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Auction 8 Lot Number 1

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Elaborate Mizrach – Color Micrograph – Lisbon

Elaborate Mizrach in a quality, color micrograph, with gilded writing and illustrations. Lisbon, Portugal, [the 1890's?].
Illustrations of Magen David, circles, square frame and arch in quality colorful micrograph. Text consists of Shmira and bracha verses, Tefilah and Hodaya: Tehilim chapters and verses from the bible, Ana BeKoach and more. Geometrical illustrations and part of the writing are gilded. One of the frames is made of cut letters [cloth or leather?].
On the side "Michael" and "Gavriel", and underneath: "Ha-Gevir [Senior] Eliyahu Ben Moshe Tzeruya and his wife [Seniora] Miriam Tzeruya … Sabag…". Possibly was donated to them as a wedding gift.
Miriam Atias Sabag was born in 1868 in Tangier, Morocco; married in Eliyahu (Elias Ben Moshe Tzeruya) in Lisbon in 1892 and died in 1939 in a Jewish hospital in Lisbon. (See Genealogia Hebraica, José Maria Abecassis, Volume III. Lisboa, 1991, pages 702-702). Museum item.
64X48 cm, in golden frame 70.5X55 cm. (Back of frame is also made of glass). Good condition. Few stains and moisture damages. Some letters were peeled off. Was not studied out of frame.

Opening7,500$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 2

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Soldiers Praying on Yom Kippur 1871 – Metz – Cloth Printing

Black and red printing on cotton cloth, for hanging on a wall. Germany, c. 1880.
In the center of the printing, we see a large group of soldiers praying around a bima, in the Franco-Prussian War. Inscription on bottom: Yom Kippur services, 1871, in the camp overlooking Metz".
In the four corners, there is a German song, and on top – words in Hebrew from the liturgy: "We all have one Father, One G-d Who created us", and pictures of angels.
Hebrew and German.
Approx. 68x65 cm, in a wooden frame of 75.5x79. Fair condition. Sewn onto cloth. Slightly torn at edges, stained in the center and on top. Not checked out of frame.

Opening1,300$ Sold For1,300$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 3

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“Cycle of Life” Painting – Holland, the Beginning of the 19th Century

"Cycle of Life" painting. Oil on wood. Holland, c. 1800. In the center are two symmetrical stair cases integrating into one unit, leading to a gate blocked by a low fence. Nine figures stand on the stairs, on each stair appears the age of the person standing on it, from the age of ten to the age of ninety, in intervals of ten years, from left to right.
The figures on the left side of the stairs are vivid and lively – young men dressed in red and brown garments, elaborate brim hats on their heads, one holding a dagger, the other a flag, the third wears a cape.
The figure in the centre of the stair cases and the figures on the right side are dresses in black – men wearing round hats, their back is bent, their beard grey. In front of the left staircase stands a pregnant woman; on bottom of the right staircase lies a dead person in shrouds.
81X54 cm. Fair condition. Painted on three wood boards connected to each other and framed in original wooden frame. Bottom board partly detached.

Opening2,000$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 4

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Friday Night (Erev Shabat) Picture – Good Angel and Evil Angel

Colored printed picture of Friday night dinner, good angel and evil angel. Lithographic print A. Wallraf, Germany, end of 19th century.
In the center is an illustration of parents with their four children coming to have Friday night dinner in their grandparents' home. Grandmother blesses the children (Frankfurt custom), lit candles in a Shabat Menorah (typical of German Jews) and the table is set. On the upper right corner is a pleased good angel holding the writing: "may it be like that in any other Shabat" and on the left upper corner the disappointed evil angel, holding writing: "the evil angel is forced to say Amen". [according to the sayings of Rabbi Yossi Bar Yehodah in Tractate Shabat 119 page 2].
On the bottom is a German writing "See, this way the man observing G-d will be blessed". It is obvious that the printer did not know Hebrew well as some Hebrew letters are incorrect.
48 X 38.5 cm, pasted to cloth. Poor condition. Tears and rough stains.

Opening200$ Sold For460$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 5

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Fine Embroidered Cloth, 1869

Blue velvet embroidered with golden threads and metal threads (Matzah cover?). Turkey? 1869.
The borders are embroidered with geometrical and vegetal designs. In the center a large flowers with eight petals.
An inscription is embroidered: "Bylie di Moshe Yehuda Arye… the year 1869".
Two yellow threads are sewn to the opening of the cover.
52X46 cm. Very good condition. Velvet is worn in a few spots. Part of borders embroidery are unraveled. Cloth loops were sewn to back-side corners.

Opening600$ Sold For600$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 6

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The Ten Commandments – Embroidery on Net-Fabric

The Ten Commandments embroidered with colorful threads on net-fabric. The United States? 19th century?
The ten commandments are embroidered in English with pink, green, yellow and brown threads with intertwining embroidered decorations. In the center are the Tablets of the Ten Commandments. The numbering of the commandments is in Latin digits.
In a non-original wooden frame 56X45 cm, old wooden back, original. Fair-good condition. Moisture marks, some damages to embroidery.

Opening1,000$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 7

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Matzah Cover – Fine Embroidery

Matzah cover, fine embroidery on velvet. East Europe? End of 19th century.
On the upper part of the cover a colorful embroidery on green velvet: flowers and leaves, in the center the writing: "Chag Ha-Pesach" and above it a bird holding a Matzah in its beak. Around it appears a gold-embroidered writing: Baruch ata… asher kidshanu be-mitzvotav ve-tzivanu al achilat matzah". On the bottom part of the cover a colorful embroidery of flowers, buds and leaves (in a white thread a letter in a foreign language is embroidered). Artistic embroidery on one of the inner partitions. Golden fringes.
Diameter: 38 cm. Good-fair condition.Stains. Two cloth loops were added to upper part for hanging.

Opening600$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 8

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Hand Painted Matzah Cover – Eretz Yisrael

Matzah cover, paint on fabric (stencil). Eretz Yisrael,
Blue writing in a frame: Seven days thou shall eat Matzot" and "Ve-hi She-Amda La'avoteinu…". In a colorful triangle in the center: "We were slaved to Pharaoh in Egypt" with illustration of slaves working in construction. The word "Matzah" appears in the center of the triangle.
On the back of the cover a faded stamp "Made in Palestine". Golden fringes.
Diameter: 39 cm. Fair condition. Wine stains and aging marks.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 9

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Fine Matzah Cover – Colorful Embroidery, 1893

Matzah cover, colorful embroidery on Bordeaux-colored velvet. East Europe? End of 19th century. The borders of the cover bear two embroidered jars with trees growing out of them. In a square frame in the center decorated with floral designs appears the year 1893.
The phrase "Chag Ha-Matzot Shiv'a Yamim… ve-tzivanu al achilat matzah" in embroidered on the upper part of the cover.
On the bottom a jug, bottle and wine glass are embroidered with the writing: "Le-Shanah haba'ah be-yerushulayim". Under that is the name "Beril Zupnik".
35.5 X 35.5 cm. Good condition. Embroidery on upper part is somewhat unraveled. Dark stains to inner partitions on bottom part only.

Opening600$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 10

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Tefillin Bag – Colorful Embroidery

Tefillin bag, colorful embroidery on black velvet. Eretz Yisrael? The 188- 's.
On one side a frame decorated with geometric designs is embroidered with four circles at its corners. In the center there is a goblet out of which grows a plant, on the handles and the base of the goblet there are four birds. The date is embroidered: 1885 or 1888.
On the other side colored embroidered decorations and name of the owner embroidered in purple thread: "Moshe Ben Zvi". The lining of the bag is of red fabric.
18 X 24 cm. Fair condition. Worn. Some of the embroidery is damaged.

Opening100$ Sold For120$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 11

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Embroidered Wimple – Ettinghausen Family, 1883

Torah wimple, of Yehudah Moshe Yechiel Ettinghausen's Brit Milah, 1883.
Embroidery with green threads: "Yehudah Moshe Yechiel, son of rabbi Naftali Ettinghausen, born at… 1883… Le-Torah' Le-Chupah U-Lema'assim Tovim". The word "Le-Torah" appears within a pink thread embroidery in the shape of a Torah and the Trees of Life, the word "Le-Chupah" is under a canopy (Chupah) on four posts (see picture).
The wimple tradition was common mostly in southern Germany, but also some communities in northern Germany and even Italy. See extensive treatment of this custom in the book Shorshe Minhag Ashkenaz, part 2 (Bnei-Brak, 2000).
340 cm. Good condition. Stains. Unraveled stich in the center.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 12

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Parochet – 1913

Parochet, 1913, possibly from the United States.
On top a prominent padded crown, adorned with glittering beads, metal-plates and decorated with imitation precious stones. Underneath there is a writing "Keter Torah" and the Tablets of the Law held by two lions, prominent and padded. On the bottom there is a floral decoration and an inscription, 1913.
The writing and all the decorations are embroidered with a spring-like copper. A golden frame is sewn to the borders with copper-thread fringes.
180X125 cm, including the fringes. Good condition. Part of the copper-thread decorations are damaged or missing. Tear to cloth, stains.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 13

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Meggilat Ester on Prchment in a Fine Case

Meggilat Ester. Ink of parchment (5 sheets), in a decorated silver case. Turkey? The 19th century.
The case is decorated with nice floral designs and with leaves. Six large leaves are seen on the top part and they hide the handle connection at the lower part while becoming attached to a Torah crown-like decoration on the upper part.
Height of case: 16 cm. The Scroll: 9 cm. Good condition.

Opening300$ Sold For1,300$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 14

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Torah Book in a Silk Coat – Miniature

Miniature Torah book, printed on paper. [Poland? The 1920's?]
Two "Life-Trees" made of copper with a silk coat on which a blue Magen David and a Torah crown are embroidered.
Size of printed sheet 35 mm; including the copper handles: 53 mm. Very good condition. Silk coat somewhat worn.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 15

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Seal of Safed Kloiz of Rebbe David Moshe Friedman of Chortkov

Round copper seal with wooden handle. Safed, ca. 1880. (Before 1903).
The seal is encircled with a writing: "Seal of kloyz of Rabbi David Moshe of Chortkov". In the center there is a Maggen David, and around it the writing "Beit David, Ohel Moshe, Tif'eret Yisrael". In the center of the Magen David it says "Safed", with an open book and a Torah crown.
From the title "Rebbe" it is possible to conclude that the seal served the Safed Kloiz during the Rebbe's life and it is dated 1880.
Rebbe David Moshe Friedman, first rebbe of Chortkov, son of Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhyn (great grandson of the Maggid of Mezritch). Born on Shavuot 1827. Known as holy and never involved in an idle talk. In 1867 he settled in Chortkov, acquired a castle in which he dwelled and established nearby a Beit Midrash. Was well known for his modesty though he acted gracefully according to the Ruzhyn Rebbes' tradition, he traveled in a fancy carriage, wore golden shoes and led an ostentatious way of life. Had tens of thousands of followers who turned to him for advice and blessing. Supported financially the building of a synagogue and Chasidic kloiz of Chortkov in Safed since he felt a special bond with Safed and Meron. Died in 1903.
Seal diameter: 4.1 cm. Height: 6.2 cm. Good condition. Usage marks.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 16

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Seal of Rabbi Ya’akov Yantshi Kalich of Ustrzyki, Descendant of “Bnei Yisachar” – Safed

Copper-seal for wax-stamps. Safed, 19th century.
The seal bears the writing: "Ya'akov Yantshi ben Harav Z. Kalich". Decorated in the center with a vegetal design.
Rabbi Ya'akov Yantshi moved to Safed from Ustrzyki Dolne (Poland) with his parents, Rabbi Shmuel Zanvil Kalich and his wife Freide. Died in Safed in 1897. His parents died in Safed in 1883 and 1909. Freide was the daughter of Rabbi Ya'akov Uri of Turka, from his second marriage with the daughter of Rabbi Moshe Shoenfeld, son-in-law of the Rebbe Zvi Elimelech Medinov author of "Bnei Yisachar". Rabbi Shmuel Zenvil was the son of Rabbi Yesha'ayahu Shlomo Zalman Kalich of Ustrzyki and Ester Roize of Ustrzyki and Litovisk.
See enclosed material.
Diameter of seal: 1.8 cm. Height: 4 cm. Good condition.

Opening350$ Sold For350$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 17

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Torah Pointers -Yad – North Africa

1. Torah pointer – Yad, engraved silver. Medallion-like Upper joint with vegetal decorations and a green gem in the center. Arm is decorated with horizontal and diagonal lines. The cuff as well as center and top of arm are decorated with a hyperbolic design. The palm is in the shape of a Hamsa. On the back appears an engraved inscription. 12.5 cm.
2. Torah pointer – Yad – engraved cast silver. A flattened ball decorates the upper joint encircled with cylinder-like shapes. The Yad becomes narrow towards the cuff. An engraved inscription appears on the arm. The middle finger consists of two links in uneven lengths, connected to the arm and cuff with cylinder-like designs. The palm is tightly closed and the pointing finger is bent. A ring is attached to the upper joint with a silver chain. 21.5 cm.
3. Torah pointer – Yad – cast engraved silver. Upper joint mobile and attached with a hinge. Arm consists of two cylinders narrowing towards each other, the edges of which are decorated with cylinder-like shapes. The middle finger narrows towards the cuff and on its top is a fan-shaped design and decorations in the shapes of leaves and lines. An inscription is engraved on the back side. The palm is tightly closed and the pointing finger somewhat bent. 22.5 cm.

Opening1,100$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 18

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Torah Pointer – Yad – Olive Wood – Jerusalem

Torah pointer – Yad – made of olive wood. Jerusalem, 19th century.
Upper joint round with a carving of the Western Wall and cypresses treetops. Arm with seven round decorations in various sizes. Middle finger of four parts narrowing towards the cuff. Black, red and green decorations appear in the joins between the four parts. On the upper part appears the inscription "Jerusalem". Round cuff with identical design to the connection between middle finger and arm. Palm is tightly closed and the long pointing finger is carved with nails and skin folds shapes.
38.5 cm. Good condition. Some aging-marks and stains.

Opening1,000$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 19

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Torah Pointer – Yad – From the Collection of “Heichal Shlomo” Museum

Torah pointer – Yad. Europe, End of 19th century – beginning of 20th century. Cast metal silver plated.
Upper joint cornice-shaped decorated with a vegetal design. A round ball with two leaves garlands appear in the connection between the arm and the middle finger. The finger and the arm become wider towards their connection point. A cuff at the end of the arm. Palm tightly closed with bent fingers.
28 cm. Good condition. Slight oxidation marks to the leaves decoration.
Previous owner: "Heichal Shlomo" Museum – Jerusalem Center for Jewish Heritage. Attached is a document on part of the museum assessing the legal handing of the item.

Opening1,200$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 20

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Torah Pointers – Yad – Morocco

1. Torah pointer, engraved silver. Upper joint round, decorated borders with a six-petals flower with piercing in the center. The palm is in the shape of a Hamsa with a cuff at the bottom. 10.5 cm.
2. Torah pointer, molded and engraved brass. A leather strip and a ring at the tip of the pointer. Upper joint flower-like decorated with an arabesque with an inner protruding circle in the center. The upper part of the pointer has a widthwise cut, its lower part decorated with vegetal shapes and a cuff. In the center an inscription and an engraved Magen David. On the back side of the pointer, geometrical and vegetal designs are engraved. Old weld fixing. 17 cm.
Good condition.

Opening800$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 21

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Two Trees of Life with Copper Handles – Poland

Two Trees of Life for Torah, wood and copper, Poland.
Copper made handles, at its tips bearing some simple decorations. On one handle is an engraved inscription: "This Torah belongs to… Fishel son of Yitzchak."
Hight: 86 cm. Maximum width: 11 cm. Good condition.

Opening700$ Sold For700$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 22

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Synagogue “Silence” Sign in the Shape of a Hand-Palm

Wooden, painted and carved hand-palm. East Europe, the 19th century?
Open hand-palm made of carved wood, a Maggen David is drawn in the center. The palm was used as a signal in synagogue to ask for silence. Known are similar palms with the writing "No talking during prayer". [See Tractate Sukkah leaf 51 B', concerning the Alexandria Synagogue where shawls have been waved for the public to say Amen when the cantor had said the blessings].
Maximum size: 31.5 X 12.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Patina, slights stains and slightly peeling paint.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction 8 Lot Number 23

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Book-Ends –Tablets of the Ten Commandments Shape – The United States, 1922

Book-ends made of black painted metal. The United States, 1922. Made by L.V. Aronson.
Books-ends are made in the shape of the Tablets of the Ten Commandments with the Ten Commandments in Hebrew letters. The commandments numbering is in Roman digits. On top is a Magen David and lines resembling sun rays. The book-ends are decorated with a drawing of rocks on which the tablets are "leaning". Felt is pasted on the bottom.
Maximum size: 9 X 10 cm. Fair condition. Paint peeling in some spots. One of the book-ends is missing a supportive part.

Opening100$ Sold For130$ Including buyers premium

Auction 8 Lot Number 24

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Book Stander Decorated with a Maggen David

Book stander made of brass in sawing craftsmanship. Morocco? Beginning of the 20th century.
In the center a Maggen David decorated on both sides with different vegetal designs.
Maximum height: 26 cm. Maximum width: 29.5 cm. Maximum depth: 27 cm. Good condition. Some oxidation and corrosion marks.

Opening250$ Sold For270$ Including buyers premium
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