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Auction Online 18 Lot Number 406

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“Ragle Mevasser” by Rabbi Judah Alkalai – Belgrade, 1865 – Booklet in Honor of Alliance Israélite Universelle

Ragle Mevasse, in honor of "Kol Israel Chaverim", by Judah Alkalai, Belgrade, [1865].
A short composition by Rabbi Judah Akalai, dedicated to the foundation of the Jewish organization Alliance Israélite Universelle ("Kol Israel Haverim"). Mentioned in the composition, among other things, are the plan to settle Palestine, the importance and role of the Alliance Israélite Universelle, key figures from early days of Zionism (Moses Montefiore, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalisher, Adolphe Crémieux, Elisa Hertz and others), and other subjects.
Rabbi Judah Alkalai (1798-1878), born in Sarajevo, was one of the forerunners of Zionism. He learned about the Damascus Blood Libel in 1840 and started to formulate a new plan for solving the Jewish question – immigration to Palestine, revival of the Jewish language, acquiring lands and founding public funds. Rabbi Alkalai had high hopes regarding the Alliance Israélite Universelle when it was founded in 1860 – being the first international Jewish organization in the new era, and considered it to be a first and important step towards materializing his plan. In 1874 he immigrated to Palestine with his wife Esther, and passed away four years later. Alkalai was buried in the Mount of Olives cemetery
10 leaves, 22 cm. Good-fair condition. Many stains. Tears at margins. Open tears to corners and to last two leaves (not affecting text). Ink-stamps on first and last leaves. New endpapers and new cardboard binding. Missing original wrappers.

Opening150$ Unsold

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 407

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Hovevei Zion Ledger – Handwritten Report – Odessa, 1888

A report, handwritten on lined paper, listing the income and expenses of the Hovevei Zion branch in Odessa for the years 5647-5648 (1887-1888). [Odessa?, 1888?].
The report contains two pages of expenses and two pages of income, documenting the donations and financial sources of Hovevei Zion ("Proceeds of the pictures of Montefiore", "For the Eitz Haim Yeshiva", "From the Nes Ziona Association"), as well as its activities and expenses ("for the son of Mr. Gantner of Zikhron Ya’akov for travel expenses"; "for a mare for Mr. Fishel Saliman of Yesud ha-Ma’ala"; "for the delegate that was sent in Constantinople to Baron Hirsch and the city’s dignitaries"; "for the printing of the public appeal," and more). A summary of the account at year’s end appears on the last page – a modest surplus of 160 rubles.
At the beginning of the report is a cover page with the title "Hovevei Zion Ledger", with three other reports that the movement published that year listed beneath. A note appears at the bottom of the page. It states: "Each part [=report] will be sent on its own… to the treasurers and to the associations that sent their money to Odessa and to Paris, and to the associations that stopped sending their money".
[3] leaves (5 written pages), approx. 28 cm. Good-fair condition. Fold marks. Tears and open tears at the edges and along the fold lines (most of them minor, with slight damage to text). A few stains.

Opening100$ Sold For125$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 408

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Broadside Issued by the Ahavat Zion Society – A Call to Support the Jewish Community in Palestine – Vienna, June 1882

Broadside issued by the Ahavat Zion Society. Vienna: Moritz Knöpflmacher, Sivan 5642 [June 1882].
A call for support printed soon afterthe establishment of the Ahavat Zion Society, whose purpose was to collect funds to buy land in Palestine for settlement by Jewish farmers from Eastern Europe.
In response to the anti-Semitic persecutions in Eastern Europe, and particularly after the pogroms in Russia in 1881 (which the Jews referred to as "Storms in the Negev"), societies were formed to support Jewish immigration to America. However, this call, which went against that trend by supporting immigration to and settlement in Palestine, listed the reasons for choosing Palestine.
It is signed, in print, by the directors of the society: Shlomo Zalman Spitzer, Reuven Birer, and others.
28.5 cm. Good condition. Folding marks. Small tears at the edges and along the fold line, most of them repaired by acid-free tape.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening150$ Sold For238$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 409

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Birthday Greeting to Saul Pinchas Rabbinowicz from the Committee of Zionist Associations of Brisk, Lithuania – Handwritten on Stationery with Jewish National Fund “Zion” Stamps – April 1905

A birthday greeting to Saul Pinchas Rabbinowicz (known by the Hebrew acronym Shepher) from the leadership of the Central Committee of the Zionist Associations in Brisk, Lithuania. Handwritten on the committee’s official stationery, with "Zion" stamps of the Jewish National Fund affixed to it. Brisk (Brest), Lithuania, 1 Nissan 5665 (April 6, 1905).
The letter was sent to the author and historian Saul Pinchas Rabbinowicz, who was among the first members of the Hovevei Zion movement, on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday. It notes his great and pioneering influence upon the Zionist idea both in his writings in favor of the return to Zion and as secretary of the Mazkeret Moshe Association.
The letter, which bears the signatures of ten of the committee members and two of its secretaries, is stamped "Central Committee of the Zionist Associations, Brisk, Lithuania".
An illustration depicting men sowing and plowing fields on one side, and men and women praying at the Western Wall on the other side, is printed at the the top of the page (the official stationery of the committee’s leadership). Two verses from Psalms are printed between these two illustrations: "Oh, that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion!" (Psalms 14:7) and "If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its cunning" (Psalms 137:5).
[1] leaf, 28 cm. Good-fair condition. Folding marks and creases. Some stains. Small tears at the edges, most of them reinforced with tape. Small open tear on the left-hand edge.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening200$ Sold For275$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 410

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Six Postcards – Zionist Congress, 1901-1933

Six postcards, some issued for various Zionist Congresses and others bearing postmarks from various congresses.
1. Official postcard from the fifth Zionist Congress, designed by E.M. Lilien (Riemer, no. 6). Basel, 1901. Sent from the Congress on the first day.
2. Official postcard from the ninth Zionist Congress with an illustration by Hermann Struck (Riemer, no. 22). Hamburg, 1909. The postcard was sent by mail and bears a JNF stamp with the portrait of Theodor Herzl.
3. Postcard with a portrait of Max Nordau, published by Jüdischer Verlag, Cologne, sent from the 13th Zionist Congress with a postmark of the Congress. Carlsbad, 1923.
4. Official postcard from the 16th Zionist Congress, with the portrait of Theodor Herzl (Riemer, no. 61). Zurich, 1929. Sent from the congress on the second day.
5. Official postcard from the 17th Zionist Congress, with an illustration by Joseph Budko (Riemer, no. 65), Basel, 1931.
6. Postcard sent from the 18th Zionist Congress; sent on the last day of the congress. Postmark of the congress. Prague, 1933.
Average size: 9X14 cm. Good overall condition. Stains.

Opening400$ Sold For575$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 411

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Postcard of the Tenth Zionist Congress – Signed by David Wolffsohn, Max Nordau, and Others

Official postcard of the Tenth Zionist Congress in Vienna, August 9-15, 1911.
The postcard is signed on the front by David Wolfssohn and on the back by Max Nordau, Alexander Marmorek, Yitzchak Yaacov Reines, Max Bodenheimer, Norman Bentwich, and Rabbi Jacob Boccara.
A portrait of Theodor Herzl is printed on the postcard, with a quote in German from a speech that he gave at the First Zionist Congress in 1897.
14X9 cm. Good condition. Minor stains.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 412

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Protocol of the Second Zionist Congress – Vienna, 1898 – Exquisite Leather Binding

Stenographisches Protokoll der Verhandlungen des II. Zionisten-Congresses gehalten zu Basel vom 28. bis 31. August 1898 [Stenographic Protocol of the negotiations at the second Zionist Congress in Basel...]. Vienna: Verlag des Vereines "Erez Israel", 1898. German.
Proceedings of the sessions of the Second Zionist Congress, held in Basel in 1898, including addresses delivered by Herzl, Nordau and other Zionist leaders. The book is bound in a unique leather binding, embossed with the book's title in golden letters and two groups of seven silvered Stars of David (apparently in reference to the seven-starred flag conceived by Herzl). Gilt edges and endpapers illustrated with golden flowers.
257, [2] pp, 22.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Blemishes to binding, mostly to spine and corners.

Opening250$ Sold For325$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 413

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Five Photographs – Herzl’s Grave in Vienna – 1920s

1-3. Three photographs portraying a group of visitors holding a marble board with an engraved inscription: Dem Ehrenburschen dem großen Führer unser volkes, [in honor of the great leader of our people], J.A.V. Ivria 1891-1921 ['Ivria" Jewish Students Organization].
Two photographs are dedicated by hand on the back (Hebrew) and dated 4.12.1921.
4-5. Two photographs of a different group of visitors, stamped on the back: "Moderne Photographie H. Weitzmann, Wien".
All of the photographs are divided on the back for use as a postcard. Printed on the back of two photographs: Sig. Bing, Wien, I., II., III., XVII.
Approx. 14X9 cm. Good condition. Stains and blemishes (mostly on verso and at the margins). Two photographs with traces of pasting and peelings on verso.

Opening200$ Sold For550$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 414

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Three Items Commemorating Theodor Herzl

Three items commemorating Herzl and marking his reburial in the State of Israel. Jerusalem and Czechoslovakia, 1918-1949.
1. Admission ticket to the Herzl Banquet, held by the Herzl Association in Jerusalem at the Zion Cinema, to mark the anniversary of Herzl’s death on 20 Tammuz 5678 (June 30, 1918). The back of the ticket is stamped (slightly faded): "Herzl Association, Jerusalem… we shall donate to the JNF."
6X9.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Large open tear in the upper left-hand corner.
2. Pencil with a portrait of Herzl and the legend "Binyamin Ze’ev Herzl". Produced by L&C Hardtmuth, Czechoslovakia.
Length: 18 cm. Good condition.
3. Six prints that were published to mark Herzl’s reburial in Jerusalem, paintings: C. [Curt] Singer. Jerusalem: Lipschitz, [1949].
Six prints, including a portrait of Herzl, a view from Mount Herzl, the construction of Herzl’s Tomb in Jerusalem, and Herzl’s funeral. A leaf with text in honor of Herzl’s reburial in Jerusalem accompanies the prints.
[7] leaves, 33 cm. Good condition.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 415

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JNF – Four Certificates – Illustrations by Hermann Struck, Joseph Budko, and Meir Ben Uri – 1928-1946

Four illustrated certificates of the Jewish National Fund, from the 1920s to the 1940s.
1. A certificate of registration in the JNF’s Golden Book made out to Dr. Jelski of Geneva, 1928. Signed by Menahem Ussishkin. With an illustration by Hermann Struck.
2. A certificate given to Nissim Valero for his contribution to "the redemption of land for the establishment of Kfar Menahem Ussishkin for his seventieth birthday". Lithograph, [Grafika printers, Jerusalem], 1935. The certificate was designed by Joseph Budko. The illustration on the certificate shows buildings of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
The bottom of the certificate has been trimmed.
3. A certificate awarded for the donation of the planting of twelve trees in the Rabbi Meir Berlin Forest, planted in the 1940s in Kfar Etzion. Printed by the Jewish National Fund in the United States.
An illustration of pioneers planting trees appears at the center of the certificate, with a portrait of Rabbi Berlin above it. The certificate is signed "M. P." in the plate.
4. A certificate of inscription in JNF’s Children’s Book for Yoram Hessel. The certificate is illustrated by Meir Ben Uri (signed in the plate: "Ben-Uri Haifa"). Jerusalem: Grafika.
Size and condition vary. Overall good-fair condition.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening200$ Sold For250$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 416

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Collection of Letters, Certificates and Paper Items – Jewish National Fund

Approximately 65 letters, certificates, receipts, notebooks and other items printed on behalf of JNF. Palestine, Europe, United States and elsewhere. 20th century. Hebrew, English, Yiddish, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and other languages.
Among the items: • About 25 letters, printed and written by hand, sent by JNF representatives worldwide on official stationery: letters in Yiddish from JNF New-York, 1920s; letters in German from JNF chamber in Berlin, 1930s; as well as letters from JNF chambers in Poland, Argentina, Greece, France, England, the Netherlands and elsewhere. • Certificate of inscription in JNF Austria Silver Book, printed in blue and silver ink and signed by hand by Haim Tartakover, head of JNF in Vienna. • Five certificates for donations for planting trees in Palestine. • Issue of the weekly "Kabarat Ala Kuanna in the country and in the Diaspora!", dated 1.8.1953, distributed in synagogues in Morocco. Written in Judeo-Arabic, calling to donate to JNF, with a JNF ink-stamp on the bottom. • Dozens of "Yizkor" tickets and notebooks of JNF (with leaves designated for a donation to commemorate the deceased and to "redeem the land of Israel"). • And more.
Size and condition vary. Good overall condition.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening200$ Sold For550$ Including buyers premium
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