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The preview and the auction will be held at our offices: 8 Ramban st. Jerusalem.
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Thursday 17.01.19 12:00 – 20:00
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The Auction was held on 22/01/19

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Auction 64 Lot Number 405

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Large Collection of Transportation Tickets – “Eged”, “HaMekasher”, “HaMa’avir”, “Shachar”, “Hever” and more – Israel, 1940s-1970s

Approximately 750 transportation tickets, multi-rides tickets, receipts and other paper items related to transportation. Israel [ca. 1940s-1970s].
The collection includes transportation tickets, transportation tokens, multi-ride tickets, receipts, transportation coupons for soldiers, receipts for sending parcels, coupons for buying food in cafeterias, and more, of the major transportation companies operating in the country, among them: "Eged-Eshed", "HaMa'avir", "Shachar", "Drom-Yehudah", "Dan", "Ichud-Regev", "HaMekasher-Yerushalayim", "Mishmar Hamifratz", "Hever" Haifa, "Mesilot HaBarzel Palestina", "Rakevet Israel", "HaChevra HaMeuhedet LeTayarut", "Eged Sherut Chavilot U-Mitanim", "HaGalil", "Chevrat Han Yunes LeTa'avura", "Chevrat HaNesi'ot veHaTayarut Nazrat", "Aviron" aviation company, "Shoham Sherute HaYam", and more.
Some of the paper tokens bear a red Star of David, and their value, if not used, was transferred to "Magen David Adom". In the collection is a single metal token issued by "Drom-Yehuda" company in the denomination of 2 Pruta, [1950].
Approx. 750 paper tickets and other paper items. Size and condition vary.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

Opening500$ Sold For738$ Including buyers premium
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