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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 1

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Herzl’s Portrait – Printed Micrography

Dr. Theodor Herzl, Alt Neu Land, a printed micrography, [created by Osias Wolinski]. [Lvov, ca. 1913].
Text out of "Altneuland" (German).
Approx. 65.5X49 cm. Poor condition. Stains. Creases at margins. Holes and open tears (slightly affecting portrait).

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 2

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“The New Ghetto” – Theodor Herzl – Vienna, 1897

Das Neue Ghetto, Schauspiel in 4 Acten [The New Ghetto, a play in four acts], by Theodor Herzl. Published by "Welt", Vienna, 1897. German. First edition.
A play by Herzl focusing on Jewish integration in a gentile society. The play was composed following the Dreyfus trial which Herzl reported as a journalist. The protagonist is an assimilated Jewish lawyer who tries to break through the social ghetto enforced on Western Jews, but fails. The lawyer's death at the end of the play serves as a warning that the situation of Western Jews is unbearable.
[4], 48 pp, 19.5 cm. No cover. Good condition. Restored tears at margins of first leaf. Loose signatures, restored with a piece of paper pasted to the spine.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 3

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“The Basel Congress” – Theodor Herzl – Vienna, 1897

"Der Baseler Congress" by Dr. Theodor Herzl. Vienna: Welt, 1897. German.
"The Basel Congress", a composition by Dr. Theodor Herzl, concerning the Zionist movement following the first Zionist Congress.
22 pp, 21 cm. Good condition. Several unopened sheets. Stains, Creases to corners of leaves. New binding (lacking original wrapper). Ex Libris.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 4

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Binyamin Zeev Herzl – Collection of Printed Items and Items Commemorating Herzl

A diverse collection of postcards, mail-envelopes, plaques, portraits, photographs and other items commemorating Binyamin Zeev Herzl. Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Moscow and other places, early 20th century till the early 21th Century.
Among the items:
* Sugar tongs with engraved portrait of Herzl, and the legend "Made in Eretz Israel". * "In Memory of Herzl", plaque designed by Boris Schatz. * Sixteen postcards, some early postcards issued by "Levanon" and JNF (three are undivided). * Eleven envelopes with ink stamps, postal stamps and prints commemorating Herzl. * Portrait of Herzl, machine embroidery [Palestine, 1930s]. * Tree planting certificate, stamps booklets, reading books for children and other items issued by JNF commemorating Herzl. * "National Sabbatical Day", paper on behalf of the "Histadrut", on the 32nd anniversary of the passing of Herzl [Tel-Aviv], 1936. * "Sifrei HaYamim (1895-1904)", Herzl's diaries in six volumes. Jerusalem: "Mizpe", 1928-1929. * Das neue Ghetto, a play in four acts by Theodore Herzl. Warsaw: Achiasaf Press, 1898. And more.
About 50 of the items are from the last decades of the 20th century or early in the 21st century. Some items appear more than once.
Total of about 140 items. Size and condition vary. Overall good condition.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 5

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Collection of Books and Booklets on the Subject of Zionism

A collection of books and booklets dealing with Zionism, late 19th century / first half of 20th century.
1. Shir HaMa'alot, Davar BeIto….by Israel Ben Yehudah Teller, Vienna, 1882. No cover.
2. Shivat Zion, essays by the generation's sages praising the settlement of Eretz Israel (Hebrew), published by Avraham Ya'akov Slutzky. Halter press, Warsaw, 1899. Second edition. Two parts, bound together. Title page of first part is lacking and replaced by a photocopy.
3. Divrei HaOlim (Kitvei HaOlim, booklet 1). Published by Max Hickl, Vienna, 1917. Yiddish.
4. HaNatziv and his relation to "Hibat Zion" (chapter about his history and actions) by Yitzchak Rivkind. Published by "Tzeiray Mizrahi", Lodz, 1919.
5. Hebron Reconstructing Board at the executive central council of the Universal Confederation of Sephardic Jews, Report to the XVII Zionist congress & second Assembly of the Council of the Jewish agency for Palestine in Basel.
Jerusalem, 1931. Hebrew and English. Torn cover.
Size and condition vary.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 6

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Report on behalf of “Lema’an Zion” Society, about the State of Jewish Olive Tree Workers in Palestine – Jerusalem, 1906-1907

Bericht an Palästinensischen Hülfsverein Lema'an Zion. ein Vorschlag zur Verbesserung der Lage der jüdischen Olivenholzarbeiter im heiligen Lande, by Mordechai Adelmann. Jerusalem, 1906-1907. German.
Operations report of "Lema'an Zion" Society headed by Mordechai Adelmann for improving the state of Olive tree workers in Palestine.
Mordechai Adelmann (Meyuchas), (1847-1922), founded "Lema'an Zion" Society in Germany in order to call German Jews to strengthen the Jewish settlements in Palestine. The main operations of the society were: settling Jews in towns where there were no Jews, improving the health of Jews and encouraging them to work for their livelihood. Adelmann settled Jewish craftsmen in Nablus, Ramlah and Gaza and helped them maintain the community services; founded in Jerusalem a clinic and a pharmacy "Lema'an Zion" in the Old City, participated in the foundation of "Sha'ar Zion" hospital in Jaffa and over a long period of time served as one of its treasurers.
[6] leaves, 22.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Creases and folding marks.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 7

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“Bring Peace Back Right Away” – Trilingual Reconciliation Poster on behalf of the Arab Leadership in Palestine – World War I

Trilingual poster, in Hebrew (faulty), Arabic and German, calling the Jews in Palestine to cease their armed struggle and live in peace under Arab rule. [ca. 1917].
The poster addresses the Jews in the country in an appeasing tone asking them to refrain from the Zionist fight: "thousands and millions of Jews lived and will now live in Arab towns and they have laws… and at the same time we ask the Jews to refrain from doing evil with Zionists…"
34.5X50 cm. Fair condition. Folding marks, stains. Tears along folding lines, tears and open tears at margins. Traces of glue on verso.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 8

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“Mikveh Israel” – Two Notebooks with Handwritten Poems / Group Photograph by Avraham Soskin – 1930

Agricultural School "Mikveh Israel" – two notebooks with handwritten poems and a group photograph by Avraham Soskin. Jaffa, 1930.
* Two notebooks with handwritten poems. Poems gathered and composed by Emanuel Yudelevich, a student in "Mikveh Israel". 1930.
Two notebooks, 121 pp; 178, [5] pp, 15.5 cm. Stains. Damage to bindings. Tears to spines.
* Group photograph by Avraham Soskin, titled in the plate: "A Group of Workers – Mikveh Israel 1930" (Hebrew). Embossed signature.
11.5X17 cm. Some creases. Marking in pen. Pasting marks on the reverse.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 9

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round the World in Eighty Days – Translation by Eliezer Ben- Yehudah – First Hebrew Edition

Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne. "Printed by 'Hazvi' Year 4 and 5", Jerusalem, [early 20th century]. First Hebrew edition.
Translation by Eliezer Ben-Yehudah of the book "Around the World in Eighty Days" by Jules Verne. The translation was at first published as a series in "Hazvi" paper, starting in September 1887. In the issue where the first chapter was published Ben -Yehudah wrote: "We will keep our promise, to extend 'Hazvi' slowly and try and combine in it the pleasant and the useful. From the beginning of this year we shall add to the paper a story written by the famous French author Jules Verne" (Hazvi, issue 1, fourth year).
183 pp, 13.5 cm. Good condition. Stains, tears at margins of first two leaves, and slight damage. Detached signature. Edges of leaves are at the border of the upper title (sometimes affecting the title or the pagination). Inscriptions on title page. Damage to wrapper.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 10

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“All right” – Satiric Issue following the 1929 Riots

All right, satiric paper, dedicated to Palestine Government officials and the Palestinian Arab independence following the riots of August 1929, edited by A.B. Reuveni. Printed by A. Eitan and S. Shoshani, Tel-Aviv, 1929.
A satiric paper issued following the riots in August 1929. The paper attacks the British that are backing the Arabs and accuse the Jews for causing the riots. On the title page of the paper appears a caricature showing a pile of bodies with knives stuck in them and the title "The Mandate Comes True". The paper includes articles discussing bitterly the attitude of the British towards the riots, i.e., the explicit tendency in favor of the Arabs and the warning that they will "treat seriously all those who disturb peace with no discrimination".
16 columns, 32 cm. Fair condition. Significant foxing, stains, tears and open tears.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 11

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Industrial Palestine – Survey of Trade and Industry in Palestine – London, 1924

Industrial Palestine, A survey of recent undertakings and future possibilities, by B. S. Binah. London, 1924. English.
A booklet presenting a survey of trade and industry in Palestine, featuring 71 photographs, some by Joseph Schweig and Avraham Soskin. Photographs of various industries: oil, chocolate and sweets, cigarettes, soap, salt, cement, Carmel Mizrahi wineries and more. A folding map of Palestine, drawn by Emry Walker, is bound at the end of the booklet.
vii, 66 pp, 21.5 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Open tear at lower corner of rear endpaper. Front cover is detached. Rear cover is lacking. Creases, stains and tears to front cover.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 12

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Collection of Publications about Public Health – Jerusalem, 1922-1925

1. A story about Mrs. Anopheles, the mosquito's hatching place, the enemy of man. Raphael Haim Cohen press, published by Haddasah Medical Association, Jerusalem, 1922.
A booklet for children, with illustrations in color, about the Anopheles mosquito, about Malaria and means to prevent the disease from spreading.
22, [2] pp, 16X20.5 cm. Good condition. Stains.
2-6. Five publications published by the Health Committee of the Zionist Organization and Haddasah Medical Association towards the "Health Week" 2—24 Heshvan, (1924): * "Ten Commandments for Body Hygiene", Dr. M. Brachyahu. * "Germs", Dr. R. Oplatka, a member of the government health department. * "Watch your Eyes", list of rules to protect the eyes from disease. * "Food", Mrs. H. Burstein. * "Taking Care of Babies' Health", Dr. I. Kaspari.
Size and condition vary. Overall good condition.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 13

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Letter to Yehoshua Gordon, towards the Inauguration of the Hebrew University – Jerusalem, 1925

A letter sent to Yeoshua Gordon of the "Committee organizing the inauguration ceremony" of the Hebrew University. Jerusalem, March 1, 1925.
Invitation to a joint meeting of the provisional council of the Hebrew University and the committee organizing the inauguration ceremony.
Typewritten on official stationery of the Hebrew University, and hand-signed by the secretary of the committee.
Yehoshua Gordon, (1889-1941), born in Lithuania, was a member of the Socialist-Revolutionary party in Russia and was arrested during the suppression of the Russian Revolution in 1905. After three months in prison he relocated to Germany. He studied law as well as literature and art, music and theater. Among other things, acted as a volunteer in Max Reinhardt's theater. When World War I broke out he immigrated to the United States and served in different positions in Zionist organizations. After immigrating to Palestine, served as head of the Aliya Chamber of the Zionist Commission and later director of security of the Yishuv on behalf of the Jewish Agency. Acted for the organization of Jewish Settlement Police.
26.5X20 cm. Good condition. Slight stains and creases. Folding marks. Filing holes.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 14

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Letter to Yehoshua Gordon from “Habima” Theater Director and Actor Baruch Chemerinsky – 1927

An autographed letter from Baruch Chemerinsky to Yehoshua Gordon. Written on official stationery of Habima Theater. Europe ("En route from Düsseldorf to Amsterdam"), 1927.
A letter from "Habima" theater director, Baruch Chemerinsky, concerning his immigration with his group to Palestine.
"Sitting in the crowded train to Amsterdam we write some short lines…we decided to arrive in Palestine by the end of February and therefore we have to hurry…"
The addressee, Yehoshua Gordon, served as the head of the Aliya Chamber at the Zionist Commission. See about him item 247.
29X22.5 cm. Good condition. Stains and creases. Folding marks. Filing holes. Holes and tears at margins of leaf.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 15

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Four Letters Sent to Yehoshua Gordon

Four letters sent to Yehoshua Gordon:
1. Postcard with an autographed letter by "Habima" theater actor Menachem Binyamini to Yehoshua Gordon concerning the relocation of "Habima" members to Palestine. Dated: 19.10.1927.
"As Habima plans to immigrate to Palestine, and I believe that the right person to undertake this enterprise is Mr. Gordon… please answer me as early as possible if it is of interest – if so, I shall arrange an interview with Habima members".
2. Letter from committee members of "Hachsharat HaYeshuv" in Palestine, London-Jerusalem, 1924.
Two typewritten letters on official stationery of "Hachsharat HaYeshuv" in Palestine. The committee members thank Gordon for his willingness to work for the society when he goes to Berlin and to contact "Meshek" in Berlin regarding acquisition of land in Jerusalem, Haifa and Yizrael valley.
3. A letter from the "Neve Sha'anan" Ir Ganim committee to Gordon when he served as a member of the national council of South Africa Company for construction. Haifa, 1924.
A copy of an autographed letter on official stationery of "Neve Sha'anan" society; Gordon's name written in pencil.
Gordon is asked in the letter to assist the residents regarding their enquiry to the society "enclosed is a copy of our letter of today to the national committee of the South Africa Company for construction…"
A copy of a letter sent to the secretary of the company is enclosed; in this letter, the neighborhood's residents ask for financial assistance and help in construction of buildings in the neighborhood.
4. Letter from Members of the Committee for Donations to JNF in Palestine and Syria. Tel-Aviv, 1924
Typewritten letter on official stationery of the National Committee for Donations to JNF in Palestine and Syria.
The committee members ask Yehoshua Gordon in this letter for assistance regarding a plan for founding markets for JNF. The letter is signed by the committee members (L.I. Levin and I. Ben-Ya'akov).
Total of [6] leaves. Size and condition vary. Overall good condition. Stains. Folding marks. Filing holes.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction Online 10 Lot Number 16

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Collection of Booklets, Programs and Documents – Concerts, Opera and Dance Performances – Tel-Aviv, 1920s to the early 2000s

Collection of booklets, programs and documents of concerts, opera and dance performance. Tel-Aviv. 1920 to the early 2000s.
* The History of the Opera, by Zvi Sofer. Published by "Musica LaAm", Tel-Aviv, 1933. Additional title page in English.
* Entrance ticket to a symphonic concert performed by the "Shulamit" school orchestra, directed by M. Hopenko [ca. 1924].
* Subscription ticket, the Palestine Orchestra and the Histadrut (workers' union). 1937-1938.
Numerous programs for performances and concerts, among them:
* Concert in "Herzliya" Gymnasium, Tel-Aviv. M. Shoham press, Jaffa, 1919.
* Libretto and program for the Artistic Minatures Ball, M. Shoham press, Jaffa, 1922.
* The Barber of Seville, opera in three acts conducted by H.M. Golinkin. M. Shoham press, Jaffa, [1920s]. Hebrew and English.
* Two programs for concerts. "Society for Music in Palestine" (Hebrew). Tel-Aviv, 1927-1928.
* Eliyahu, Oratorio in two parts, by F. Mendelssohn. "Eretz-Israeli oratorio conducted by Fordaus Ben-Tzissi". M. Shoham press, Jaffa, [1931]. Hebrew and English.
* Eretz-Israeli Opera: "Clowns", "Cavalleria Rosticana". Haaretz" press, Tel-Aviv, [1933].
* Programs of the Eretz-Israeli Orchestra. 1936-37 Season. Tel-Aviv. The booklet opens with letters by High Commissioner Arthur Wauchope and Chaim Weizmann to Bronislav Huberman, founder of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and a photograph of Arturo Toscanini.
* Dance performance, Gertrud Kraus, 1946.
* Yovel, Artistic events, "Yovel" presents: the dancer Perl Primus and her group. [1951]. Hebrew and English.
* Numerous programs for Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra concerts. Tel-Aviv, 1940s and 1950s.
* Festive concert. Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra. 1967. A concert commemorating the victory in the Six Day War.
77 items in all. Size and condition vary.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 17

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Collection of Booklets and Theater Programs – Tel-Aviv, 1920 to the early 2000s

A collection of booklets and theater programs. Tel-Aviv, 1920 – 2000s.
1. Two programs of the "Eretz-Israeli Artistic Theater": * "Shabtai Zvi (Sofo Shel Mashiach)", 1927. *"Harpagon". 1926.
2. Programs of "HaOhel" theater: "The Good Soldier Schweyck". [1953]. * Judgement Day. 1938. * Whither the wind blows. 1939. * "In Jerusalem Alleys". 1941. * "For Whom the Bells Toll". 1943. * "The Witch". 1946. * "Hactuba". 1961. Illustration on the cover by Dosh.
* "The Plough and the Stars". [1962].
3. Programs and booklets for plays at "Hamatateh" theater. "Hakumkum". 1928. Illustrations by Pesach Ir-Shay. * "Hamatateh program 5, Sefer HaPizmonim". Booklet 3. "Haaretz" press, Tel-Aviv, [ca. 1928]. * "Hamatateh, Sefer HaPizomonim", booklet 4, "Haaretz" press, Tel-Aviv [ca. 1928]. * VeYitrotzetzu…" [1944].
* Program for the play "My Son the Doctor" [1951]. Hebrew and English.
* "Hamatateh, Press Reviews, Presse Stimmen", "Haaretz" press, (1931). Hebrew, English and German.
4. Programs for plays at the Cameri Theater, among them: "Servant of Two Masters". 1945. "Hu Halach BaSadot" (1948). * "All my Sons". 1949. * "The Shadow". 1949. * "Queen of Sheba". 1951, and more.
5. Programs of different theaters: "Hakibutz Theater", "Pargod, Bama Zeira", "Bimot".
About 60 items in all. Size and condition vary.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 18

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Collection of Eretz-Israeli Paper Items – Booklets and Leaflets – 1930s-1970s

Collection of booklets and leaflets. Palestine and Israel, 1930s-1970s.
Among the items:
* "Ohel, ledevarim she-bekhtav", published by M[ordechai] Kushnir. [Tel-Aviv, 1921]. Poems and articles, some following the assassination of Joseph Brenner and his friends (lacking rear wrapper). * Six booklets from "HaBalash" library edited by Shlomo Ben-Israel, Tel-Aviv, 1932. Booklets: 6, 15, 20, 24, 25, 26. * "The Truth, Bulletin of the Communist Party, Jewish Section", 1940. Issues 1-3. * "Jew!", leaflet published by "Hachoma". * Al HaGevura", leaflet issued by "HaNoar HaChalutzi". * "Alef", leaflet on behalf of the Canaanites. Winter, 1970. And more.
Total of 16 items. Size and condition vary.

Opening50$ Unsold

Auction Online 10 Lot Number 19

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“Alon Zehirut” Issues – Lists of Suspects on behalf of “Shay”, 1947

Alon Zehirut. [Printed on behalf of "Shay" ("Sherut Yediot"), the intelligence arm of the "Haganah"]. Issues no. 1, 2, 3,7. January-May,1947.
Printed on the leaves are names and photographs of people who are to be arrested, deported, deported after investigation or warning, etc
[4] leaves, approx. 34 cm. Good condition. Some stains. Creases and folding marks. Slight tears.

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Auction Online 10 Lot Number 20

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Elections Poster for the Assembly of Representatives – Tel-Aviv, 1944 – Shamir Brothers

"Tnu'at HaAm LaMedinah HaIvrit…" Elections poster for the Assembly of Representatives. "Nesher" press, Tel-Aviv, [1944]. Design: Shamir Brothers.
47X32 cm. Fair condition. Folding marks. Tears, some professionally restored.

Opening100$ Sold For125$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 10 Lot Number 21

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Enlistment Poster “Hazit HaNo’ar shel Lochamei Herut Israel” – 1948

"Hazit HaNo'ar" – youth movement of LEHI. Poster calling for enlistment to the youth movement of LEHI during the Independence War. Israel [1948].
67.5X50 cm. Good condition. Linen-backed for display and preservation.

Opening100$ Sold For250$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 10 Lot Number 22

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“Bashevi” – Bulletin of Imprisoned Etzel Soldiers– Two Issues – Atlit, 1948

Bashevi, bulletin of Etzel soldiers imprisoned by the enemy. Atlit, issue no. 2, Adar B, 1948, issue no. 3, Nisan, 1948.
Two issues of the bulletin of Etzel soldiers in prison, handwritten on notebook leaves. Cardboard covers drawn and painted by hand. Marked on the covers "Internal".
Essays and columns, among them: in memory of Dov Gruner, Jaffa operation, memories from a military course, Tel-Hai day, freedom for prisoners, imprisoned in Kenya, and more.
20-21 cm. Fair-good condition.
Mot listed in NLI catalogue.

Opening800$ Sold For1,375$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 10 Lot Number 23

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Autograph Letters from Gilgil Internment Camp – Kenya, 1948

Five autograph letters from a prisoner in the internment camp of Etzel and Lehi exiles in Gilgil. Gilgil, Kenya, 1948.
Letters sent by an underground fighter, Haggai Lev, from Gilgil internment camp, to his parents and sister in Palestine. In the letters, he tells about his life in the camp and his concern about the events in Palestine.
When the British Mandate was about to come to its end, Etzel and Lehi underground fighters were arrested and deported to internment camps in Africa. 288 deportees were arrested in Gilgil internment camp starting in October 1944. The deportees were returned to Israel two months after the establishment of the state, in July 1948.
[5] pages (Air Letters), 24.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Tears and creases (tear affecting text to one of the letters). Folding marks.

Opening100$ Sold For350$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 10 Lot Number 24

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Collection of Documents – Yehoshua Frankel, Deputy Commander of Etzel Forces in Besieged Jerusalem, 1948

Collection of documents commemorating Yehushua Frankel, deputy commander of Etzel forces in besieged Jerusalem, who fell in the line of duty on 16.05.1948.
Frankel, who was born in Jerusalem, went by the Etzel code name of Yirmiyahu. On 1948 he infiltrated the Old City to join the fighting forces. The collection includes: * Photographs of Frankel and other photographs. * A letter written by Frankel to his family when still in New Jerusalem, in which he tells about his plan to reach the Old City. * Letters sent by members of the Frankel family to each other during the Independence War. * Lodging card for Old Jerusalem refugees in the name of Batya Frankel, issued by the department of aiding refugees by the Jerusalem Committee. * Words in memory of Frankel.
About 14 documents and photographs. Size and condition vary.

Opening400$ Unsold
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