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Auction 6 Lot Number 1

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Illustrated Shiviti – Dorohoi – Moldova

Illustrated Shiviti, ink and color on paper, basic work. Dorohoi (Moldova), 20th century.
Single leaf with illustration of a menorah and verses. In the four corners are color illustrations of animals. On both sides of the menorah a dedication to the deceased in the Blumental and Braff families. Signed at the bottom - Tirrer family, Dorohoi.
The Tirer family, a family of Rabbis and Rebbes in the Tschernowitz region, Bokovina, and surrounding areas (descendants of Rabbi Chaim Tirrer
Of Tschernowitz, author of “Sidduro Shel Shabbat”).
37.5x51 cm. Fair condition. Tears and many cracks professionally repaired. Stains. Partially attached to cardboard.

Opening1,500$ Sold For1,500$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 2

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Shiviti – Moshe Mizrachi – Jerusalem. 1902

Shiviti, single leaf, lithograph, printed, with three illustrations of the menorah. Signed in print at the bottom “…Jerusalem, by Moshe Ben Yitzhak Mizrahi” and dated 1902.
Moshe Ben Yitzhak Mizrahi was born prior to 1870 in Tehran, moved to Eretz Yisrael around 1890, and changed his name to Mizrahi. He lived in Jerusalem and was a Sofer Stam. To make a living he opened a store that sold frames and mirrors in the spice market of the Old City. He died in the 1930s. He was known in Jerusalem as “The Menorah Painter” (Shiviti). The style of his work was naïve and folkloric.
21x28 cm. Poor condition. Holes, stains, fold marks and moisture damage, pieces are missing on the margins. Some of the damage has been roughly and unprofessionally repaired.
This leaf does not appear in “Arts and crafts in Eretz Yisrael in the 19th Century". Later versions appear in the MB CD.

Opening400$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 3

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Fine Gold and Silver Binding, Belonged to Rabbi Moshe Segal Brandeis, Rabbi in Mainz

Fine binding for book of Psalms of Rabbi Moshe Segal Brandeis (Rabbi Moshe Charif). [Mainz], [1750].
Silver binding illuminated with foliage. On the front, there is a gold piece shaped as a shield, with the engraving "Moshe Segal Brandeis, Rabbi of [Mainz] community". There is an identical shield on the back, with the word "Psalms" and the date engraved on it in Hebrew. Inside the binding there is an empty book with thick paper, to preserve the cover's shape.
Rabbi Moshe Brandeis was one of the great rabbis of Germany-Ashkenaz in his time. He was born in Prague, to family descended from the Maharal, and studied under Rabbi Avraham Broda. 1717-1733 – Rabbi in Bumsle, and from 1733 through his passing in 1767, he served as Mainz's Rabbi. He was known throughout the world as one of the Torah giants of his time, and was particularly known for his great sharpness, which earned him the name "R' Moshe Charif" (=the sharp one). His books were published from manuscript by Machon Yerushalayim as Chidushei Rabbi Moshe Charif, Jerusalem 1987, with a preface about his life (see enclosed material).
Height: 10 cm, width: 7 cm. Very good condition. Scrathes on the gold shield. Cover is slightly detached from one of the hinges. Missing ornament. Slightly stained by time.

Opening3,000$ Unsold

Auction 6 Lot Number 4

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Decorated Wimple, 1821

Wimple for Torah scroll, from Brit Milah of Isaac ben Moshe Segal. 1821.
"Isaac ben Moshe HaLevi was born on Tuesday, 17th of Elul, 1821". The wimple has colorful illustrations of animals, trees and plants.
The wimple tradition was common mostly in southern Germany, but also some communities in northern Germany and even Italy. See extensive treatment of this custom in the book Shorshe Minhag Ashkenaz.
186x16.5 cm. Good condition. Folded edges, stains – mostly on back.

Opening350$ Sold For450$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 5

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Small Memorial Stone – 1929

Small memorial stone, with metal frame and leg (resembling picture, for placement on table). With engraving "in memory of my mother Chana Dvora Myarek, d. 1929".
Maximum dimensions: 12x22 cm. Stone is in very good condition, with few scratches. Frame is rusty.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 6 Lot Number 6

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Large wall calendar – Chevrat Mishnayot, Mishkoltz – Yahrzeit list

Yahrzeiten DeChevra Mishnayot calendar for studying on the deceased anniversary for the benefit of the souls. Mishkoltz, end of 19th century (?)
Next to the calendar heading is written “Ner HaShem Nishmat Adam.” Table detailing names of the deceased according to the months of the year, with lists of men’s and women’s names. Bottom names donors who financed this - Avraham Ziegelman…[Rabbi] Yaakov Adler… [Rabbi] Meir Ziegelman Sofer Stam… Mishko[ltz].”
89x106 cm. Fair condition. Attached to cardboard. Many tears, a small number of which have been restored. Dark stains.

Opening450$ Unsold

Auction 6 Lot Number 7

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Notebook of Aliyot to the Torah – Hungary

A book with 15 cardboard cards with slits for putting small slips of paper with numbers. Under every slit there is a caption – Tzedaka, Bought, and ח"ק in Hebrew, and Torah Study, Visiting the Sick, Yeshiva, Jerusalem, and many others in Hungarian. The writing on all the cards is identical, but some of the cards are empty. Only the first four cards have slips of paper inside.
Enclosed is a cardboard card, which says "First" on one side, and "Cohen" on the other side.
Since the gabba'im are unable to write the pledges made by the congregants on Shabbat, many original alternatives to this have been found throughout history. This notebook is one example of such an alternative. [Regarding additional solutions, see Kedem catalogue, sale 2, items 212-213].
[15] cardboard cards, 24 cm. Cloth and wood cover, tied with three strings. Fair condition. Stains and signs of wear and use on the cards and cover.

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 6 Lot Number 8

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Colorful Mizrah Sign – Breslau

"Mizrah". One leaf in lithographic print by S. Schottlaender. S. Breslau, year of print not mentioned (printing house operated between 1888 and 1894).
In the middle there are snowy mountains, and the Holy Ark with two cherubs and the Tablets. On the side, there is a picture of Moses holding the tablets, Aaron wearing the breastplate, two lions, and a picture of the Western Wall. Above the gates on the sides, there are illustrations of the symbols of the Twelve Tribes.
Many golden illustrations.
In frame of 43.5x33.5 cm. Good condition. Many moisture damages and stains. Slight tears on edges.

Opening150$ Sold For320$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 9

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Zecher LaChurban – Illustrated Page

"Zecher LaChurban", one illustrated leaf, colorful lithographic print in black frame. Not signed or dated.
"On the rivers of Babylon, there we sat and wept…" with drawings of Rachel's tomb, Zion [David's tower], the Temple Mount, and a picture of people sitting next to a river, with musical instruments hanging from a tree.
36.5 cm. Fair condition. Creased, torn, stained and with folding marks.

Opening100$ Sold For240$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 10

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Silver Amulet

Amulet made of engraved and welded silver. A plate with two hangers on top for hanging on to a chain.
Kabbalistic inscriptions of Divine names and the names of the angels.
Diameter: 5 cm. Maximum diameter, including hangers: 5.5 cm. Good condition.

Opening120$ Sold For140$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 11

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Paper Amulet

An amulet for guarding from Demons, written for a woman.
Nice block style handwriting, Middle Eastern-Jerusalem-Baghdad.
70x7.5 Cm. Quality paper. Good Condition. Rolling marks.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction 6 Lot Number 12

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Protection Amulet for Child, from the Ba’al Shem Tov / Includes printing Plate

1. Amulet for protection and good luck for child – from the Ba'al Shem Tov.
2. Cast plate depicting amulet and its illuminated frame; cardboard with engraving (without ink) of the plate.
Amulet is 15.5x20 cm with tears and omissions to margins – no omission to text; plate is 12x16 cm.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction 6 Lot Number 13

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Amulets – Protection for Newborn and Mother

1. Protection for newborn and mother – drawing of hand and eye, for protection from evil eye. Jerusalem. [c1900-1920]. [Zuckerman Print?] One leaf, 32 cm. Purple ink, good condition, tears on sides of page – no damage to text.
2. Protection for baby, for good luck. Chernowitz, [after 1921]. Daniel Sternfeld Publication. Other side of page shows part of calendar for 1922. One leaf, 17 cm. Fair condition, stains; moisture stains. Wear on margins with slight damage to frame.
3. Amulet for newborn, from the Ba'al Shem Tov. Satmar Nemeti. [1930s]. Bibliographically unknown. One leaf, 19.5 cm. Very good condition. Dry paper.

Opening120$ Sold For260$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 14

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Collection of Prayers and Segulot for Protection, From Various Countries

Rare collection of single pages: Segulot for protection, various prayers, Kel Melech prayers, "Mizrach" signs, blessings, and Shana Tova greetings. Printed in Jerusalem, Tunis, Bagdad, Germany, Morocco and more.
"Prayer from the book Ben Ish Chai, by Rabbi Yosef Chaim", Prayer "which was revealed in a dream to a kabalistic elder", and prayers from the period of the holocaust for protection from air raids. Prayer based on acrostic of the 72-letter Holy Name. Protection for newborn and mother by the Ba'al Shem Tov, with blessing recited at Brit Milah, and incantation against evil eye.
15 items; 14 leaves. Varying sizes and conditions.
Most items are bibliographically unlisted.

Opening300$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 15

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Collection of Single Pages and Blessings – Arab Countries

19 single leaves from Arab countries. Poems, printed prayer selections, letters, documents from organizations etc., including: receipt from Ezrat Dalim Society of Fez, Document from Em HaBanim organization in Casablanca, documents with ink-stamp of Yagdil Torah of Tetouan (Morocco) and more. Arabic in Hebrew letters with some Hebrew.
Fair through good condition. Some leaves are pasted or folded.

Opening350$ Sold For440$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 16

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Five Single Pages of Songs, Prayers and Supplications – Algeria

Single pages of songs, prayers and supplications. Written by Rabbi Yitzchak ben Rafael David Mareli, Algeria.
1. Supplication. (2 pages).
2. Request for yom Kippur and lead for Ne'ila prayer (4 pages).
3. Mistagab For Yom Kippur night (2 pages).
4. Song for Shmini Atzeret Holiday (2 pages).
5. Song in honor of Efraim Elnekave (4 pages).
Various sizes and conditions. Generally good condition, some are torn on margins.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 17

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Birkat HaBait on Parchment – Aryeh Der’i in Ma’asiyahu Prison

Birkat HaBayit (blessing for the home) on parchment. Signed by Rabbi Aryeh Der'i, from the time he was imprisoned in Ma'asiyahu prison of Ramla, 2001. Written as wedding gift for Rabbi Pinchas Abichatzira. Illuminated with foliage.
Good wishes written in ritual calligraphy, and signed in pen by Rabbi Der'i.
27x42 cm. Good condition. Stains with damage to writing (see picture).

Opening500$ Unsold

Auction 6 Lot Number 18

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Prayer to be Saved from Trouble – From the kabalist Rabbi Yehudah Patyah (with some addition in his handwriting)

Prayer to be saved from trouble (from German Air raids) Jerusalem, [1941?]. Printer "Ha'Ot"
Printed single page of verses to be said "to save both the reader and family members from danger… and if heaven forbid… there was an air raid it should be said repeatedly…". Printed with the initiative of kabalist Rabbi Yehudah Patyah. This page was found in his library amongst his personal books. On this page there is his holy handwriting in pencil, a listing of clues to troubles occurring to the Jewish people by "Edom" and "Yishamel".
Rabbi Yehudah Patyah (1859-1942) of the greatest kabalists and scholars of Babylon. He was the student of the "Ben Ish Chai", came to Eretz Israel in the year 1934 and died in the month of Av 1942 in the peak of WWII. He was a teacher in Jewish Law and Kabalah, the author of Matok LaNefesh" and other works. He involved himself with special Jewish Kabalistic prayers and amulets. He also published a book "Ruchot Mesaprot" on evil spirits and Dybbuks.
Single Page. 23 cm. Very good condition. Foxing stains. Bound in fancy leather binding.
Attached is an expert's letter to verify the authenticity and validation of this page and the handwriting.

Opening1,000$ Unsold

Auction 6 Lot Number 19

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Shabbos Shuva Sermon in Przemysl

Broadside inviting the public to Shabbos Shuva sermon in Przemysl, containing list of sources the sermon would be based on. Also blessing for a sweet new year, from Rabbi Gedalya Shmelkis. 29th of Elul 1909.
Rabbi Gedalya Shmelkis (1859-1928) was a brother and a close disciple of Rabbi Yitzchak Shmelkis, author of Beit Yitzchak (who served as rabbi of Przemysl and Lvov). Served since 1853 as rabbi in Przemysl. His novellae were published in the book Imrei Regesh (Regesh stands for Rabbi Gedalya Shmelkish).
One leaf, 23.5 cm. Fair condition, restored tears and damage.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 20

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Proclamations for strengthening Shabbos Observance – Rebbe Neta Lifshitz of Slabodka

Essays for strengthening Shabbos Observance, by Rabbi Neta HaLevi Lifshitz of Slabodka (suburb of Kovna). Yiddish.
1. A Brivelle Der Mammen! [Letter to Mothers]. Proclamation calling Jewish women to strengthen their Shabbos observance. Slabodka, 1933.
2. Shabbos Menucha, Shabbos is di Beste Matana! (Shabbos is the most precious gift). Slabodka, 1933.
Rabbi Neta Lifshitz was son of Rabbi Ya'akov HaLevi Lifshitz, secretary of Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan, Av Beit Din of Kovna. Printed his father's book "Zichron Ya'akov" and others. Killed in the holocaust.
2 proclamations of different conditions and sizes.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 21

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Chashach HaShemesh – A Eulogy for The Maharil Diskin

Chashach HaShemesh… A notice on the eulogy by Rabbi Yitzchak Winograd in Yeshivat "Torat Chaim" on the passing of our master our teacher and our Rabbi the Maharil Diskin. Jerusalem 1898.
25 cm. Poor condition with many tears. Paper and glue stains. Majority of the text is present.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 22

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Proclamations and Pamphlets – Vilna, 1930s

Seven proclamations regarding everyday life. Vilna, 1930s. Among them: "Does Vilna Require a Cantor?", "Desecration of Holiness", "To all Jewish Inhabitants of Vilna" – Six in Yiddish, one in Polish; pamphlet of agricultural school of Vilna, includes curriculum and criterions for acceptance. Hebrew, Yiddish and Polish.
15.5x21 cm through 37.5x54.5 cm. Good through very good condition. Proclamations are folded, light tears on edges.

Opening240$ Sold For360$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 23

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Call to Jews of Galicia and Bukovina Who Dwell in Vienna

Call to Jews of Galicia and Bukovina who dwell in Vienna, published by brotherhood society in Vienna. Printed in Pressburg, [1908].
Printed procamation containing words of support and encouragement from various rabbis (Rebbes of Husiatin, Sadigura, Boyan, Sambor, Vizhnitz, Rabbi Yitzchak Shmelkis and the Maharsham of Brezon) to "Great society which works for the good of Judaism… in Vienna".
Yiddish and Hebrew.
[3] pages, 30 cm. Very good condition. Folded in quarters.

Opening150$ Sold For190$ Including buyers premium

Auction 6 Lot Number 24

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Chevra Kadisha Record – Szeged, 1903

Record from 1902 of Hevra Kadisha of Szeged, Hungary. 1903.
Includes monetary records and lists of names.
16 pages, 30.5 cm. Very good condition. Vertical folding mark. Handwritten inscription on cover.

Opening100$ Unsold
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