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Twenty Photographs of Famous Suspects and Criminals, 1970s-80s

Twenty photographs of famous suspects and convicts from the 1970s-80s.
1. Five photographs of Tuvia Oshri and Rahamim Aharoni (Gumadi), taken between 1979 and 1983. Both were part of the "List of Eleven", and were later convicted of the murder of Amos Orion and Ezer Cohen at the "Bar Bakar" factory they owned.
2. Three photographs of Shmaya Angel. Angel was accused and convicted together with his wife Sara, and Haim Shooshan, of the murder of drug dealers Shulamit Sheli and Michel Nachmias, and was sentenced to two life terms. After suspecting that Shooshan had turned state witness, Angel, with the help of Herzl Avitan and Yakov Shemesh, murdered him in jail. The hit song Rehavat HaRikudim, performed by Yehudit Ravitz and written by Yankale Rotblit, is about Shmaya and Sara Angel.
3. Two photos of Bezalel Mizrahi, construction contractor, hotel owner and close friend of Rehavam Ze'evi and other IDF generals; Mizrahi was part of the "List of Eleven," and eventually sued Haaretz newspapaer which published the list, and won. One of the photos features Mizrahi shaking hands with Tel Aviv Mayor, Shlomo 'Chich' Lahat.
4. Four photos of Amos Baranes, who was accused and convicted of the murder of Rachel Heller, and struggled for years to prove he was only convicted due to false testimonies by police investigators. The photos show Baranes on the day he was freed from prison, in 1983, after his life sentence was commuted. He was finally cleared of all charges in 2002.
5. Six photos of: Roni Calderon, star soccer player convicted of smuggling drugs; Tzvi Gur, convicted of kidnapping and murdering the child Oron Yarden; Sami Elkayam, convicted of murder, who later married actress Hava Ortman (featured in the photo with him); Micha "Pepe" Rockentstien, known as the "Climbing Cat"; Yehoshua Ben Zion, the banker convicted of stealing 40 million USD, causing the downfall of the Eretz-Israel Britania Bank; Asher Yadlin, Labor party leader and candidate for the role of Governor of the Bank of Israel, convicted of receiving bribes. The photo features Yadlin arriving to testify at the libel case of Munia Shapira (List of Eleven) against Haaretz.
Most of the photos feature the photographer's stamp on verso (Uzi Keren), some include handwritten captions and/or the date of the photographs.
Various sizes between 18X11 cm and 24x18 cm. Various conditions - general condition Very Good.

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Aharon Abuhatzira – Tami Party – Seven Photos – 1982-1983

Seven photos of Aharon Abuhatzira, the founder of the first political 'oriental' religious party, years before Shas was founded.
Four of the photos were taken on the day Abuhatzira was convicted of fraud and breach of trust, in his second trial in 1982. One of these photos features him with his attorneys, Shlomo Toussia-Cohen and Ram Caspi. Three others were taken in 1983, one of them on the first day of his community service.
Abuhatzira, nephew of the Baba Sali, was part of the Mafdal (Religious Zionist Party), and served as the Minister of Religions, but was accused of corruption. Abuhatzira agreed to waive his immunity, was tried and acquitted after the state witness retracted his testimony, following the threat of a rabbinical boycott. After his acquittal, Abuhatzira founded an independent 'oriental' political movement, claiming that the Mafdal leader tried to politically liquidate him. The new party, Tami, won three Knesset seats in the 1981 election, but by then Abuhatzira was facing a new indictment, and was later convicted of fraud and breach of trust, and sentenced to three months of community service.
Handwritten captions and photographers stamp or signature (Uzi Keren) appear on the verso of each photograph.
Various sizes and conditions. General condition: good.

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Four Large Ring-Binders Documenting the Struggle against Opening Cinemas on Shabbat in Petah Tikva, 1984-1987

Four large ring-binders containing several hundred documents and other paper items documenting the four-year struggle between religious and secular groups in Petah Tikva following the decision of the mayor, Dov Tavori, to allow cinemas to operate on Friday nights and Saturdays.
The binders were assembled and arranged by a religious activist and feature newspaper clippings, photos, various pamphlets, copies of various documents (such as demonstration permits by the police and a law suit presented to the High Court of Justice), and more.
Each ring-binder documents one year of the struggle allowing a wide and deep perspective of the affair.
During the struggle, police arrested the chief rabbi of Petah Tikva and issued warrants to many rabbis.
The affair marked a series of struggles between the secular public who wished to act according to their beliefs, and the religious public wishing to keep Israel's Jewish identity by prohibiting commercial activity on the Shabbat.
Very good condition.

Opening150$ Sold For150$ Including buyers premium
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