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Auction Online 18 Lot Number 430

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“Bloody Riots in Palestine” – Booklet Published by Antifa – Brussels, 1936 / “The Tasks of the League for the Rights of Man” –Tel-Aviv, 1938

1. Les Troubles Sanglants en Palestine 1936 [The Bloody Riots in Palestine 1936]. Brussels: Antifa Palestine, 1936. French.
This booklet deals with the functioning of the Mandate Government during the 1936 riots, Arab nationalism, involvement of the Communist Party in the riots, immigration of Jews to Palestine, and more.
103 pp., 21cm. Good condition. Some stains and creases. Detached cover, with stains. Tears at edge of cover.
2. The Tasks of the League for the Rights of Man. Tel-Aviv: League for the Rights of Man, 1938. Hebrew and English. A bi-lingual booklet, English and Hebrew, about Human rights in Palestine. It includes the regulations of the League, letters from Y. L. Magnes and Arnold Zweig, and essays about emergency regulations and treatment of prisoners.
11, 13 pp., 23 cm. Good condition. Foxing, mostly on back cover (English title page).

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 431

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Map of Palestine According to the Peel Commission Partition Plan, 1937

Palestine, The new partition suggested by the Royal Commission. [Tel Aviv]: Dayag press, [ca. 1937]. Hebrew, English and German.
A map showing Palestine according to the recommendations of the Peel Commission. The area marked in red was designated to a Jewish state, the area in white – to an Arab State and the lined area was meant to be under British Mandate supervision. In the area of the Jewish State, the cities Haifa, Acre, Tiberias, Nazareth and Safed are marked in white; these cities were meant to be under provisional British Mandate.
On the back of the map appear advertisements of the companies "Silberstein's,
Orient Transport Co. Ltd.", and "Atara the Best Coffee".
25X35 cm. Good-fair condition. Folding marks and creases. Numerous stains, mostly on verso. Tears. Worming to lower part of map (with damage to text), reinforced with pasted pieces of paper on the back. Ink-stamp on top right corner.

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Auction Online 18 Lot Number 432

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Palestine Police, Index of Files

Palestine Police, Index of Files. English and some Hebrew.
A typewritten volume, with handwritten additions, corrections, and completions. Used to locate files that were stored in the police station, it contains information about the Jewish community in Palestine: a list of police stations and prisons, post offices, medical clinics, antiquities, agriculture, municipal services, streets and roads, bridges, public transportation, and more.
[47] leaves, 33.5 cm. Good condition. Stains and creases. The front endpaper is partially detached. The binding is slightly worn. The spine is torn.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 433

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A Survey of Palestine – Submitted to the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry – Folder with Ten Maps of Palestine

A Survey of Palestine, prepared in December 1945 and January 1946 for the information of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry. Printed by the Government Printer, [Jerusalem, 1946]. English. Two volumes and a folder with ten maps.
The Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry for Palestine convened in 1946 to solve the problem of Palestine and the problem of Jewish refugees in Europe. The committee was tasked to examine how Jewish immigration to Palestine will influence the country from economic, social and political points of view. For that purpose leaders and public figures from different communities were summoned to the committee to present their stands on the matters of discussion. In addition to the testimonies the committee commissioned the survey presented here, to examine data about the social and political situation in Palestine. The survey includes an extensive documentation of life in Palestine during the final period of the British Mandate. Among the chapters: the Mandate, settlement and the population, illegal immigration, economy and law, community and religions, political parties, trade and industry, communication and social services, agriculture and sanitation and more information.
A folder with ten color maps of Palestine is enclosed, with data about the topography, frontiers, population, climate, rain quantities and forests, roads, lands classification and lands owned by Jews, and more information.
Volume I: VI, 534 pp. Vol. II: V, 535-1145 pp, 23 cm + folder of maps, 28 cm (size of maps varies; the maps are folded). Good condition. Some stains. Minor blemishes. Small tears and open tears at margins of covers. A fewe stains and creases to maps. Stains, tears and blemishes to folder.

Opening150$ Sold For375$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 434

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Collection of Items – Maccabi Movement and the Maccabiah Games

11 photographs, certificates and other items – Maccabi and the Maccabiah Games in Palestine. Magdiel, Tel-Aviv and Rehovot, late 1920s through ca. late 1950s.
• Three membership cards of a trainee in the Magdiel chapter of the Maccabi movement: "trainee membership card" from 1929, "trainee membership card" from 1931 and "Maccabi member booklet" from 1934.
• Participant card in the first Maccabiah Games, 1932.
• Five photographs of the Maccabiah Games (three are divided on the back for use as a postcard, and two are titled in the plate: "Maccabiah II 1935").
• Four stamps issued for the third Maccabiah Games. The emblem of the Maccabi movement and the legend "Maccabiade, 1950" are printed on the stamps.
• Invitation card on behalf of "Agudat Maccabi 'Yehuda' – Rehovot" for the opening of the Maccabiah Games in Rehovot.
Size and condition vary. Good overall condition. Stains, folding marks and small tears.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 435

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Pro-Arab British Map of the Middle East and Palestine – With a Note from Etzel

Printed map of the Middle East and Palestine. [ca. 1944].
The Middle East is represented on this map as a great Arab kingdom, with Mosques and Muslim towns and British merchant ships sailing in the sea surrounding it with no trace of a Jewish settlement. A colorful frame surrounds the illustration with four medallions portraying portraits of rulers in the Middle East: Farouk king of Egypt, Abdallah king of Jordan, Ibn Saoud king of Saudi Arabia, Faisal II king of Iraq, and the High Commissioner of Palestine John Vereker.
In the center of the map (where an English-Arab calendar was supposed to be hung), is a note, apparently printed by the Etzel, that reads: "Jews in their homeland! this is how the 'white book' administration foresees the 'Arab Unity' and extermination of Zionism. Tens of thousands of such maps were distributed in the Middle East. Britain plays with fire!! Remember the conspiracy!".
Approx. 50.5X36 cm. Good-fair condition. Folding marks, creases and light stains (mostly to margins). Small tears to margins. A small hole where folding lines cross. Small worm holes to margins (with minor damage to illustration).

Opening200$ Sold For525$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 436

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“Eshnav” – Underground Newspaper of the Haganah -1941-1947 – All Issues

Two bound volumes with all 157 issues of "Eshnav – Likute Yediot / Devarim Beshem Omram" , 1941-1947.
Vol. I: issues 1-84 (starting with issue no. 58 the newspaper was titled "Aleph-Bet"); Vol. II: issues 85-157 (starting with issue no. 100 the newspaper was titled "Eshnav").
Printed in all of the issues: "Internal for members / not for sale"; on the first issue appears the caption "Mifleget Poale Eretz Israel".
The newspaper, published several times per month, reflects in a comprehensive and fascinating manner the history of Palestine between August 1941 and May 1947 from a political point of view, with references to Jews worldwide. Among the headlines: "Addressing the Commissioner regarding the renewal of the Arab Higher Committee", "Weizmann against Partition", "Jewish Refugees in Italy in Horrible State", "How were Illegal Immigrants in Atlit Released from the Camps".
The newspaper ceased to be published when the editor, Eliezer Loewenstein (Livneh) disagreed with the leaders of the Haganah and Mapai. Against the policy of the organization Livneh included in one obituary names of Etzel "Olei Hagardom" victims and Haganah victims, and when the Haganah objected Loewenstein resigned.
Average of 8 pp per issue. Two bound volumes, 25 cm. Good overall condition. Issues 111-112 are not complete. Stains and trimmed margins to some of the issues. Creases. Small tears at margins of some leaves. Blemishes to bindings. Library stickers on bindings.

Opening100$ Sold For275$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 437

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“Anachnu Sharim Lach” – Book with Hebrew Songs – Written and Printed in the British Internment Camp in Gilgil, Africa

Anachnu Sharim Lach (We Sing for Uou), gathered and edited by Yehudah Borochov. Published by Jabotinsky Institute in Gilgil internment camp, Kenya, [1948].
Collection of songs, typewritten and mimeographed, printed in the internment camp for Etzel and Lehi exiles in Gilgil, Kenya. The book opens with the "Song of Acre Prisoners" by Ze'ev Jabotinsky (composed while Jabotinsky was imprisoned in Acre) and it includes songs about life in Cyprus internment camps. The collection of songs is dedicated to the memory of Etzel and Lehi fighters who were killed in detention camps in Africa or in Palestine, after their release.
On the title page appears an illustration of a song bird in a cage.
110, [2] leaves, 16X20 cm. Missing front cover. Good-fair condition. Stains. Tears at margins of a number of leaves. Tears (some open) at margins of back cover.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening100$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 438

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Two Letters from Internment Camps in Cyprus – 1947-1948 / Ticket from the Illegal Immigrant Ship Haganah

Two letters from internment camps in Cyprus. 1947-1948 (German) and a ticket from the illegal immigrant ship Haganah.
1. Letter dated 10.10.1947, sent by a detainee in camp 70 to Mediaș (Romania). An interesting account about the arrival in Haifa port, deportation from Palestine and first impressions from the camp (barracks, bathing, distribution of food and more).
[1] leaf (two written pages), 20.5 cm.
2. A letter dated 12.3.1948, sent by a detainee in camp 69 in Cyprus, to Pardess Hanah. The letter concerns financial and personal matters, and ends with a line in Hebrew: "See you in Palestine!".
[1] leaf folded in half (4 written pages), 23 cm.
The letters are contained in the original envelopes, with camps' stamps, postage stamps and postmarks.
Good condition. Folding marks, stains and some blemishes. Envelopes in good-fair condition, stained. The flap with sender's name is lacking from the envelope of the first letter.
3. Paper card. On one side appears the stamp "S. S. Balboa, Panama" (the name under which the Haganah sailed) and on the other side appear handwritten inscriptions.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 439

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Four Certificates – the Legal Advisor of the Jewish National Fund in Cyprus – Palestine and Cyprus, 1947–1949

Four certificates issued to Toba Lea Rubinstein-Klejf, who worked as a legal advisor for JNF and traveled to Cyprus on its behalf during the British mandate and upon the establishment of the state. Palestine and Cyprus, 1947-1949. Hebrew and English.
1–2. "British Passport, Palestine" issued to Toba Lea Klejf, with a passport photo; entry and exit stamps from Haifa and Cyprus.
A laissez-passer issued by the State of Israel is attached to the passport with a string.
3. Alien Registration Certificate from Cyprus, stamped April 19, 1948.
4. ID card issued by the National Service Census Center from August 4, 1948. The ID card gives Klejf permission to leave Israel on JNF business.
Size and condition vary.

Opening100$ Unsold

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 440

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Collection of Documents – War of Independence, 1947-1949 – Jerusalem

A dozen certificates, documents and other printed items; mostly from Jerusalem, from the last days of the British Mandate and the War of Independence, 1947-1949.
• Curfew Pass issued by the Office of Jewish Supernumerary Police. • Three entrance cards for collection of testimonies by the UNSCOP committee in Jerusalem in 1947. • "The Arab Camp, Summary of News", internal bulletin dated 11.1.1948. • "Kol Yerushalayim", bulletin dated 23.5.1948; published by the publicity department of "Va'adat Yerushalyim" including "News and announcements by the Government of Israel, 'Kol Hamagen Haivri' and 'Kol Yerushalayim'". • Two cards for distribution of "Tnuva" products. stamped "Supply department, distribution to consumers, military governor office". • Two letters from July 1948: letter from "Mishmar HaAm" about use of the ground floor of the Urfalim congregation synagogue in Jerusalem by "Hadassah" hospital; letter from the Urfalim congregation committee in Jerusalem to "Mishmar HaAm". • "About our condition, report submitted to the convention of recruited students – 1 and 2 February 1949…", report issued by the Students Association in Jerusalem. The report deals with financial and administrative problems due to the war and bombardments on the city, handling matters of recruited students or prisoners, and more. • Invitation card to the first Independence Day reception, 1949.
Total of 12 items. Size and condition vary.

Opening150$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 441

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Photograph Album – Palmach Fighter – War of Independence, 1947-1948 – Photographs from Operation “Yoav”, Operation “Dany”, Occupation of Safed and other Battles

Approx. 35 photographs, in an album owned by Binyamin (Rusko) Feinguss (Eshet), fighter in the Third Battalion of Palmach, in the Independence War. Jerusalem, Safed, the Negev, Beit Shean and other places in Israel, 1947-1948 (one photograph from Poland, 1946).
The photographs document the battalion's members during battles, training and times of rest and recreation; most are titled on the back by hand: "visit to besieged Jerusalem for a package of cigarette"; "IDF Oath Day"; "Following the Occupation of Safed"; "View of Latroun Battles"; "On the way to Operation "Yoav"; "Shooting the Withdrawing Egyptians"; "My Admired Commander Dubi Klein"; "Palmach spirit in Wadi Dorot"; "Our Air Force Patrol around us"; "Prior to leaving for Lod"; and more.
Dates and names of photographed appear on the back of some of the photographs (written by hand). One photograph is stamped on the back: "Photo Studio 'Yona', Rishon LeZion".
Enclosed: Three documents from Feinguss's service during the war (printed and filled-in by hand), with ink-stamp of the Third Battalion of Palmach; "Kiryat Ali, the Third Battalion" (Hebrew), and identity card with his photograph and signature; "Vacation Certificate" dated 26.6.1948; Transit Order dated 12.1.1949.
On inside front cover – a pin of the "Gideon" Battalion – "Golani" Brigade.
Most photographs: approx. 8.5X6 cm (some are smaller). Good overall condition. Stains and blemishes (mostly minor). Arranged in an album of approx. 30 cm, with blemishes, tears (mostly to margins and spine), and adhesive tape strip on the front.

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Auction Online 18 Lot Number 442

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The Fall of Mishmar HaYarden – Four Letters from Members of the Moshava to the Farmers’ Association, Requesting Assistance – February-August 1948

Four letters from members of the moshava Mishmar HaYarden. February-August, 1948.
1-3. Three handwritten letters from Elad Segal, secretary of Mishmar HaYarden’s committee, to Mr. H. [Haim] Ariav, director-general of the Farmers’ Association, February 15, 1948–June 1, 1948.
These three letters, which were written before the Syrians captured Mishmar HaYarden, describe, in a most touching manner, the difficult situation and hardship that the community is suffering due to severe attacks by the Syrian army and Arab gangs. The community’s committee requests assistance, pleading for financial and material aid, together with additional personnel from the Farmers’ Association. The letters describe the difficult financial situation that the community faces, as well as the severe shortage of equipment and weapons. The committee also asks for help in evacuating the women and children, who will become a burden in the defense against the attacks.
In the third letter, dated June 1, 1948, several days before the final capture of Mishmar HaYarden by the Syrian army, as it faced relentless aerial and artillery attacks, the members of the settlement accuse the defense institutions of treating them with indifference, and conclude with a plea for assistance and that they not be left to their fate.
4. A handwritten letter from Beruria Lobovsky to Mr. Ariav, secretary-general of the Farmers’ Association, August 18, 1948.
In the letter, which was written after the fall of Mishmar Hayarden to the Syrians on June 10, 1948, Beruria Lobovsky, one of the settlement’s founders, asks Mr. Ariav to help her obtain financial compensation for the property she lost, and tells him about her son, who was wounded and taken prisoner by the Syrians.
Size and condition vary. Filing holes in the margins of all the letters. Minor blemishes.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

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Auction Online 18 Lot Number 443

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Miniature Illustrated Psalms Book – Tel-Aviv, 1949 – Gift to Soldiers of the Religious Company in Kiryati Brigade in Posts Opposite Gush Etzion

Psalms, illustrations by Shlomo Cohen [Abarbanel]. Tel-Aviv: Sinai, [1948].
A miniature Tehilim (Psalms) book, with illustrations by Shlomo Cohen-Abarbanel (1921-1981), Israeli illustrator and intelligence agent who served as deputy to the head of the Mossad.
On the front endpaper appear the ink-stamp "Brigade 4, religious service unit" and a handwritten dedication to soldiers of the "Religious Company in posts opposite Gush Etzion, 20 Tevet 5709".
"The Religious Service" was the first entity founded by IDF to supply the religious needs of soldiers in the army. This book was given to the soldiers in the religious company of Brigade 4 (Kiryati) who were stationed in posts in the Jerusalem mountains.
[2], 161 pp, 6 cm. Good condition. Some stains, mostly to first and last leaves. Ownership inscriptions on front endpapers. Loose and torn spine.

Opening100$ Sold For125$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 444

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“The Negev Brigade in Battle” – The War of Independence – Israel, 1949 – Inscription from the Brigade’s Commanding Officer

The Negev Brigade in Battle. Tel Aviv: Ma’arakhot, [1949].
A book about the work of the Negev Brigade in the War of Independence. Includes excerpts from accounts of combat soldiers and selected prose and poetry excerpts by writers such as Nathan Shaham, Mati Meged, Ayin Hillel, Moshe Shamir, and Nathan Alterman. The book contains photographs and sketches by Boris Carmi, M. Perlson [Micha Peri], and others.
At the beginning of the book is a folded plate containing a map of the Negev and sketches of battles.
On the first is an inscription from Nahum Sarig, the brigade commander, to the family of Palmah soldier Moshe Kleinman, who was killed at Bir Asluj: "To the family of Moshe Kleinman, who fell in battle for the defense of the Negev and its capture, in the name of his fellow combat soldiers from the Negev Brigade, the brigade commander."
6, [2], 232 pp., 23 cm. Good condition. Stains. One gathering is loose. Cardboard binding with a torn spine, repaired with acid-free tape. Blemishes to the edges of the binding.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening100$ Sold For125$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 445

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Speech of the Commanding Officer of the Irgun Zva’i Leumi – Issue of the Herut Newspaper, 6 Iyar 5708 (May 15, 1948)

Single leaf, issue 97 of the Herut newspaper, Saturday evening, 6 Iyar 5708 (May 15, 1948) - Transcript of a speech by Menachem Begin upon the establishment of the State of Israel.
The topics addressed in the speech, which was broadcast on the same day - May 15, 1948 - on the Irgun Zva’i Leumi’s radio station, Kol Zion ha-Lohemet (The Voice of Fighting Zion), are the victory in the War of Independence after the Holocaust, the difficulties in struggle, the need for a strong and well-trained army, necessary foreign policy with the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., and the return to Zion, among other topics.
49.5X35 cm. Good-fair condition. A small number of stains. Fold marks. A tear in the center along the fold line. Tears and open tears at the edges of the leaf.

Opening100$ Sold For125$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 446

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Printed Leaflet in Honor of the Establishment of the State of Israel, with the Lyrics of “Hatikva” – Buenos Aires, 1948

A printed leaf, commemorating the establishment of the State of Israel, by Naum Birenzweig. [Buenos Aires, ca. May 1948].
A leaf printed on both sides. On one side appear verses about Jerusalem, return to Zion and the Gathering of Israel, ending with: "Eternal commemoration of the State of Israel establishment, Iyar 5, 1948". "Hatikva" is printed on the other side of the leaf, in a version which includes the second stanza and the ninth stanza from Naftali Hertz Imber's poem "Tikvatenu". The song was printed in Hebrew and in transliteration to Latin script.
[1] leaf, 15 cm. Good condition. Stains. Minor creases at margins.

Opening120$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 447

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The Provisional State Council and the People’s Council – All Protocol Booklets, 1948–1949

Two volumes of protocols of the discussions in the meetings of the People’s Council and the Provisional State Council. Tel Aviv: The Government Printer, Ha-defus he-hadash, 1948-1949.
All the protocol booklets, documenting the proceedings of four meetings of the People’s Council and forty meetings of the Provisional State Council (May 1948–February 1949).
The protocols contain abundant legislation and a great deal of debate about the newly-created state, together with decisions and discussions on urgent emergency matters. Among the subjects discussed: the Law and Administration Ordinance, 1948 (the first law drafted in the State of Israel), Emergency Regulations, much discussion on the issue of the Altalena, the State of Israel Emblem Ordinance, the Constituent Assembly Ordinance, and more. The provisional councils, which existed from May 1948 to February 1949, served as a transitional link between the Mandatory government and the Israeli Knesset.
Two volumes, ca. 23.5 cm. Overall good condition. Some leaves are loose. The bindings are somewhat worn, with stains.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening200$ Sold For275$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 448

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“The Jewish State” – Supplement to Yedioth Ahronoth – The First Session of the Knesset in Jerusalem – February 14, 1949

"The Jewish State," a supplement to the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, to mark the occasion of the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly, which took place in the National Institutions House in Jerusalem on 15 Shevat 5709 (February 14, 1949).
The supplement contains an illustration of Herzl addressing the First Zionist Congress, a photograph of David Ben-Gurion announcing the establishment of the state, and excerpts from Herzl’s book "The Jewish State."
[4] pp. (leaf printed on both sides), 58 cm. Good-fair condition. Fold marks. Tears at the edges and on the fold lines, most of them restored with acid-free tape (some with minor damage to the text). A small number of stains.
Provenance: Rimon Family Collection.

Opening150$ Sold For188$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 449

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Collection of Documents – The question of Who is a Jew – State of Israel – Jerusalem, 1958

A dozen documents, recording the governmental discussions to define Jews according to the State of Israel laws. Jerusalem, 1958 (one document from 1960).
The question of "Who is a Jew" was first raised in 1958, when the Minister of Interior at the time, Israel Bar Yehudah decided to register as a Jew every person who declares "in good faith" that he is a Jew. These instructions aroused fierce opposition on the part of the religious public, led to the withdrawal of the Mafdal party from the government, to an upheaval and, finally, to a change in this definition.
Offered here are mimeographed typewritten documents recording the various disputes, discussions and decisions. Among them: a booklet prepared by the Interior Minister for the Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, with a summary of the history of religion and nationality registrations in the State of Israel (classified, by hand, on the top margin of the first page "Internal - not for publication"); a guide for the Ministry of Interior, Wing for Immigration and Registration, with instructions to register as Jews those who declare "in good faith" that they are Jewish; a letter of opposition to the definition which appears in said booklet, on behalf of Minister of Religions Haim Moshe Shapira; additional letter of opposition on behalf of Deputy Minister of Religions, Zerach Warhaftig; letter of resignation from the government by Haim Moshe Shapira, following the new instructions for registration of Jews; a letter from 1960 by David Ben Gurion to Haim Moshe Shapira, with the principals of the coalitional agreement to return the Mafdal party to the government, with an obligation to cancel the previous instructions for registration of Jews; and more.
Handwritten inscriptions on a number of pages.
Size and condition vary. Good overall condition. Minor blemishes and filing holes to some documents.

Opening120$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 450

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The Lavon Affair – Legal Report by Yitzchak Zamir, 1965

A legal report concerning the Lavon Affair by Dr. Yitzchak Zamir, lawyer, February 10, 1965. Hebrew and some English.
In 1960 the Knesset appointed a committee of seven ministers ("Committee of Seven") to investigate the Lavon Affair. The committee acquitted Pinchas Lavon, arousing furious reactions from the political system, mainly for the doubtful authority of a ministerial committee to acquit another minister.
This report (a mimeographed typewritten booklet), was commissioned by Pinchas Rosen (a member of the Committee of Seven), in order to push back the extreme criticisms, and it includes a detailed discussion concerning the committee members, its authority, protocol of discussions, the suspicion of biased decisions and other topics.
Dozens of handwritten comments appear on the margins of leaves, some in pencil and some in ink (comments might have been written by more than one person), with reference to the different claims in this report: "what about Cheshin's opinion?", "Bravo!", "something does not make sense here!" , and other comments.
[1], 2, [1], 67 pp, approx. 27.5 cm. Good condition. Minor blemishes.

Opening120$ Unsold

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 451

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Address by IDF Chief Rabbi and “Order of Prayer” Booklet – Liberation of Jerusalem, 1967-1968

Leaf with an address by IDF Chief Rabbi and the booklet "Prayer order for day of thanksgiving". Israel, 1967-1968.
1. Address by IDF Chief Rabbi Major General Rabbi Shlomo Goren – Liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Western Wall and the Temple Mount from the Enemy's Legions. 28 Iyar 5727 (June 7, 1967).
A greeting from IDF Chief Rabbi "to soldiers of Israel, loved by the people, decorated with heroism and victory", for the liberation of Jerusalem.
16.5X23.5 cm. Good condition. Some stains and creases. Filing holes. Small tears to margins of filing holes.
2. Order of prayer for day of thanksgiving, Iyar 28, 5728. Published by the Jerusalem religious council, 1968.
Order of prayer for the first anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem, with passages of prayers, memorial for the war's victims, chapters of Psalms and more.
4 pp (leaf folded in half), 22 cm. Good condition. Folding mark. Stains.

Opening200$ Sold For275$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 18 Lot Number 452

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Collection of Political Publications – 1939–1949

Collection of political publications from the era of the Yishuv in Palestine about underground movements, Hebrew labor, the partition of the land, and other topics. Palestine, 1934–1949. Hebrew and German.
1. We, the bourgeois Zionists, and Hebrew labor, by Avraham Sharon (Schwadron). Printout from Haaretz, Nissan 5694 [April 1934].
2. A Jewish State. Jerusalem: HaSefer, 5698 [1938]. Booklet containing a poem by Tchernichovsky ("And the cities shall return to their borders…") and a selection of essays against the partition plan.
3. Nationaler Nachrichtendienst [The National Intelligence Service], two issues of a bulletin in German issued by the Etzel. July–August 1938.
4. The Theory of Cruel Zionism, by Avraham Sharon (Schwadron). Tel Aviv: Am Oved, 5704 [1944].
5–6. Chauvinistic Notes on the Matter of the Arabs, by Avraham Sharon (Schwadron). Tel Aviv, 5709 [1949]. Two copies, one containing a handwritten dedication.
7. Lehi 1948, by B. Lubotsky (Benjamin Eliav), 1949. Booklet against Lehi’s policy during the War of Independence.
8–9. Who Collaborated? By Y. Shurati. Oz Publishing, [1949]. Booklet containing numerous assertions of collaborations between the dissenting organizations and the British. Two copies.
10. Ba-ofek: Be’ayot u-demuyot [On the horizon: Problems and characters], edited by Dr. Yaakov Harozen. Jerusalem: Harav Hershkovitz, 5709 [1949]. With a handwritten dedication by the author.
Size and condition vary. The booklets were not thoroughly examined and are offered for sale AS IS.
Provenance: Collection of Dr. Israel Mehlman.

Opening100$ Unsold

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Collection of Publications – Left Wing Organizations and Communist Movements in Palestine – The First Half of the 20th Century

Six booklets and a broadside issued by communist parties, left wing organizations, and pacifist movements. Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, late 1920s through late 1940s (one booklet from 1985). Hebrew (one item in Yiddish).
• "Der Kampf", a booklet on behalf of the Socialist party of workers in Palestine "Poale Zion", Tel-Aviv, 1929. Yiddish. The booklet is about the socialist struggle in the Yishuv and in the Zionist Organization. • "Bamifne, collection of articles", Jerusalem: Marx-Engels, [1932]. Includes an essays by Leon Trotzky, "Marxism and the World War". • "Kol Hamazpun", a one-time publication, Tel Aviv: Achdut press, May 1934. Anthology of essays and passages in favor of vegetarianism and pacifism, by A.D. Gordon, L. N. Tolstoy, and more. • "At a time of emergency, anthology for problems of the Zionist policy and the Jewish-Arab cooperation", published by the league for Jewish-Arab cooperation, Jerusalem, 1940. Essays about the Jewish-Arab conflict, among them a call for peace and for economic and social cooperation between the nations. • "News and impressions (the reaction of the Arab public to the situation)". Jerusalem: The League for Jewish-Arab cooperation, 1946. • "Internal" bulletin with a survey of the attitude of the Arab public towards different matters: bombardment of King David Hotel by Etzel, British operations against the Jewish Yishuv, deportation of refugees, and more. • "Murder", a broadside issued by "'Thy Shall not Murder' League", condemning the murder of the policewoman Kadia Mizrahi and the boy Michael Shnel, attributed to the Etzel organization. Jerusalem: Achva press, [ca. 1947]. • "Ken Yedidut", Tel Aviv, 1985. Anthology of essays and passages supporting friendship with the Soviet Union.
Total of seven items. Size and condition vary. Good overall condition. The items were not thoroughly examined and are offered for sale AS IS.
Provenance: Collection of Dr. Israel Mehlman.

Opening100$ Sold For175$ Including buyers premium
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