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“Tel Aviv” – First Hebrew Translation of “Altneuland” by Theodor Herzl

Tel Aviv, a Story, by Theodor Herzl. Hebrew translation by N. S. [Nahum Sokolow]. Published by the Russian Zionist Organization, "HaTsfira" printing press, Warsaw 1902 [on the back of the title page appears a censorship approval from 1903].
First Hebrew translation of Theodor Herzl's utopian novel "Altneuland", published in German in the same year.
319 pp, 21 cm. Paper cover is lacking. Fair-good condition. Numerous stains, some dark. Slight creases and damage. Tears, open tears and defects to title page (paper is pasted on back of the leaf for restoration). Pen inscriptions on a number of leaves. Trimmed margins and a long tear, restored with adhesive tape, to one of the leaves. Bound in a new binding, without the original wrappers.
Provenance: Collection of Dr. Israel Mehlman.

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Theodor Herzl – “The Jewish State” – Yiddish Edition – New York

Der idenshtat [the Jewish State], by Theodor Herzl. New York: M. Yankevich, no note of printing date.
Yiddish translation of the book "The Jewish State", the revolutionary book by Herzl, in which he draws his Zionist vision for a productive Jewish state in Palestine, and expresses his views about the future state.
Herzl's portrait is printed on the front cover, within a square frame, flanked by the flag of Israel, the flag of the United States and two Stars of David.
94 pp, 19.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Slight defects. Hard cover, with original wrappers, tears and damage to binding. Last leaf and back cover are partly detached. Binding and front cover are slightly loose.
Provenance: Collection of Dr. Israel Mehlman.

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Seven Postcards Commemorating Theodor Herzl – Published by “Levanon”, “Yehudiya” and other Publishers

Seven postcards with illustrations and pictures commemorating Theodor Herzl. Different publishers. Moscow, Vienna, Warsaw and Stanislaw. First decades of the 20th century.
1. A postcard published by "Yehudiya", Warsaw, [first decades of the 20th century]. Illustration of Herzl's profile portrait, and the caption "Theodor Herzl".
2-4. Three postcards published by "Levanon", Moscow. On one of the postcards Herzl is seen on the background of a woman, Daughter of Zion, leading the people to their land, and on the lower part appears "If you will – it is no dream" (Hebrew). The other postcard depicts Herzl's grave in Vienna and the third postcard depicts "Herzl's Cedar" – a tree planted by Herzl in Moza during his visit in Palestine. Two postcards were sent by mail in 1913.
5. Memorial postcard published by A. Robinsohn, "Hatchija", Stanislaw, [early 20th century]. Herzl's portrait and a short epitaph.
6. Real photo postcard – group photograph in front of Herzl's grave; on the back appears a text written by hand: "Commemorating my immigration to Palestine, Moshe Aharon Reichkind, 5.5.1924" (Hebrew).
7. Postcard with Herzl's portrait in a decorated frame, on the background of scenes of exile and redemption. Ink-stamp on the back.
7 postcards, approx. 14X9 cm. Condition varies. Three postcards were used.
Enclosed: Postcard with Herzl's portrait published by JNF – National Committee, Israel. The postcard was issued on the 50th anniversary of Herzl's passing, 1954.

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Postcard with Portraits of Herzl and Wolfson – Synagogue in Posen

Postcard with photo of the synagogue in Posen and with the portraits of Herzl and David Wolfson. Published by J. Themal, Posen, [ca. 1920].
A postcard with a high-quality photo of the façade of the Posen synagogue. Printed on its top margins are portraits of David Wolfson and of Theodore Herzl (an unusual portrait). Sent from Posen in 1926.
9X14 cm. Small tear and few stains.

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Carved Shell – In Memory of Theodor Herzl

A carved shell commemorating Theodor Herzl. [Palestine or Europe, early 20th century]. A caption is carved on the shell: "Dr. Herzl, born Iyar 10, 1860, died Tamuz 20, 1904". (Hebrew) A flower is carved above the caption.
Length: approx. 8 cm. Width: approx. 6 cm. Good condition.

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Portrait of Theodor Herzl – Four Items

Four items with the portrait of Theodor Herzl.
1. Herzl's portrait, stencil print on board, Tel-Aviv, [first half of the 20th century]. Signed on the back with an ink-stamp "'Miniberg's Institute of Palestine Art, Tel-Aviv".
13.5X13 cm. Good condition. Defects to the paint and to the wood.
2. Herzl's Portrait, wood openwork [Israel, second half of the 20th century]. The work is placed on black background and attached to a wooden board also attached to a larger wooden board. Thick paper is mounted on the base board.
52.5X43 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains. Defects. Small breaks. Paper is peeling off the board.
3. Silhouettes for cutting. Published by Benjamin Barlevy, Tel-Aviv [ca. 1950s]. A sheet with two silhouette portraits for cutting – Theodor Herzl and Shaul Tchernichovsky. Instructions printed between the portraits: "place a black background (cloth or paper) under the picture ".
49.5X33 cm. Good condition. Stains. Small tears at margins of leaf.
4. "Hazon HaDorot, Mischak History". Illustrated packaging label for a game published by B. Barlevy, Tel-Aviv, [1950s]. Illustrated on the label are different Zionist motifs: Portrait of Theodor Herzl, Olim, Map of Israel and a woman flying the flag of Israel.
44X33 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains. Slight tears at margins of sheet. Creases.

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Herzl, Other Zionists and Declaration of the State of Israel – Colorful Print Made by Noah Bee – 1950

A print with Herzl's portrait and representations of the history of Zionism from its outset until the establishment of the State of Israel, made by Noah Bee (Birzovsky). [Israel or the US?, 1950]. Signed in the plate "Noah Bee".
Herzl's portrait appears in the center of the print. The background is divided into strips showing the history of Zionism and of the revival of Hebrew culture and prominent figures: the Arch of Titus, European ghettos, Shalom Aleichem, Ahad Ha'am, A.D. Gordon, R. Yitzchak Ya'akov Reines, the Uganda Plan, pioneers in Degania, Roaring Lion Monument, Jabotinsky and the Jewish Legion, dedication ceremony of the Hebrew University, Levant Fair, Henrietta Szold, the Jewish Brigade, illegal immigrants, Declaration of the State of Israel and the War of Independence.
Noah Bee (Birzovsky) (1916-1992), political caricaturist and graphic designer, born in Poland, immigrated to Palestine and relocated to the US. He designed some of the graphic elements of the first bank notes issued by the State of Israel, and after the establishment of Israel, he designed the JNF "blue box".
24X35.5 cm. mounted on paper and framed. Frame: 37X51.5 cm. Good condition. Creases and light stains. Not examined out of frame.

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The United States of Israel – Poster Designed like Dollar Bill with a Portrait of Theodor Herzl

The United States of Israel. Poster designed by Studio Daf. Israel, [late 20th century]. English.
Poster designed like a dollar bill, with a portrait of Theodor Herzl in the center. Printed on top: "The United States of Israel, Including the Liberated (Occupied) Territories".
28.5X65 cm. Good-fair condition. Tears and pinholes. Open tears to bottom corners. Folding marks and creases. Stains.

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ooklets of Regulations and Customs – “B’nai B’rith” Organization – Jerusalem – David Yellin

Two booklets outlining the regulations and customs of "B'nai B'rith" Organization. Including "Seder Kidushim", initiation ceremony for B'nai B'rith members, ceremony of appointing presidents and deputies, and more.
1. Sefer HaMinhagim LeAgudat B'nai B'rith [book of customs…], translated by David Yellin. Published by the Jerusalem Chamber; printed by Rabbi Haim Hirshensohn, Jerusalem, 1899.
36 pp, 17 cm. Fair-good condition. Front cover and two first leaves are detached. Tears and creases to corners of leaves and cover (some open tears). Slight stains.
2-3. Sefer HaChukim Asher LeB'nai B'rith [book of regulations], "proofread and corrected at the organization's plenary session in New York on March 1-6, 1885", translated by David Yellin. Bound with: "Sefer HaChukim Lelishkat Yerushalayim mispar 376". "Proofread and corrected in meetings of the chamber members in 1894 by David Yellin" (Hebrew), Brothers Salomon printing press, Jerusalem, 1912.
23, [1]; 24, [2] pp, 16 cm. Good condition. Some stains. Creases at corners and margins of leaves. No cover.

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Collection of Kushans (Deeds) and Certificates of Sale of Property in Palestine – Late 19th Century and First Half of 20th Century

Eight deeds of sale of property in Palestine, most from the Ottoman period. Jerusalem and other places, late 19th century until the 1930s. Arabic and a little Hebrew.
1-6. Six kushans (Ottoman land deeds) and Ottoman documents for transfer of property: * Document attesting to the transfer of a house in the Ohel Moshe neighborhood in Jerusalem from Avraham Efendi, son of Yosef, to Eliyahu Barzani. Signed by witnesses, Mukhtars, officials and the bureau manager. Ca. 1902. * Scribe's authorization of the aforementioned document. * A deed documenting the transfer of an area in the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem from Ya'akov son of Shaya to Chaim son of Yehuda Eisenstein. Ca. 1905. * More.
7-8. "Transfer deed" and "Authorization certificate" by the Committee of the colony Zichron Ya'akov (printed one alongside the other on a large uncut sheet), documenting the sale of property for an engineer named Nachum Y. Vishno to R. Ze'ev Rogin and Moshe Valdenberg. The transfer deed bears the signature and ink-stamp of the seller and the authorization certificate is stamped by the Committee of Zichron Ya'akov and signed by the secretary and the chairman. 1937.
Enclosed: Eight small notes and stubs, handwritten and printed, in Arabic, Hebrew, Russian and English from various years; a permit by the State of Israel for a fruit and vegetable store in Jerusalem in 1952, printed and filled-in by hand. Bearing the stamp and signature of the appointed officials.
Size and condition vary. Overall fair-good condition.

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Early Leaf with Stamps of the Committees of the Settlements of the First Aliya and the Signatures of Their Representatives

Single handwritten leaf from a petition, apparently submitted to the officials of Baron Rothschild, signed by representatives of 10 settlements in Palestine. [Palestine, late 19th century or early 20th century]. French.
Single leaf, written on both sides. Written at the top of the leaf: "Veullez, Monsieur l'inspecteur general, soutenir notre suste demande" ["Please, the general inspector, support our just demand" in French]. Further in the leaf, appear the signatures of representatives of the committees of 10 settlements established during the first Aliya: Hadera, Zichron Ya'akov, Segera (Ilania), Yavniel, Mes'ha (Kfar Tavor), Melachamiya (Menachamiya), Rosh Pina, Mishmar HaYarden, Yesod HaMa'ala and Metula. Ink-stamps of all these settlements appear next to the signatures, with the exception of Mishmar HaYarden and Segera.
[1] leaf (written on both sides), 25.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains. Folding marks and creases. Tears to margins and along the folding marks (slightly affecting the writing), most reinforced with adhesive tape.

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Collection of Leaves and Broadsides – Haredi Settlement and Occupation – Ramatayim Tzofim Society – Jerusalem, 1908-1931

Five single leaves and broadsides concerning mainly the purchase of lands in the Old City of Jerusalem and its surroundings. Jerusalem, 1908-1931.
1. "Kol Barama Nishma" – Appeal by rabbis to purchase lands in the vicinity of Rachel's Tomb. Jerusalem, 1908.
2-4. Three publications by Ramatayim Tzofim Society. Jerusalem, 1924-1931: "Call for Assistance"; "Summary of the Association's Spiritual Regulations"; "Circular Letter" (signed in print by Rabbi Amram Blau). Ramatayim Tzofim Society was founded by Rabbi Akiva Yosef Shlesinger and purchased many lands in north-west Jerusalem.
5. "Building Eretz Israel by Haredim", a detailed memorandum by Rabbi Ya'akov Yosef Dsimitrowsky, rabbi in Nachalat Shiva neighborhood.
Size and condition vary.
Enclosed: half a broadside (lacking) announcing sale of plots by the "Tamoha" company, 1920s.
Provenance: Collection of Dr. Israel Mehlman.

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Book of Regulations of the Me’ah She’arim Neighborhood in Tel Aviv – Notebook and Folded Map with the Division into Plots

"Book of regulations for the association of the Me'ah She'arim neighborhood in Jaffa, established on the 5th of Kislev 1912". Printed by Diskin-Steinfeld", Jaffa, 1914.
This booklet was apparently given to a person who purchased a plot in the Me'ah She'arim neighborhood of Tel Aviv (west of Kerem HaTeimanim and north of Menashiya). The neighborhood regulations appear on the first pages (members' property, construction laws, synagogues, assemblies and others), and on the last pages appear the name of the buyer – "The Savitzky Brothers", the payment and signatures of the neighborhood founders: Yitzchak Veisel, Moshe Aharon Pinto, Avraham Yisrael Azulai, Yechezkel Green and Ya'akov Mordechai Malchik. The first and last pages both bear the association's ink-stamp.
A folded map is enclosed at the end of the booklet: "Me'ah She'arim, plan of plots", printed by "the technical department of Hamisrad Haeretz-Israeli", with the area of the neighborhood divided into 100 plots.
9 printed pages + [1] folded map [the booklet contains many blank pages]. Booklet: 18 cm. Map: 32X56.5 cm. Stains and minor defects. The map is in fair-poor condition. Stains, creases, tears to margins and to folding creases. Long tear along the center from the left margins horizontally across the map, and a handwritten inscription at the botton. Damages, wear and rubbing to cover.

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House of the Artist Ya’akov Eisenberg – “Neve Bezalel” Neighborhood – Building Permit and Architectural Drawings – Jerusalem, 1938

Two building permits issued by the Municipal Corporation of Jerusalem, three sheets with architectural drawings and nine sheets with statical calculations for building additions to the house of the artist Ya'akov Eisenberg in "Neve Bezalel" neighborhood. Jerusalem, 1938. Hebrew and Arabic.
The "Neve Bezalel" neighborhood was found by Boris Schatz, director of "Bezalel", who was planning to settle the artists active in the school in its vicinity. The neighborhood was founded In 1924 and among its first inhabitants were artists Mordechai Ardon, Ya'akov Eisenberg, Moshe Murro and Yehye Yemini.
1-2. Two building permits issued by the Municipal Corporation of Jerusalem in February 1938; one permit for addition to the existing building and the other – permit for a temporary structure in the house of the artist Ya'akov Eisenberg in "Neve Bezalel" neighborhood in Jerusalem. Tri-lingual forms – Hebrew, English and Arabic – with details in Arabic and Hebrew about the planned changes to the building and the conditions of this permit filled in. Ink-stamped with the City's Engineer's Department stamp, Accounts Section stamp and the Sanitary Department stamp.
40X24 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Open tear to top left corner of the sheets. Filing hole. Creases. Ink is somewhat faded.
3-5. Three sheets with architectural drawings for building additions. The sheets are titled "Chazan-Levin Architects" and "Beit Y. Eisenberg Neve Bezalel, plan of additions" (in Hebrew and English; on one of them this title appears in English only). Stamped "Approved Plan" by the City Engineer's Department. The sheets are stapled together with the sheets appearing as items 6-14 hereunder.
53.5X37.5 cm. Two sheets in fair-good condition. Creases. Tears and open tears. Faded colors. Third sheets in poor condition. Numerous tears and large open tears. Creases. Margins of leaves are almost wholly lacking. Filing holes. Drawings in pen on back of sheets.
6-14. Sheet with mathematical calculations for the plans of additions to Ya'akov Eisenberg's house (stenciled). On the first leaf appears the title "Statical Calculation, House of Mr. Eizenberg, Neve Bezalel, Jerusalem". Ink stamped "Approved s[tatical] calculations" and "Applicant's copy". Sheets are stapled to the drawings in the previous paragraph.
21X34 cm. Fair-poor condition. Significant staining. Tears and open tears. Creases. Filing holes. One sheet is detached from the others.
The documents are inserted in the original folder bearing the titles "Building Permit folder" and "Applicant's Copy".

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Collection of Postcards and Photographs – “Maccabi” and “Hapoel” Conventions and Competitions in Palestine, First Half of 20th Century

Collection of photographs, postcards, real-photo postcards and printed cards, related to "Maccabi" and "Hapoel" sports clubs, and to sports competitions held in Palestine. Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and other places, 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s (a number of items might be from the 1910s).
Among the items:
* Postcards with photographs of "Maccabi" conventions in the years 1929 and 1938; in one photograph appears the mayor of Tel Aviv Meir Dizengoff. * Printed cards with photographs from the first national conventions of "Hapoel" in Tel-Aviv, Succot, 1929. * Group photograph of "Maccabi" Tel-Aviv sportsmen. A dedication is printed on the back to the group coach, from 1926. * Postcard published by Moshe Ordmanm – "Maccabi" convention in Tel-Aviv. * Photograph of a football team in Hadera.* Photographs from a bicycle riding competition. * Postcard with a photograph from a football game between Beitar Tel-Aviv and Maccabi Netanya, 1946. And more.
Enclosed: a postcard printed towards the "Maccabi" convention in Czechoslovakia in 1929.The postcard was used and sent by mail.
Total of 35 items. Size and condition vary. Average size: 14X9 cm. Good-fair overall condition. Pen and pencil inscriptions on verso of photographs. Some tears and creases.

Opening500$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium

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Collection of Paper Items – Maccabi Organization – Member Cards, Early Periodicals and Other Items

Ten paper items printed on behalf of Maccabi Organization. Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and other places, late 1910 to late 1940s.
Among the items:
* Maccabi, illustrated periodical for Physical Education matters, published four times a year, edited by Y. [Ya'akov] Wassermann. Published by "Merkaz ha'Maccabi' beRussia" [Maccabi in Russai], Odessa, [1918]. First year, booklet 1 (no additional booklets have been printed). Numerous illustrations and photographs.
* Regulations of the Maccabi Association in Palestine. M. Shoham press, Jaffa, [1927?]. A booklet with 99 regulations concerning the operations of the Maccabi organization in Palestine: name of the association, motto, duties and rights of members, finances, committee meetings and other subjects.
* "Hed HaMaccabi", a one-time publication (published by the Association for Gymnastics and Sports Maccabi, Palestine, with the support of "Brit Vatike 'HaMaccabi' Palestine"), edited by Yitzchak Korland. Tel-Aviv, [1934]. A booklet published on the occasion of the return of the Jewish delegation from the Western Asiatic Games in New Delhi – a competition sponsored by the Olympic Committee, with the participation of representatives from Afghanistan, India, Palestine, Persia and Ceylon (Sri-Lanka).
* Three member cards – Maccabi organization in Palestine: Card from 1927, in the name of Bunim Hezroni, football and handball player in Afula; card from 1928 in the name of Yitzchak Ziesling, one of Maccabi founders, chairman of Maccabi Israel and one of the Maccabiah organizers; card from 1938 in the name of Moshe Kassel, teacher and educator, founder of the first Volleyball team in Haifa.
* Three more issues of periodicals and a calendar for 1947, printed on behalf of Maccabi movement.
Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition. Stains, creases and damage (mostly slight). Professionally restored tears to covers and to margins of some pages of the regulation brooklet and the "Maccabi, illustrated periodical" booklet.
Bottom margins of first leaf of "Hed HaMaccabi" are trimmed (slightly affecting text).

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction Online 16 Lot Number 17

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Collection of Letters and Paper Items – A Physician and a Nurse in Hadassah, Jerusalem – 1920s–1950s

About 100 letters, drafts, photographs, notebooks and paper items which belonged to the couple Yehiel and Chaya Gruenfeld, a physician and a nurse in "Hadassah" organization and in clinics in Jerusalem. Jerusalem and other places in Palestine and Europe, 1920s through 1950s. Polish, German, Hebrew and other languages.
Among others, the collection includes:
* Arm band for volunteers in "Hadassah". A blue fabric band with an embroidered red Star of David and "Yael [Yad Ezra LaChole] Hadassah".
* Certificate dated 4.1.1926, typewritten on official letterhead of Hadassah Medical Organization, indicating that "Yehiel Gruenfeld works in Rothschild hospital as a volunteer". Ink-stamped with the hospital's stamp.
* Three student cards in the name of Yehiel' Gruenfeld's, from his studies in Karl Franzens Universität, from the years 1919-1921 (different certificates). On each appears a photograph and personal details (behind one of the photographs appears a folded note with a poem handwritten in Hebrew).
* About 45 letters and drafts, most of them written by hand, sent to and from the Gruenfelds in different periods: four letters from physicians and directors in "Hadassah" hospital, on official stationery of "District Health Office, Jerusalem", concerning the work of Chaya Gruenfeld as a chief nurse in "Etzion" immigrants camp in 1950; draft of a telegram dated 7.7.1949 sent by Yehiel Gruenfeld to David Ben-Gurion "on behalf of Tobiansky-Gruenfeld families" in appreciation for "rehabilitating the name and honor of the commander Meir Tobianki" (Tobianski was executed after being found guilty of treason during the Independence War and was exonerated a few months later, with the support of David Ben-Gurion); tens of letters from family members and acquaintances (mostly in Polish and German, from the 1920s and 1930s), sent from different towns in Europe: Lublin, Zielona Góra, Radom, Warsaw and other places; more letters.
* Postcards, handwritten notes, about 25 photographs (most of them from the 1950s), ten bank notes and other items. Original envelopes are enclosed with some of the letters.
Size and condition vary. Good overall condition.

Opening200$ Unsold

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“Blue Box the Bold” – Illustrated Booklet in English

Blue Box the Bold. Text and illustrations by Mordechai Wahrhaft, English translation by Lawrence Weston. Jerusalem: Reuven Mass, [1940s]. English.
Rhymed story by Mordechai (Amitai) Warhaft, translated from Hebrew to English, about the journeys of "Kufson Ben-Chayil" (JNF Blue Box character) in Palestine. Lithographic printing ("Grafika") in blue and orange.
22 pp, 19.5 cm. Good condition. Some stains and slight damage to cover. Bound with a string.

Opening100$ Unsold

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Palestine Directory, the Register of Commerce and Industry in Palestine

– Two editions – Palestine, 1940s
1. Palestine Directory, the Register of Commerce and Industry in Palestine. Published by "The Register of Commerce and Industry in Palestine", Tel Aviv, (1946). Hebrew and English.
24 pp, 351 columns, XXXV pp, [1] leaf, 372 columns, [1] leaf, 30 pp, VIII pp, 23.5 cm. Fair-poor condition. Tears and open tears at margins of leaves. Detached leaves. Fragile paper. Scribbles in pen. Lacking spine. Margins of binding a worn and lacking. Sticker on the front binding.
2. Palestine Directory, Register of Commerce and Industry in Palestine, Palestine address book. Published by "The Register of Commerce and Industry in Palestine", Tel Aviv, (1948). Hebrew and English.
[4] leaves, 46 pp, 552 columns, XVI pp, [1] leaf, 5766 columns, 42 pp, VIII pp, [1] folded leaf, 23.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains. Spine mostly detached. Margins of binding are worn.
The books list companies, workshops, plants, professionals, societies and businesses in Palestine, in two parallel parts in Hebrew and English, with advertisements for companies in Palestine and abroad. The partition map – "Map of the Jewish State Following the UN Decision of 29.11.47" appears in the beginning of the 1948 edition (in both Hebrew and English parts) with an introduction on behalf of the Jewish Agency, praising the initiative of publishing this book and its importance for a country which leads a proper economic life.

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Collection of Books and Periodicals – Calendars, History and Geography of Palestine

Fifteen books, calendars, compositions and periodicals about Palestine and its history. 1859-1950.
1. Yerushalayma! By Ludwig August Frankl. Vienna: Descendants of Israel Knopfflmacher bookstore press, [1859].
2. Yerushalayim, essays by Avraham Moshe Lunz. Vienna: Avraham Moshe Lunz, [1882].
3-7. Lu'ach Eretz Israel (Hebrew), calendars for the years 1895, 1896, 1905, 1911, 1913. Published by Avraham Moshe Lunz, Jerusalem.
8. Hachayim VeHateva, (Hebrew), by Dr. Y. L. Metmann. Published by Nature Society in Eretz Israel, Jaffa, [1909].
9. Akko, (Hebrew), Monograph by Aharon Ahronson. Hayishuv publishing, Tel-Aviv, [1925].
10. Yerushalayim, (Hebrew), Palestine Exploration Society, in memory of R' Avraham Moshe Lunz, edited by A. L. Sukenik and I. Peres. Published by "Darom" publishing house and bookstore, Jerusalem, [1928].
11. Edut BiYehosef, (Hebrew) expedition to Palestine in the years 1760-1762, by R' Yosef Sofer. Published by "Darom", Jerusalem, [1933].
12. Yerushalayim, (Hebrew), quarterly for the research of Jerusalem and its history, bound volume of issues. Published by Harav Kook Institute and the Palestine Institute for Folklore and Ethnology, Jerusalem, [1948].
13. Kivrei Avot, (Hebrew), the study of Jewish graves in Eretz Israel, by Dr. Michael Ben Ish Shalom. Published by Harav Kook Institute of World Mizrahi and the Eretz Israeli Institute for Folklore and Ethnology, Jerusalem, 1948.
14. Some principal Muslim religious buildings in Israel (Hebrew), by L. A. Meir, I. Pinkerfeld, H. Z. Hirsheberg, I. L. Maimon. Published by the Committee for the Preservation of Muslim Religious Buildings in the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Jerusalem, [1950]. Hebrew, Arabic and English.
15. Palestine 10 Pictures, painted by Ze'ev Raban. "Bezalel" Jerusalem. Tel-Aviv: "Sinai", [ca.1950]. Dedication handwritten by Raban, dated 1953.
15 books, size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition.
Books were not thoroughly examined and are sold AS IS.

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Record of the Activities of the Pro-Jerusalem Society from 1918-1920 – London, 1921 – Photographs and Maps

Two books, edited by Charles Robert Ashbee, recording the operations of the Pro-Jerusalem Society and outlining its plans during 1918-1922. London, 1921-1924. English. (Originally) bound together.
* Jerusalem 1918-1920, Being the Records of the Pro Jerusalem Council during the period of the British Military Administration. London, 1921.
The book contains 79 photographs, sketches and maps (some are plates). These include: Two folded maps of Jerusalem (Town Planning Scheme) and many photographs of the Old City of Jerusalem.
* Jerusalem 1920-1922: Being the records of the Pro Jerusalem council during the first two years of the civil administration. London, 1924.
This book contains 69 photographs, sketches and maps (some plates) including: a folded sketch of the interior of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a folded zoning map of Jerusalem, sketches of the Talpiot neighborhood, photographs of the Old City Gates, etc.
Both books are bound together. The cover bears the symbol of the Pro Jerusalem Society which integrates a Star of David, crosses and a crescent with the verse "Walk about Zion and go round about the towers thereof ". The years 1918-1920 appear next to the symbol.
The "Pro-Jerusalem Society" was founded in 1918 by the first British governor of Jerusalem, Sir Ronald Storrs, and operated in Jerusalem until the end of the British Mandate. The goal of this society was to develop Jerusalem while preserving its historic sites. Among other activities, the society cleaned and preserved the Tower of David, renovated and restored the ceramic tiles of the Dome of the Rock, constructed public buildings, restored historic structures, planted trees, and more.
XV, [1], 87, [1] pp + plates; XVI, 109 pages + plates. 29 cm. Overall good condition. Foxing throughout the book. Bookplate and pen inscription on front endpapers. Minor defects. Small tears and damages to binding.

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Emergency Laissez-passer – Pinchas Rutenberg, 1925

Emergency Laissez-passer by the Government of Palestine, issued for Pinchas Rutenberg. Palestine, February 1925.
Official certificate (valid for one year) permitting its holder to leave to Egypt, Europe and America. The certificate served as a substitute for a passport for Palestine residents who were not British subjects.
Two leaves (four pages), typewritten, with handwritten additions, signatures and stamps.
Rutenberg's passport picture with his signature appear on the first page above his full details: citizenship, age, height, etc. The pages are full of ink-stamps and visas of England, Italy, German, Suez Canal border-crossing, etc. Among the stamps is an Austrian stamp dated August 1925 alongside a handwritten inscription in German ("besuches des Zionisten Kongresses"), attesting to Rottenburg's participation in the 14th Zionist Congress in Vienna.
Pinchas Rutenberg (1879-1942) was a Jewish-Russian revolutionist, head of the National Committee for two terms, founder of the Israel Electric Corporation and pioneer of modern industry in Palestine. This document is from the time Rutenberg received the exclusive franchise from the Mandate government to produce electricity in Palestine and he began with plans to construct the hydro-electric power plant in Naharayim.
[2] leaves (four pages), 33 cm. Fair condition. Folding marks and creases. Many tears to edges and along the folding marks, some open and some reinforced with adhesive tape. Stains.

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Compilation of Documents and Certificates – Aliya from Aden, 1936-1940

Collection of personal certificates and documents of Siloom Salem Cohen, related to her aliya to Palestine from Aden in 1936. Aden and Palestine, 1936-1940. Hebrew and English.
* British-Indian passport from 1936 (until 1937 the city of Aden was a British Colony). * Palestine Immigrant Certificate from 1936. Stamped by the Palestine office in Aden. * Travel stub for the Drom Yehuda Company. * Certificate of Registration from 1940.
Total of four items. Size and condition vary. Overall good condition. Few tears and filing holes. Many stains.

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