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“A Walk In Iona” (Tiyul BeIona) – Meir Wieseltier’s First Publication – Limited, Numbered Edition, 1963

"A Walk In Iona," (Tiyul BeIona), a poem by Meir Wieseltier. [Kiltartan Publishing, Tel Aviv, 1963]. Wieseltier's first published work, printed in a limited edition of 200 numbered copies. Large cardboard sheet folded into four. Issue number 154.
17X25 cm (folded). Good condition - slight stains, water damage to back side, a bit faded.

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Pshita – Humoristic Literary Review edited by Meir Wieseltier, Yona Wollach, Yair Hurwitz and others, First Issue, 1967

First issue of "Pshita - Useful Literary Review For All," edited by Meir Wieseltier with Yona Wollach, Yair Hurvitz and others. The review was published in 1967, immediately following the Six-Day War, featuring wild, biting humor. It featured a poem by Wieseltier, one by Wallach (Lo Lebazbez Et Chodesh May), as well as a prose piece, "A Class in History," by Abraham Heffner, and many more satirical and humoristic pieces, as well as illustrations. The cover features a portrait incorporating Michaelangelo's Moses with Moshe Dayan and Rabbi Shlomo Goren. The editorial states that "Pshita's first assumption is common to all successful Hebrew publications… that the readers are insensitive idiots that will purchase anything offered as long as one demands payment in cash…
Not in National Library, or in other libraries in Israel.
49 cm. Fair condition. Worming and other damage by insects, with losses, but without damage to text. Folding line. Few stains, foxing and wear.

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Gog – Poetry Sheets, Two Issues – Meir Wieseltier, Yona Wollach, Hanoch Levin, Zelda – 1969, 1974 – with Autographs – From Adam Baruch’s library.

Gog, the only two issues of the poetry periodical edited by Meir Wieseltier, published five years apart from each other.
The first issue, from 1969, includes six Wollach poems including Mifletzet HaAyala, a copy of a drawing by Michael Druks accompanied by a Hanoch Levin text - "Singer Audrey Scissors", as well as poems by Dalya Herz, Yair Hurvitz, Avot Yeshurun, Menachem Braun (later Menachem Ben) and Wieseltier.
The second issue features poems by Zelda, Yair Hurvitz and Wieseltier, a short story by Dan Tsalka, and pieces by Aharon Shabtai and Nissim Calderon.
The first issue is probably from Adam Baruch's library, and includes a dedication by Yair Hurvitz, and the signatures of Menachem Braun and Wieseltier.
Good condition. First issue has partially faded cover.

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Dedication by Zelda on her Poetry Book “Pnai / HaCarmel Ha Ee Nire’e / Al Tirhak”

Dedication by the poet Zelda [Mishkovsky], (1914-1984) to the orthodox Jerusalem poet Lea Tanzman on her 1978 collection of poems "Pnai / HaCarmel Ha Ee Nireh / Al Tirhak," Zelda wrote: "To Leah, from Zelda."
Very good condition. Tanzman's ex-libris on half title page.

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Three Handwritten Letters by Yehuda Amichai, 1960-1974

Three handwritten letters sent by the poet Yehuda Amichai, between the years 1960-1974.
The first letter, dated 1960, was sent to the poet Avraham Broides, requesting that the latter transfer his request for a grant to The Fund for Encouraging Original Literary Works, so that he could complete a novel called "HaNekama," probably an earlier version of "Lo Achshav Lo MiKan," published in 1963.
The second letter, dated December 1963, was sent to the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel, but referred to The Lamdan Prize Foundation, and contained another request for a financial grant for the writing of a novel. The letter was written shortly after the publication of "Lo Achshav Lo MiMan," but Amichai did not publish another novel until "Mi Yitneni Malon," in 1971.
The third letter, dated 1964, was sent to Dov Chomsky, the secretary-general of the Author's Association, requesting help in collecting a debt from a school in Jerusalem, where Amichai taught. Amichai mentions in the letter a document, which should have boon attached to the the letter, but the document is missing.
Size and condition vary. One letter is in fair condition, with stains, the other two are in good condition with slight tears in the margins. All three letters have filing holes.

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Yehuda Amichai – Chapter from His 1963 Novel – Typed with Handwritten Corrections, Early 1960s

"The photo at the display window, Yehuda Amichai (part of the novel 'Skull on the Water,' soon to be published)."
Thirteen typewritten pages, a carbon copy with many handwritten corrections and changes, eventually published as the sixth chapter of Amichai's novel Lo MeAchshav Lo MiKan (Not of this Time, Not of this Place), published in 1963 (pages 35-46).
Some of the corrections are in Amichai's handwriting, others are in Ephraim Broide's handwriting. Broide was the editor of literary periodical Molad, and received the chapter for publication. This draft is different in many details from the final version of the chapter in the novel.
At the time the chapter was written, Amichai's working title for the novel was "Skull on the Water," the name deriving from a Mishna in Pirke Avot which is quoted on the book's half title page (see Hebrew). Eventually Amichai decided to call the novel Not of this Time, Not of this Place.
Written in the first person, this poetic novel is a juxtaposition of two possible, parallel realities, unravelling simultaneously. Yoel arrived in Palestine as child, joined the Palmach and fought in the 1948 War of Independence. In one of the parallel stories he returns to his hometown in Germany to avenge the death of a girl he loved who was murdered in the holocaust, while in the parallel story, he remains in Jerusalem, to cope with his unsuccessful and search for a new love.
13 pages, carbon copy of the period. Good condition, creases, few stains, slight damage to last pages.

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David Avidan and Gabriel Moked – Short Handwritten Poem and 2 Issues of “Zofar”

1. A short, early, four-line poem by David Avidan, sent to Gabriel Moked (when the latter was still named Gabriel Munwes), on a New Year's greeting card (1952) of "The Peace Committee In Israel." Handwritten poem, punctuated. On the back, Avidan added a greeting: "To my friend (the year "Zarkor"!), David, PS, forgive the delay."
22X7 cm. Good condition. Worn, filing holes and tears, with no loss.
2-3. Two Issues of "Zofar, Bitaon HaTalmid," (titled "Kol Zofar" in the second issue), 1950-1951, featuring Avidan's first published writings, including, perhaps, a poem published under a pseudonym. The first issue features an article titled "Hollwood's Defense of Slavery," criticizing the US film industry after watching a Hollywood film. The second issue features a story by Avidan "Ktatta Shel Rechov" (A Stret Fight). A poem titled "VeHaShemesh Nachon…" is credited to "Azriel Morag," with the name David Avidan handwritten above it. This might be Avidan's first published poem.
Only three issues of Zofar were ever published.
David Avidan was born in 1934, and was 16 in 1950. Zofar, co-edited by Avidan's good friend Gabriel Moked, hoped to become a national, independent paper for high-school students. Other editors included future professor Shlomo Avineri and the poet Israel Pinkas.
Avidan's first poetry book, "Lipless Faucets" was published in 1954 (see item 9)_x000B_24X17 cm. Very good condition. Library stamp on one issue.

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David Avidan, Four Items – Three Handwritten and a Printed Letter, Signatures

Four items related to David Avidan, three in his handwriting.
1. Detailed comments concerning typesetting, apparently for one of his books. The letter is addressed to 'Mr. Eckstein,' it is all in Avidan's handwriting, in green pen, with a full signature at the bottom. The comments are written on the reverse of a loose cover of a notebook.
2. Typewritten letter on Avidan's stationery, addressed to Gabriel Moked, and signed twice, full signature and initials. Verso written in Avidan's handwriting - "to Gabriel Moked". Creases and slight tears.
3. Letter addressed in Avidan's handwriting to Gabriel Moked, in green pen. On the envelope Avidan wrote "in case I don't come to Stern's - call me, 17:00." Instead of writing the name of sender, Avidan applied a sticker with his details, but it is missing. Also on the envelope, in Moked's handwriting - "a note to me from Avidan." Filing holes, creases and folding lines.
4. Envelope of "David Avidan - 30th Century Ltd," addressed to Gabriel Moked, typewritten. The word "by hand" is written on the envelope, apparently in Avidan's handwriting. Filing holes, tears, adhesive tape and staples.

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avid Avidan’s First Poetry Book – Brazim Arufei Sfatayim (Lipless Faucets) – First Edition, 1954

David Avidan - Brazim Arufei Sfatayim, (Lipless Faucets) - Arad Publishing, 1954. Avidan's first book, published in 1954 is considered a revolutionary milestone in Israeli poetry. It includes HaRehovot Mamri'im Leat (later put to music by Assaf Amdurski), HaKetem Nishar Al HaKir, and Mot HaMeshorer.
68 pages. Flawed spine, mostly missing. Few foxing stains in the first and last pages.

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Contract Between Havatzelet Habshush, Pinchas Sadeh and the Publisher of the Book “Hitmasrut”, 1972

Contract between Ms. Havatzelet Habshush, Mr. Pinchas Sadeh and Bezalel Tcherikover, concerning the publication of the book "Hitmasrut, Esrim Ve-Echad Michtavim LePinchas Sadeh” [Devotion, 21 letters to Pinchas Sadeh (Hebrew)]. November 1972. Signed by Habshush, Sadeh and Tcherikover (three times).
A contract arranging the conditions for publication of the book which was published by Tcherikover in 1973 (enclosed is a copy of the book). Havatzelet Habshush (1950-1984) had a relationship with Pinchas Sadeh (1929-1994) after being influenced by his book "HaChayim KeMashal" (Life as a Fable). Twenty one of her personal and intimate letters to Sadeh were published in the book (encouraged by him) and the book became a best-seller. Habshush committed suicide eleven years later. [2] leaves 32.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Filing holes.

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Pinhas Sadeh, Handwritten letter, 1960

Handwritten letter by Pinhas Sadeh, sent in 1960 to the Yitzhak Lamdan Foundation, requesting a grant which would allow him to complete the novel he was writing for the past year, and which, he believed, would take him another two years to complete. Full signature at the end of the letter.
25X20 cm. Very good condition. Filing holes and tear at the top of the page.

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Amos Kenan – Eight Books with Dedications, Two Plays in Stencil, 1950s-1980s

Eight books by Amos Kenan (also spelled Keinan), with dedications to Hanna, probably his lover, and two plays he authored in stencil - one of which was never published.
The books with dedications: BeShotim UveAkrabIm, (selections of Kenan's columns published in Haaretz [1953], BaTachana (1963), HaDelet HaKchula (1972), Les Tireurs de Langue [1974?], Shoa II (1975), MiTachat LaPrachim (1979), El Artzech El Moladetech (1981), Amanut HaPisul BeYisrael, Hipus HaZehut (ed.), [1988].
The plays: Chaverim Mesaprim al Yeshu (Friends talking about Jesus) [1972], satire dealing with Jesus Christ in various situations in modern-day Israel - a child whose home was demolished by the army, an adolescent who is afraid of the deterioration of national security, and a veteran who fought in all of Israel's wars. Mostly gallows humor. 42 pages.
Hora Twist - musical, written with composer Yohanan Zarai, satirizing bourgeois Israelis, their mindlessness and pursuit of comfort. Numbered edition (11). Very rare play, never published and probably never staged. No copy in National Library of Israel.
Various sizes and condition. General condition: good.

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Amir Gilboa – Four Handwritten Poems and a Letter, 1972

Four handwritten poems and a letter by Amir Gilboa.
The poems are four of the seven poems of "Shiv'a" from his 1972 book Ayala Eshlach Otach. (for more details, see Hebrew)._x000B_Each of the poems is on a separate page, voweled, handwritten by Gilboa. The poems are numbered - 2 to 5, as they appear in the book.
The poems were sent to Ephraim Broide, editor of Molad.
Also included is a letter from Gilboa to Broide from 1962, dealing with a new version of a poem he already submitted for publication.
Good condition. Creases and folding lines. Slight tear on top of pages with no loss or damage to text.

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Lea Goldberg – Original Review of J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey, 1961

Review by Lea Goldberg of J.D. Salinger's Franny and Zooey, published in 1961. Twelve typewritten pages with handwritten notes and corrections, by Goldberg and Ephraim Broide, editor of Molad. Two of the pages feature full paragraphs in Goldberg's handwriting.
The review is titled BeShivhei HaGveret HaShmena (In Praise of the Fat Lady). Goldberg is referring to a story Zooey heard from their brother Seymour who used to tell him to shine his shoes before a live radio show. When Zooey pointed out that nobody sees his shoes on the radio, Seymour told him to do it for the 'Fat Lady,' an imaginary, lonely listener who deserves his best. Goldberg uses the fat lady as her starting point, sharply criticizing Salinger's prose and materials, comparing him, unfavorably to her preferred authors - Dostoyevsky, Thomas Mann, Nabokov, Herman Broch and others. The essay underlines the gap between Salinger's world, and the generation and culture it represents, and Goldberg's world.
The final version of the essay appears in a book of Goldberg's collected essays Mador UMeever - Bchinot UTeamim BaSifrut Haklalit, Sifriyat Hapoalim, 1977.
Good condition. Creases and folding lines.

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Jacqueline Kahanoff – Collection of Letters to Ephraim Broide – 1960s

Sixteen letters written by Egyptian-born Israeli essayist to Molad editor Ephraim Broide, between 1957 and 1967. Carbon copies of three replies by Broide are included, as well as a copy of a letter Broide wrote to her husband.
Kahanoff's letters, mostly in English, deal with essays Kahanoff sent for publication in Molad, including essays about Dimona, integration of Jews from Muslim countries in Israel, and Jean Gottman's book Megalopolis.
Egyptian born Jacqueline Kahanoff, (1917-1979), lived in Israel since the 1950s, wrote mostly about the West's condescension as to the East, arguing against the 'melting pot' approach of the Israeli estasblishment. Kahanoff believed that Israel's denial of its Levantine character, is one of the reasons for the hatred between the peoples of the region, and an obstacle to peace between Israel and its neighbors. Kahanoff was also a feminist, dealing widely with the plight of women in Arab society in particular and patriarchal, conservative societies in general. She died of cancer in 1979, and only years after her death did her ideas begin reemerging among Israeli intellectuals, bringing on an interest in her writings.
11 handwritten letters and 5 printed letters, signed. Various sizes and conditions. General condition: good.

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Yossi Sarid – Handwritten Poems from the Age of Seventeen and Correspondence with Ephraim Broide, Editor of Molad, 1958-1960

Three poems and three letters sent by 17-year-old Yossi Sarid, to Ephraim Broide, editor of Molad periodical between 1958-1960.
The three poems were sent in 1958, with a letter in flowery style, which reveals arrogance behind an appearance of modesty._x000B_Broide considered the poems very immature and wrote Sarid that 'if you wish to become a poet… you must write hundreds of verses each day, cross out many of them by yourself, show the best of them to those who understand and even then - not to publish them, but to grow, to understand, to gain knowledge, to look deeper, and then to learn much more, until you are able to write one good line…"
Sarid responded a year later, saying that Broide's criticism was 'sharp and insulting,' and sent him another poem (not included). Broide replied that he thought it wasn't a good poem: 'what can be said in prose with the same success… should be said inThree poems and three letters sent by 17-year-old Yossi Sarid, to Ephraim Broide, editor of Molad periodical between 1958-1960.
The three poems were sent in 1958, with a letter in flowery style, which reveals arrogance behind an appearance of modesty.
Broide considered the poems very immature and wrote Sarid that 'if you wish to become a poet… you must write hundreds of verses each day, cross out many of them by yourself, show the best of them to those who understand and even then - not to publish them, but to grow, to understand, to gain knowledge, to look deeper, and then to learn much more, until you are able to write one good line…"
Sarid responded a year later, saying that Broide's criticism was 'sharp and insulting,' and sent him another poem (not included). Broide replied that he thought it wasn't a good poem: 'what can be said in prose with the same success… should be said in prose.' A year later Sarid wrote Broide again offering poems to soon be published in his first poetry book (not included). Broide replied that these poems indeed show progress, 'but I did not find any convincing experience, portrayed in a unique manner…' and again refused to print them.
Broide's replies are carbon copies of the original letters.
Very good condition.
Yosi Sarid (1940-2015) was a Kenesset Member, a minister, opposition leader and the leader of the Meretz party, and also a journalist.

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Two Books by Yehonatan Geffen with Dedications to Aharona, Assi Dayan’s First Wife

Two books dedicated by the author, Yehonatan Geffen to Aharona, the first wife of Geffen's cousin, Assi Dayan.
The first dedication, from 1985, is on his poem book titled [36]. "26.11.85, to Aharona, for her birthday, poems of age [also translates poems of joy], with love from Yehonatan (and Nurit, of course)."
The second dedication is on Geffen's 2002 autobiography "Homer Tov," ("Good Stuff"). "TA, January 2002. To Aharona - who will always be for me the most beautiful in the world! Love, Yehonatan Geffen."
Aharona Dayan (née Melkin, 1945-2013), was Assi Dayan's first wife, and the mother of two of his children._x000B_Very good condition.

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Monitin, Magazine, 61 Issues, 1978- 1984

Ten volumes featuring issues 1-30, 43-73 of periodical Monitin, from 1978-1984. Altoghether 61 issues.
When it first appeared Monitin was considered innovative and high quality. It dealt with a wide variety of subjects, which indluded, aside from political coverage, culture and life-style - architecture, fashion, music, culinary and leisure culture. Its writing style, New-Journalism, was innovative for Israel of the period, in its personal and direct tone, and the use of thin sharp language, which was at the same time broad minded and opinionated. Its design was also innovative - it was printed on in color on chromo paper and its graphic design was deliberate, with a prominent use of photos and illustrations.
Its first editor was Adam Baruch, who very much who determined the character of the magazine. His line was continued by his successor, Ron Maiberg.
Contributors included, among others: Yaron London, Dan Ben Amotz, Nahum Barnea, Yaakov Rothblit, Meir Shalev, Rino Tzror, Yoram Kaniuk, Yona Wollach, Amnon Abramowitch and Danny Dotan.
In the late 1980s, after a decline in Monitin's popularity, it was sold to businesswoman Galia Albin. In 1993 it was closed.
Issues are bound in hardcover. Very good condition.

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Three Posters for Hanoch Levin’s Yaakobi & Leidental, 1972, 1980

Three posters, two in Hebrew and one in English for productions of Hanoch Levin's classic play, Yaakobi & Leidental, directed by Levin and starring Zaharira Harifai, Yosef Carmon and Albert Cohen.
The first poster, designed by Cyla Menusy, features a large illustration of the female protagonist, with the two male characters heads underneath hers. The play is reffered to as "Yaakobi & Leidental (working title)", a co-production of the Cameri and Tzavta Theatres. This seems to be the earliest of the three posters.50x33 cm.
The two other posters, one in English and one in Hebrew, are based on the same design - a black and white photo of a scene from the play, with the title and credits on the top (on the right in the Hebrew, and on the left in the English poster). The words "working title" are omitted from the play's name, and Tzavta Theatre isn't mentioned. 48x33 cm.
The English poster is for one show at the [1980] Edinburgh Festival Fringe where it received the First Fringe Award. Apparently the play was staged again in 1980 with the same cast especially for the performance at the Festival. Unknown designer. 78x41 cm.
This is Levin's third play, and the first he directed.
Good to Very Good condition. The first poster has darkening of the paper and some staining, the third has small holes and damage to margins.

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Movie Poster – Assi Dayan’s First Movie as Director – Murder C.O.D., 1973

Movie poster of Assi Dayan's debut film as director, Murder C.O.D., 1973. The film is a surreal crime movie dealing with a police inspector, suspended after using unorthodox methods to find a serial killer. When he figures out the killer's pattern he uses himself as bait, but his plan misfires. Starring Oded Kotler, Gabi Eldor and Avraham Mor._x000B_The film was never released on DVD, and is considered rare.
59X90 cm. Very good condition.

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Movie Poster – Assi Dayan’s Second Movie as Director – Chagiga LaEnayim, 1975

Movie poster for Assi Dayan and Naftali Alter's Chagiga LaEnayim (A Feast for the Eyes). The film's production was completed in 1973, but no cinema was willing to screen it. Only in 1975 did Menahem Golan find a way to help Dayan and Alter distribute the film.
Despite not being screened in cinemas the film entered several international film festivals and won critical acclaim, including the San Remo special award. The film's cast included Yosef Shiloach, Talia Shapira, Dori Ben Ze'ev, Mordechai Ben Ze'ev, Avner Hizkiyahu and Miriam Gavrieli. For Shiloach, usually a supporting actor, this is a rare leading role, for which he received rave reviews.
The film is a bittersweet comedy about a failed poet who arrives at a desolated town, planning to commit suicide. The locals save his life, but since they mistake him for an important poet, they believe that if he does commit suicide in their town, it will become a place of pilgrimage for his admirers.
Eventually the film flopped at the cinemas and both Dayan and Alter accumulated large debts. Furthermore, due to a legal dispute as to its distribution, the film was never issued on DVD, and was forgotten in spite of its importance.
The poster features a processed photo from film and the writing: "Finally allowed to be screened! Yosef Shiloach in Assi Dayan and Naftali Alter's film - Chagiga La'Enayim."
86X57 cm. Folding lines.

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Movie Poster – Assi Dayan – The Good, the Bad and the Not So Bad – 1986

Movie poster for Assi Dayan's 1986 comedy. Starring Dayan himself, Yossef Shiloah, Moshe Ish Kasit and Gabi Amrani.
Design: Acherkan Daniel.
63X94 cm. Very Good condition - folding lines, tack holes.

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Dedication by Moshe Dayan to his Son Assi Dayan and his Wife Aharona – 1972

Dedication by Moshe Dayan on a copy of the first edition of Tirza Atar's 1972 poetry book "Bein Sof LeVien Stav" (Between End and Autumn), to his son Assi Dayan and his first wife, Aharona. "To Aharona and Assi, with love, Father, 12.4.72."
Atar's poetry book includes, "Maarava MiKan," and "Shir HaNishmeret" which is a poem in response to "Shir Mishmar," which Atar's father, Nathan Alterman dedicated to her.
Good condition. Foxing, glued tear on spine.

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Movie Poster for Etz O Palestine (The True Story of Palestine) – Uri Zohar, Joel Silberg and Nathan Axelrod, 1962

Movie poster for the documentary feature directed by Uri Zohar, Joel Silberg and Nathan Axelrod. The film was produced by [Axelrod's] Carmel Films and A. Deshe (Pashanel), based on the Carmel documentaries, weekly news reels running from the 1930s up to the first Independence Day in 1949. The choice of clips presented the story of the Yishuv in a comic-nostalgic fashion. The narration was written by Haim Hefer and narrated by Haim Topol. The soundtrack was written and conducted by Yitzhak Gratziani. The name of the film was derived by the British-Mandate era term for heads or tails.
The color poster features two fists with scenes from the history of the Yishuv in the background, as well as the English title.
68X97 cm. Very good condition.

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Movie Poster – I Like Mike – Starring Chaim Topol, Batya Lancet and Ilana Rovina – 1961

Movie poster of the 1961 film I Like Mike, directed by Peter Frye, based on a play by Aharon Meged, starring Chaim Topol and Batya Lancet.
The poster features black and white scenes from the film and illustrations in red and mustard. Designed by Artis.
The poster uses the English title chosen by the producers "Surprise Party," (even though the original Hebrew title was in English).
The plot deals with an ambitious mother who tries to wed her daughter to a rich Jewish-American young man visiting Israel, so that she and her family can move with him back to the US. The film is a satire of the "American Dream" of many Israelis of the time, and the admiration of money and status it represented.
88X113 cm. Very good condition. Folding lines, slight tears to the margins and slight flaws around some of the folding lines on the bottom left corner.

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Movie Poster – Sallah Shabati, with Haim Topol and Arik Einstein, 1964

Movie poster for the film Sallah Shabati, starring Haim Topol, Arik Einstein, Geula Noni and Gila Almagor.
The poster, designed by Cyla Menusy, features a black and white photo of Haim Topol in a scene from the film on light brown background, and to its right, the film's title and credits in color.
Sallah Shabati, 1964, was the first Israeli film to be nominated for an Academy Award, and the first Israeli film to win Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Golden Globe Award as Best Foreign Film.
The film features several songs, one of them, Li VeLach, is performed by Arik Einstein and Geula Noni._x000B_100x70cm. Very good condition, folding lines.

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Original Movie Poster for Metzitzim )Peeping Toms), 1972

Original black and white poster for Uri Zohar's 1972 film, Metzitzim (Peeping Toms), starring Arik Einstein, Uri Zohar and Sima Eliyahu. Design: Alona Einstein and Yossi Rok.
50X70 cm. Slight foxing, creases and tear to margins, with slight losses.

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English Movie Poster for “Rockinghorse,” Starring Shmulik Kraus, 1978

English movie poster for "Rockinghorse" (Susetz), Yaky Yosha's 1978 feature film. The poster depicts Shmulik Kraus and Gedalia Besser in a celluloid-like frame with a yellow background and English credits. The film's Hebrew name "סוסעץ", appears on the bottom right of the poster.
The illustrator's name is signed in print - Hayon 78.
"Rocking Horse," is Yaky Yosha's second film, an adaptation of the 1974 novel by Yoram Kaniuk, starring Shmulik Kraus, Gedalia Besser, Arik Lavie and Josie Katz. It was the first film to represent Israel in the Directors’ Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival, and participated in many other international festivals. Arik Einstein sang the title track, written by Yaakov Rotblit and composed by Shmulik Kraus.
63X44 cm. Very good condition. Folding lines and slight creases.

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Two Movie Posters for the Film “Diamonds” and an Eight Page Promotional Booklet for the Film “Eagles Attack at Dawn” – Menahem Golan, 1970, 1975

Two Israeli movie posters for Menahem Golan's international production "Diamonds," (1975), starring Richard Roundtree, Barbara Hershey and Robert Shaw, as well as Israeli actors Yossi Graber, Shaike Ophir, Yona Elian, Arye Moskuna and Bomba Tzur.
Included is an English promotional booklet for another Golan international production, "Eagles Attack at Dawn" (1970), that featured Israeli actors including Yehoram Gaon, Yosef Shiloach, Yehuda Barkan, Arik Lavie, Michal Bat-Adam and Gabi Amrani. 8 pages, not stapled, very good condition.
The posters: 100X70 cm, 50X70 cm. Good condition, folding lines, few tears on folding lines, very slight stains. Smaller poster has tears to left margin with no loss.

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Noa At 17 – Movie Poster – 1982

Movie Poster for Israeli film "Noa At 17," starring Dahlia Shimko, and directed by Itzhak Zepel Yeshurun. The film won the "Kinor David" awards for best film and best screenplay, and was both critically and commercially successful.
50X70 cm. Very good condition. Folding lines.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

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Two Movie Posters – Shifshuf Naim – Eskimo Limon 3 – Japanese, 1981

Two movie posters in Japanese for the third film of the "Eskimo Limon" (Lemon Popsicle) series - Hot Bubble Gum. Unique design for Japanese distributers.
One of the posters features the three protagonists of the series sitting next to a table on the beach, with three girls surrounding them. In the background: advertisements for Coca Cola and hamburgers, a red American convertible and palm trees. The film's name and credits appear on the bottom of the poster in Japanese. Only the name of the film appears in English as well: Hot Bubblegum.
The second poster features the three protagonists lying on the beach licking popsicles, each one of them thinking about a different girl who appears in a heart-shaped balloon above his head. Blue background. The film's name and details appear in Japanese, the English title and its number in the series (Lemon Popsicle III), appear in the top left corner.
Both posters are 73x51 cm. Good condition - folding lines, creases to edges.

Opening50$ Unsold

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Israeli Movie Poster for Egyptian Film “Four Girls”, 1954

Israeli movie poster for a 1954 Egyptian film originally titled "Four Girls and an Officer" ("أربع بنات وضابط"). Anwar Wagdi (أنور وجدى‎ (
wrote, directed and starred in the film. Wagdi was one of the most important and prolific actors and directors of his time and was married three times to Jewish-Egyptian singer and actor Leila Mourad (ليلى مراد).
Wagdi's co-star is Naima Akef (نعيمة عاكف), a belly dancer, circus performer and actress, who later died of cancer at the age of 36. The film also features Lebleba (لبلبة), the child actress.
The colorful, lithographic poster was made especially for the Israeli release, and is completely different form the poster printed for the Egypt release. The poster's designer is signed "T.V.".
81X56 cm. A tear to bottom of the poster with a slight loss to its edges. Another small damage with loss to center of the poster.

Opening100$ Sold For100$ Including buyers premium

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Hill 24 Doesn’t Answer – Movie Poster – Spanish, 1955

Movie Poster in Spanish for Israeli film Hill 24 Doesn't Answer (La Colina 24 No Contesta) from 1955 , one of the first feature films produced in Israel. The film deals with the battles of the 1948 War as well as the battle for East Jerusalem. Directed by Thorold Dikinson, the script was written by Israeli Peter Frye. The cast featured Edward Mulhare and Michael Wager, as well as Israeli actors Haya Harareet, Arik Lavie, Shoshana Damari, Yossi Yadin and others.
The film represented Israel at the Cannes Festival, was commercially successful and gained good reviews. Still, in Israel it was criticized for being English speaking, which was considered insufficiently patriotic.
The upper part of the poster features four male figures, saluting a grave with a flag of Israel, a body of a fighter behind them. The bottom part features a fighter with a rifle, as well as a man and a woman.
The poster's designer is signed Carri. The poster was produced in Argentina in 1955 or 1956.
109X73 cm. Very good condition. Folding lines. The poster is linen-backed for display and preservation.

Opening100$ Unsold

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Meir Ariel’s Guitar – Ovation 1651

An amplified acoustic guitar, Ovation 1651, serial number 321044. Made in USA. By its serial number the guitar was made in 1985 or 1986.
The soundboard of the guitar is made of Nutmeg wood, the fretboard is made of Ebony with diamond shaped ivory inlays. The rosette around the opening of the resonance box is embossed with a pattern of leaves in black and ivory colors.
The built in amplification system includes a pre-amp, a stereophonic output, and a volume knob.
The guitar is sold along with its original hard case, which was used by Ariel.
Shalom Hanoch purchased the guitar for Meir Ariel, along with Ariel's wife Tirtsa, when they were in New York in 1986.
Ariel used this guitar for writing some of his most famous songs - included in his albums, from his third album Yerukot from 1988 on, performed with it on his solo concerts well as his band concerts, it is featured in his 1988 film "Meir Ariel's Election Tour", and apparently used it for recording his acoustic album "Rishumei Peham" from 1995.
Three photographs of Meir Ariel with the guitar are included, as is a provenance document, signed by Meir Ariel's widow, confirming the guitar as Ariel's.
Ovation started making guitars in the mid sixties. In the seventies it started making acoustic guitars which were special for having an arched back, made of synthetic material originating in the manufacture of helicopters. The company was also considered a pioneer in including pre amps in its amplification systems, in as soon as 1971. Ovation guitars became very popular in the 1980s, when many well known musicians used them, among them Paul Simon at the Reunion Concert in Central Park, and John Lennon who used this same model - Ovation 1651 Legend, in a few sessions, and is photographed with such a guitar on the cover of his album Acoustic, which was released after his death. Ovation released a limited edition of the guitar with Lennon's name of it, in 2005.
The guitar is in good condition, intact, with no major defects, and playable. Many use marks - scratches, bumps, corrosion to the tuning keys, etc. The case is covered inside with golden brown velvet, with much wear. On the outside - two of its latches are broken, it is worn, scuffed, bumped, with rust to metal parts, a small piece of the outer cover is missing, and with many remnants of stickers.

Opening10,000$ Unsold

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Meir Ariel, Binder with Handwritten Poems from USA, 1968, Including Unknown Drafts of “Erol,” “Tikva,” and “Sof Onat HaTapuzim”

A large notebook from 1968, the period Meir Ariel spent with his family in the US. The notebook includes notes relating to his daily life, as well as poems he was working on at the time. These include several drafts of "Erol," (spread on seven pages), and "Tikva," later to appear on his debut album " Shirey Chag UMoed VeNofel," as well as five pages with various versions of "Sof Onat HaTapuzim and several unpublished poems.
All through the notebook are small illustrations and scribbles by Ariel.
[130] pages. 26 cm. Good Condition. Worn.

Opening2,500$ Sold For2,500$ Including buyers premium

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Meir Ariel – Notebook with Handwritten Poems – An Early Long Version of “Agadat Deshe”

An undated spiral notebook featuring poems and various entries in Meir Ariel's handwriting. The poems include a long four-page draft of "Agadat Deshe" that differs from the final version, and includes verses not included in the recorded versions. Other early drafts in the notebook include "BaTor LeShikuf Re'ah," from his first album, "Shpritz Charuzim LeLuiz," from his second album, (working title: "Mashehu BeOfen Klali"), a draft of "Shir LeChol HaMishpacha," from his third album. The notebook further includes a poem titled "Al Ta'ase LeChavercha Ma SheKvar Asita Lo," whose opening lines found their way to "Doctor Hitchakmut", and many unpublished poems; sketches written for Yossi Banai, drafts of sketches for Tiki (Dayan?), Talia (Shapira?), Tuvia (Tzafir?) and Yossi; these may be related to the TV satire "Lo HaKol Over," aired in 1972.
The words "Shire Chag UMoed VeNofel" are written on the cover. This was probably a line he came up with at the time, and was later used as the title of his debut album.
Since "Agadat Deshe" was first recorded in 1972, the same year "Lo Hakol Over" was aired, the notebook is probably from that year.
All through the notebook are small illustrations and scribbles by Ariel.
[84] pages. 19 cm. Good condition.

Opening2,000$ Sold For2,600$ Including buyers premium

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Meir Ariel – Seven Translations of Bob Dylan Songs

Segments and full translations of seven Bob Dylan songs.
1. Etze LaOr - (I Shall Be Released), three handwritten pages with different handwritten drafts. Probably never completed.
2. Lamut Ze Lo Hakol - (Death is Not the End), three handwritten pages with various drafts.
3. Ish HaTambourin - (Mr. Tambourine Man), one handwritten page with a primary translation of the song's first verse only.
4. Ze Beseder Ima (Ani Rak Shotet) - (It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), two handwritten pages with primary partial translation of the song.
5. LeOrech Migdal HaShmira - (All Along the Watchtower), four handwritten pages of different versions of the song. The song was recorded by Asher Bitansky in 1992 with Shlomo Mizrahi on guitar, but this version was never issued on vinyl or CD.
6. Machalat HaGaava - (Disease of Conceit) - six handwritten pages of drafts to the song.
7. HaIsh SheBi - (The Man in Me), three handwritten pages of drafts. Water stains.
Enclosed are typewritten pages of the translations, with ink stamps of Meir Ariel's Estate.

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Meir Ariel – Two Handwritten Drafts of “Sweet Water” (Ma’yim Metukim)

Two Handwritten versions of Meir Ariel's song "Sweet Water" (Mayim Metukim), from his album "Summer Seeds" (Zir'ei Kayitz). The first, titled "Feelers / Unknown Name" is an early draft, vastly different from the final version. The second draft is almost identical to the final text. Both handwritten on "Ariel Publishing" stationery.
Very Good condition. The earlier draft has ink blots.

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Meir Ariel – Pharoah – Different Handwritten and Printed Drafts

Fifteen handwritten pages featuring different drafts of Meir Ariel's "Pharoah," including unpublished versions, verses never recorded, and verses written specially for an appearance on Rafi Reshef's TV show, years after the original version was recorded. The lot includes a proof print of the cover art of the song's vinyl 12" single, issued by NMC Music, with the lyrics, and Ariel's corrections. The 12" single version included less verses than the one which appeared on the "Pharoah" EP.
Very good condition.

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Meir Ariel – Four Pen Sketches with Text

Four illustrations in pen with text by Meir Ariel.
1. Illustration with text, referring to "Masa HaBchirot" (Election Campaign), a tour and film by Ariel and backing group Charisma in 1987. This is probably a draft for an ad in the papers. Ann illustration of a portrait in a frame, in the style reminiscent of the illustration on the sleeve of Rishumei Pecham. Text: "This wonderful election campaign tour, Meir Ariel and Charisma in an adjournment journey, from one end to the other, Acre, Bnei Tamra, Or Akiva, Ashkelon, Beer Sheva, Mitzpe Ramon, Eilat. We will bomb, rape, coerce, compel, force. This amazing election campaign." On the top of the page - the names of two newspapers - Yediot and Maariv, with daily rates for ads. On verso, three more small illustrations. 32X20 cm.
2. Illustration of a portrait in profile, 1996, with an original "exegesis" for Tu BiShvat by Ariel (for details of the Midrash please see Hebrew description). Stamped twice by Meir Ariel's Estate. 27X19 cm.
3. Illustration of a portrait related to the song Chayat HaBarzel from Rishumei Pecham, with text. (See Hebrew). Stamped by Meir Ariel's Estate. Slight tear on side. 27X19 cm.
4. Page from a big spiral notebook featuring sketches of several figures and a text which is probably a primary version of a song for Shmulik Kraus (See Hebrew). Attached with cellotape to an A4 sheet. 26X18 cm.
Various conditions. General condition: very good.

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Meir Ariel – Three Small Illustrations – Drafts for the Sleeve of his Album Yerukot, 1988

Three small sketches by Meir Ariel, for the sleeve illustration of his 1988 album Yerukot.
Two of these, on Ditza Café paper napkins, are drawn in a black pen. The third, in color marker pens, is an upgraded version of one of the napkins, featuring Ariel's portrait, lying on his side, leaning his head on his elbow, donning a hat and a straw in his mouth - on an urban background complete with skyscrapers.
Apparently the drafts allude to the text of Neshel HaNachash, featured in the album.
Sizes: 8.5X9 cm, 8.5X9 cm, 10X10 cm. Very good condition. Several creases, folding lines and wear.

Opening900$ Sold For900$ Including buyers premium

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Meir Ariel – 19 Photographs

Nineteen Photographs of Meir Ariel from different periods of his life. Including photos with Shalom Hanoch, David Brosa, Yehonatan Geffen, Yehuda Eder, Ran Efron, and with his group Charisma._x000B_Other photos feature Ariel in uniform, photos from his childhood and teens, photos with his family, a photo from the session that produced the sleeve photo of his song "Mode Ani," a photo of Ariel and his wife Tirza posing as the couple in Gone With The Wind, two photos of Ariel on the Eucalypt tree in his kibbutz (featured on the sleeve of his debut album, and later cut off), and a rare photo of Ariel in uniform dancing next to Shlomo Carlebach, who is singing and playing his guitar.
Various sizes and conditions. General condition very good.

Opening300$ Sold For300$ Including buyers premium

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HaGashash HaHiver – Sefer HaZahav – Signed by the Members of the Trio, 1975

HaGashash HaHiver - Sefer HaZahav. Book published by HaGashash HaHiver, 1975.
Book featuring all the sketches and songs of the popular trio from their first show up to "Offside Story," including many photos, caricatures, newspaper clippings, etc. The members of the trio signed their names on half title page.
207 pages. 28X22 cm. Very good condition.

Opening150$ Sold For260$ Including buyers premium

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Publicity Poster for HaGashah HaHiver’s Debut Show – Simhat Zkenti – 1964

Poster advertising HaGashash HaHiver's debut show - Simhat Zkenti, from 1964. The poster is comprised of several photos of the three members in different sketches, as well as their individual portraits with the text: "HaGashash HaHiver Trio present: Simhat Zkenti". Further credits include the producers, HaTeatron HaAmami, A. Deshe (Pashanel), the director, Shaike Ophir and the musical director, Arye Levanon.
The show was supposed to be called "Things are getting Better" and the premiere was to take place on November 1964, at the Double Chin club, but the club eventually opened only on early December 1964 and the premiere was postponed by two days and moved to Bnei Brith hall in Tel Aviv.
The show featured the sketch "Jailhouse 6" and the songs Panas Rechov, Ma Hu Ose La, Uzi Uzi, and Falfilu.
81x57 cm. Small defects. Mounted on rice paper.

Opening300$ Sold For300$ Including buyers premium

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Six Poster for HaGashash Shows, 1968-1992

1. Cinema Gashash - the group's third program [1968]. Director: Nisim Aloni. The first Gashash show directed by Aloni. 70X50 cm. Folding lines, slight tears on margins.
2. Cassius Clay vs. Halfon. [1971]. Directed by Yossi Banai. 70X50 cm. Folding lines, slight tears.
3. Offside Story. 1974. Written and directed by Yossi Banai. 69X50 cm. Folding lines.
4. Ovdim Aleinu Avoda Ivrit. 1978. 70X50 cm. Folding lines.
5. Cracker Vs. Cracker. [1980]. Written and directed by Yossi Banai. 69X50 cm. Folding lines.
6. Kosot Ruach. 1992. Written and directed by Yossi Banai. 70X50 cm. Folding lines. Wear.

Opening400$ Sold For550$ Including buyers premium

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Five Posters for Shows and Plays with Yossi Banai

1. The American Princess, Written and directed by Nisim Aloni, with Avner Hizkiyahu. [1963]. Costumes and Set: Yosl Bergner. In 1963, Aloni, Yossi Banai and Hizkiyahu established "Teatron HaOnot," staging Aloni's The American Princess, as well as adaptations of plays by Chekhov, Gogol and others, but the theatre closed down after three years. 82X55 cm. Folding lines, slight tears and slight flaws at the corner of the poster.
2. Yossi Banai and Rivka Michaeli - Yaldut Kasha. The Hammam Theatre. 1964. 69X49 cm. Folding lines.
3. An evening featuring two plays with Banai and Gila Almagor: The Bride and the Butterfly Hunter, written and directed by Nisim Aloni. Set: Yosl Bergner; The Dutchman by LeRoi Jones (aka Amiri Baraka), written in 1964, translated by Aloni. [1967]. 70X50 cm. Folding lines.
4. Ein Ahavot Smechot, an evening with the songs of Georges Brassens. Arranger and conductor: Stu Hachohen. [1969]. 62X46 cm. Folding lines.
5. Shirim Min HaKayitz Shel HaChoref Sheavar - songs from all shows. [1977]. 70X49. Folding lines.

Opening400$ Sold For420$ Including buyers premium

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Poster – Erev Chad Peami – Moni Moshonov, Shlomo Bar Aba, Gidi Gov – Lebanon War, 1983

A poster for the show "Erev Chad Peami", staged by Moni Moshonov, Shlomo Bar Aba and Gidi Gov for soldiers during the First Lebanon War. Musicians Yoni Rechter and Shlomo Yidov joined the show, which was an instant success throughout Israel, with several of the characters and sketches achieving cult status, such as: Yatzek, Ha'Baba Buba, Shaul, and more.
The poster [February 1983] announces six shows in Tel Aviv within 16 days!
69X49 cm. Slight tears on margins, folding lines.
48@. כרזה למסיבת הפרידה של דן בן אמוץ - דוד טרטקובר / דוד רובינגר, 1989
כרזה שעיצב דוד טרטקובר למסיבת הפרידה שערך דן בן אמוץ לחבריו בחמאם ביפו כשידע שימיו ספורים. בכרזה צילום של בן אמוץ הצעיר שצילם דויד רובינגר שעליו הכיתוב "נסיתי הכל". מתחת לצילום הכיתוב ד ב א, ראשי התיבות של שמו - דן בן אמוץ. לאורך השול הימני כיתוב "טרטקובר עפ"י דב"א / תוצרת הארץ תל אביב / הוצא לאור למסיבת פרידה (חזרה גנראלית) / שבת 080489 / החמאם יפו". הכרזה ממוספרת בפינה הימנית התחתונה - 198.
50X70 ס"מ. קמטים ומעט בלאי.

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Poster for Dan Ben Amotz’s Farewell Party – David Tartakover / David Rubinger, 1989

Poster designed by David Tartakover for the farewell party Dan Ben Amotz held for his friends, when he knew his days were numbered. The poster features a David Rubinger photo of Ben Amotz with the writing "I've tried everything." The initials DBA appear beneath the photo. On the right margin: "Tartakover according to DBA/ Totzeret Haaretz, Tel Aviv / published for the farewell party (dress rehearsal) / Saturday, 080689 / Hamam, Jaffa." The poster is numbered on the right bottom corner - 198.
50X70 cm. Creases, some wear.

Opening120$ Sold For240$ Including buyers premium
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