ancient Printed Leaves – Incunabula

Collection of ancient printed leaves, including many incunabula:
* Leaf fragment from the Ralbag commentary on the Book of Iyov. [Naples, 1487]. * Leaf fragments from the Ramban commentary on the Torah (six leaves from the weekly Torah portions of Acharei Mot-Kedoshim). [Lisbon, 1489]. * Leaves from Sefer Kol Bo (6 leaves). [Naples, ca. 1490. First edition]. * Two leaves from Sefer HaShorashim by the Radak. [Naples, 1490]. * Leaf from Sefer HaShorashim by the Radak. [Naples, 1491]. * Leaf from the Ramban commentary on the Torah (end of Parshat Vayikra and beginning of Tzav). [Naples, 1490]. * Two half leaves from Perush HaMishnayot L'HaRambam. [Naples, 1492. First edition]. * Leaf from Halichot Olam, by R. Yeshua son of R. Yosef HaLevi. [Constantinople, 1510]. * Leaf from Yalkut Shimoni, on Tehillim. [Salonika, 1521. First edition]. * Approximately 20 leaf fragments from the book Tola'at Ya'akov, by R. Meir ibn Gabai. [Constantinople, 1560]. * Six leaves from the Mahari ben Lev responsa, Part 3. [Constantinople, 1573. First edition].
Dozens of leaves and leaf fragments. Size and condition vary.

Opening300$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 64


Maharik Responsa – Venice, 1519 – First Edition

Maharik responsa, by R. Yosef Kolon. [Venice: Daniel Bomberg, 1519]. First edition.
Colophon on last page: "This book was completed on Wednesday the 22nd of Adar 1519 by the Jewish brothers, sons of Baruch Edelkind… Daniel Bomberg from Anversa [Antwerp]".
Sources and references in Sephardi script appear in a few places.
[9], 233 leaves. Without title page (originally: [10], 233 leaves). 24 cm. Good condition. Wide margins. Stains and wear. Without binding.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 65


Terumat HaDeshen – First Edition – Venice, 1519 – Handwritten Glosses and Supplements – Signatures of Rabbi Shmuel Heller

Terumat HaDeshen, responsa, by R. Israel Isserlin. Venice: Daniel Bomberg, [1519]. First edition.
The sheets of the book have close to one hundred glosses by various writers, most of them by two writers in ancient Ashkenazi-Italian script [ca. 16th-17th centuries]. The ancient glosses contain references and scholarly notes (which open with the words: "From here it seems…", "From here is proof…", "Implied from here…"). Several glosses in the handwriting of R. Shmuel Heller Rabbi of Safed, and glosses and references by more writers.
Several censorship erasures. Four leaves are lacking, from Siman 17 until the middle of Siman 35, and were replaced by hand (the handwriting resembles the typography of the book).
Many signatures of R. "Shmuel Heller". Signatures and additional ownership inscriptions: R. "David Yerucham". Ownership inscription: "This book belongs to the young man outstanding in Torah knowledge and fear of Heaven, son of the holy R. Yitzchak Isaac Deutsch son of the Rabbi of Kretshnif", and stamp of "Yitzchak Isaac Deutsch of Tiberias" [died in Tishrei 1908. Brother of R. Moshe Deutsch, son-in-law of the son of R. Shmuel Heller].
R. Shmuel Heller (1786-1884), Torah scholar and physician, was raised in the home of the Chozeh of Lublin and following his advice, immigrated to Eretz Israel. Served as Rabbi of Safed for sixty years (for his biography and the history of settlement in Safed see "HaRav HaManhig V'Harofeh - Safed, 1989).
R. David Yerucham, one of the heads of Kollel Perushim of the Vilna Gaon's disciples in Safed. His signature appears on an emissary letter from 1828, together with the signatures of R. Yisrael of Shklow and of R. Chaim Cohen Rabbi of Pinsk (see enclosed material).
[12] leaves; [4] leaves replaced in handwriting; [116] leaves (originally: [132] leaves). 24.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains. Mildew stains to first leaves. Minor worming to margins, not affecting text. Many glosses are in faded brown ink. Old binding with leather spine.

Opening500$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 66


Mizrachi on the Torah – Venice, 1527 – First Edition – Signatures and Glosses

Commentary on Rashi by the renowned Torah scholar R. Elya Mizrachi. Venice: Daniel Bomberg, 1527. First edition.
First edition of the Mizrachi commentary, the foremost super-commentary to Rashi's commentary on the Torah, by R. Eliyahu Mizrachi (the Re'em). Printed in his commentary on Parshat Masei is a map of Eretz Israel with east facing upward. This map, drawn primarily with straight lines in square and rectangular shapes, is the first Hebrew map ever printed.
Signatures and ownership inscriptions, as well as thirty old glosses in Sephardic handwriting from several authors. Several long glosses, (mostly trimmed). A gloss in Parashat Lech-Lecha reads: "I found written in the rabbi's manuscript…". In Parashat Bo, "R. Levi ben N… explained here…".
The title page and other pages contain many elaborate signatures of "Yehuda Levi Gazal" (Jerusalemite scholar; see enclosed material). A gloss in Parashat Beha'alotcha is signed, with the Hebrew letters D.I.G. (possibly, "the words of Yehuda Gazal). The top of page [2] contains the ownership inscription of "the young Nissim Chaim Moda'I Set" (1806-1891, rabbi of Izmir, author of "Drisha MeChaim" and other works). Several of the glosses are in his hand.
Two glosses are signed "M.C.R." (Parashat Noach) or "the young M.C.R." (Parashat Bechukotai). [Possibly the signature of R. Moshe Chaim Rimini, rabbi of Firenze, whose work "Machar Chodesh" was printed as a second volume to Sefer Matnat Yad by R. Daniel Trani, Firenze, 1794].
[332] leaves. Originally [338] leaves. The last six leaves are missing. 26.5 cm. Condition varies; good-fair. Most leaves are in good condition. Stains and dampstains on several leaves. Tears and damages to the title page (partially repaired with paper). Worming, affecting text in several places. Old binding.

Opening600$ Sold For36,900$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 67


Prayers for the Karaite Community – Venice, 1528-1529 – Inscriptions of Members of Karaite Communities in Lithuanian Cities, 16th Century

"Siddur" of year-round prayers, Karaite rite, by Aharon ben Yosef. Parts 4-5 (of five parts). [Venice, 1528-1529. Printed by Cornelio Adel-Kind in the printing press of Daniel Bomberg]. First edition.
Karaite machzor. These parts contain prayers for Rosh Hashanah, "Order (of prayers) for the Ten Days of Mercy", prayers for Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Fast of the Seventh (month - 23rd of Tishrei), Fast of the Tenth (10th of Tevet), Purim (with Megillat Esther), "Blessings for circumcision", "Birkat Chatanim (for weddings)", "Prayers for Shabbat during days of rejoicing", songs and Tzidduk HaDin.
On p. 213b, at the end of the prayers for the "Ten Days of Mercy", is a long inscription in ancient handwriting attesting to the sale of the machzor to members of the Karaite community in the city of Trakai [Troki], adjacent to Vilna in 1647: "I, the undersigned, notify with my signature below that I sold the second part of the machzor eternally to Nachamu son of Tzefanya and he is entitled to take possession of this machzor… Written here in Trakai on the 30th of Tishrei 1647, Michael son of Tzadok… Nachamu son of Shimon… Yehuda son of Aharon". Later, the aforementioned Nachamu donated the machzor to the Karaite synagogue of the Biržai community in Northern Lithuania, as he writes on p. 120b: "I, Nachamu son of the elder Tzefanya, attest like one hundred valid witnesses that I, Nachamu, have readily decided for the sake of a cure for my wife and children to donate this second machzor… to the synagogue of the Biržai community… here in Biržai on Monday Rosh Chodesh Tishrei in 1649 [?]". 18th century births are recorded on the blank leaf following leaf 213.
Many glosses with handwritten revisions, sources and supplements are added to the leaves of the machzor. Leaves 55-56 bear glosses in a foreign language in Hebrew letters, possibly in Karaim (spoken by some sects of Karaites). At the end of the machzor are five handwritten leaves, with replacements of the text of Tzidduk HaDin.
Lacking copy. Parts 4-5. 75-213, [1]; [1]-49, 50-105, 105-129, 133-152, 154-219 leaves. Originally: 57-213; 49, [6], 50-105, 105-133, 133-224 leaves. Lacking 34 leaves. 19 cm. Condition of leaves varies, fair-poor. Stains and wear. Open tears to several leaves. Leaf edges are notably browned (apparently due to dampness). Warped spine, the book is detached into two parts. Unbound.
Apparently, a complete set (five parts) of this siddur did not survive. In 2007, a facsimile of the Yom Kippur and Sukkot prayers in this siddur was published in Jerusalem.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,353$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 68


Kitzur Sefer Mitzvot Gadol, with Latin Translation – Basel, 1533 – First Edition – Polemic

Sefer Mitzvot, Negative and Positive Commandments - Praecepta mosaica sexcenta atque tredecim - Kitzur S'mag (Abridgement of Sefer Mitzvot Gadol) by Moshe miKotsi [Moïse de Coucy], by an anonymous author, with Latin translation and supplements by Sebastian Münster. Basel: Henricus Petrus, [1533]. Hebrew and Latin.
This is the first edition of Kitzur S'mag. A polemic arose regarding the identity of its author. No manuscripts of this composition were known and it was discovered for the first time in this edition [followed by repeated editions, some include commentaries by various rabbis]. Some thought that R. Moïse de Coucy, author of the S'mag, abridged the book himself (as the Chida wrote). However, others claimed that Sebastian Münster wrote the book to scoff the Jews, since he wrote in the introduction to the Latin part of the book that he printed it "to show how the eyes of the Jews are blind and their hearts are closed to understanding, in that they follow the Oral Law". Some assert that the book should be destroyed and that it was put on the "Jewish bookshelves" by an unfortunate mistake. At the end of the Hebrew part, Münster added two pages containing basic Christian doctrines. In his article "Kitzur HaS'mag L'Mi" (Moriah, Year 16, Tamuz 1988, p. 34 and on), R. Avraham Chavatzelet claims that the author was apparently expelled from Portugal in 1497. See enclosed material.
The two leaves with Christian doctrine were destroyed or torn out of many copies (by Jews who owned the book). They are complete in this copy.
Handwritten Latin inscription on the title page of the Latin part.
[245] leaves. 14.5 cm. Good condition. Few stains. Light-colored high-quality paper. Adorned contemporary leather binding, worn and damaged.

Opening500$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 69


Sifra – Venice, 1545

"This book Sifra", Midrash Halacha on Vayikra. Venice: Daniel Bomberg, 1545. Second edition.
Ownership inscription in the center of the title page: "Shlomo Schorr".
59 leaves. 28 cm. Good condition. Stains. Worming. New binding.

Opening400$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 59 Lot Number 70


Iggeret Shamayim Larom – Mantova, 1556

Iggeret Shamayim Larom, "known as Bechinat Olam"; ethical philosophic letter by R. Jedaiah Hapenini Bedersi. Mantova: Yaakov ben Naftali Hakohen of Gazzuolo, [1556].
Leaves [42-44] contains "a poem… written… by R. Jedaiah… in which each word contains the letter Lamed, and the entire poem utilizes only the first half of the Hebrew alphabet (until the letter Lamed)". This poem is known as "Batei Hanefesh" or "Beit El", and is also called "Bakashat HaLamedin". In actuality, it was composed by R. Jedaiah's father, R. Avraham Profiat Bedersi. See Y.A. Ben-Yaakov, Otzar HaSefarim, p. 71, no. 280; Otzar HaShira VehaPiyut, III, p. 37, no. 800.
Rabbi Jedaiah HaPenini Bedersi (ca. 1270-1340) was a poet, doctor and philosopher from Beziers, France. He considered himself a disciple of the Rambam and he wrote enthusiastically in his favor during the great debate regarding the study of philosophy (his responsa were published in the Rashba's responsa, chapter 418). This work is an ethical work dealing with the value of worldly matters versus those that will merit everlasting life in the World to Come.
Censors' signatures on the final page. List of books in Italian script on the back flyleaf.
[44] leaves. 14.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Title page and first leaves are loose. Creases to the margins of the title page. Crossed out inscriptions on the title page. Original vellum binding, damaged.

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Tur Choshen Mishpat – First Edition with Beit Yosef – Glosses from the Time of Printing

Tur Choshen Mishpat, with Beit Yosef. Sabbioneta: Tobias Foa, [1559]. First edition with commentary of Beit Yosef by R. Yosef Karo (author of the Shulchan Aruch). Two volumes.
The beginning of the first volume (Hilchot Dayanim) contains dozens of handwritten glosses in Italian script, some lengthy (some partially trimmed). The (unknown) author is evidently an Italian scholar who lived during the time period of the printing. He quotes Sefer Kessef Mishna by R. Yosef Karo, and refers to him as the author of the Shulchan Aruch. He also quotes the Rama, who he refers to as "the editor", and R. Ovadia of Bartenura (Bertinoro), whom he quotes as criticizing Ashkenazic rabbis for their high fees.
One of the pages contains censors' erasures, with the text rewritten by hand (by a different writer).
Ownership inscriptions. Censors' signatures on the title page and final page.
Two volumes. 332 leaves. 38 cm. Condition varies; good-fair (most leaves are in good condition). Thick, high-quality paper. Stains. Worming, affecting text in several places. Slight damage to text in several places, repaired with handwritten text. New bindings. Spines created using parts from the original leather bindings.

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Mishneh Torah L’HaRambam – First Edition of Kesef Mishneh – Volume 1 – Venice, 1575 – Signatures and Glosses

Mishneh Torah L'HaRambam, with Hasagot HaRa'avad and the Magid Mishneh, and with the Kesef Mishneh commentary by Yosef Karo. First volume (of four), Parts Mada-Zemanim. [Venice: Bragadin, 1575]. First edition of the Kesef Mishneh.
Ownership inscription of "Yosef son of Mordechai HaCohen" at the top of the first leaf and on p. 271a. A long inscription in Yemenite script (Judeo-Arabic) appears on the page following the index signed with three curly [obscure] signatures, from 1828.
Approximately twenty ancient glosses by several writers in Sephardi and Italian script, some trimmed. Written in a gloss on p. 270b: "So I have seen in the holy writings of the great Rabbi Maharam Galante…". Several glosses in Yemenite script.
[20], 316 leaves. Originally: [22], 316 leaves. Lacking: title page and leaf [6]. 29 cm. Fair-poor condition. Stains and wear. Dampness traces. Heavy worming, especially to inner margins. Detached leaves and gatherings. Tears affecting text of first and last leaves. Old, detached and damaged leather binding.

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