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Meir Ariel – Notebook with Handwritten Poems – An Early Long Version of “Agadat Deshe”

An undated spiral notebook featuring poems and various entries in Meir Ariel's handwriting. The poems include a long four-page draft of "Agadat Deshe" that differs from the final version, and includes verses not included in the recorded versions. Other early drafts in the notebook include "BaTor LeShikuf Re'ah," from his first album, "Shpritz Charuzim LeLuiz," from his second album, (working title: "Mashehu BeOfen Klali"), a draft of "Shir LeChol HaMishpacha," from his third album. The notebook further includes a poem titled "Al Ta'ase LeChavercha Ma SheKvar Asita Lo," whose opening lines found their way to "Doctor Hitchakmut", and many unpublished poems; sketches written for Yossi Banai, drafts of sketches for Tiki (Dayan?), Talia (Shapira?), Tuvia (Tzafir?) and Yossi; these may be related to the TV satire "Lo HaKol Over," aired in 1972.
The words "Shire Chag UMoed VeNofel" are written on the cover. This was probably a line he came up with at the time, and was later used as the title of his debut album.
Since "Agadat Deshe" was first recorded in 1972, the same year "Lo Hakol Over" was aired, the notebook is probably from that year.
All through the notebook are small illustrations and scribbles by Ariel.
[84] pages. 19 cm. Good condition.

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Meir Ariel, Binder with Handwritten Poems from USA, 1968, Including Unknown Drafts of “Erol,” “Tikva,” and “Sof Onat HaTapuzim”

A large notebook from 1968, the period Meir Ariel spent with his family in the US. The notebook includes notes relating to his daily life, as well as poems he was working on at the time. These include several drafts of "Erol," (spread on seven pages), and "Tikva," later to appear on his debut album " Shirey Chag UMoed VeNofel," as well as five pages with various versions of "Sof Onat HaTapuzim and several unpublished poems.
All through the notebook are small illustrations and scribbles by Ariel.
[130] pages. 26 cm. Good Condition. Worn.

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Meir Ariel – Seven Translations of Bob Dylan Songs

Segments and full translations of seven Bob Dylan songs.
1. Etze LaOr - (I Shall Be Released), three handwritten pages with different handwritten drafts. Probably never completed.
2. Lamut Ze Lo Hakol - (Death is Not the End), three handwritten pages with various drafts.
3. Ish HaTambourin - (Mr. Tambourine Man), one handwritten page with a primary translation of the song's first verse only.
4. Ze Beseder Ima (Ani Rak Shotet) - (It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), two handwritten pages with primary partial translation of the song.
5. LeOrech Migdal HaShmira - (All Along the Watchtower), four handwritten pages of different versions of the song. The song was recorded by Asher Bitansky in 1992 with Shlomo Mizrahi on guitar, but this version was never issued on vinyl or CD.
6. Machalat HaGaava - (Disease of Conceit) - six handwritten pages of drafts to the song.
7. HaIsh SheBi - (The Man in Me), three handwritten pages of drafts. Water stains.
Enclosed are typewritten pages of the translations, with ink stamps of Meir Ariel's Estate.

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Meir Ariel – Four Pen Sketches with Text

Four illustrations in pen with text by Meir Ariel.
1. Illustration with text, referring to "Masa HaBchirot" (Election Campaign), a tour and film by Ariel and backing group Charisma in 1987. This is probably a draft for an ad in the papers. Ann illustration of a portrait in a frame, in the style reminiscent of the illustration on the sleeve of Rishumei Pecham. Text: "This wonderful election campaign tour, Meir Ariel and Charisma in an adjournment journey, from one end to the other, Acre, Bnei Tamra, Or Akiva, Ashkelon, Beer Sheva, Mitzpe Ramon, Eilat. We will bomb, rape, coerce, compel, force. This amazing election campaign." On the top of the page - the names of two newspapers - Yediot and Maariv, with daily rates for ads. On verso, three more small illustrations. 32X20 cm.
2. Illustration of a portrait in profile, 1996, with an original "exegesis" for Tu BiShvat by Ariel (for details of the Midrash please see Hebrew description). Stamped twice by Meir Ariel's Estate. 27X19 cm.
3. Illustration of a portrait related to the song Chayat HaBarzel from Rishumei Pecham, with text. (See Hebrew). Stamped by Meir Ariel's Estate. Slight tear on side. 27X19 cm.
4. Page from a big spiral notebook featuring sketches of several figures and a text which is probably a primary version of a song for Shmulik Kraus (See Hebrew). Attached with cellotape to an A4 sheet. 26X18 cm.
Various conditions. General condition: very good.

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Poster – Kaveret, Poogy Tales, 1973

Advertising poster for Kaveret's Sipurei Poogy concert from 1973. The poster, in pink and blue, features the band members with their instruments, and their names in the bottom right corner. The poster is for a show on November 1st, 1973, at Tiferet Cinema in Rishon LeZion.
49X70 cm. Very good condition. Tears to margins.

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Zohar Argov – “Kach Ovrim Chayai” – Test Pressing, Blank Label, 1984

A rare copy of a test pressing of Zohar Argov's 1984 LP, "Kach Ovrim Chayai."
The LP has blank labels. On one side there's a pen inscription "Zohar - Marlen".
"Kach Ovrim Chayai" was Zohar Argov's fourth LP, and the last produced by the Reuveni brothers. The production of the album was interrupted several times due to Argov's drug addiction, which began six months earlier, when the singer was in the US. After the album was completed, the Reuveni brothers released Argov from his contract, two years before it was supposed to end.
A 12" single from the album, with Argov's andwritten dedication is the [revious item in this catalog.
G. No cover.
Included is a copy of the album with its cover, in VG-/VG- condition.

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Meir Ariel – Pharoah – Different Handwritten and Printed Drafts

Fifteen handwritten pages featuring different drafts of Meir Ariel's "Pharoah," including unpublished versions, verses never recorded, and verses written specially for an appearance on Rafi Reshef's TV show, years after the original version was recorded. The lot includes a proof print of the cover art of the song's vinyl 12" single, issued by NMC Music, with the lyrics, and Ariel's corrections. The 12" single version included less verses than the one which appeared on the "Pharoah" EP.
Very good condition.

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Four Posters – Kaveret, Gazoz, Doda

Four posters of the three rock bands led by Danny Sanderson and Gidi Gov - Kaveret, Gazoz and Doda.
1. Kaveret - Tzafuf BaOzen. Featuring the band members looking out of a window shaped as human face. No name of designer. 48X34 cm. Vertical folding line. Several foxing marks in bottom part.
2. Gazoz - Tesha BaKikar. A processed photo of band members sitting on railings. Names of band members, and, on the bottom, an advertisement for FU Jeans that supplied clothes for the shows. Photo: Yaakov Agor, design: Itamar Neuman. 70X50 cm. Folding lines. Slight flaws on the margins and in one of the folding lines.
3. Doda - Advertisement poster for the band's self-titled album. Photos of the band member and their names. Bottom left corner: CBS 84335, the catalogue number of the 1980 album. 61X41 cm. Folding lines. Tear and lack on left bottom.
4. Doda in concert - Names of band members and photo of a woman's hand crushing a can of beer. Similar, but not identical, to the image on the album cover. On the bottom right corner: CBS 84335, the catalogue number of the album. 61X42 cm. Folding lines.

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Meir Ariel – Three Small Illustrations – Drafts for the Sleeve of his Album Yerukot, 1988

Three small sketches by Meir Ariel, for the sleeve illustration of his 1988 album Yerukot.
Two of these, on Ditza Café paper napkins, are drawn in a black pen. The third, in color marker pens, is an upgraded version of one of the napkins, featuring Ariel's portrait, lying on his side, leaning his head on his elbow, donning a hat and a straw in his mouth - on an urban background complete with skyscrapers.
Apparently the drafts allude to the text of Neshel HaNachash, featured in the album.
Sizes: 8.5X9 cm, 8.5X9 cm, 10X10 cm. Very good condition. Several creases, folding lines and wear.

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Meir Ariel – Two Handwritten Drafts of “Sweet Water” (Ma’yim Metukim)

Two Handwritten versions of Meir Ariel's song "Sweet Water" (Mayim Metukim), from his album "Summer Seeds" (Zir'ei Kayitz). The first, titled "Feelers / Unknown Name" is an early draft, vastly different from the final version. The second draft is almost identical to the final text. Both handwritten on "Ariel Publishing" stationery.
Very Good condition. The earlier draft has ink blots.

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Yehuda Amichai – Chapter from His 1963 Novel – Typed with Handwritten Corrections, Early 1960s

"The photo at the display window, Yehuda Amichai (part of the novel 'Skull on the Water,' soon to be published)."
Thirteen typewritten pages, a carbon copy with many handwritten corrections and changes, eventually published as the sixth chapter of Amichai's novel Lo MeAchshav Lo MiKan (Not of this Time, Not of this Place), published in 1963 (pages 35-46).
Some of the corrections are in Amichai's handwriting, others are in Ephraim Broide's handwriting. Broide was the editor of literary periodical Molad, and received the chapter for publication. This draft is different in many details from the final version of the chapter in the novel.
At the time the chapter was written, Amichai's working title for the novel was "Skull on the Water," the name deriving from a Mishna in Pirke Avot which is quoted on the book's half title page (see Hebrew). Eventually Amichai decided to call the novel Not of this Time, Not of this Place.
Written in the first person, this poetic novel is a juxtaposition of two possible, parallel realities, unravelling simultaneously. Yoel arrived in Palestine as child, joined the Palmach and fought in the 1948 War of Independence. In one of the parallel stories he returns to his hometown in Germany to avenge the death of a girl he loved who was murdered in the holocaust, while in the parallel story, he remains in Jerusalem, to cope with his unsuccessful and search for a new love.
13 pages, carbon copy of the period. Good condition, creases, few stains, slight damage to last pages.

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44 Photos – Wars, Security Events and Peace, 1960s-1980s

A collection of 44 photos, probably from an archive, documenting Israeli historical events: wars, settlements, the peace treaty with Egypt and more.
Some of the negatives of the photos are included. Most are mounted on cardboards with details of the photo. In most of these the source of the photos is indicated as "Government Press Office" or GPO. Several carry ink stamps of the photographer or titled on verso.
Fifteen photos are from the First Lebanon War, eight from the Yom Kipur War, twelve from the peace process with Egypt and the demonstrations against the withdrawl from Sinai, four photos of settlements, two photos from the Entebbe Operation, including a portrait of Yonatan Netanyahu, two photos of Japanese terrorist Kōzō Okamoto (岡本公三), a photo of major-general Yisrael Tal next to the Western Wall during the Six Day War, and more.
Various sizes. General condition: Very good.

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Six Poster for HaGashash Shows, 1968-1992

1. Cinema Gashash - the group's third program [1968]. Director: Nisim Aloni. The first Gashash show directed by Aloni. 70X50 cm. Folding lines, slight tears on margins.
2. Cassius Clay vs. Halfon. [1971]. Directed by Yossi Banai. 70X50 cm. Folding lines, slight tears.
3. Offside Story. 1974. Written and directed by Yossi Banai. 69X50 cm. Folding lines.
4. Ovdim Aleinu Avoda Ivrit. 1978. 70X50 cm. Folding lines.
5. Cracker Vs. Cracker. [1980]. Written and directed by Yossi Banai. 69X50 cm. Folding lines.
6. Kosot Ruach. 1992. Written and directed by Yossi Banai. 70X50 cm. Folding lines. Wear.

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David Rubinger – Paratroopers at the Western Wall – Signed

The iconic photo of Israeli paratroopers at the Western Wall immediately after its conquest, taken by David Rubinger on June 7th, 1967. Pen signature by Rubinger on top right corner.
The photo features three paratroopers from the 66th regiment (Haim Oshri, Yitzhak Yifat and Zion Carasanty), looking at the Western Wall, moments after it was conquered.
20X25 cm. Fair condition. Creases and folding lines, slight tear. Tack holes on margins, loss in two corners without damage to photo.

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Vinyl 12″ Single – Zohar Argov, with Handwritten Dedication on Sleeve

A vinyl 12" single by Zohar Argov featuring two songs - "America Sheli" and "Kochvei Layla Yazhiru". The two songs were included in Argov's fifth album Kach Ovrim Chayai (1984). [Test printing of this album is the next item in this catalog].
A paper strip is glued to the right hand corner of the front cover, with a dedication by Argov: "To my friend Yisrael, with love, wishing you the best of health [signature - Zohar Argov]". During the recording sessions for this album Argov was already addicted to drugs, causing the sessions to be interrupted many times. This sheds ironic light on his wishes for 'the best of health.'
Galton DJ103.
VG - / G. Flaws, a slight tear and stains to sleeve.

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Freaky, Anarchist Comics, 1973

"Freaky - Israel's most stoned children's magazine", comics [illustrated by Ido Amin]. [Tel Aviv, 1973].
Satirical comic book slamming militarism, patriotism and conservativism in Israel, mocking the government and encouraging the use of drugs.
The booklet was created by 17-year old Ido Amin; illustration are singed Acido, a name implying the use of LSD._x000B_The booklet has two parts, with two front cover pages - and its two parts are printed upside down from each other. The second cover is titled A [anarchism].
The strip was created in the summer of 1973, shortly before the 1973 War, by a group of teenagers in Tel Aviv. Towards the end of 1973, after the cease fire, Freaky's creators were arrested under the charges of inciting rebellion and cooperation with Syrian intelligence in an effort to 'harm national morale." When no connection with the Syrians could be found the charge was changed to "Disseminating indecent material." The authors were convicted in a magistrates court but were acquitted by a district court.
[44] pages. 24 cm. Good condition. Slight wear, tear in back cover with slight loss.
A printed page titled 'The Black Front, a Trippy Anarchist Group,' is enclosed to the issue, protesting the 1973 War and wars in general. The Post Office Box number on the flier is identical to Freaky's POB.

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Original Movie Poster for Metzitzim )Peeping Toms), 1972

Original black and white poster for Uri Zohar's 1972 film, Metzitzim (Peeping Toms), starring Arik Einstein, Uri Zohar and Sima Eliyahu. Design: Alona Einstein and Yossi Rok.
50X70 cm. Slight foxing, creases and tear to margins, with slight losses.

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Movie Poster – Sallah Shabati, with Haim Topol and Arik Einstein, 1964

Movie poster for the film Sallah Shabati, starring Haim Topol, Arik Einstein, Geula Noni and Gila Almagor.
The poster, designed by Cyla Menusy, features a black and white photo of Haim Topol in a scene from the film on light brown background, and to its right, the film's title and credits in color.
Sallah Shabati, 1964, was the first Israeli film to be nominated for an Academy Award, and the first Israeli film to win Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Golden Globe Award as Best Foreign Film.
The film features several songs, one of them, Li VeLach, is performed by Arik Einstein and Geula Noni._x000B_100x70cm. Very good condition, folding lines.

Opening300$ Sold For440$ Including buyers premium

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Lea Goldberg – Original Review of J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey, 1961

Review by Lea Goldberg of J.D. Salinger's Franny and Zooey, published in 1961. Twelve typewritten pages with handwritten notes and corrections, by Goldberg and Ephraim Broide, editor of Molad. Two of the pages feature full paragraphs in Goldberg's handwriting.
The review is titled BeShivhei HaGveret HaShmena (In Praise of the Fat Lady). Goldberg is referring to a story Zooey heard from their brother Seymour who used to tell him to shine his shoes before a live radio show. When Zooey pointed out that nobody sees his shoes on the radio, Seymour told him to do it for the 'Fat Lady,' an imaginary, lonely listener who deserves his best. Goldberg uses the fat lady as her starting point, sharply criticizing Salinger's prose and materials, comparing him, unfavorably to her preferred authors - Dostoyevsky, Thomas Mann, Nabokov, Herman Broch and others. The essay underlines the gap between Salinger's world, and the generation and culture it represents, and Goldberg's world.
The final version of the essay appears in a book of Goldberg's collected essays Mador UMeever - Bchinot UTeamim BaSifrut Haklalit, Sifriyat Hapoalim, 1977.
Good condition. Creases and folding lines.

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Five Posters for Shows and Plays with Yossi Banai

1. The American Princess, Written and directed by Nisim Aloni, with Avner Hizkiyahu. [1963]. Costumes and Set: Yosl Bergner. In 1963, Aloni, Yossi Banai and Hizkiyahu established "Teatron HaOnot," staging Aloni's The American Princess, as well as adaptations of plays by Chekhov, Gogol and others, but the theatre closed down after three years. 82X55 cm. Folding lines, slight tears and slight flaws at the corner of the poster.
2. Yossi Banai and Rivka Michaeli - Yaldut Kasha. The Hammam Theatre. 1964. 69X49 cm. Folding lines.
3. An evening featuring two plays with Banai and Gila Almagor: The Bride and the Butterfly Hunter, written and directed by Nisim Aloni. Set: Yosl Bergner; The Dutchman by LeRoi Jones (aka Amiri Baraka), written in 1964, translated by Aloni. [1967]. 70X50 cm. Folding lines.
4. Ein Ahavot Smechot, an evening with the songs of Georges Brassens. Arranger and conductor: Stu Hachohen. [1969]. 62X46 cm. Folding lines.
5. Shirim Min HaKayitz Shel HaChoref Sheavar - songs from all shows. [1977]. 70X49. Folding lines.

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Fifteen Issues of Underground Comics Magazine “Stiyot Shel Pinguinim”, with Flier, Sticker and Rare Mouse Pad, 1990s

Issues 1-4, 6-12, 14, 15, 17, 19 of Underground Comics Magazine "Stiyot Shel Pinguinim". Alongside the issues are a promotional page which invites the readers to subscribe, an illustrated sticker and a mouse pad with a color illustration.
The fanzine was created in 1991 by Eyal Ben Moshe and Yoav Segal, and was edited and published by them. From 1994 it was edited and published by Yaron Niski and Amitai Sandy. In 1998, after seven years and twenty one issues, the magazine ceased to exist.
Issue 19 features a dedication by the editor, Amitai Sandy._x000B_Various sizes and conditions. General condition - very good.

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Agranat Commision – Interim Report – Original Copy of 1973 War Commision that Raised Public Agitation, 1974

Original copy of the first interim report of the Agranat Commision, titled "National Inquiry Commission - Yom Kippur War, Interim Report." 33 pages, dated April 1st, 1974. The five commission members' signatures appear in print.
The Commission recommended the resignation of Chief of Military Intelligence, Major General Eliyahu Zeira, charged Southern Command chief Shmuel Gonen (Gorodish) with failures, and found Chief of Staff David Elazar responsible for intelligence and operation failures before the war, which caused its sad results. Still, the Commission found nothing wrong with the conduct of Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, and praised the conduct of Prime Minister Golda Meir.
Following the interim report, Elazar resigned, Zeira and Gonen were dismissed and Meir resigned a week later, following sustained public pressure, despite the report's praise.
33 pages, attached with staples, with a blank white carton cover, no title. Pen marks on many of the pages. Library stamps.

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Israeli National Soccer Team for 1970 World Cup – Signed Pennant / Menorah Awarded to Coach Emmanuel Scheffer

1. Original pennant of Israel Football Association for the 1970 World Cup Finals in Mexico. Carries two undeciphered signatures. This was the only time the Israeli National Team ever qualified for the tournament. The words "Israeli Football Association" and "Mexico 70" are inscribed on one side. The other side is divided vertically to two parts - blue and white.
Seams are partly unpicked. Wear. Size: 40x32 cm.
2. Brass menorah with a metal plate dedicated to team coach, Emmanuel Scheffer. The menorah was awarded to Scheffer by tourist agency "Paltours" after the national team's trip to Australia, to the game that clinched the qualification. Israel won the first leg 1:0, and managed a 1:1 draw in Sydney. _x000B_"Awarded as a souvenir to Mr. Emmanuel Scheffer for the trip to Australia where he led our National Team to a great victory. January 1970, Paltours Ltd".
Paltours were apparently the agency that arranged the flights for the national team. The menorah was produced by Emanograph, (firm's name on paper label glued on bottom of base).
Menorah has seven branches, with motifs of the Seven Spices, ancient Jewish coins, and the word "Sabbath" on its base.
Size: 27X24 cm.

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Arik Einstein – Eight photos by Nahum Guttman – Including Einstein’s Wedding and the Stage Show “Tel Aviv HaKtana”, 1961-1963

Eight photos of Arik Einstein taken by photographer Nahum Guttman. Two of the photos are from Einstein's wedding with Alona, in 1963. Four photos are from the 1961 play Tel Aviv HaKtana, with the rest of the cast - Uri Zohar, Rachel Atas and Aliza Rosen. One of the photos features Einstein singing on stage, and another with three elderly men, one of whom is probably Einstien's father, actor Yaakov Einstein. Five of the photos are signed by the photographer on the photo, six photos are stamped by him on verso.
Slightly different sizes all around 13X18 cm. Very good condition.

Opening400$ Sold For400$ Including buyers premium
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