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The Auction was held on 23/01/19

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 536

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Scenes from Jewish Family Life – Alphonse Lévy – Paris, 1902

Scènes Familiales Juives / Judisches familienleben [Scenes from Jewish family life], by Alphonse Lévy, with an introduction by Bernard Lazare. Paris: Félix Juven, [1902]. French.
21 plates depicting various scenes, some of them humorous, of Jewish family life in Alsace, with captions in French, Hebrew, and [flawed] Yiddish. The titles on two of the plates are printed upside-down.
Alphonse Lévy (1943–1918), a native of Alsace, began his career as a satirical painter and later began documenting Jewish life in Alsace and Algeria.
[5] leaves (including a print opposite the cover page), [21] plates, [3] leaves, 33.5 cm. Good condition. Small tears at the edges of the leaves. Several tears repaired with paper on the front cover and the page immediately following. Creases in the front cover. Stains, creases, and open tears on the back cover (the back cover is mounted on paper). New hard-cover binding. Ex-library copy (a library sticker on the inside front cover and a paper pocket on the inside back cover, traces of glue and library stickers on the binding).

Opening350$ Sold For438$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 509

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Varied Collection of “Shanah Tovah” Postcards

Approximately 75 "Shanah Tovah" postcards. Different publishers, Germany, Austria, Britain, USA and elsewhere, [first decades of the 20th century].
Among the postcards: a postcards depicting romantic scenes such as smiling children, flower bouquets, pigeons carrying greeting cards and birds surrounded by blossoming branches; postcards depicting scenes from the Jewish cycle of life and biblical scenes; and some postcards depicting Zionist motifs and immigration to the USA.
One postcard is undivided.
Average size: 9X14 cm. Fair overall condition. Blemishes, tears, creases and stains. Worming and peeling of color to a number of postcards. 49 postcards were used.

Opening350$ Sold For438$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 472

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Collection of Prints – Jerusalem and Palestine – 19th Century

38 prints of sites in Jerusalem and the vicinity and other places in Palestine. Most were printed in England, [19th century (a few prints are later)].
The collection includes prints from different books, including "The Holy Land" by David Roberts, "Picturesque Palestine", "The Christian in Palestine", and more. Some of the prints were created after paintings by William Turner, William Henry Bartlett, Thomas Allom, and others.
One of the prints, taken from issue no. 18 of "The Illustrated London News", December 1858, depicts the windmill built by Moses Montefiore outside the walls of Jerusalem that year.
Some of the prints are hand-colored.
Size and condition vary. Good to fair-poor overall condition. Some of the prints are contained in plastic envelopes and were unexamined out of them.
Provenance: Collection of the Jerusalem Foundation founded by Teddy Kollek.
The proceeds from the sale of this item will go to the Jerusalem Foundation and will be allocated for supporting projects in Jerusalem.

Opening350$ Sold For475$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 715

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Collection of Share Certificates and Bonds – American Companies and Organizations – “New York Achooza Aleph” Company / Temple “Beth Emeth” of Flatbush and more / Land Ownership Certificate Signed by the Unites States President, Martin Van Buren

17 Share certificates, bonds and other certificates of American companies and organizations, including Jewish-owned companies and companies involved in the economic development in Israel. USA, 1920s-1960s.
Among the items:
• Two bonds -Temple "Beth Emeth" of Flatbush, New York, 1922.
• Certificate issued by "New York Achooza Aleph" company – receipt for land purchase in Ra'anana. New York, 1932. Signed by the company's president and his deputy.
"New York Achooza Aleph" was a Jewish Zionist company founded in New York in 1912. In 1921 the company established Ra'anana.
• Share certificates of Jewish-owned companies, including Gimbel Brothers, Isaac Prouty, Straus Brothers Company, and more.
• Share certificate – "American Eretz Israel Corporation", 1960.
The company was founded in 1944 to promote economic trade between Israel and the United States and to assist in the economic development of Israel.
• Common Stock Purchase Warrant of "America-Israel Phosphate Company, 1961.
• More.
Total of 17 items. Size and condition vary.
Enclosed: Land ownership certificate – the town of Palestine in Illinois (USA) – issued in 1839 and signed by American president Martin Van Buren.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

Opening400$ Sold For525$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 627

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Four Photographs – Sarah and Aaron Aaronsohn – Early 20th Century

Four photographs of the brothers Sarah and Aaron Aaronsohn, founders of Nili (Jewish espionage network). [Cairo, Paris and Hamburg (one photograph from an unknown location), ca. early 20th century].
• Studio photograph of Sarah Aaronsohn, with two Nili members: Joseph Lishansky and Levi Yitzchak Shneersohn. Most probably taken in Cairo, 1917. • Portrait photograph ("carte de visite") of Sarah Aaronsohn, attached to a cardboard plate with photographer's name - Fr. Hasselmeier, Hamburg. • Real-photo postcard of Sarah Aaronsohn.
Two photographs are numbered with a colored pencil on top. On the back of three photographs appear handwritten inscriptions (Hebrew) and on the back of two appear ink-stamps: Grands Magasins Carlmann, Photographe: Mr. Romano; Anglo Russian Studio, Averde des Pyramides – Heliopolis.
Approx. 6X9 cm – 14X9 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and minor blemishes to margins.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening400$ Sold For813$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 663

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Non-Traditional Haggadah – ATS and REME Companies – Egypt, 1945

Non-traditional haggadah – ATS companies 504, 505, 511, and 520, and REME companies 529 and 329. Tell El Kebir (Egypt), 1945.
Non-traditional haggadah with illustrations. An alternative version of the Four Questions (Ma Nishtana) appears on pages 10 and 11, with another excerpt that deals with the post-war global balance of power: "We were wise, and did not rejoice over the declarations and promises of the [non-Jewish] nations. As it is said: Trust not those nations even in the grave. We went up to our own land, and we will bring our brethren there with a strong hand and an outstretched arm. For had we rejoiced over the kindness of the [non-Jewish] nations, we and our children and our children’s children would be subjugated to the enemies of Israel for all time". Illustrations of Hitler hanging from a rope appear on page 14.
18 pp, 16.5 x 21.5 cm. Fair–good condition. Colored illustrations on two pages. Stains and creases. Tears (some of them open) repaired with acid-free tape. Leaves of non-uniform size. In some places, leaves are trimmed, with slight damage to text or an illustration. The haggadah is bound in a transparent plastic cover.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening400$ Sold For750$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 504

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Collection of “Shanah Tovah” Postcards – Hebrew Publishing Co. – United States

Approximately 90 "Shanah Tovah" postcards. Published by Hebrew Publishing Co., New-York, [the first decades of the 20th century].
The collection includes: postcards depicting events from the Jewish cycle of life, among them Brit Mila, buying Etrog, and more; postcards depicting biblical scenes, among them King David playing the harp, story of Samson and Delilah, and more; postcards depicting Zionist themes and motifs, among them the second Zionist Congress in Basel, a ship in Jaffa port, "Lag BaOmer in the colony of Petach Tikva", Herzl's portrait, donation to a JNF Blue Box and more; postcards depicting immigration from the Old World to the USA, among them flags of the USA by the Blue and White flag, American Jews welcoming with open arms Jews coming from East Europe, "from darkness to light" – the American eagle rescuing doves from the claws of the Russian eagle, and more; and postcards depicting the prosperity and success which the new year will bring. Numerous postcards were illustrated by Jacob Keller (signed in the plate).
A number of postcards appear in several copies.
8.5X13.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Many stains. Some blemishes to margins of postcards. Open tears at margins of several postcards. Creases. Fractures. Long tear to one postcard, reinforced with tape. Two postcards were used.

Opening400$ Sold For2,125$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 535

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Issue of Telehor Dedicated to the Work of László Moholy-Nagy – Brno, 1936

l. moholy-nagy [Issue 1–2 of Telehor: The International Review New Vision, edited by František Kalivoda]. Brno, 1936. Czech, German, English, and French.
A quadrilingual issue of the Telehor art journal edited by the architect and cinema theoretician František Kalivoda, dedicated wholly to the work of László Moholy-Nagy. This is the journal's only issue.
The issue contains an introduction by the art historian and critic Sigfried Giedion, and brief essays written by Moholy-Nagy about various issues relating to his work (in Czech, German, English, and French). The issue centers around dozens of photographs and reproductions, some of them in color, of Moholy-Nagy's diverse oeuvre in various fields, including graphic arts, sculpture, chiaroscuro, photography, and photomontage, accompanied by text in Czech.
The issue is spiral-bound and has a paper cover. The front side of the cover is black, with the title "l. moholy-nagy" printed upon it. Other copies of the issue were published with a different cover, in color.
László Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946), a Jewish constructivist interdisciplinary artist born in Hungary, worked in various fields including painting, sculpture, photography, cinema, and graphic design. He studied with the avant-garde artist Róbert Berény, and upon his arrival in Berlin in 1920, he was invited to teach at the Bauhaus school, where he worked until 1928. When the Nazis came to power, he left Berlin and eventually arrived in Chicago, where he founded the New Bauhaus school in 1937, and became its head. The school closed shortly thereafter due to lack of funds, and was reopened as the Chicago School of Design in 1939.
[1] leaf (front cover), [1] 3–133, pp., [1] page (back cover) + [1] page (order forms for a subscription to the journal), 30 cm. Different pagination is noted in some libraries (138 pp). Good–fair condition. The front and back covers, and one of the pages, are detached from the spiral binding. Tears and open tears on the cover. Stains. Slight damage, tears, and open tears at the edges of the pages, not affecting the text or the photographs.
Not in NLI.

Opening400$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 551

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Michael Druks – Four Works

Four works by Michael Druks (b. 1940)
1. Charcoal on paper. Signed in pencil and dated 1964.
34.5X50 cm. Good condition. Minor stains. Matted.
2. Portrait. Mixed media on paper mounted on cardboard. Signed in pencil and dated 1967.
20X14 cm. Fair-good condition. Paper is wavy. Minor blemishes and stains.
3. Contrabass player and drummer. Mixed media on paper.
35X25 cm. Good condition. Dark paper. Matted.
4. Pianist. Mixed media on paper.
34.5X 25 cm. Dark paper. Stains. Matted.

Opening400$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 521

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“May the Vision of the Negev Be Fulfilled” – Yiddish Poster Issued by the Jewish National Fund – Franz Kraus – 1950s

"May the vision of the Negev be fulfilled – redemption and water for the desolate wilderness": illustrated poster issued by the Jewish National Fund. Tel Aviv: A. Levin-Epstein Printers / Rosner Advertising, [1950s]. Design: Franz Kraus. Yiddish.
A large water pipeline is seen in the foreground of the poster, with plowed fields and thriving residential communities behind it. The caption "May the vision of the Negev be fulfilled – redemption and water for the desolate wilderness" appears, in Yiddish, at the top of the poster.
Approx. 49X69 cm. in a 68.5X80 cm. frame. Good condition. Folding marks and creases. Stains. Unexamined outside the frame.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening400$ Sold For875$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 410

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Six Postcards – Zionist Congress, 1901-1933

Six postcards, some issued for various Zionist Congresses and others bearing postmarks from various congresses.
1. Official postcard from the fifth Zionist Congress, designed by E.M. Lilien (Riemer, no. 6). Basel, 1901. Sent from the Congress on the first day.
2. Official postcard from the ninth Zionist Congress with an illustration by Hermann Struck (Riemer, no. 22). Hamburg, 1909. The postcard was sent by mail and bears a JNF stamp with the portrait of Theodor Herzl.
3. Postcard with a portrait of Max Nordau, published by Jüdischer Verlag, Cologne, sent from the 13th Zionist Congress with a postmark of the Congress. Carlsbad, 1923.
4. Official postcard from the 16th Zionist Congress, with the portrait of Theodor Herzl (Riemer, no. 61). Zurich, 1929. Sent from the congress on the second day.
5. Official postcard from the 17th Zionist Congress, with an illustration by Joseph Budko (Riemer, no. 65), Basel, 1931.
6. Postcard sent from the 18th Zionist Congress; sent on the last day of the congress. Postmark of the congress. Prague, 1933.
Average size: 9X14 cm. Good overall condition. Stains.

Opening400$ Sold For575$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 493

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Photograph Album – Founding of the Refineries in Haifa, 1939–1940

Album containing approximately 180 photographs documenting the founding of the refineries in Haifa. July 1939 to August 1940.
Among the photographs: • Transporting a pipe for crude oil on the railway tracks. • Constructing the main office building. • Constructing the cooling towers. • Aerial photographs of the refineries’ area during construction. • Building the towers for refining the crude oil, the ponds for treating effluent, and the storage tanks. • Building the staff building. • Photographs of the camp area, taken from the top of the towers. • And more.
The photographs are dated in pen in the corners. The pages of the album contain additional dating and descriptions. The caption "Album A-2" appears at the beginning of the album, and a sticker from the photography studio appears on the inside back cover: "Hanania Brothers, Photographic Specialists, Jerusalem".
Approx. 180 photographs in all (mounted in the album). Size varies. Average size: 8.5X12 cm. Good condition. Some of the photographs are loose. Small paper sticker on one of the pages. A few tears, folds, and creases on the tissue guards, and one tissue guard is missing. Minor blemishes at the corners and edges of the binding.

Opening400$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 519

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Poster Marking Israel’s First Independence Day, 1949 – the Shamir Brothers

"On the day of our first celebration of the State of Israel’s establishment… Keren HaYesod sends its blessing to the whole House of Israel in Israel and in the Diaspora". Illustrated poster issued by Keren HaYesod in honor of the State of Israel’s first Independence Day. Tel Aviv: HaPoel HaTza’ir Cooperative Press, 1949. Design: The Shamir Brothers.
A congratulatory message from Keren HaYesod in honor of the State of Israel’s first Independence Day appears at the center of the poster: "Just as we were privileged to establish our state, so may we be privileged to improve and glorify it, and gather its children within it from the four corners of the earth….". Around the message is a frame of grapevines and oranges. At the top of the frame is a cloud issuing trumpets, a shofar, and Israeli flags. At the bottom of the frame is the date: "5 Iyar, 1949."
70X50 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and minor blemishes. Traces of pasting at the corners. Folding marks and creases. Tears (some open) at the edges and on the fold lines. The entire poster is mounted on thin acid-free paper.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening400$ Sold For500$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 717

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Collection of Government Bonds – The “Bonds” – United States, 1950s through 1980s –Specimen Prints

27 bonds issued by the Government of Israel, most of them through the "Bonds" organization – Specimen prints. USA, 1950-80s.
Among them: "State of Israel Bonds" in different values issued in the years 1950s-80s. Specimen. • "Income Bonds" issued between the years 1977-1985. Stamped – Specimen. Two bonds in the amount of $250 initiated by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. His goals were to sell bonds to communities and to individuals worldwide and strengthen the relationship between Jewish communities in the Diaspora and the State of Israel, Zionism and Judaism.
Size and condition vary.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

Opening400$ Sold For1,375$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 456

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Collection of Protest Posters against the Israeli Disengagement Plan

Nine protest posters against the disengagement plan. The posters call for refusal to follow IDF orders, to support an active opposition, and protest against Ariel Sharon and the Likud party during the disengagement and afterwards. Israel, ca. 2005.
• "Jewish Eviction Forces". • "Disengagement Ministers, Don't Vote Likud". • "Commander! I can't!" • "Gevalt! / Our Father, Our King, Tear our Wicked Verdict". • "Let the Jews Win!!!" • "Brother, Don't Evict Me! Jews don't Evict Jews". • "Sharon Destroys IDF". • Two orange and black Israeli flags.
Total of 9 items. Size and condition vary. Most items are in fair condition. Creases and tears. Remnants of glue and cardboard to back of posters (the posters were torn off bulletin boards).

Opening450$ Sold For563$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 507

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Collection of “Shanah Tovah” Postcards – United States and Poland

90 "Shanah Tovah" postcards. Published by Williamsburg Art Co., Central, Z. Reznik and more. New York, Chicago, and Warsaw. Most postcards were printed in Germany. [First decades of the 20th century].
65 postcards in this collection were published by Williamsburg Art Co. and 20 postcards were published by Central. Among them are postcards with rhymed greetings in Yiddish, humorous postcards, postcards depicting scenes from Jewish life and views of Palestine, many postcards with figures of angels, postcards portraying transportation means such as hot-air balloons, airplanes and boats, and more.
Some postcards appear in multiple copies.
14X9 cm. Good overall condition. Some stains, blemishes, creases and tears to some of the postcards. Four postcards were used.

Opening450$ Sold For575$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 579

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Large Collection of “Bikhlekh” booklets – 19th and 20th Centuries – Yiddish

Large collection of approx. 120 "Bikhlekh" booklets by various authors, including Yehoshua Mezach, Gershon Chaim Levner, Ozer Blostein, Isaac Mayer Dick, Nahum Meir Schaikewitz (Shomer), I. L. Peretz, and many others. Poland, Lithuania, and elsewhere, 19th and 20th centuries. Yiddish, with some English and Russian.
The "Bikhlekh" booklets, an outlet for the distribution of Yiddish essays, literature, humor, and sayings among the Jews of Eastern Europe at that time, were highly popular among the public.
Some of the booklets are bound together. Some of the booklets appear in two copies.
A list of the booklets will be sent upon request.
Approx. 120 items. Size and condition vary. The booklets were not thoroughly examined and are offered for sale AS IS.
Provenance: Collection of Dr. Israel Mehlman.

Opening500$ Sold For875$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 716

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Collection of Share Certificates – United States and Canada – 20th Century

19 share certificates of American and Canadian companies, including Jewish-owned companies and companies that worked for Israel’s economic development. United States and Canada, 20th century. English.
Among the items: Share certificate of Beth Judah Holding Corporation, 1949. A Star of David is printed at the center of the certificate. • Share certificates of American companies and businesses, such as Hebrew National Kosher Foods, Lerner Stores Corporation, Lit Brothers, Gimbel Brothers, and more. • Two share certificates of Rassco Israel in Canada, 1958. • Scrip certificate of Pec Israel Economic Corporation, 1965.
Enclosed are three checks of the Chamberlain of the City of New York to various companies, 1912.
Size and condition vary. Overall good condition.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

Opening500$ Sold For813$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 675

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Banknote – One Palestine Pound – Anglo-Palestine Bank

One Palestine Pound banknote, Anglo-Palestine Bank. Israel, [1948-1951].
Pick #15a.
Graded PMG 63 Choice Uncirculated.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening500$ Sold For625$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 529

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Ze’ev Raban – Collection of Hand-Drawn Sketches – Industrial Art Workshop

Approximately 120 sketches, most of them drawn in pencil and ink, that Ze’ev Raban prepared for items such as commercial logos, certificates, jewelry, and signs. Jerusalem.
Among them: Eleven sketches in watercolor and colored pencil (including symbols of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the landscapes of Palestine, and a logo for the Freemasons’ Grand Lodge of the State of Israel); many sketches of logos for commercial enterprises and institutions (such as Solel Boneh, the Anglo-Palestine Bank, and the School of Nursing at Beilinson Hospital); sketches of architectural elements and three-dimensional objects; jewelry and decorative objects; billboards; certificates of appreciation; maps; ornaments in geometric and vegetal patterns; and more.
Many of them are stamped: "Ze’ev Raban, Industrial Art Workshop (formerly Gur-Arie and Raban), Bezalel, Jerusalem". Some of them contain notes, comments, and instructions in Raban’s handwriting.
Enclosed: Three leaves in Raban’s handwriting – lists of works (evidently illustrations for a book); eighteen trial color prints (from books that Raban illustrated); seven trial prints for designs of logos.
Size and condition vary. Overall good–fair condition.

Opening500$ Sold For3,250$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 687

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Zionist Shekel – Collection of Receipts and Booklets – “Mauritius Shekel”– 1911-1964

About 90 receipts and receipt booklets for donation of "Zionist Shekel". Half are from Palestine and the others from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Egypt, Uruguay, Mauritius, and more, 1911-1964.
The collection includes receipt booklets and single receipts, among them new receipts, for donation of "Zionist Shekel", considered as yearly membership fees in the Zionist Organization and giving the donors the right to vote in the elections to the Zionist Congress. Among them: • Receipt for donation of one Shekel USA (?), 1911. • Certificate awarded to Yehiel Zeitag for donation of a "Gold Shekel". Jerusalem, 1923. Signed by Max Soloveichik. Design: Joesph Budko. • Voucher - "Temporary Shekel" (blank) issued by "Tzeire Zion". Vilnius, 1925. • Receipt for donation of a Shekel. Latvia, 1930. • Four receipts. Poland, 1923-1935. • Six receipts. Belgium, 1935-1947. • Two receipts. Uruguay, 1939-1940. • "Substitute Shekel", Mauritius, 1942. Printed in Mauritius and was used for collection of membership fees among the Mauritius exiles. A declaration appears on the back: "According to a letter from the Zionist Executive in Jerusalem of 11.11.1941, this shekel is recognized and valid and lists of the payers are to be sent to Jerusalem". • Receipt for donation of one Shekel, Italy, 1945. • 50 receipts and copies of receipts for donation of a Shekel and "Herzl Shekel" (for voting for the 25th Zionist Congress, 1960), Palestine and Israel, 1915-1960. Among them receipts for donations of "Jubilee Shekel", 1947. • Receipt for a donation of one Shekel, Canada, 1964. • Four receipt booklets for donations of one Shekel, Germany, 1920s-1933. • Three receipt booklets. Palestine, 1920s-1948. • Receipts booklet - state not mentioned, 1946. • More.
Enclosed: • Entrance ticket to the Executive Board session. Jerusalem, 1952. • Entrance ticket to the 25th Zionist Congress. Jerusalem, 1960. • Receipt for donation of "A tenth of a Shekel per capita" to JNF. • Postcard published by "Phoenix" with a photograph of Herzl watching the city of Basel. • Postcard published by the "National Committee of JNF", on the occasion of "Fifty years to the first Zionist Congress in Basel".
Some of the items appear in multiple copies.
Size and condition vary. Good to fair condition. Numerous cards are torn in the center after being used for voting by the Zionist Congress delegates.
Provenance: Morton Leventhal Collection, New York.

Opening500$ Sold For2,500$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 674

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Banknote – 500 Mils, Anglo-Palestine Bank

500 Mils Banknote, Anglo-Palestine Bank. Israel, [1948-1951].
Pick #14a.
Graded PMG 58 EPQ, Choice About Unc.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening800$ Sold For2,250$ Including buyers premium
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