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Three Issues of “HaZfirah” Newspaper – 1899-1903 – Articles about the Sixth Zionist Congress and the “Uganda Plan”

Seven issues of "HaZfirah" newspaper with articles about Zionism and the sixth Zionist Congress. Warsaw, 1899-1903.
1. Issue no. 287 (26th year), December 26, 1899. This issue includes an article titled "Our people lives not on bread only", dealing with Zionism, and the political section "Divrei HaYamim" by Nahum Sokolow.
2-7. Issues 183-188 (30th year), 21-26 August, 1903. Printed in these issues are an article titled "Redemption of the Land" and news from the sixth Zionist Congress.
Printed on the title page of issue no. 184 (21.8.1903) are a greeting on the occasion of the opening of the congress and an illustration of Theodor Herzl on the balcony of the "Three Angels" hotel in Basel (after the famous photograph by E.M. Lilien). Issue no. 188 (26.8.1903) features Herzl's speech delivered at the opening of the congress and summaries of first sessions of the congress (including the Uganda Plan).
"HaZfirah" was the first Hebrew newspaper in Poland during the Russian regime and one of the most important and popular newspapers printed in east Europe. It was founded in Warsaw in 1862, by Haim Zelig Slonimsky and was published irregularly (in different formats) until 1931. In its early days, the paper was devoted to spreading the ideas of the Haskalah. In ca. 1875 it started to publish articles by Nahum Sokolow who later became the editor of the newspaper. Following a meeting between Sokolow and Theodor Herzl during the first Zionist Congress in 1897, "HaZfrah" became the official voice of political Zionism.
Total of 7 issues, approx. 47-51 cm. Condition varies. Fair overall condition. Stains (some dark). Folding marks, creases and tears (among them some large tears, open).

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Israel Zangwill – “Territorial Solution to the Jewish Question” – Vienna, 1907

Die Territoriale Lösung der Judenfrage [The Territorial Solution to the Jewish Question], by Israel Zangwill. Published by Jüdisch-Territorialistischen Organisation für Oesterreich [Jewish territorial organization of Austria]. [Vienna, 1907]. German.
A German translation of a speech delivered by Israel Zangwill in December 1907, about the territorial solution to the Jewish question.
Israel Zangwill (1864-1926) was a Jewish-English author and a Zionist activist. Following the rejection of the Uganda plan by the seventh Zionist Congress, Zangwill left the Zionist Movement and founded the Jewish Territorial Organization – an organization which was hoping to establish a national home for the Jewish people, not necessarily in Palestine, and explored the possibility of settling Jews in different places in the world (such as the United States, Alaska, Canada, Argentina, Columbia, Angola and more).
39 pp, 18 cm. Good condition. Creases. Slight tears at margins of some of the leaves. Some stains. Cover in fair condition, stained and torn (with open tears). No spine (front and back covers are attached with three pieces of adhesive tape).

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Proclamation Commemorating Theodor Herzl – Jewish Territorialist Organization in Kiev – Kiev, 1906

день годовщины смерти незабвеннаго д-ра теодора герцля, a proclamation commemorating Theodor Herzl, by the Jewish Territorialist Organization in Kiev. Kiev, 1906. Russian.
A proclamation on behalf of the Jewish Territorialist Organization in Kiev, marking two years to Theodor Herzl death (1906). The proclamation calls to follow in Herzl's footsteps and join the movement that acts to obtain an autonomous territory for the Jewish people.
22X36 cm. Good-fair condition. Folding marks and creases. Foxing. Tears at margins. Filing holes at left margin. Pencil inscriptions on the back.

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Collection of Portraits – Theodor Herzl – Metal Reliefs and a Certificate

1. Certificate for a donation of an olive tree in memory of Theodor Herzl. Printed by A. Müller, Vienna, [ca. 1905].
On top appears the writing "Etz Zayit"(Hebrew) and on the bottom: "Theodor Herzl". Below the name appear the dates Herzl's birth and death. In the center of the certificate appears Herzl's portrait, and drawn in the background is Herzl's tomb stone in Vienna cemetery.
In 1904 the JNF started to plant forests in the country, and at first there was an attempt to plant olive trees. After Herzl passed away it was decided to name the olive tree orchards after him. In 1911 this initiative failed and a decision was made to prefer barren trees to olive trees.
24.5X31 cm. Good-fair condition. Small tears along margins of leaf. Retoration with adhesive tape on the back of the leaf. Folding marks. Stains. Creases.
2. Cast bronze relief, with Herzl's portrait. [Palestine? Ca. 1940s].
Profile portrait of Herzl. The inscription "Dr. Herzl" is embossed on the base of the plaque, with a Star of David in the center. On the back of the plaque are three legs.
25X18 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains. Corrosion. Paint stains on the back. Covered with green patina.
3. Cast bronze relief, Herzl's portrait.
Profile portrait of Herzl. Signed on the lower right corner "Saul Zaets".
15X21.5 cm.
Good condition. Some stains. On the back of the relief are two suspension loops with an iron cord threaded between them.

4. Repouseé and embossed cast relief with Herzl's portrait. [Israel, 1950s?].
A thin copper plaque with a profile portrait of Herzl. On the bottom appears an embossed inscription: "Herzl, Visionary of the State of Israel" (Hebrew).
14.5X8.5 cm. Good condition. Some bends. Some stains.

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Carpet – Theodor Herzl

Carpet with a portrait of Theodor Herzl. [First decades of the 20th century].
On the upper left part of the carpet is a portrait of Theodor Herzl gazing from the balcony in Basel towards the Tower of David and the walls of Jerusalem; beneath them a procession of new immigrants. On the lower part of the carpet is a seven-branched menorah. Surrounding these is a frame decorated with Stars of David.
101.5X60.5 cm. Fringes on upper and lower margins. Good condition. Slight defects. Slightly faded.

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Portrait of Theodor Herzl – Print on Wooden Board – “Bezalel”

Portrait of Herzl, a print on a wooden board. [Jerusalem, 1920s?].
Wood, paint and ink. Signed "Bezalel Yerushalem" (on the back).
Stencil print, profile portrait of Theodor Herzl. Titled on the wooden board "Dr. Herzl".
13X13 cm. Good condition. Suspension loop on the back of the board.

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Two Photographs – Coffin of Theodor Herzl in the Great Synagogue in Vienna

Two photographs documenting the coffin of Theodor Herzl and those of his family in the Great Synagogue in Vienna (Stadttempel Synagogue), [1949].
The photographs portray a group of visitors in the great synagogue in Vienna by the coffins of Theodor Herzl, his parents and his sister. Both photographs are stamped on the back with ink-stamp of the photographer Franz Votava (Vienna).
Prior to Herzl's burial in Israel, in 1949, his coffin and the coffins of his family were placed in front of the ark in the great synagogue in Vienna and hundreds of Viennese Jews paid final respect to the family.
18X13 cm. Good condition. Slight defects. Small tear at margins of one photograph.

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Leaflet on behalf of the Inner Action Committee of the Zionist Organization – Copenhagen, 1917 – World War I

"Zionists!", a leaflet on behalf of the inner Action Committee of the Zionist Organization. Martius Truelsen press, Copenhagen (Denmark), August 29, 1917. Hebrew and English.
A bi-lingual leaflet referring to World War I and depicting the aspirations of the Zionist Movement and its development. The leaflet ends with a call to members and supporters of the movement: "Zionists! Stand firm, everyone at his post! Sow, despite the storm… We hope, before long this world-storm will cease to rage; then the time of our peaceful work will come… How then the results of this great time will turn out we do not know. One thing, however, we know for certain: with a never-dying love, with an ardent belief we will resume the interrupted work for creation of our new life in the old home-land".
The leaflet is signed in print by Yehiel Chlenov and Avigdor (Victor) Jacobson, for the inner action committee of the Zionist Organization.
[1] leaf, folded into two (four pages), 30 cm. Good condition. Folding marks and creases. Stains. A large dark stain on three pages (on about a quarter of each page). Ink-stamp.
Not in NLI.

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Handwritten Letter from Heads of “Kehilat Ya’akov” Association – Fund-Raising for Purchase of Har Tuv Lands, 1882

Handwritten letter sent by heads of "Kehilat Ya'akov" Association to "Organization of officials and administrators of Amsterdam" (Pekidim ve-Amarkalim) for fund-raising to purchase Har-Tuv lands. Jerusalem, [1882].
A letter dated 23.11.1882, written on official letterhead of "Komitay shel kolonye 'Kehilat Yaakov' asher bayn Zora ubayn Eshtaol", addressing the "Organization of officials and administrators of Amsterdam" asking for donations and assistance. Among other things, the letter mentions the necessity of donations to the farm, training farmers, the need to prepare new settlements for absorption of immigrants, the difficult state of Russian Jewry, and other subjects. At the end of the letter appear signatures of eight of "Kehilat Ya'akov" association leaders and an ink-stamp of the association.
"Kehilat Ya'akov" was the name of a group of activists from the "old Yishuv" who were interested in purchasing lands of the Arab village Artuf and to sell it to Jews, with a profit. For that porpose, the activists pretended that a settlement called "Kehilat Ya'akov" was already established on the land, and even published in the newspapers regulations for elections for a council and management of the committee. Following the failure of this group, the lands were sold to the British mission.
See enclosed material.
[1] leaf (two written pages), approx. 23X28.5 cm. Fair condition. Folding marks, stains and creases. Tears and open tears along folding marks and at margins. One tear reinforced with acidic adhesive tape.

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Regulations of the B’nai B’rith Association – Jerusalem, Late 19th Century

Book of regulations of the B'nai B'rith Association, enacted at the general convention of the association which took place in the city of New York from Sunday until Friday, March 1885. (Copied by David Yellin). Published by the Jerusalem office, printed by Avraham Moshe Lunz, Jerusalem, [1889-1890?].
B'nai B'rith was founded in the US in 1843 and its structure was similar to that of the Freemasons. The Jerusalem office was established in 1888 and David Yellin (who translated the regulations) and Avraham Moshe Lunz were among its founders.
23, [1] pages, 16 cm. Good condition. Minor damages and stains to wrappers.

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Collection of Items – Jewish Soldiers in World War I

Six items from World War I period and the years around it:
* Official postcard of the Palestine Office (executive of the Zionist Organization in Palestine), [1914].
An official reply to a letter is printed on the postcard: "…we answer you that due to the present political situation we are not able to supply any news and ask you to contact us again after the war ends". 15.5X9 cm.
* Issue of the newspaper American Weekly Jewish News. [New York], May 10, 1918. On the front cover of the issue appears an illustration in color of a nurse with a wounded Jew in Palestine. 20 pp, 39.5 cm. It is possible that it is lacking leaves at the end.
* "Zikaron LeChalele HaMilchama" [In memory of the war casualties], printed notice on behalf of "Management of the Haredi Ashkenazi congregation" in Jerusalem – announcement about a special prayer in memory of World War I casualties. "SHISH" (Shlomo Shirizly) press. [Jerusalem]. 39X29 cm.
* In Amintirea Eroilor Evrei Din Orasul Falticeni Morti in Razboiul Pentru Intregirea Romaniei 1916-1920 [In memory of the heroes of Falticeni who died during the war 1916-1920]. A memorial sheet with names of Jewish soldiers who were killed during their service in the Romanian army, in the years 1916-1920. An eagle with a Romanian flag appears on top of the plaque (drawn by hand). [1] cardboard sheet, 20.5X35.5 cm.
* More items.
Total of 6 items. Size and condition vary.

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Four Documents – “Carmel Mizrahi” Wineries – First Decades of 20th Century

Four documents – "Carmel Mizrahi" wineries. [First decades of 20th century].
1. Certificate of Kashrut on behalf of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Hacohen Kook, Rabbi of Jaffa, for "the wine and Congnac sent by our brothers in the vicinity of Jaffa" (most probably Rishon LeZion). [Jaffa, first decade of 20th century]. The document certifies that all of the wines listed in this certificate and stamped with the rabbi's stamp are Kosher for Pesach.
2. Receipt of Carmel Oriental Company for A.M. Eisenstein, Jerusalem, 1919.
3. Notice on an official form of "Carmel Mizrahi" company, requestiny A.M. Eisenstein to clear his debt within one month. [1919]. Typewritten in Hebrew and French, with details filled in by hand.
4. Typewritten letter on a form of the "Cooperative Society of Rishon Lezion and Zichron Ya'akov wineries". Rishon LeZion, 1925.
In this letter the writer informs the "group of the Yeshivah members" from Jerusalem that he still did not hand their letter to the Baron. The letter is signed by hand and ink-stamped with the society's stamp.
Size and condition vary.

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“Agudath HaDor HaTzair” in Safed – Diverse Collection of Paper Items – Early 1920s

About 80 notices, writings, accounts, letters and other paper items, most of them written by hand, documenting the operations of "Agudath HaDor HaTzair" [The Association of the Young Generation] in Safed. Safed, early 1920s to early 1930s (a number of items are from later years).
"Agudath HaDor HaTzair" was active in the early decades of the twentieth century, with the aim to encourage spiritual and cultural development among Jewish youth in Safed. Among other activities, the members organized lectures, discussions, parties and even a theater group – "Jewish Theater Enthusiasts" which drew the attention of the press and received positive reviews.
The collection includes:
* About 25 items related to the theater and to "Jewish Theater Enthusiasts in Safed"; draft of a letter to "Governor of Safed District" regarding the establishment of a theater and cinema hall in the city; nine detailed lists of incomes and expenses for plays performed by the group; an interesting four-page letter, pleading the group members to avoid performances for fear of political identification and sabotaging the group aims (Signed by Avraham Bergman and dated 1923); and more.
* About 20 "Orders", handwritten and signed by treasurer and secretary of the association, ordering the transfer of funds, salaries and different payments from the association treasury. Dated 1923.
* Letters, written by hand on official stationery of "Committee of Safed Jews", asking the association members not to wander around in Muslim cemeteries. Dated Nisan 23, 1922.
* Draft of a letter from the committee secretary to the "City's Committee" announcing that the "Young Generation Association undertook the arrangement of a meeting with our Commissioner Sir Herbert Samuel, riding on horses".
* Lists of members, various forms, minutes of the association meetings, booklet with regulations of the association and more items.
Numerous items are written on forms and official stationery and some are stamped with the association's ink-stamps.
Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition.

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Book with Ottoman Laws Related to Lands – Translations Handwritten by Adv. Shlomo Yehudah

كتاب احكام الأراضي, المتبعة في البلاد العربية المنفصلة عن السلطنة العثمانية, Jerusalem, 1923,Arabic.
A book compiling laws related to lands, "for the Arab countries that separated from the Ottoman Empire", from the estate of Adv. Shlomo Yehudah. Blank leaves are bound among the book's leaves; on some of them Adv. Yehudah added Hebrew translations of the Ottoman laws, by hand.
The translator, Adv. Shlomo Yehudah, was the son of Yitzchak Binyamin Yehezekl Yehudah (1863-1941, educator, translator, book seller and orientalist, who was engaged in the study of Jewish history and Arab culture).
[1] p, [1] portrait, 5, [1], 216, 226, [3] pp + about [50] handwritten pages, 22 cm. Fair-good condition. A number of gatherings and leaves are loose. Worn and loose binding, no spine, restored with adhesive tape.

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“History of one of the Purchases in Palestine” – Booklet on behalf of “Hachsharat HeYeshuv” Company, against Deceptive Purchase of Land by Gur Hasidim – Jerusalem, 1925

History of one of the land purchases during the days of speculations in 1925. Published by "Hachsharat HaYeshuv" company in Palestine, Jerusalem, 1925.
A booklet concerning the purchase of Abu Kishk lands in the area of Ramat Hasharon. The booklet tells how a group of Polish Jews, of the Gur Hasidic court ("being members of 'Agudat Israel'"), tried to cancel a contract signed by "Hachsharat HaYeshuv" through its representative Yehoshua Hankin, for the purchase of Abu Kishk lands (Abu Kishk, present day Ramat Hasharon, Hod Hasharon and Military Industries plant Ramat Hasharon), offering a higher price for the land. The case was brought before a court in Jaffa, before the court of Rabbi Kook and the court of Rabbi Sonenfeld prior to the signature on the new contract and afterward. However, the buyers insisted, the previous agreement with "Hachsharat HaYeshuv" was cancelled and a new agreement was signed with this group. Finally, due to the economic crisis in the country at the time, the new buyers failed to fulfill their obligations and the agreement was cancelled. The land was sold, instead, by "Hachsharat HaYeshuv".
29 pp, 24 cm. Good condition. Ex-library copy (inscriptions on front cover, library ink-stamps, book plate on inner side of front cover). Stains. Creases.

Opening100$ Unsold

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An Architectural Drawing and a Handwritten Leaf – Abu Kishk Lands in the Sharon Plain, late 1920s

Two documents related to the purchase of Abu Kishk lands in the Sharon Plain:
1. Copy of an architectural drawing (on cloth) of the Abu Kishk area. [late 1920s].
Drawing of the area between the Yarkon River and Bahariya orange grove, an area which encompasses the lands of Abu Kishk. The drawing was prepared in 1927 for Yehoshua Hankin (who purchased the Abu Kishk lands for "Hachsharat HaYeshuv" company). The copy offered here in signed with several signatures and ink stamps (some dated 1928-1929): ink-stamps of Bank HaPoalim (with hand signatures by the bank's representatives); hand-signature by Yitzchak Rokach "on behalf of Bahariya"; one signature and ink-stamp in Arabic; ink stamp of the Jaffa Land Registry office – "Sifrei HaAchuza" office; and more.
37.5X66 cm. Good-fair condition. Slightly faded. Folding marks and creases. Stains. Some tears.
2. "Various offers related to the acquisition of HaYarkon (Abu Kishk) lands", handwritten leaf. September 7, 1927. Hebrew.
A handwritten leaf with various calculations related to the purchase of some of Abu Kishk lands from Yehoshua Hankin. The names of partners involved are written on top of the leaf – Menashe Bechor, Daniel Oster, Zvi Isaacson and Menachem Dunkelblum (known as the "Isaacson Group"). The size of plot purchased by each one of this group members appears next to their names, as well as the total area of the land and the size of land which the "Hassidim get" (Meaning a group of Gur Dynasty Hassidim who also purchased some of Abu Kishk lands). Also mentioned on the leaf are expenses related to the purchase (registering the lands, general zoning, travel expenses, etc.)
[1] leaf, 26.5 cm. Good condition. Folding marks and creases. Stains. Small tears at margins. Filing holes at left margins.
See previous item.

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Publications about Public Health Education – Fight against Malaria, Eye Diseases and more

Nine broadsides and brochures concerning public health. Published by the Palestine Government Health Department and by various organizations, Palestine, first decades of the 20th century.
Among them: * "Instructions for fighting Malaria", publication on behalf of "Jewish Health Service". Jerusalem, 1920. * "Flies", a booklet published by a medical aid group of American Zionists for Palestine. Jerusalem, 1921. * "Story about Mrs. Anopheles", a booklet for children, with illustrations, some in color, about prevention of Malaria. Published by Hadassah Medical Organization, Jerusalem, 1922. * A circular letter on behalf of Hadassah Medical Organization concerning refreshment of procedures following cases of paralysis caused by improper injection of quinine. Jerusalem, 1923. * Publication on behalf of the Palestine Government Department of Health about correct conduct while recovering from typhoid. * Publication on behalf of Palestine Government Department of Health about how to fight flies and the diseases which they carry. * Leaflet titled "Watching a Baby's Health", on behalf of the Health Week committee. Jerusalem, 1925. * "Lecture about Malaria", a booklet published by the Government of Palestine. Jerusalem, [first half of 20th century]. * "Review about the marshes in the country from a 'Maleriologic' point of view" by Zvi Sliternik, [first half of 20th century].
Nine publications. Size and condition vary.

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Collection of Documents, Circulars and Broadsides – Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, 1920s / “Beit HaOlim”, Religious Life in Tel-Aviv, Workers Census and more

A collection of printed items, letters and documents. Tel-Aviv-Jaffa and Haifa. 1920s.
Among the items: * "Results of National Workers Census" (in cities, Moshavot, private farms and 'workers farms'), September 1926. * "Lists of tourist ship arriving at Haifa port during the period between 24.12.27 and 25.5.28". * Printed circular – "General regulations of Beit HaOlim in Tel-Aviv" and two copies of letter regarding firing of the night guard of "Beit HaOlim" in Jaffa, 1927. * Three broadsides (leaves for hanging on a wall) on behalf of "Mishmeret Shabbat", Tel-Aviv, (1936-1938). * Broadside to "Jewish public in Tel-Aviv and Jaffa" concerning the unemployed. * Letters from "Va'ad HaKehila HaIvrit" in Jaffa and Tel-Aviv and from "Chief Rabbinate of Jaffa and Tel-Aviv Congregation", 1928-1929 (signed by Rabbi Shlomo Hacohen Ahronsohn, first Ashkenazi rabbi of Tel-Aviv). * A number of additional documents.
Size and condition vary. Some in fair condition, with tears and stains.

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Collection of Letters and Paper Items from the Archive of Klinger Family from Safed – Letters about the 1929 Riots – 1920s-30s

About 120 letters, documents and paper items (most are letters), printed and handwritten, from the archive of Klinger family from Safed. Safed, Jerusalem, Haifa, Tiberias, London, New York and more places. 1920s-30s (a number of items from earlier or later years). Hebrew, English and some Arabic.
Among the items:
* Letter dated 7.11.1929, typewritten and hand-signed by Governor of Safed Disctrict, with list of Jewish businesses damaged during the 1929 riots and applied for compensations. English and Hebrew. Three pages.
* About 15 items concerning the "Klinger Bank" fire during the 1929 riots: the list, typewritten on official stationery of Eliyahu Klinger, records the property burnt and looted from the bank during the riots. Dated 22.9.1929. Five pages: "…request for payment", a printed form completed by typewriter – a request to collectively fine the Arab residents of Safed in order to compensate the bank; three official response letters on behalf of Palestine Government official entities; more.
* Tens of letters sent to family members from different personalities and entities: Henrietta Szold (then director of "Hadassa Medical Association"); Mayor of Tiberias Zaki Elhadif; thirteen letters from Josef Konvitz, president of "Union of Orthodox Rabbis"; JNF Chamber in Safed; " Rabbinical Office Bet-Din Ashkenasim, of Safed and District"; "Building Committee of The Jeshiva 'Tifereth Israel' Mount Carmel"; and more.
* Forms, bank orders, legal documents and more.
Size and condition vary. Good overall condition.

Opening300$ Unsold

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Proclamation on behalf of the British High Commissioner – 1929 Riots – September, 1929

Proclamation on behalf of the British High Commissioner Johan Chancellor concerning the investigation of the 1929 riots. Greek Conv. Press, Jerusalem, September 4th 1929. English.
Proclamation on behalf of the British High Commissioner John Chancellor concerning the investigation of the 1929 riots and the role of courts.
42X53 cm. Good condition. Folding marks, creases and some defects. Filing holes at right and left margins (some torn).

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Archive of Letters, Documents and Paper Items – Advocate Moshe Ben Ami – Tel-Aviv, 1930s

More than 1000 paper items, handwritten and printed, which belonged to first Knesset Member and advocate Moshe Ben Ami, mostly about trials and claims, Tel-Aviv, 1930s through the 1950s. Hebrew, Arabic and some English.
The archive includes: letters and announcements from public entities (Israeli Police, Tel-Aviv municipal sanitation department, Association of Jewish Lawyers in Tel-Aviv, municipal sanitary supervisor of Tel-Aviv, execution office), legal forms (deeds of sale and mortgage bills, forms of announcement to a defendant from the "municipal court of Tel-Aviv", forms on behalf of the Jaffa Land Register Office, and more), as well as receipts, invoices, handwritten notes, telegrams and architectural drawings (some for Ben Ami's house on 11 Nehemia Street, prepared by architect Zaki Shlush), documents recording transfer of plots, lands and property in Tel-Aviv, various contracts, many documents in Arabic and more items.
The archive also includes dozens of letters related to public activity with which Ben Ami was involved, including: a letter to David Ben-Gurion dated 3.11.1957, regarding the incident when a hand grenade was thrown into the Knesset plenum; a letter handwritten by Moshe Toledano, chief rabbi of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa; two letters hand-signed by the Rishon LeZion Ben-Zion Meir Hai Uziel; about 20 official calling cards and greeting cards from personalities and public entities (some signed and dedicated in handwriting); and more.
On many of the documents in this collection appear income-stamps and ink-stamps. The documents are filed in 10 cardboard folders with handwritten titles.
Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition.

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The Assassination of Haim Arlosoroff – Collection of Items – 1934

Seven items related to the assassination of Haim Arlosoroff, the trial following the murder and the question regarding the implication of the Brit HaBirionim as responsible for the assassination. Tel Aviv and Safed, 1934.
1-2. Two leaflets regarding the investigation of the assassination of Arlosoroff – supplements to the Davar newspaper.
3. "Chazit Ha'Am, a periodical of the National Labor Party, special section". A leaflet titled "The assassins of Dr. Arlosoroff have been found, the murderers are two Arabs". Printed by Alexander Moses.
4. "Mishpatim, a one-time publishing". Published by Y. [Yitzchak] Ben-Aharon, Cooperative Press Hapoel Hatzair, Tel Aviv.
A one-time newspaper (one sheet printed on both sides) dedicated to the assassination of Arlosoroff, titled "Another Arab, Subhi Zablai, admitted that he was bribed".
5. "After the verdict", a proclamation on behalf of the Palestine Labor party. Ahdut Cooperative Press.
Written in the proclamation (along with other content): "We did not strive to take revenge, we knew that Arlosoroff's assassins were only victims of hooligan incitement and corrupt revisionist education. Our struggle to reveal the truth will not cease even now because Stavisky and Rosenblatt were allies in the act which took place on June 16".
6. "Supplement to Doar HaYom" – a printed leaflet. The text reads "Telephone notice / Stavisky was unanimously acquitted (part of the text was printed in golden ink). HaGalil printing press, Safed.
7. "Verdict in the trial of those accused of assassinating Arlosoroff" – supplement to the Haaretz newspaper. Printed by Gestetner, Tel Aviv. Single leaf.
Size and condition vary.

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Booklet in Arabic – Great Arab Revolt – Syria, 1936 – Photographs

ثورة فلسطين الكبرى ["Great Palestine Revolt"], by محمد لبادة النابلسى [Muhammad Libadah Nablusi]. Printed by الفيحاء, Damascus. Arabic.
A booklet about "The Great Arab Revolt" (in Arabic:"Thawrat Filasṭīn al-kubrá" – "Great Palestine Revolt"). On the back cover and in a number of places in the booklet appear photographs of Fauzi Kaukaji (one of the Arab Revolt commanders in 1936 and commander of the "Arab Liberation Army" during the Independence War); additional photographs are printed in the booklet, among them portraits of Haj Amin el-Huseini and other Palestinian leaders and fighters.
[1], 96, [1] pp, 19.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Dark paper. Creases and tears at margins of cover (mainly to spine). Ownership inscriptions in Hebrew and Arabic.

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Collection of Broadsides and Brochures – Various Political Movements in Palestine

15 broadsides and booklets about political issues. Palestine, first half of 20th century. Hebrew and Yiddish.
In the collection: * "Igeret LeOlay Beitar", 1932. * "Meora'ot October 1933", a booklet published by Poale Eretz Israel party (Poale Zion), 1933. * "29 Tamuz, one-time missive to soldiers", 1943. * "Jabotinsky's Testament to Jewish Youth" (Hebrew). A booklet published by "Information department of Beitar", 1946. * Broadsides on behalf of Poale Eretz Israel Party. * Broadsides (in Hebrew and Yiddish) on behalf of the Jewish Communist Party and the Palestinian Communist Party. * Flyers on behalf of HaPo'el HaMizrahi, association of Jewish women and party of Sephardi Jews and Oriental Jewry.
Size and condition vary. Good overall condition.

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