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Map of the Holy Land – Woodcut, 16th century

Dela Cosmographie La terre de promission [cosmography of the Promised Land]. Leaf (two pages) out of Sebastian Münster's book "Cosmography". [ca. 1570]. French. Woodcut created by Hand Rudolf Manuel Deutsch, signed in the plate in initials RMD. The map depicts the shores of Eretz Israel, Syria and Cyprus, the shoreline seen in the map stretches from the Nile Delta to Asia Minor. [1] leaf, 20X31.5 cm, Good condition. Some stains.

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Appendix ad D. Joh. Henrici Maii – Frankfurt, 1697

Appendix ad D. Joh. Henrici Maii Institutionem linguae hebraicae, Frankfurt, 1697.
Appendix to a doctoral dissertation of Johans Herici. Biblical chapters and verses in Hebrew and Latin. Handwritten comments in Latin by the text appear on several leaves.
16, 8, pp. 20 cm. Good condition. Wear. Stains.

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Lexicon of the Roots of Hebrew Words – Leipzig, 1712

Lexicon Hebraicum in compendium redactum in quo omnes radices Hebraicae, Christian Gottlieb Meinig. Leipzig: Gleditsch & Weidmann, 1712. Latin and Hebrew.
A linguistic composition dealing with the roots of Hebrew words. Foreword by the author followed by plates with tables. [7], 48 pp, 20.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Chopped margins. New cardboard binding.

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Zurat HaAretz – Rabbi Abraham ben Ḥiyya ha-Nasi – Second Edition

Form of the Earth, by Rabbi Abraham ben Ḥiyya ha-Nasi. Offenbach, [1720].
An astronomy book dealing, among other things, with the following subjects: the course of the moon, solar and lunar eclipse, the Zodiac, the division of Earth into climatic zones and the size of Earth.
Introduction by Rabbi Yehonatan of Ruzhany who edited this edition of the book and added numerous comments and astronomical drawings.
[3], 64 leaves, 19.5 cm. Fair condition. Worming. Wear. Tears.

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Prophets, English Translation – English Commentary by Anselm Bayly – 1774

[The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testament. With notes. By the Revd. Anselm Bayly]. Book of Joshua, Book of Judges, Book of Ruth, The First Book of Samuel, The Second Book of Samuel, The First Book of Kings, The Second Book of Kings, The First Book of Chronicles, The Second Book of Chronicles, Ezra, The Book of Nehemia, The Book of Esther. Hebrew and English. [1774?].
Prophets, Hebrew source and English translation on facing pages. English commentary by 18th century E nglish churchman Reverend Anselm Bayly printed on margins. Three engravings, including one folded plate featuring a map of Canaan.
[399] leaves + [3] engraving plates, one folding, 22 cm. Fair condition, stains. Tears and open tears to edges, large open tear to first page with damage to engraving, two last pages detached and the last one crumbling. Library stamps. Newly bound.

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Lexicon – Basel, 1631

Johannis BuxtorfI Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum. Lexicon for Biblical and Oral Torah words. Words in Hebrew and Aramaic, with meaning in Latin. Basel. 1631. Ex- Libris of David Sassoon.
]8[ leaves; ]974] pp; ]39[ leaves. Good condition. Wear. Ancient leather binding, partly detached.

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Rom Und Jerusalem – First Edition – Leipzig, 1862

Rom und Jerusalem, die letzte nationalitätsfrage, Moses Hess. Published by Eduard Wengler. Leipzig, 1862.
Moses Hess, one of the heralds of Zionism and one of the forefathers of Zionist Socialism, wrote his book "Rome and Jerusalem" following the Damascus libel. The book discusses Jewish life in Eretz Israel in the spirit of nationalism and socialism. This is a copy of the first edition of the book.
XVI, 239, [1] pp, 19 cm. Good condition. Some stains. Title page cut and restored with no damage to text. Restoration of last page. Ex library copy. New leather binding.

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The Thistle and the Cedar of Lebanon – Habeeb Risk Allah Effendi – London, 1854

The Thistle and the Cedar of Lebanon, Habeeb Risk Allah Effendi, Ertheimer & Co. Press, London, 1854. 2nd edition. English.
Frontispiece engraving with author's portrait; photograph of author mounted in the books as well as a group photograph of youth in uniform with the author, probably, sitting in the center.
XII, 400 pp, 19 cm, fair codnition, stains, marks in pen and pencil, several loose leaves.

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Grammer of the Hebrew Language – Moses Stuart – New-York, 1838

A Grammar of the Hebrew Language, Moses Stuart, New-York: Gould and Newman, 1838. Sixth edition. English.
VIII, [3], 12-276 + folded leaf, 25 cm. Fair-good condition. Damp staining, damage to binding.

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Cérémonies et Coutumes Religieuses – Bernard Picart – Chapter about Jewish Customs – 20 Engravings

[Cérémonies et costumes religieuses de tous les peuples du monde]. (Ceremonies and religious customs from people around the world). By Bernard Picart. French.
Pages 63-92 as well as 20 engraving, most probably taken from the first volume of the comprehensive series of books depicting religious customs around the world, by Bernard Picart. The first volume concerns Jewish and Catholic customs, and the chapter discussing Jewish customs, as well as 20 engravings depicting Jewish customs, were removed from the book and bound separately. Engravings feature in much detail different Jewish customs and traditions such as Tefilin, prayer in Synagogue, Pesach, wedding ceremony, circumcision ceremony and Simchat Torah, and in addition many religious objects: mezuzah, shofar, talit and more.
63-92 pp + [20] engravings, 33 cm. Good condition.

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Jüdisches kriegsgedenkblatt – M. Fruheling – Vienna, 1914

Jüdisches kriegsgedenkblatt, M. Fruheling. Published by the author, Vienna, November 1914. German. Issue no. 1.
40, [1] pp, 30.5 cm. Fair condition, stains, pencil scribbles, folding mark throughout the booklet.

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Joseph and Benjamin – Joseph Samuel Frey – New York, 1840

Joseph and Benjamin: a series of letters on the controversy between Jews and Christians: comprising the most important doctrines of the Christian religion, Joseph Samuel c.f. Frey. Printed and published by Daniel Fanshaw, New York, 1840. Seventh edition. English. 2 volumes.
Vol. I – VI, 399, [1] pp, Vo. II – 407 pp, 18 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains, damage to binding of Vol. II.

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The Crucifixion and the Jews – Dr. Ludwig Philippson – Philadelphia, 1866

The Crucifixion and the Jews, Dr. L[udwig] Philippson, translated from German by Maurice Mayer. Philadelphia: Jones & Hamilton, 1866. English.
IV, 41 pp, 22 cm. Good to fair condition. Loose binding, first four leaves are detached, some stains, tear to one leaf.

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New York: Past, Present and Future – Porter Belden – New York, 1849

New York: Past, Present and Future; comprising a history of the city of New York, a description of its present condition and an estimate of its future increase. Porter Belden, New York: G.P. Putman, 1849. English.
Three titles: New York: past, present and future; New York – as it is, being the counterpart of the metropolis of America and The American advertiser; designed for the cards and advertisements of the leading business establishment of the United States. A detailed description of the various religions in the city is found in the first part, with a short summary of the history of Jews in New York and a list of the ten synagogues in the city.
VII, 12-125 + 19 engravings and a folding map, 24, 180 pp, 19.5 cm, fair condition. Back binding is fallen apart; the book split in two, stains, scribbles in pencil on inner cover.

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“Toldot HaShamayim” – Haim Selig Slonimski – Zitomir, 1866

Sefer Toldot HaShamayim about astronomy and optics by Haim Selig Slonimski. Printed by Rabbi Abraham Shalom Shadowo, Zitomir, 1866. Second edition.
A book about astronomy with information about stars and planets, as well as tables and formulas to calculate their movements and dates of eclipses. At the end of the second book appear two folding plates with engravings of technical drawings depicting various measuring tools and projections.
[8], 120, 12 pp + [2] folding plates21.5 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Worming, creases. Binding is not original.

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Sefer Mosdot Tevel – David Friesenhausen – Vienna, 1820

Mosdot Tevel, by David Friesenhausen, printed by Anton Strauss, Vienna, 1820.
"Mosdot Tevel explains three different matters… the Copernican system... a proof for the eleventh axiom of Euclid… will and testament to his children." Two folding engraved plates are bound at the end of the book with various drawings.
[2], 94 pp + [2] folding plates, 19 cm. Poor condition. Stains. Creases. Wear. Worming. Detached signature. Ink stamps. Dismantled binding.

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Auction Online 5 Lot Number 17

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Hebraica – Periodical “In the Interest of Hebrew Study” – Chicago, 1884-1887

Hebraica, A Monthly Journal in the Interest of Hebrew Study / A Quarterly Journal in the Interest of Hebrew Study edited by William R. Harper. Chicago, 1884-1887. English and some Hebrew.
Seven issues of the periodical "In the Interest of Hebrew Study" which was first published in March 1884. After the publication of the first three issues it was decided to cease the publication of the journal as a monthly periodical and publish it as a quarterly journal. At a later stage the sub-title of the periodical was altered.
First year: issues 1-3, 1884; second year: issues 3-4; third year: issues 1-4.
Total of 7 issues. Condition varies. The booklets are contained in a fine cardboard box.

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Auction Online 5 Lot Number 18

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Schocken Publishing – List of Books, 1930s-40s

Six leaflets – lists of books published by Schocken, 1930s-40s. Most of the books are not recorded in NLI:
* Erstes Gesamt-Verzeichnis. Berlin, 1932.
* Bucherei Des Schocken Verlags. [Berlin], 1935.
* Complete list of books published by Schocken in Berlin until the end of 1937. [Berlin?], [1937?]. Two copies.
* Die Bucher Des Schocken Verlags Berlin Im Herbst 1936. [Berlin?], [1936].
* List of books published by Schocken. Tel-Aviv, 1941.
6 leaflets. Size and condition vary.

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Auction Online 5 Lot Number 19

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Pamphlet “Ele Shmot”, Books of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev – Jerusalem, 1928 – Limited Edition

"Ele Shemot" pamphlet, books by Rabbi Nachman of Breslev and books of his disciples and disciples of disciples, composed by Gershom Scholem. Jerusalem, [1928].
500 copies were printed in honor of Martin Buber's jubilee by his associates in Jerusalem.
A bibliographic list of Breslev Chassidic books composed by Gershom Scholem from the collections of the National Library, R' Meir Breslaver, S.Y. Agnon and from his private collection.
38, [1] pp. 24.5 cm. Good condition. Some stains.

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Auction Online 5 Lot Number 20

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Eight Books – Gershom Scholem

Eight books by Gershom Scholem (one with his guidance):
* Kabalot R' Ya'akov and R' Yitzchak sons of R' Ya'akov Hacohen. Published by the Hebrew Univeristy in Jerusalem and the Department of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, [1927]. New binding with original cover mounted on it.
* Kovetz Hotza'at Schocken LeDivrei Safrul, Tel-Aviv: Schocken, [1941]. Compilation of essays by various intellectuals among them Gershom Scholem. Tear to title page.
* Reshit HaKabalah (1150-1250). Tel-Aviv-Jerusalem: Schocken, 1948. Not original binding. Numerous inscriptions and marking in pen and pencil.
* Reshit HaKabalh veSefer HaBahir, lectures by Prof. G. Scholem, 1962, edited by Rivka Schatz. Published by "Mifar Hashichpul", Jerusalem, 1962
* Hakabalh be Provence (Chug HaRabad and his son Yitzchak Sagi Nahor). Lectures by Prof. G. Scholem, 1963, edited by Rivka Schatz. Published by the "Mifal Hashichpul"
* Kabalh in Girona, edited by Yosef Ben Shlomo. Published by "Mifal Hashichpul", Jerusalem, [1964].
* HaKabalah she Sefer Hatemunah veshel Avraham Abulafia, edited by Dr. Yosef Ben Shlomo. Published by "Akademon", Jerusalem, [1969].
* The book "VeAvo Hayom el HaAyin", PhD dissertation by Moshe Aryeh Perlmuter guided by Prof. Gershom Scholem. Tel Aviv: Schocken, 1947.
8 books. Size and condition vary. Some glosses and underlined text.

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Warum krieg? – Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud – Paris, 1933

Warum krieg? [why war?], Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud. Internationals institute fuer geistige zusammenarbeit, Paris, 1933. Germany. A note within the book states that this is a copy out of a limited edition of 2000 copies.
61, [2] pp, 22 cm, good condition. Some stains within the book, stains and slight damage to the binding.

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Auction Online 5 Lot Number 22

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Collection of Books – Science and Nature

Collection of books dealing with matters of science and nature, fauna and flora, mathematics and nature, and more. Most of the books were printed in Europe in the 19th century:
Among the books:
* Sefer Toldot Hateva, al shlosha devarin ahealyhem ha'Olam Kayam, al Hachai, al Hatzime'ach veHadomem, by Shalom Abramowitch. Vilnius, 1872.
* Chochmat Hamispar, by Rabbi Nachman Zvi Linder. Warsaw, 1854.
* Otzar Hachochma veHamada, sefer Toldot HaEash veHamayim… with two hundred and twelve drawings, by Zvi Hachoen Rabinovich. Vilnius, 1876.
* Limudei HaTeva, part one by Moshe Mordechai Yuval. Tchernovitz, 1836.
Some other books.
12 books. Size and condition vary.
Condition of books was not thoroughly examined - sold AS IS.

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Auction Online 5 Lot Number 23

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Collection of Catalogue of Publishing Houses and Publishers’ Unions

Collection of catalogues and publication on behalf of various publishers' unions and book fairs. Israel, 1920s-1970s
Among the catalogue:
* Dvir company. Tel-Aviv, 1928, 1936, 1938, 1947, 1958, 1975.
* Association of Hebrew Publishing houses in Eretz Israel. Four catalogues and publications. Tel-Aviv, 1945,1946,1947,1959.
* Totzeret HaAretz Lagola, Catalogue 1, books and games from Eretz Israel. Tel-Aviv, 1946.
* International Book Fair Jerusalem. 4 catalogues of the first four fairs, 1963-1969.
And some other small catalogues.
18 catalogues and publications, some in small format and "pocket" format.

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Catalogues of Book Stores in Europe

Six catalaogues and publications of Jewish book stores in Europe, 1920s-30s:
* Religiöse Strömungen im Judentum, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung des Chassidismus, S. A. Horodezky. Bern-Leipzig: E. Bircher, 1920. Promotional leaflet for Horodezky's book, with chapter titles and criticism. German.
* Welt-Verlag. Berlin, 1923. German.
* Juedicher Verlag. Berlin, 1930. Leaflet of the publishing house promoting new books by Jewish philosophers. German. Two folded leaves with some tears.
* Neue Judische Bucher Ein Auswahlverzeichnis zum Zionistenkongres. Vienna: Buchhandlung R. Lowit, [no year]. German.
* Book store and publishing house Buchhandlung Verlag Ferdinand Ostertag, catalogue no. 1 and no. 2. Berlin, [no year]. Two catalogues. One in German and the second in Hebrew.
6 catalogues and publications, some in small format. Size and condition vary.

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