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The Auction was held on 28/08/18

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Auction 62 Lot Number 386

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Token – “Hanukkah” and “Zion” – Galicia, Early 20th Century

A token with Hebrew legends. [Galicia], early 20th century.
Obverse: the legend "Hanukkah" surrounded, on the margins of the token by the year תרס"ב i[1901] and an additional unidentified legend. Reverse: Star of David with "Zion" in its center.
Diameter: 24 mm. Fair condition. Wear. Corrosion.
According to the owner, this item originates in the area of Lemberg.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 62 Lot Number 387

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Silver Sewing Case with Seal – Bingen, Germany, 19th Century

Silver sewing case with a seal. [Bingen am Rhein (Germany), 19th century (or earlier?)].
Cast silver, spun and engraved.
A hollow case, thin and long, consisting of four parts (with a spool and a needle case), and decorated with a repetitive geometric pattern. Engraved on the seal at the bottom of the case: "יטכה בת כהרר יוזל מבינגא". A pair of fish is engraved below the inscription.
Height: 8 cm. Good condition. Bends. Some stains. Possibly, a matching thimble is missing.

Opening500$ Sold For1,046$ Including buyers premium

Auction 62 Lot Number 388

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Copper Plate – Damascene Work – Daniel in the Lions’ Den

A copper damascene work plate. [Syria or the vicinity, early 20th century].
Copper; silver damascene work.
A deep plate decorated with vegetal patterns. A man surrounded by lions is seen in the center, with an inscription: "Daniel in the Lions' Den" (Hebrew). The margins are also decorated with vegetal patterns and with three human figures. The plate is signed on the back in Armenian script and the Arab digits 1226.
Diameter: 26.5 cm. Good condition. Bends.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 62 Lot Number 389

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High-Quality Collection of Yemenite Silver Jewelry – Early 20th Century

16 silver pieces of jewelry. Yemen and Eretz Israel, [early 20th century].
The collection is composed of ceremonial and daily pieces of jewelry, city and village ornaments, made in the traditional style of the rich silver-craft produced by Yemenite Jews.
Cast silver, bent, cut, soldered and engraved; filigree and granulation; silver beads and gems.
1. Lazam necklace.
Necklace made of three rectangular plates connected by seven silver-bead chains. The necklace ends with two triangular plates. Three cylindrical amulet holders hang on the rectangular plates with hanging "fox tail" chains ending in "pomegranate" beads. This type of necklace was common among Jews in Yemenite villages, however, in Sanaa, only young girls wore it. Attached to the edges of the necklace are strings for fastening around the neck. Length: 32 cm.
2-6. Five chains with amulet holders.
Chains with various types of amulet holders. Four of silver and the fifth made primarily of blue beads dotted by silver beads. Maximum length: 90 cm.
7. Bridal chain.
Chain of a set of a bridal ornaments from Sanaa. The chain is crafted with balls adorned with patterns of lentils and barley, symbol of fertility. Among them is a cylindrical amulet holder. Length: 60 cm.
8. Chain made of large round silver beads, "berry" beads, bell pendants with a decorative silver ball in the center. Length: Approximately 68 cm.
9. Bracelet similar to the "Maanaka" style necklace.
The bracelet is made of triangles and five chains strung with beads and "berry" beads. Length: 22 cm. Good condition. The string on one side of the bracelet is lacking.
10-16. Two pairs of temple pendants and five pairs of earrings.
A pair of temple pendants made of silver balls. Hanging from the balls are long chains, common in Yemenite villages and a pair of loop-styled temple pendants, adorned with granulation. Four pairs of loop-styled earrings and one made of filigree plates from which beads and small plates hang. Length: 4 to 16 cm.
Enclosed: a cylindrical amulet holder made of tin, silver and adorned with filigree. Length: 9.5 cm. Poor condition. Damaged and dented.
Size and condition vary. Overall good condition. Dents. Few lacking parts.
1. The Artcraft of Yemenite Jews, by Mordechai Narkis. Published by the Society of Friends of the Jewish National Museum Bezalel, 1941.
2. Garments with a Message, by Aviva Muller-Lancet. Published by Yad Ben Zvi and the Hebrew University, 2010.
3. The Yemenites, Two Thousand Years of Jewish Culture. By Ester Muchawsky-Schnapper. Published by the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2000.
4. In All Their Finery, Jews from the Jewish World, edited by Alia Ben-Ami. Published by the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2002.

Opening800$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 62 Lot Number 390

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Large Synagogue Silver Memorial Lamp – Morocco, 1930

A large hanging memorial lamp, for a synagogue. [Essaouira (Mogador)?], Morocco, dedication from 1930.
Silver (marked), cast, engraved and soldered.
The lamp is ornamented with a strip of vegetal patterns with three stylized handles attached to it. A dedication is engraved below this strip: "For lighting an eternal candle in memory of… Pinchas M. Toby…". A large slotted ball at the base of the lamp, surrounded by an engraved star with eight points and vegetal decorations. Three chains hang from the lamp's handles and are set at their ends in a silver dome with a suspension loop.
In the collection of Ketubot (marriage contracts) of the Israel Museum is a Ketubah recording the marriage of Shlomo son of Pinchas son of Moshe Toby with Masuda daughter of Masuda daughter of Yaakov son of Yosef Afriat from Mogador (Essaouira), from the year 1893.
For a similar lamp see: Morocco, Jews and Art in a Muslim Land, edited by Vivian B. Mann. Published by Merrell, New York, 2000. Item no. 20.
Height: approx. 32 cm. Diameter: approx. 25 cm. Total length: approx. 85 cm. Weight: 2.30 kg. Bends. Breaks. Rough soldering repairs.

Opening2,000$ Unsold

Auction 62 Lot Number 391

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Silver Candlesticks – Germany, Late 18th Century

Silver candlesticks. Königsberg, late 18th century.
(Stamped) silver, engraved and etched.
The candlesticks are designed like smooth cylindrical pillars standing on a square base, topped by removable candle holders. The pillars and bases are adorned with etchings of drapes, fringes and vegetal patterns.
Height: 28.5 cm. Width: 13 cm. Good condition. Dents. Minor corrosion. Light breaks. Soldering repairs. The base of one sconce has been replaced with a new part (late replacement).

Opening1,000$ Unsold

Auction 62 Lot Number 392

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Chanukah Lamp – Lilies – Portuguese Community in Holland, 19th Century

Chanukah lamp. [Holland, 19th century].
Cast brass, soldered and bent.
A lamp of the type used by the Portuguese community in Holland. The back plate consists of three lilies; below them are openings shaped as wide shields. On the base of the central lily is a blank rectangular plate. Apertures in the lilies. A cast Shamash is placed in the opening of the right lily. A cast row of oil fonts, removable. The oil fonts and the back plate are contained in a matching base with pierced apertures designated for projections securing the lamp to the base.
Height: 23.5 cm. Width: 27 cm. Good condition. Bends. Stains. Some defects. Lacking oil font.
Literature: Narkis, "Menorat HaHanukkah", plate XXI, item 58.

Opening2,000$ Unsold

Auction 62 Lot Number 393

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Chanukah Lamp – Knobs and Flowers

Upright Chanukah lamp. [Germany or Holland, first decades of 20th century].
Cast and spun brass.
The lamp's branches are set in bases designed as clenched fists and decorated with alternating knobs and flowers. Round, dome-shaped base, supported by three dolphins with upturned tails. The central branch is topped by a ball and a Star of David.
Height: 56 cm. Width: approx. 43 cm. Good condition. Corrosion. Bends. Slight defects. One oil font is different in color, apparently replacing a lost oil font.
Literature: Five Centuries of Hanukkah Lamps from the Jewish Museum, A Catalogue Raisonné by Susan L. Brunstein, New-Haven and London: Yale University Press, pp. 263.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 62 Lot Number 394

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Chanukah Lamp of the Stretin-Haifa Rebbe

Chanukah lamp. Austro-Hungary, [late 19th century or early 20th century].
Silver (stamped, manufacturer's stamp: S.H), engraved, cut and etched.
The back panel is rectangular and arched. The Two Tablets of Law inside an elongated shell topped by a Torah crown adorn the center of the panel. Two lions appear in two corners of the rectangle, holding a floral braid in their front paws which is spread across the entire width of the back panel. The shamash is inserted at the top right of the panel. The row of oil fonts is raised, mounted on a rod with a handle for removing. This rod is inserted into the base of the menorah and stands on four feet. Vegetal-patterned grates flank the row of oil fonts at both sides. Enclosed are eight covers for the oil fonts.
This Chanukah menorah belonged to Rebbe Avraham Brandwein of Stretin, son of Rebbe Uri Brandwein of Yezupil (Azipoli). Served as rebbe in Piatra Neamţ, Romania, and was very active during the Holocaust in assisting refugees who arrived from Poland. After the Holocaust he immigrated to Haifa, where he established his Beit Midrash. Died in 1973.
Height: 21.5 cm. Width: 21 cm. Good condition. Stains. Dents. Soldering repairs. The row of oil fonts was soldered to the menorah.
Enclosed is an authorization attesting that the menorah was received as a gift from his daughter the Rebbetzin.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 62 Lot Number 395

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Walking Stick of the Stretin-Haifa Rebbe

Walking stick. [Israel, mid-20th century].
Wood; metal.
The stick itself is made of wood painted black, topped by a decorative metal handle. The end of the stick is made of bone.
This walking stick belonged to Rebbe Avraham Brandwein of Stretin, son of Rebbe Uri Brandwein of Yezupil (Azipoli). Served as rebbe in Piatra Neamţ, Romania, and was very active during the Holocaust in assisting refugees who arrived from Poland. After the Holocaust he immigrated to Haifa, where he established his Beit Midrash. Died in 1973.
Length: approx. 91 cm. Good condition. Dents and slight damage to handle. Minor damage to wood. The bone-finishing is broken and partially lacking.
Enclosed is an authorization attesting that the stick was received as a gift from his daughter the Rebbetzin.

Opening1,000$ Unsold

Auction 62 Lot Number 396

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Embroidered Matzah Cover – Eastern Europe, 1900

Embroidered Matzah cover. [Eastern Europe], dedication from 1900.
Cotton; canvas; colorful wool threads; beads; sequins; spiral golden threads.
Round Matzah cover with three pockets. A Torah crown is embroidered on the upper part in spiral golden threads and sequins, and a large and colorful bouquet of flowers is embroidered in the center in colorful wool threads. Embroidered on the margins, one after the other: a dedication - "ש"מ להח' ארי' ליב בהר' שלום נ"י שליט"א", two fish in spiral golden threads and sequins, the inscription "Zecher LeKorban Pesach" and "Zecher LeKorban Chagigah", a lamb embroidered with wool threads and a goat embroidered with beads, the year - שנת תרנ"י i(1900), a Pesach Seder table with food and Hebrew letters and the word "Table" (Hebrew). Embroidered with colorful wool threads on the margins are flowers. An embroidered tag with the word "Kohen", "Levi" or "Israel" is attached to each of the pockets.
Diameter: 48 cm. Fair-poor condition. Unraveling. Tears, Lacking parts of embroidery. Many stains.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 62 Lot Number 397

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Embroidered Fabric – “Zion”, “Jerusalem” and the Temple Mount – Ottoman Empire

An embroidered piece of fabric, embroidered with golden threads. [Ottoman Empire, early 20th century].
Cotton; gold passing thread; colorful threads entwined with metal threads; colorful threads.
In the center appears a Star of David with the word "Zion" in it, surrounded by a circle. The entire surface of the fabric is embroidered in vegetal patterns. A square frame at the margins, with the word "Jerusalem" embroidered again and again. Medallions appear in the four corners with the Dome of the Rock within each medallion. Lace border.
Approx. 95X95 cm. Good-fair condition. Some unraveling. Small tears to fabric. Stains.
1. Sephardi Jews in the Ottoman Empire, Esther Juhasz (editor), The Israel Museum, 1989, p. 90.
2. Shimmering Gold, the Splendor of Gold Embroidered Textiles, Genia Dolev (editor), Eretz Israel Museum, 2007, pp. 68-69.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 62 Lot Number 398

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“Jewish Wedding” – Oil Painting by Huvy Elisha

Jewish wedding, an oil painting on canvas by Huvy Elisha (b. 1927). [Israel, late 20th century].
The painting depicts an outdoor Jewish wedding. Signed: "Huvy".
50X60 cm. Good condition. Framed: 69X79 cm. Good condition. Slight defects.

Opening12,000$ Sold For14,760$ Including buyers premium

Auction 62 Lot Number 399

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Oil Painting by the Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Leon Patilon, “The Holy Painter” – Youth Smoking a Pipe

Oil painting by the Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Leon Patilon, from the collection of the family of the "Holy Painter".
Oil on cardboard. Signed: "Leon".
The painting depicts a youth wearing a hat and smoking a pipe.
The Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Leon Patilon (d. Heshvan 1974) was known as a miracle worker knowledgeable in the world of souls and reincarnation. He made a living as a painter, earning the nickname "The Holy Painter". Rabbi Yehuda Patilon belonged to a group of Kabbalists who studied together in secret, and were named after the profession they engaged in: "The Shoemaker" - Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Ravikov, "The Milkman" - Rabbi Chaim Ezra Cohen, "The Floorer" - Rabbi Avraham Fish, and "The Street Cleaner" - Rabbi Joseph Woltoch.
34.5 x 28.5 cm. Framed. Good condition. Slight defects.
Provenance: Family of Rabbi Patilon.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,230$ Including buyers premium

Auction 62 Lot Number 400

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Of the High Priest’s Tribe – Oil Painting after Isidor Kufmann

Of the Hight Priest's Tribe, after an oil painting by Isidor Kaufamn (1921). [USA? 20th century].
Oil on board.
The painting is signed "R. Nelson" (?) and is framed in an ornate gilt frame.
Plate: 40.5X30 cm. Good condition. Slight damage to paint. Frame: 46 x 56.5 cm. Good condition. Defects, fractures and indentations.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 62 Lot Number 401

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Netivot Shalom by “The Admor HaTzayar” of Drohobych – Illustrated Binding

Netivot Shalom, essays on the Torah weekly portions, Bereshit, by R. Avraham Yaakov Shapira. Jerusalem, 1928.
Bound with the books: Tov LeZikaron and Yafeh L'Bedika. [Vilna, 1896]. Lacking title page. Tiferet Beit Levi. [Iași 1909]. Lacking first two leaves.
The binding of this book is adorned with a watercolor in a repetitive pattern, apparently made by the Rebbe, author of the book, with a scene of a house in the woods.
Short notations on Page 16 and on one of the introduction leaves, possibly written by the author.
The "Admor HaTzayar" (Rebbe the Painter), R. Avraham Yaakov Shapira (1884-1962, Encyclopedia L'Chassidut, Vol. 1, pp. 111-112), son of the Drohobych Rebbe Chaim Meir Yechiel Shapira. His mother was a descendant of the house of Ruzhin-Bohosh (Buhuşi). He was ordained for the rabbinate in his youth but refused to fill a rabbinical position. An exceptional scholar in revealed and kabbalist Torah knowledge, apparent in the Torah writings he left. Immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1922, he settled in Kfar Chassidim in Emek Zevulun. After his father's death in 1924, he moved to Jerusalem to serve as Rebbe.
As an artist, the Rebbe would contemplate in awe at the beauty of the creation and of Eretz Israel. He occasionally engaged in art, as part of serving his Creator. The Rebbe is known to have said: "My soul yearns to put on canvas a tiny fraction of the holiness of the Chosen Land belonging to the Chosen People". For more information about him, see the catalog "Tziyurei HaAdmor A.Y. Shapira", Jerusalem, 1966.
Netivot Shalom: [5], 2-47 pages. Tov LeZikaron: 3-62; 32 pages. Tiferet Beit Levi: 3-32; 36, [2] pages. 23.5 cm. Good condition. Binding illustrated on both covers. A piece of paper is pasted in the center of the drawing on the front cover. Fabric spine and corners of the binding, rubbed. Defects to the binding and drawings. Small parts of the drawing, primarily the edges, are faded and without color.

Opening400$ Unsold
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