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Auction 64 Lot Number 48

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General Staff Instructions for IDF Soldiers Taking an Enlistment Oath, 1948

General Staff document – "Instructions for IDF Soldiers' Cencus and Oath Ceremony". June 22, 1948.
The instructions specify the date, goal and framework of the ceremony. Its aim was also to collect soldiers' personal details, for which census forms were attached to be filled in by the soldiers.
[6] leaves, 33 cm. Good condition. Stains and folding marks. Tears and pinholes to margins (some restored).
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening400$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 64 Lot Number 49

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Collection of Broadsides and Day Orders – War of Independence – Israel, 1948-1949

13 paper items from Israel's War of Independence – Day Orders concerning various military operations, broadsides printed on behalf of IDF, a Hebrew broadside issued by the Egyptian Army, and more. Israel, 1948-1949. Hebrew and Arabic.
1. "Day Order – Liberation of the Galilee" dated October 31, 1948.
2-5. Four leaves of "Battle Bulletin" published by the South Front headquarters, from December 28, 1948 to January 6, 1949.
6. Day Order issued by Regiment 9 headquarters, concerning Operation Lot (operation carried out by the Negev brigade aimed at widening the Israeli control over the eastern Negev and opening a land road to Sdom). November 25, 1948.
7. Day Order – Operation Horev, on behalf of South Front headquarters. December 22, 1948.
8-9. Two Day Orders issued by Brigade 12 headquarters, dated December 23, 1948 and March 5, 1949. The first order concerns Operation Horev.
10. "Passage permit" for IDF soldiers. A printed permit (in Hebrew and Arabic) concerning capturing soldiers, and granting the bearer the right to "cross Israeli lines". On the back of this permit appears a short conversation manual – Hebrew-Arabic – for basic words like "water", "first aid", "weapon" and more. The permit is signed in print by Chief of Staff Ya'akov Dori.
11. Broadside explaining the symbols on Iraqi and Egyptian aircrafts and instructing the soldiers to use any weapon to attack them and report their appearance as fast as possible.
12. Hebrew broadside distributed by the Egyptian army over settlements in the Negev on May 15, 1948, calling the settlers to "quietly disarm, raise a white flag, and hand in all their ammunition…".
13. Broadside in Arabic calling Syrian soldiers to stop fighting. Signed: "IDF".
Size varies. Good overall condition. Stains and creases. Slight tears at margins of some items.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening1,000$ Sold For1,599$ Including buyers premium

Auction 64 Lot Number 50

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Collection of Booklets, Photographs and Paper Items – Provisional Institutions for the Establishment of the State of Israel – The People’s Council, the People’s Administration, the Provisional State Council and more – 1948-1949

Twenty-one booklets, photographs and paper items documenting the activities of the provisional institutions for the establishment of the State of Israel. Tel Aviv and elsewhere, ca. 1948-1949.
Seven booklets, including: • People's Administration sheet, with directives and notices. Tel Aviv, 1 Iyar (May 10) 1948. • People's Council. Tel Aviv, 7 Iyar (May 16) 1948, "Printed with permission of the Provisional Government". Protocols of the four sessions of the People's Council, which took place between May 4th and May 14th. • Provisional People's Council, first session. Tel Aviv, 7 Iyar (May 16) 1948. Protocol booklet. • Makeup of the Provisional People's Council and its committees. [Tel Aviv?], Kislev (December) 1948. Booklet detailing the members of eleven committees of the Provisional People's Council: the defense committee, the constitutional committee, the state emblem and flag committee and other committees. • Records: The legal codex, issue no. 1. [Tel Aviv], 17 February 1949. • And more.
Three documents: • Order of the Constitutional Assembly (declaration of delegates) for 1949. Typewritten and mimeographed draft for the swearing-in procedure of the delegates of the State of Israel's Constituent Assembly. Includes one amendment in handwriting. • Declaration of the delegates of the Constituent Assembly. Typewritten and mimeographed note with the final version of the swearing-in text (apparently distributed to the delegates at the ceremony). • Currency order for 1948.
Seven photographs from sessions of the provisional councils, including: • Three photographs from the swearing-in ceremony of Chaim Weizmann as president of the Provisional State Council on September 30, 1948 (Chaim Weizmann's speech, David Ben Gurion's speech and Yosef Sprinzak's speech). • Two photographs from the swearing-in ceremony of Chaim Weizmann as President of the State of Israel, on February 17, 1949, attended by David Ben Gurion, Moshe Dayan, rabbis and ministers and other dignitaries (the photographs are identical; one is in a large format). • And more.
Four souvenir items: • Pin commemorating the establishment of the State of Israel, designed in the shape of the "Partition Plan" with the inscription: "State of Israel, 5 Iyar 1948". • "Musical postcard" (45 RPM) with a recording of the Declaration of Independence ceremony and "HaTikvah". • Souvenir card published by The Grand Rapids Press newspaper: on one side is an illustration of an Israeli family waving the Israeli flag, and on the other is a photograph of the newspaper issue reporting on the declaration. • "Shana Tova" card with a picture from the swearing-in ceremony of Chaim Weizmann as President of Israel.
Enclosed: • Announcement of the Chief Commander of the Irgun to the People of Zion. [Jerusalem, ca. 1948]. "Broadcast on 6 Iyar (May 15) 1948, on 'Kol HaHerut', the broadcasting station of the Irgun". • Letter from July 1, 1948 from Otte Wallish to the representative of Keren HaYesod regarding the Israeli flags and the portrait of Theodor Herzl lent by Keren HaYesod (apparently with regard to the flags and portrait hung in the hall during the Declaration of Independence).
Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition. Stains. Filing holes, creases and blemishes (mostly minor). Tears and restored tears to part of the items. Three missing pages at the end of the session of the Provisional State Council protocol booklet
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 64 Lot Number 51

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Destruction of Jerusalem – Hand-Colored Woodcut – Double Incunabula Leaf from “Nuremberg Chronicle” by Hartmann Schedel, 1493

Destruccio Iherosolime [Destruction of Jerusalem], double incunabula leaf (no. LXIIII) from Hartmann Schedel's book "Nuremberg Chronicle". [Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 1493].
Hand-colored woodcut depicting the destruction of Jerusalem and the First Temple by Nebuzaradan, commander of the guard of Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon, in the year 586 BCE.
According to Laor, this is the second view of Jerusalem ever printed (Laor 1125).
Leaf: approx. 41.5X57.5 cm, in a 60X43.5 cm frame. Good-fair condition. Stains. Slighty darkened paper. Small tears (some of them open) to vertical folding mark and margins (slightly affecting the woodcut). Strips of pape pasted along vertical folding mark (on back of the woodcut depicting Jerusalem).
Provenance: Collection of the Jerusalem Foundation founded by Teddy Kollek.
The proceeds from the sale of this item will go to the Jerusalem Foundation and will be allocated for supporting projects in Jerusalem.

Opening600$ Sold For3,444$ Including buyers premium

Auction 64 Lot Number 52

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Map of Jerusalem – Engraving – Cologne, 1572

Hierosolyma, Clarissima totius Orientis civitas, Iudaeae Metropolis. Map of Jerusalem, hand-colored engraving. From the Atlas "Civitates Orbis Terrarum" by George Braun and Franz Hogenberg. [Cologne, 1572]. Latin.
The map presents a view of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus side by side with a view of Jerusalem at the time when the map was printed, both from bird's eye view. On the bottom-right corner of the map appears an illustration of Moses and the Tablets of the Law, with Aaron the priest burning incense. The map was drawn after a map of Jerusalem by Gerard de Jode (1571) based on a map by Peter Laicstain (1570).
Laor 1039.
Engraving: 48.5X34 cm. Attached to passé-par-tout and framed: 71X55 cm. Good condition. Some stains and blemishes. Restoration at the bottom margin on the back of the leaf.
Provenance: Collection of the Jerusalem Foundation founded by Teddy Kollek.
The proceeds from the sale of this item will go to the Jerusalem Foundation and will be allocated for supporting projects in Jerusalem.

Opening400$ Sold For590$ Including buyers premium

Auction 64 Lot Number 53

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Map of Jerusalem – Engraving – Cologne, 1575

Hierosolyma, Urbs Sancta, Iudeae, Totiusque Orientis Longe Clarissima. Map of Jerusalem. Engraving from the Atlas "Civitates Orbis Terrarum" by Georg Braun and Franz Hogenberg. [Cologne, 1575]. Latin.
On the map, which was, most probably, drawn after the Venetian artist Domenico dale Greche who visited Jerusalem in 1546, Jerusalem is seen from the east, from the Mount of Olives. On the bottom left corner of the map appears the title and on the lower right corner appear names of 48 significant sites, with their numbers marked on the map. On top is a verse from the book of Ezekiel, chapter 5 (in Latin): "This is Jerusalem: I have set it in the midst of the nations and countries that are round about her".
Five Muslim figures are seen in the foreground of the map. Many maps in "Civitates Orbis Terarrum" include figures in local dress. As stated in Georg Braun's introduction to the first part, this was meant to prevent the Turks from obtaining military secrets from the atlas, "as their religion forbids them from looking at representations of the human form".
Laor 1040.
Leaf: approx. 50.5X38 cm. Attached to passé-par-tout at top margin and framed, 56X47 cm. Good condition. Dark paper. Two small holes. Some small tears at margins of leaf. Two strips of adhesive tape at the top, above the map. The vertical folding mark and one corner are reinforced with pieces of paper pasted on the back. The left margin of the leaf is trimmed (slightly affecting the text printed on the back).
Provenance: Collection of the Jerusalem Foundation founded by Teddy Kollek.
The proceeds from the sale of this item will go to the Jerusalem Foundation and will be allocated for supporting projects in Jerusalem.

Opening400$ Sold For923$ Including buyers premium

Auction 64 Lot Number 54

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Map of Palestine – Woodcut – Lyon, 1535

Tabula Terre Sanctae, map of Palestine. Woodcut from "Geographia" by Claudius Ptolemy, edited by Michael Servetus. [Lyon, 1535].
Map of Palestine, showing the territories of the Tribes of Israel. The shore line stretches from Sidon to Gaza. A text in Latin appears on the back, p. 41._x000B_Laor 612.
Leaf: 39.5X55.5 cm. Good condition. Slight stains and blemishes. Folding marks. Some creases, tears, and open tears at the margins and folding lines.

Opening500$ Sold For615$ Including buyers premium

Auction 64 Lot Number 55

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Journey of Jean Zuallart to Jerusalem – Rome, 1595 – Engravings

Il Devotissimo viaggio di Gierusalemme [The Faithful Voyage to Jerusalem] by Giovanni Zvallardo [Jean Zuallart]. Rome: Domenico Basa, 1595. Italian and some Latin. Six parts in one volume. Second edition.
A description of Jean Zuallart's journey to Palestine, with a detailed description of Jerusalem and the holy sites. 45 well-executed in-text engravings, including maps, landscapes, and sites in Jerusalem and other cities. Among them are engravings depicting the walls of Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Mount of Olives, Rachel's Tomb, and Jaffa. The book also includes two engraved plates (folded) – a plan of the interior of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and a plan of the interior of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.
351, [14] pp + [2] plates, 17 cm. Good condition. Stains and some creases. Some worming. Ownership inscription on one of the front endpapers. Ink markings on a number of pages and a handwritten note in the margin of one of the pages. Fine vellum binding, with gilt decorations on the spine. Minor blemishes to binding.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 64 Lot Number 56

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Theatrum Terrae Sanctae, by Christian van Adrichem – Twelve Engravings – Maps of Palestine

Theatrum Terrae Sanctae et Biblicarum Historiarum, by Christian van Adrichem. Cologne: Birckmannica, 1628 (printing details on colophon page). Latin.
Christian van Adrichem (1533-1585) – Catholic priest, born in Delft (Holland), wrote a number of works on Palestine. This book is a comprehensive description of the Holy Land, accompanied by twelve engraved plates. Engravings include: maps of the tribal territories, a large map (folded) of Palestine and a large map (folded) of Jerusalem.
[9], 286, [29] pp + [1] engraved title page, and [12] plates with engraved maps (nine of which are folded), 40 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains. Minor blemishes. Tears and open tears to margins of a few leaves (not affecting text). Restored tears at margins of a number of leaves. Open tear to rear endpaper. Worming on bottom margins of some 30 leaves at the end of the book (mostly small. Some restored. No damage to text). Handwritten inscriptions on several leaves (old). Restored tears to four maps (mostly small, at margins), and tears at margins of three maps. Bound in a leather binding, with gilt decorations on spine. Blemishes to binding (mostly to spine and to back).

Opening1,500$ Unsold

Auction 64 Lot Number 57

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Thomas Fuller – A Pisgah-Sight of Palestine – London, 1650 – Engravings and Maps

A Pisgah-Sight of Palestine and the Confines Thereof, with the History of the Old and New Testament Acted Thereon, by Thomas Fuller. Printed by J.F. for John Williams, London, 1650. English and some Latin.
Comprehensive study of Palestine and its history according to the Bible and the New Testament, by the English churchman, historian and author Thomas Fuller (1608-1661).
Accompanied by 30 engravings: two frontispiece engravings; 21 maps (most of them on double sheets), including maps of the territories of the 12 Tribes, a map of Jerusalem, and a large folded map of Palestine; seven plates of plans and illustrations depicting the Temple, various pagan rituals mentioned in the Bible, and more.
[8], 434 (more than 434 pp. Mispagination), [1], 202, [17] pp. 30 engraved plates (most plates are included in the pagination). 34 cm. Gilt edges. Good-fair condition. Tears at margins of a number of leaves and plates, most of them repaired with pasted paper or adhesive tape (affecting some of the engravings). Some creases, stains and folds. Leather binding, with gilt decorations. Blemishes to binding. Loose binding with restored spine. Adhesive tape to inside binding.

Opening1,200$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 64 Lot Number 58

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Olfert Dapper – Study of Syria and Palestine – Amsterdam, 1677 – Engravings and Maps

Naukeurige Beschryving van Gantsch Syrie, en Palestyn of Heilige Lant, by Olfert Dapper. Amsterdam: Jacob Van Meurs, 1677 (on engraved title: 1678). Dutch. Two parts in one volume.
Comprehensive study of Syria and Palestine, by Olfert Dapper (1639-1689), Dutch writer, historian and geographer.
The book includes an engraved title page, 38 engraved plates [out of 39], most are double-spread or folded, and in-text engravings. Among the engravings: maps and engravings that depict Syria, Damascus and Tripoli; maps of Palestine, showing the territories of the 12 Tribes of Israel; maps and illustrations of Jerusalem, Mount of Olives and Bethlehem (among them a folding panorama of Jerusalem); a depiction of Jaffa viewed from the sea, and more.
[5] leaves (including the engraved title page), 262, [8], 312, 321-344, 337-581, [7] pp + [38] engraved plates (out of 39), 30.5 cm. Good overall condition. Small worming damage, stains and some blemishes. Small tears to the margins of some leaves and plates. Tears to Panorama of Jerusalem (along the folding lines). The first title page is trimmed at the bottom (affecting the printer's details and the year). Ownership signatures on front endpapers. Original vellum binding, slightly stained. Tears along spine and some blemishes.

Opening700$ Unsold

Auction 64 Lot Number 59

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Two Books on the Geography of Palestine – “Sacred Geography” by Nicolas Sanson / Onomasticon of Place Names – Amsterdam, Early 18th Century

Volume containing two books on the geography of Palestine. Amsterdam, 1704-1707.
1. Geographia Sacra ex Veteri et Novo Testamento Desumta, by Nicolas Sanson. Amsterdam: Franciscus Halma, 1704. Latin.
The book "Sacred Geography" by French cartographer Nicolas Sanson (1600-1667). The book includes four folded maps (engravings) including a map of Palestine (with a division into tribal lands) and a map of Judea, Samaria and the Galilee. Appearing in the beginning of the book are two additional engraved plates, one with a portrait of the author.
2. Onomasticon Urbium et Locorum Sacrae Scripturae. Amsterdam: Franciscus Halma, 1207 [i.e. 1707]. Latin and Greek.
Book on the places of settlement mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. With a large map of the Land of Israel (folded engraving).
Two books bound together: 15, [11], 111, 16, 51, [1] pp + [5] plates; [14], 192 pp + [1] plate, 44.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Worming and a few small tears. Paper pasted to margins of some leaves at the beginning of the volume (for restoring the worming holes). Ink inscription on verso of title page of the first book. Fine vellum binding. Paper label glued onto inside front binding.

Opening600$ Unsold

Auction 64 Lot Number 60

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“Palaestina”, by Hadriani Relandi – Maps of Palestine and other Engravings – Utrecht, 1714

Palaestina ex Monumentis Veteribus Illustrata, by Hadriani Relandi. Utrecht (Trajecti Batavorum): Guilielmi Broedelet, 1714. Latin, some Greek, Hebrew and Arabic. Two parts in one volume.
Geographical survey of Palestine. Contains 16 engraved plates (of which nine are folded), including a portrait of the author, maps and plans, an engraved frontispiece and a number of small in-text engravings.
Adriaan Reland (also known as Adriaan Reelant / Hadriani Relandi, 1676-1718) was a Dutch geographer, cartographer and philologist and one of the first orientalists. Professor of oriental languages at the University of Utrecht from 1701 and lecturer on the history of the Jewish people.
[5] leaves, 391, [1] pp + [11] engraved plates; [1] leaf, [3], 396-511, [1] pp + [4] engraved plates; [3], 516-1068 pp + [1] engraved plate; [47] pp, 20.5 cm. Good overall condition. Stains. Some tears and tiny open tears at margins of a few leaves. Tears and minor blemishes to folded maps; a long tear to one of them. Leather binding with gilt decorations, damaged and detached. Front endpaper is detached.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 64 Lot Number 61

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Views in Palestine / Views in the Ottoman Empire – Hand-colored Aquatints, after Paintings by Luigi Mayer – London, 1804

Views in Palestine / Views in the Ottoman Empire after Paintings by Luigi Mayer. London: Printed by Thomas Bensley for R. Bowyer, 1804. Two parts in one volume. English and French.
A book about the Ottoman Empire, accompanied by 48 hand-colored aquatints, after paintings by the artist Luigi (Ludwig) Mayer (1755-1803). The paintings were created by Mayer for British diplomat and orientalist Robert Ainslie during the latter's term as British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire.
The book is divided into two parts (separate title page for each part). The first part is dedicated to Palestine and includes 24 plates, most of which depict Jerusalem and and its environs (including a view of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, a view of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Pool of Bethesda, the Pool of Siloam, the Tomb of Absalom, the Valley of Jehoshaphat, and Bethlehem, among others). The second part, which is about several other sites in the Ottoman Empire, particularly the environs of the Turkish city Karaman, contains 24 plates. This part has two title pages, one in English and one in French, dated 1803.
Sir Robert Ainslie (ca. 1730-1812), a British diplomat of Scottish origin, was a numismatist, Orientalist, and art collector. He served as Britain's ambassador to the Ottoman Empire between 1776 and 1792. Luigi Mayer was commissioned by Ainslie to make paintings and drawings of the important sites in the Ottoman Empire, and engravings and lithographs were printed after his works.
The prints in this book were first published in the years 1801-1803 in separate volumes with an additional volume of prints depicting sites in Egypt. In 1804 the three volumes were compiled into a one-volume edition titled "Views in Egypt, Palestine, and other parts of the Ottoman Empire".
[1] leaf, 47, [1] pp + [24] plates; [2] leaves (English title page and French title page), 40 pp + [24] plates, 45 cm. Good overall condition. Stains and some worming to margins. Embossed stamp at margin of first title page. Some leaves are partly detached. Fine leather binding, with gilt decorations, worn and slightly damaged (mostly along spine and margins). Front binding partly detached, with a label on the inside.

Opening800$ Sold For1,476$ Including buyers premium

Auction 64 Lot Number 62

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“Voyage in the Levant” – Baron de Forbin – Eighty Lithographs and Engravings – Paris, 1819 – Limited Edition

Voyage dans le Levant by M. Le C.te [Louis Nicolas Philippe Auguste] Forbin. Paris: L'imprimerie Royale, 1819. French. First edition printed in 325 copies only. Two parts in one volume.
A large-format travelogue documenting the journey of Baron Louis Nicolas Philippe Auguste de Forbin to Near Eastern countries – starting in Greece, along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, throughout Palestine, and finally to Egypt. The first part of the book describes de Forbin’s journey, and the second contains 70 lithographs after the paintings of many artists, eight aquatints after watercolor drawings by de Forbin, and two engravings depicting the architectural plan of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and sketches of the Great Pyramid in Giza, archaeological artifacts, and the Catacombs of Milos.
According to Jacques Charles Brunet, the book was printed in 325 copies.
The engravings and lithographs depict antiquities, landscapes and scenes from everyday life in the cities and various sites throughout the East: holy sites and inhabitants in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Acre, Jaffa, Ashkelon and Gaza; the pyramids and other antiquities in Egypt; sites in Athens, Constantinople, Alexandria and Cairo; and more. The lithographs, by Godfroy Engelmann, were prepared after paintings by Carle Vernet, Émile Jean-Horace Vernet, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Claude Thiénon, Jean-Pierre Granger, and others. The aquatints were prepared by Philibert-Louis Debucourt.
Baron Louis Nicolas Philippe Auguste de Forbin (1779-1841), a neo-Classical painter by training, was appointed Director-General of the Louvre Museum in 1816. Soon afterward, in 1817, de Forbin set out at the head of a delegation to the East in order to purchase antiquities for the museum (including a statue of the goddess Sekhmet that is on exhibit at the Louvre). The delegation included, among others, an engineer, a cartographer, and painters.
[4] leaves, 132 pp; 78, [2] plates, 72 cm. Good-fair condition. Many stains, including foxing and dampstains. Some tears and open tears at margins, some medium tears at margins of plates. Long tear to plate no. 10, restored. A widthwise tear to plate no. 18, reinforced with adhesive tape. Some worming at margins of leaves. Creases. New leather binding.

Opening3,500$ Unsold

Auction 64 Lot Number 63

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“Painted Views from the Orient” – 45 Hand-Colored Lithographs – 19th Century

Malerische Ansichten aus dem Orient gesammelt auf der Reise Sr. Hoh. Des Herrn Herzogs Maximillian in Bayern, nach Nubien, Äegypten, Palaestina, Syrien und Malta im Jahre 1838 [Painted views from the Orient, gathered during the journey of Maximillian, Duke in Bavaria, to Nubia, Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Malta in 1838]. [Germany and France, 1839-1840]. German and French.
A portfolio with 45 (out of 60) hand-colored lithographs of the orient's views and antiquities, after paintings by Heinrich von Mayr. The publication of the portfolio was initiated by the Bavarian duke Maximillian Joseph who traveled through the Middle East in 1838. Mayr accompanied the duke and painted the views and scenes in the different countries which they visited.
The lithographs depict, among others, Egyptian antiquities, sites in Palestine, in Syria and Lebanon and the city of Valletta in Malta. Among the lithographs from Palestine: a street in Jerusalem, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Valley of Josaphat, Mary's grave, Mary's spring in Nazareth, the Jordan river and more.
The portfolio also includes ten leaves of text, with detailed captions in German and French, and a title page - a hand-colored lithograph.
[1] title page (lithograph), [45] lithographs (out of 60), [10] text leaves, 49X37.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Tears, creases, stains and slight worming to plates, not affecting the prints. Stains and creases to text leaves. Slight worming damage, tears and blemishes to portfolio.

Opening2,000$ Unsold

Auction 64 Lot Number 64

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The Holy City – Research Book by George Williams – London, 1845 – Lithographs and Maps

The Holy City, or historical and topographical notices of Jerusalem, with some account of its antiquities and of its present condition, by George Williams. London: J.W. Parker, 1845. English. First edition.
A research about Jerusalem by George Williams (1814-1878), an Anglican priest and teacher at Cambridge, who arrived in Palestine with the entourage of the first Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem. The book was written in an attempt to refute the research conclusions of Edward Robinson and Eli Smith in Jerusalem regarding the identification of biblical sites.
The book is accompanied by 15 plates, including eleven lithographs depicting views and sites in Jerusalem (one of the lithographs – a bird's eye view of Jerusalem – is printed on a large, linen-backed folding plate), a map of Jerusalem (double plate, partly colored), plan of the interior of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (double plate, hand colored), and more. Some small in-text illustrations.
XV, [1], 512 pp + [15] plates, 22 cm. Good condition. Some stains. Half-leather binding.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 64 Lot Number 65

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The Hills and Plains of Palestine – Journey in Palestine – London, 1860 – Lithographs

The Hills and Plains of Palestine, by L. M. Cubley. London: Day & Son, 1860. English.
Description of Lucy Matilda Cubley's tour of Palestine, accompanied by 29 lithographs printed after paintings and drawings by Cubley. Among the illustrations: Jewish women at work, effendi, farmer's wife and her children, Cave of the Patriarchs, Ein Kerem and more. The book has two title pages, one is lithographic.
Enclosed: A prospectus advertising the book, issued by the publishing house.
[4] leaves, 57 pp + [29] plates, 29 cm. Fine binding, with gilt ornamentations. Gilt edges. Good-fair overall condition. Detached leaves and gatherings. Stains (most prints are clean). A number of dark pages. Handwritten dedication from 1870, on front endpaper. Pieces of paper pasted to corners of inside binding. Blemishes to corners and edges of binding. Cloth strips pasted to top and bottom ends of spine.

Opening300$ Sold For369$ Including buyers premium

Auction 64 Lot Number 66

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Picturesque Palestine – Comprehensive Study of Palestine – New York, 1881-1883 – Engravings

Picturesque Palestine, Sinai and Egypt, edited by Colonel [Charles] Wilson. Engravings after illustration by Harry Fenn and J. [John] D. Woodward. New York: D. Appleton and Company, [1881-1883]. Two volumes. English.
Detailed and comprehensive guidebook to Palestine and the surroundings, accompanied by 42 engraved plates, two large maps in color (map of Palestine and map of Sinai and Egypt), and numerous illustrations within the text, depicting views, local garments, customs and more.
Two volumes in fine leather bindings, with gilt embossing and gilt edges.
Vol. I: [1] leaf, X, 480 pp + [20] engraved plates (including title); Vol. II: X, 476 pp + [20] engraved plates (including title) and [2] maps (double plates). 31.5 cm. Good condition. Some stains. Small tears to tissue guards. Bookplates on inside of both front bindings. Ink stamps on bottom margins of each of the title pages. Wear to bindings, mostly to spines and margins.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 64 Lot Number 67

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The Holy Land – David Roberts – Brussels, 1843 – Lithographs

La Terre Sainte / Vues et Monuments recueillis par David Roberts, avec une description historique sur chaque planche. Brussels: Société des Beaux-Arts, 1843. French.
Large format volume, with 30 lithographic plates after paintings by David Roberts, and 30 small in-text lithographs. Lithographic title page.
[64] leaves, 54.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Cardboard binding with a leather spine, partly detached, damaged. First gathering is detached.

Opening1,000$ Sold For2,337$ Including buyers premium

Auction 64 Lot Number 68

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The Holy Land – David Roberts – Six Volumes – London, 1855-1856 – 250 Prints

The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia, […] from drawings made on the spot by David Roberts, R.A., with historical descriptions by the Rev. George Croly, LL.D. / William Brockedon. London: Day & Son, 1855-1856. Six volumes. English. First quarto edition.
Six volumes containing 248 tinted lithographs after paintings by David Roberts and two engraved maps presenting the route of Roberts' travels throughout the Near East. The lithographs show structures, ruins, churches, mosques, towns, landscapes and sites holy to the different religions throughout Palestine, Syria and Lebanon, the Transjordan and Egypt. The descriptions in the first three volumes were written by George Croly; the rest – by William Brockedon.
Six volumes in half-leather bindings (with the title "Roberts' Sketches in the Holy Land" embossed on the spines).
Volume 1: [2] leaves, 35 pp, [23] leaves + 44 plates. Volume 2: [1] leaf, 3 pp, [22] leaves + 45-87 plates. Volume 3: [1] leaf, 3 pp, [19] leaves + 88-125 plates. Volume 4: [1] leaf, 9 pp, [22] leaves + 126-168 plates. Volume 5: [23] leaves + 169-212 plates. Volume 6: [20] leaves + 213-250 plates. 28.5 cm. Good overall condition. Stains. Tears, open tears and minor blemishes to margins of several leaves and plates. Wear and blemishes to bindings.

Opening800$ Sold For4,428$ Including buyers premium

Auction 64 Lot Number 69

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The Holy Land – David Roberts – London-Paris-New York, Late 19th Century – Lithographs

The Holy Land, […] from original drawings by David Roberts, R. A., with historical descriptions by the Rev. George Croly, LL.D. London, Paris and New York: Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co., [1880s]. English. Three parts in one volume.
120 lithographs after paintings by David Roberts, with text by George Croly. The book contains three parts, each with its own title page: Jerusalem and the Galilee; The Jordan and Bethlehem; Idumea and Petra.
Bound in a fine leather binding, embossed with a dedication to the student Lily Gardner, winner of "The Blunt Prize for Religious Knowledge", dated 1889.
VIII, 42 pp + [42] plates; VIII, 43-85 pp + [42] plates; VIII, 36 pp + [36] plates, 31 cm. Good condition. Stains. Tears and stains to the only tissue guard, preceding the title page of Part I. Blemishes and small tears to endpapers. The stitches between the binding and the body of the book are reinforced with cloth strips. Blemishes and wear to binding.

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Memoirs of Hester Lucy Stanhope – London, 1845 – Copy with Bound Original Letters Handwritten by Stanhope, to a Jewish Woman from Sidon Mentioned in the Book

Memoirs of the Lady Hester Stanhope as Related by Herself in Conversations with her Physician. London: Henry Colburn, 1845. English. Three volumes. First edition.
A memoir by Lady Hester Stanhope, one of the first travelers to the Near East in the 19th century, considered the "first archaeologist" in Palestine. At the end of the first volume, seven handwritten letters have been bound: three from the author (from the years 1841-1842) and four sent in her name by her secretary (from the years 1818-1820). Preceding these letters are two bound leaves, typewritten (French), noting that the letters were sent to the grandmother of the book's owner, with a reference written by hand: "see reference to my grandmother on page 58" (French).
A few lines of text are marked on p. 58: "Should a little Jewish woman find you out, she will tell you she has seen me… Excellent little woman! - sweet-tempered and resigned in misfortune, and her star pleased me". According to a footnote printed on the same page, this refers to an English lady by the name of Messiah, who sold all her property to move with her husband to Jerusalem. Mrs. Messiah met the author in Sidon.
The letters are written in English and on most of them appear ink-stamps, wax seals and paper labels.
Each volume has a frontispiece; one of them (a print in color) portrays Stanhope riding astride a horse, dressed in men's garments.
Hester Lucy Stanhope (1776-1839) was a British socialite and adventurer. In 1810 she travelled throughout the Near East, riding astride, dressed in men's garments; she visited Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon – where she finally settled. When she came across an ancient manuscript with a treasure map, she turned to the Sultan asking him to excavate at the spot – the town of Ashkelon, and in 1815 she was the first person who excavated in Palestine looking for antiquities. Her excavation unearthed columns, pottery and even a large marble sculpture from the Roman period, but she never found the treasure. Since Stanhope was allowed to search for gold only, she considered her findings as a violation of her promise to the Sultan and she ordered to destroy the sculpture as a symbol of loyalty. Her book of memoirs was published shortly after her death, edited by the personal physician, Charles Lewis Marion, who accompanied her through all her travels.
Vol. I: XVII, [1], 394 pp + [1] plate and [1] folded plan. Vol. II: VI, 384, 8 pp + [1] plate. Vol. III: VII, 361, [1], 2, 8 pp + [1] plate, approx. 20 cm. Good overall condition. Stains, tears and open tears at margins (small). Bookplates and embossed stamps at the beginning of each of the volumes. Pieces of paper with printed text are pasted on glued to inside front binding of the first volume. Worn bindings, slightly damaged, with rubbings, tears and open tears (mostly at corners and spines). The letters are in fair condition, with folding marks, stains, blemishes, tears and open tears (some reinforced with adhesive tape).

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“Dometic Life in Palestine”, Mary Eliza Rogers – Unique Album with the Book’s Leaves and Tens of Prints from other Travel Books – Ca. Second half of 19th Century

A unique album of paper clippings, combining the leaves of the book "Domestic Life in Palestine" by Mary Eliza Rogers with prints from various travel books published in the mid-19th century and other items. [England? ca. second half of 19th century]. English.
Pasted in the album are all of the leaves of "Domestic Life in Palestine" (in a manner enabling reading both sides), along with dozens of prints gathered and cut out from different books, creating a kind of an "illustrated version" of Rogers' book. The album includes, among others, illustrations of sites in Palestine, figures, vessels and customs, matching the subject of the page pasted on the facing leaf (on some of the pages – the relevant lines referring to the site or illustrated subject were underlined). In addition, pasted among the album leaves are a number of authentic items from the author's life and from locations about which she wrote: A letter handwritten by Edward Thomas Rogers, the author's brother, that was sent from Damascus to their father in 1863; a sheet of paper with a rubbing of an inscription in Arabic from a Mosque in Jerusalem (Dome of the Rock?); photograph of the Samaritan Jacob Esh Shellaby; piece of embroidered silk from Aleppo; pressed maidenhair fern leaves; and more.
Mary Eliza Rogers (1828-1910), sister of the British vice consul in Haifa, Edward Thomas Rogers, was one of the most important travelers to Palestine in the 19th century. Between the years 1855-1859 she accompanied her brother in Palestine and visited Jerusalem, Samaria, the coastal area and Haifa. Her brother's status allowed her to visit remote places, and when he was sent on remote and dangerous missions, she accompanied him. Rogers was fluent in Arabic, was of an unusual proficiency in the holy scriptures and acquired impressive knowledge of the fauna and flora of the country. During her travels she used to acquaint herself with the local population and attended funerals, weddings, festivities and even local kitchens. Her book of memoires was first published in London in 1862, and is considered one of the most important travel books in those years.
On the top of the third page of the album appears a handwritten signature: "Professor J.H. Pollen".
Album: approx. 28 cm. Book leaves: approx. 19 cm. Some of the prints in the books are bound among the leaves in separate plates. Condition varies. Good-fair overall condition. Stains and blemishes. Tears and open tears at margins of the album's leaves (mostly small). Bookplate on inside front binding. Half-leather binding, worn and damaged, attached to the body of the book with cloth strips on the inside.

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