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Mandy Rice-Davies – Collection of Placemats from “Mandy’s Drugstore”, 1973-1982

Collection of placemats used at Mandy Rice-Davies' "Mandy's Drugstore," between the years 1973-1982.
"Mandy's Drugtore," at 206 Dizengoff Street, was a "fast food restaurant willing to offer its fine and tasty services until the small hours of the night…" as declared on the first placemat._x000B_The placemats, printed monthly, featured humor, gastronomic crossword puzzles, advertisements, the occasional mention of political events, sketches and photographs.
Mandy Rice-Davies (1944-2014) was a British model and showgirl best known for her association with Christine Keeler and her role in the Profumo Scandal of 1963, which led to resignation of Conservative War Minister, John Profumo. Three years later, she married businessman Rafi Shauli, moved to Israel, converted to Judaism and became the queen of Tel Aviv nightlife, with her husband naming several restaurants and clubs after her.
From issue 74 (June 1979) on, the restaurant omitted Mandy's name and was simply called The Drugstore.
Issues 1-101, 103, 106-110, 112, as well as several English issues, not numbered. A total of about 110 different issues, between the years 1973-1982.
46X29 cm. Issues 1-78 stapled to cardboard. Issues 79-97 are stapled in pairs with filing holes. The rest have filing holes. Good condition, with tears, damage and several pen marks.

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48 photos of Israeli Singers, Actors, Entertainers and Celebrities – 1970s and 1980s

48 photographs of Israeli singers, actors, entertainers and other celebrities, 1970s and 1980s.
Among the photos: policemen await the end of a Shimi Tavori concert, in order to arrest him; HaGashash HaHiver performing at Ma'asiyahu prison; Assi and Aharona Dayan; Shalom Hanoch and Yehudit Ravitz at the opening of the Shamayim Club; Dan Ben Amotz printing dollars; Meni Peer and Yigal Bashan at Bloomfield Stadium; Shaike Ophir and Juki Arkin with Yitzhak Artzi, Shlomo Artzi's father; various photographs featuring Tsvika Pik, Menahem Golan, David Avidan, Yizhar Cohen, Yardena Arazi, Shula Hen, Dudu Topaz, Yehuda Barkan, Ilanit and others. Lot further includes photographs of Kirk Douglas and Ingrid Bergman visiting Israel, Arik Einstein's car wreck after his accident, and Rafi Nelson's holiday village.
Various photographers. Many of the photos by photographers Uzi Keren and Shaul Golan. Most of the photographs feature photographers' stamps or signatures, many of them include handwritten captions and dates.
Various sizes - between 18X11 cm and 24x21 cm. Various conditions. General condition is good.

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Eight Postcards of Singers, Actors and Entertainers, Some with Autographs

Eight postcards of singers, actors and entertainers. Five are signed - all four members of Revi'iyat Moadon HaTeatron signed their postcard; Yafa Yarkoni, with an autograph and dedication on verso, dated 1969; Geula Nuni in "Imi HaGeneralit", signed and dated 1971; Meni Peer - signed; Ami Shavit, dedicated on verso. Also - "Lehakat Pikud Dizengoff," with ink stamp of the group; Yehoram Gaon with printed autograph; HaGashash HaHiver, featuring, on the reverse side, an ink stamp of "U. Zohar and A. Deshe LTD," declaring the printing of a large colorful "placard" of their new show, "Kantata LaShuarma," [1969].
Size and condition vary. General condition: very good.

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Early Photo of Esther Reichstadt (Ofarim) with Dedication – 1962

A large photo of Esther Reichstadt (Ofarim), with a dedication to the Israeli delegate to Warsaw, writer Avigdor Dagan. Riechstadt won second prize in a song contest in Sopot, Poland. Her song - Stav (Autumn), penned by Moshe Vilenski and Shimshon Halfi - came in second by a margin of ten points from the winning song. It was the most played songs on Israeli radio in 1962. The photo features Reichstadt singing at the contest.
The dedication reads: "To the dear delegate in Warsaw, Avigdor Dagan, from the one who is yet to achieve, E. Reichstadt." The photo is glued to a page from Dagan's personal photo album, with an English caption, probably in his handwritting "Esther Reichstadt winning second prize at Sopot song festival, July 1962".
On the other side of the album page: two photos of Dagan at a reception at the Iranian ambassador's.
18X13 cm. Photo has slight flaws and remnants of glue, apparently from sticking of the album's pages.

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Eleven Photos of Gali Atari and Chalav U’Dvash, Winners of the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest

Eleven photographs of Chalav U'Dvash (Milk and Honey) with lead singer Gali Atari, winners of the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Hallelujah.
Four of the photos are from the evening of the Contest, two are from a press conference a day later, together with the song's authors, Shimrit Orr and Kobi Oshrat, one photo from backstage at the Israeli Song Festival, where the song won and was chosen to represent Israel, two PR photos of the group, one in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in the background, the other in the old city of Jerusalem, bearing the trademark sign of record company Polydor. The last photo is from a TV special supporting the International Red Cross - Atari and the group members are seen with the prime ministers of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, who all joined them onstage to sing Hallelujah.
The group consisted of Atari, Yehuda Tamir, Reuven Gvirtz and Shmulik Bilu._x000B_Different sizes. Captions are written on the verso of some, others have photographer's stamps. General condition very good.

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Large Photo of Lahakat HaNahal with Signatures on Verso, 1968

A photograph of Lahakat HaNahal (the Nahal Troupe) from the time of its 21st production - Carnaval BaNahal, 1968.
On verso, signatures of eleven troupe members including Danny Sanderson, Eli Magen, Miri Aloni, Ofira Gluska and Amos Tel-Shir.
The Nahal Troupe's 21st production, the first following the Six-Day War, offered a new, updated sound; musical director Yair Rosenblum included for the first time an organ (played by Yair Havatzelet), and an electric guitar (Danny Sanderson). These replaced the old accordion and signaled a new era of modern pop music.
The Band included Amos Tel-Shir, (troupe commander), Moti Fleisher, Ofira Gluska and Miri Aloni, whose first solo lines were on the song Carnaval BaNahal. Eli Magen played bass, and Meir Fenigstein, who later joined Sanderson in Kaveret (Poogy), played drums. Eli Magen and Miri Aloni collaborated later in Aharit HaYamim (Apocalypse).
24X18 cm. Good condition. Few creases and wear.

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Northern Command Troupe – Photo Album Awarded to Education Officer upon his Departure, 1970

Photo album given as a farewell gift by the Northern Command Troupe to 'Avrema'le', apparently the Northern Command education officer, upon completing his service.
The album contains nineteen photos from the troupe's three programs: Al HaRama (1968), Ktzat Mize VeKtzat Mize (1969), and MeHaTzafon BeAhava (1970). The album includes clips from the troupe's programmes, and handwritten captions.
The photos in the album present troupe members on and off stage. Among troupe members featured: Yigal Bashan, Dudu Dotan, Arye Muskuna, Dubi Gal, Edna Lev, and Dudi Rosenthal. _x000B_16 pages. Good condition.

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Six Notebooks with Newspaper Clippings of News regarding International Music, Cinema and Entertainment, 1960s

Six school notebooks, containing around 140 pages with glued Israeli newspaper clippings from the 1960s, dealing with non-Israeli music, cinema and entertainment.
The notebook features stories dealing with Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot, Sharon Tate, (Roman Polanski's wife, murdered by the Charles Manson gang), French singer Johnny Hallyday and others.
Good condition.

Opening80$ Unsold

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Four Posters of the Four Beatles – Lahiton, 1960s

Four posters of the four Beatles - John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr - printed and distributed by Lahiton, Israel's Pop Music and Entertainment Magazine.
49X36 cm. Fair condition - tack or staple holes at corners of posters, slight loss in the McCartney poster; applied cellotape to all posters - to top edge of two posters, and to bottom edge of the two others. Starr poster has a missing corner that was cut off. Folding lines; creases.

Opening100$ Unsold

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Two Booklets – in Memory of Mike Brant / Photonovel Starring singer Miri Aloni – 1970s

1. Booklet in memory of Mike Brant, no title, publisher or year. The booklet featured various articles dealing with his life and many photographs. [12] pages, including cover. [Brant commited suicide in 1975, and the booklet was probably published soon after.]
2. Star Magazine featuring a photonovel story starring prominent Isralei singer Miri Aloni, as well as stories focusing on Shmulik Kraus, Josie Katz, Tsiva Pik and others. [1971 - Kraus is mentioned as being 36 years old]
Good condition. Wear. Tears to cover of Star Magazine, without loss.

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Mike Brant – Life-Size Four Part Poster from Lahiton, 1970s

Four-part life-size poster of Israeli-French singer Mike Brant, presented by music magazine Lahiton, 1970s.
Approx. 200X70 cm. Excellent condition, never used. Folding lines.

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Poster – The Golden Oriental Band – Felix Mizrahi, Albert Shitrit – with two leaflets, early 1950s

An Advertising poster from 1951 for a concert of "The Golden Oriental Band" staging "The Comic play Married by Force". The poster contain sthe photos of the band members, famous and successful Jewish Egyptian musicians - Felix Mizrahi, "The Golden Violinist and Actor"; his brother Moshe [Moche] Mizrahi, "Pupil of the singer Farid Al Atrash"; Albert Shitrit, "The Famous Actor and Musician"; Avraham Malki, "The Musical Director", Shkoko Israel Moshe Halala [Musa Halala], "The Monologist"; and Albert Shamis, "The Comic Actor".
The concert took place at the Jaffa branch of the "Palestine Workers Union", at the Ajami neighborhood. The upper p[art of the poster is in Hebrew and the lower part is in Arabic.
49X35 cm. Very good condition. Foldong lines and wear.
In addition - an advertising leaflet from 1953for an "Oriental Program" at the Yaffa Garden in Jaffa, with the singer Ibrahim Bahar, and the female singer Souad Zaki. 21X15 cm, very good condition, a little darkeded; and a single page with four uncut entrance tickets to a concert of the "Stars of the East" band at the "Oren" cinema in Bat Yam from 1955. [The band included Filfel Al Masri, Lilit Nagar, Moshe Mizrahi and others]. 24X17 cm, Fair condition, tears, some loss to corners.

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Poster for “Grandiose” Ball of ‘Oriental’ Jews at the Jaffa Luna Park , 1953

Poster in Hebrew and Arabic for "a grandiose ball of Oriental Jews on the entire premises of the Jaffa Luna Park." The ball took place on May 21st, 1953 and featured a large oriental orchestra, songs in Arabic and Hebrew and various surprises, as well as a screening of the Egyptian film الماضي المجهول (El Madi el Maghoul - The Forgotten Past), with Jewish-Egyptian star, Leila Mourad (ليلى مراد)._x000B_Top half of the poster is in Hebrew, bottom half is in Arabic.
47x34 cm. Good condition. Lower left corner is torn. Folding lines, tears to margins.

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Five Posters for Seadia Damari Performances – Yemenite Jewish Humor and Culture, 1960s

Five posters for various shows by Seadia Damari - Shoshana Damari's brother - with folklore of Yemenite Jews, mostly from the 1960s.
1. Neshef Chag Erez-Yisraeli - actor: Seadia Damari; singer: Sara Yaari; dancer: Yorkia Chibi. 1947. 63X47 cm. Folding lines, slight tears and wear.
2. Seadia Damari presents - VaYehi Erev VaYehi Boker. 1962. Folding lines. 70X50 cm.
3. Smadar group, headed by Seadia Damari, presents a festive artistic show for the 15th anniversary of Operation "Magic Carpet" on Wings of Eagles. Songs, dances and tunes of Yemenite Jews in Israel. 1963. 70X50. Folding lines, wear and slight tears.
4. Seadia Damari presents an evening of entertainment. With Filfel Al-Masri and others, 1963. 62X47 cm. Folding lines. Tear with slight lack at bottom left corner.
5. Seadia Damari and his group Smadar present: Tevat Noah (Noah's Ark). 1966. 70X50 cm. Folding lines.

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Ofra Haza Obituary, 2000

Obituary published by the Hatikva Quarter Committee after the death, in 2000, of Ofra Haza, born in the quarter: "Hatikva Quarter residents bow their heads and mourn the untimely loss of the princess of Hebrew music, Ofra Haza R.I.P. - Shlomo Maslawi, Chairman, Hatikva Quarter Committee, committee members and activists."
65X49 cm. The obituary was torn off a bulletin board and shreds of other notices are attached to it. Creases and glue stains.

Opening100$ Unsold

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T-Slam – a Fan’s Collection of Items Relating to the Group: Photos, Posters, Autographs, Tickets, Black Jacket

Collection of items belonging to a fan of T-Slam in the 1980s.
The fan was probably close to the band since many photos feature her and her friends with band members. Other photos feature backstage scenes and live shows.
The collection includes 120 photographs of which 50 are kept in an album.
The collection further features five posters advertising live shows and the band's second album, centerfolds of the band from teen magazines "Ma'ariv LaNoar," and "Lahiton," six tickets to band shows, eleven autographs, notebooks with the band's songs in handwriting, poems she wrote, dedicated to the band, and Xerox copies of newspaper clipping declaring the group's break-up. Further items include torn letters she wrote the band members, a soap advertisement altered so to celebrate the band, and a black jacket with the group's name sewn in gold in English and Hebrew.
Condition varies, mostly good.

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Ehud Banai and the Refugees – US Tour – Four Items

Four items from the Ehud Banai and the Refugees' 1989 tour. The Items refer to three shows, between February and April 1989, that also featured the East-West Ensemble, and Local Music (Drora Havkin, Salem Darwish and George Samaan).
Two programs, one press release and a translation to English of songs by Banai and Local Music. In addition, an advertisement for an aid concert for Neve Shalom featuring Israeli singer Sara Alexander and Palestinian singer Imad Saleh.
Size and condition vary. General condition very good.

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Poster for a Rock Concert of Four Alternative Bands – Nos’ei HaMigbaat, 3H, Punch and Afor Gashum, Jerusalem, 1983

Rock BeOr Tof - Poster for a concert by four indie rock bands - Nos'ei HaMigbaat, 3H, Punch and Afor Gashum. Illustration of a grey ear on a black background, with the bands' names spilling out of the ear.
The concert took place at the Leo Model Hall at the Gerard Behar Center on Bezalel Street in Jerusalem. The design is credited at the bottom to "Israelis."
The poster does not state a year, but the date Monday, December 5th, fits 1983, and was during Hanukkah, which explains the Hebrew pun in the name of the concert.
69X47 cm. Fair condition. Some creases, small losses on three corners.

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Poster – Siouxsie and the Banshees Live in Tel Aviv, 1983

Poster announcing a show by Siouxsie and the Banshees at Kolnoa Dan in Tel Aviv, 1983._x000B_The band was at the peak of its success, and the lineup included Siouxsie Sioux's partner at the time, Cure leader Robert Smith.
64X100 cm. Fair condition. Folding lines and creases. The entire left margin of the poster is missing.

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Poster – Tel Aviv Music Festival 70 – Psychedelic Illustration

Poster for a Tel Aviv music festival held in 1970. The poster features a colorful, psychedelic portrait of a man with orange curly hair and large red lips, and the title Tel Aviv Music Festival 70.
Name of designer - Ran Caspi, appears on left side of poster.
The poster supplies no further details as to the festival or its participants.
100x70 cm. Very good condition. Creases to margins. Water stain to lower right margin, darkening of the paper on lower part.

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Poster – Kaveret, Poogy Tales, 1973

Advertising poster for Kaveret's Sipurei Poogy concert from 1973. The poster, in pink and blue, features the band members with their instruments, and their names in the bottom right corner. The poster is for a show on November 1st, 1973, at Tiferet Cinema in Rishon LeZion.
49X70 cm. Very good condition. Tears to margins.

Opening200$ Sold For1,200$ Including buyers premium

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Four Posters – Kaveret, Gazoz, Doda

Four posters of the three rock bands led by Danny Sanderson and Gidi Gov - Kaveret, Gazoz and Doda.
1. Kaveret - Tzafuf BaOzen. Featuring the band members looking out of a window shaped as human face. No name of designer. 48X34 cm. Vertical folding line. Several foxing marks in bottom part.
2. Gazoz - Tesha BaKikar. A processed photo of band members sitting on railings. Names of band members, and, on the bottom, an advertisement for FU Jeans that supplied clothes for the shows. Photo: Yaakov Agor, design: Itamar Neuman. 70X50 cm. Folding lines. Slight flaws on the margins and in one of the folding lines.
3. Doda - Advertisement poster for the band's self-titled album. Photos of the band member and their names. Bottom left corner: CBS 84335, the catalogue number of the 1980 album. 61X41 cm. Folding lines. Tear and lack on left bottom.
4. Doda in concert - Names of band members and photo of a woman's hand crushing a can of beer. Similar, but not identical, to the image on the album cover. On the bottom right corner: CBS 84335, the catalogue number of the album. 61X42 cm. Folding lines.

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Shalom Hanoch – Large Photo

A large photo of Shalom Hanoch singing/shouting into a microphone. Black and white, photographer unknown, probably 1980s.
27X35 cm. Two tears, one to upper edge, the other to lower edge. Several slight creases.

Opening50$ Unsold

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David Tartakover – Early Draft for Sleeve of Shalom Hanoch’s Mehakim LeMashiach – Signed in Pencil, 1985

An early draft for a possible sleeve design of Shalom Hanoch's 1985 album, Mehakim LeMashiach, by David Tartakover. The draft is a color A4 photocopy of a work which includes cigarette butts and the cork of a soft drink bottle. On the lower right corner is a small photo of an ashtray and butts on the bottom right corner, from the series of photographs of which another was eventually used for the cover photo.
'Sketches for Mehakim LeMashiach 1985,' is written at the bottom, signed by David Tartakover.
Torn, taped on verso with adhesive tape.

Opening50$ Sold For160$ Including buyers premium
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