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Writings of Josephus Flavius – Frankfurt, 1581 – Woodcuts

Hochberühmten Jüdischen Geschichtschreibers Historien und Bücher: Von alten Jüdischen Geschichten zwentzig sampt einem von seinem Leben, Flavii Josephi. Frankfurt, 1581. German. A large volume, begins with "Antiquities of the Jews" which includes twenty chapters depicting the history of the Jewish people from the creation of the world until the Great Revolt (66 CE). The second part is book V of "Wars of the Jews" recounting the destruction of Jerusalem. A separate title page for the part about Jerusalem: Egesippi, des hochberühmten fürtrefflichen christlichen Geschichtschreibers, fünff Bücher, vom jüdischen Krieg und endlicher Zerstörung der herzlichen und gewaltigen Statt Jerusalem. Numerous impressive woodcuts illustrate both parts throughout text. [5], 348, [13] leaves; 177, [8] leaves, volume 34 cm. Good condition. Minor worming. Wood and vellum binding with metal clasps.

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“The Deceptions and Rituals of the Jews in Our Time” – Basel, 16th Century

Tractatus de imposturis et ceremoniis Iudaeorum nostri temporis, Conrado Husero. Basel: Pernam, [1575]. Latin.
A Christian book presenting Jewish customs and rituals in a critical and negative light. The book, bearing the pseudonym Conrad Huser, was actually written by Marcus Lombardus.
66, [1] pp. 21 cm. Good condition. Slightly faded title page. Stains. Rebound in cardboard.

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Auction Online 6 Lot Number 3

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Introductiones Apotelesmaticae – Astrology and Physiognomy – Johanne of Indagine – Strassburg, 1622

Introductiones Apotelesmaticae In Physiognomiam, Complexiones hominum, Astrologiam naturalem, Naturas Planetarum, Joannis Ab Indagine. Printed by Lazari Zetzneri. Strassburg, 1622. Latin.
A 'natural' astrology book (by the author's definition) and other matters, by Johanne of Indagine (1467-1537), German astronomer and astrologer, member of the Carthusian Order. Included in the 1559 list of books banned by the Vatican for stating that the planets determine man's destiny. Woodcuts, drawings and charts demonstrating palm reading, astrological map analysis and physiognomic principles.
384 pp, 15 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains. Leather binding with ornate spine, worn. Ex Libris. Detached cover boards. Endpaper torn in two.

Opening50$ Sold For188$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 6 Lot Number 4

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Concordance and Book of Tiberias – Joannis Buxtorfi – Basel – 1632

Concordantiae Bibliorum Hebraicae, by Johannis Buxtorf. Basel: Ludovici König 1632.
At the end of the book appears a table of Parshiyot. Hebrew title page: "Concordance about Daniel and Ezra" (Hebrew); the table of Parshyiot ends with a colophon: "Printed in Basel under the command of the esteemed Sir Ludwig König in his home in the year of 1630" [However, the book was actually printed two years later].
The book opens with a preface in Latin by Johannes Buxtorf, the son, who completed the concordance, based on the Meir Nativ concordance by Rabbi Yitzchak Nathan.
[467] leaves.
Bound with:
Tiberias Sive Commentarius Masorethicus Triplex Historicus Didacticus, Criticus, Johannis Buxtorfi P.. Basel: Johannis König, 1665. Review of the Tiberian Masorah and its history. Hebrew and Latin. [8]; 108 pp.
41 cm. Good condition. Stains and wear. Leather binding, back binding is lacking.

Opening50$ Sold For113$ Including buyers premium

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Monograph about Hebrew Grammar – Zurich, 1647

Erotematum linguae sanctae Libri duo, Johann Heinrich Hottinger. Published by Joh. Jacobi Tigury, Bodmeri (Zurich), 1647.
Composition by the theologian and philologist Johann Heinrich Hottinger, about Hebrew grammar.
[5], 200 pp, 15.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and wear. Original leather binding, detached and damaged.

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Auction Online 6 Lot Number 6

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“On Hebrew Orthography” – Jonnane Buxtorf II – Basel, 1648

Tractatus de punctorum vocalium, et accentuum, in libris Veteris Testamenti Hebraicis, origine, antiquitate, & authoritate: oppositus Arcano punctationis revelato, Ludovici Cappelli, Johannis Buxtorfi Filii. Martini Wagneri Printing Press. Basel, 1658. Latin.
Jonnane Buxtorf the younger was a well-known Christian Hebraist and inherited the Hebrew Chair in the Univeristy of Basel from his father who studied the same subjects. This is a polemic book, one of several, composed after an argument with Louis Cappelli about the antiquity of niqqud.
[12] leaves, 437, [3] pp. 15 index pages are missing. 20 cm. Good-fair condition. Worming. Foxing and staining. Creases and tear to endpaper. Restored tear to title page. Vellum binding, stains.

Opening50$ Unsold

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Two Books – Jewish-Christian Polemics – 1647-1737

Two books about Jewish-Christian polemics:
1. Disputa del christiano con l'ebreo di Melchior Palontrotti. Ad istanza di Pietro Pauolo Romaldi romano. Doue si proua chiaramente contra l'ebreo, che la riduttione temporale, che aspetta fù adempita nella liberatione di Babilonia [ dispute between a Christian and a Jew]. Girolamo Barberi Printing Press, Rome, 1647. Italian.
27, [1] (i.e. 37, [1]) pp, 20 cm. one leave lacking. Fair condition. Worming. Open tears. Adhesive tape. New binding.
2. Gespräch in dem Reiche der Todten über die Bibel und Talmud zwischen Dr. Luther und Raschi, [conversation in the kingdom of the dead about the Bible and the Talmud between Dr. (Martin) Luther and Rashi]. Schwabach: Johann Jacob Enderes, 1737-1738. German and some Hebrew. Frontispiece engraving of Rashi and Luther. Parts 1-2.
14; 88 pp + [1] engraving, 20.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains. Worming. Damaged binding. Tears to spine.

Opening50$ Sold For1,500$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 6 Lot Number 8

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Tiberias Commentarius – Johann Buxtorf – Basek, 1665

Tiberias, sive Commentarius Masorethicus triplex: historicus, didacticus criticus, ad illustrationem operis Biblici Basiliensis conscriptus, quo primùm historia Masoretharum tiberiensium, Johannis Buxtorfi P. Joh. Jacobi Deckeri Printing Press. Basel, 1665. Latin.
A book by the Christian Hebraist Johanne Buxtorf (1564-1629), one of the first Christian scholars to study Judaism. The book studies the Tiberian Masorah from three aspects, details the changes introduced by Buxtorf into the version of the Bible which he published several years earlier and justifies them in light of Masorah.
[12] leaves, 430 pp, 20.5 cm. Wide margins. Good condition. Foxing. Rebound.

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Auction Online 6 Lot Number 9

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Republic of the Hebrews – Petrus Cunaeus – Engravings – 1682-1735

De republyk der hebreen, of de Gemeenebest der Joden. Handelende van de bedieninge des tempels; zoo die was in de daagen van de Zaligmaaker en korts voor de verstooringe van Jerusalem, Petrus Cunaeus. Four volumes: part one, published by Wilhelm Goeree. Amsterdam, 1682. Part two and part three, published by Wilhelm Goeree. Amsterdam, 1683. Part four, published by Jan Roman. Amsterdam, 1735. Dutch.

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“History of Saint Peter” – Ludovico De Dieu – Leiden, 1693

Historia s. Petri persice conscripta, simulque multis modis contaminata. Latine reddita, & brevibus animadversionibus notate [history of Saint Peter, a composition in Persian translated into Latin with comments] by Ludovico De Dieu. Leiden (Holland): Ex Officina Elseviriana printing press, 1693. Persian and Latin.
A composition in two parts by Jerome Xavier, translated into Persian according to a request by Akbar (Mughal Emperor in India), [in 1602].
Offered here is a later edition of the second part by Ludovico De Dieu, which contains the original text in Persian with the Latin translation, page facing page.
Ludovico De Die (1590-1642), a priest and an orientalist, edited this composition, translated it and added in the margins some grammatical comments about the Persian text. Titles on title page are woodcuts in black and red ink.
Included in this edition is an additional part about the basic principles of Persian Grammar by Ludovico De Dieu. His work was the first Persian grammar book ever published in Europe.
[4] leaves, 144 pp, 18.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Rebound.

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Auction Online 6 Lot Number 11

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Collection of Orders, Decrees and Manifests – Engravings of Coins – Germany, 1693-1790

Seven manifests and decrees concerning various subjects issued by German emperors for their subjects from the years 1693 to 1767. Among the decrees – one that deals with coins and features engravings of many coins in engraving plates; a manifest announcing the coronation of an emperor and a decree which concerns Frankfurt Jewry.
[12] leaves; [4] leaves, 6, VII-VIII engraving plates; [5] leaves; [13] leaves; [5] leaves; [11] leaves; [2] leaves, approx. 32 cm. Six manifests are bound together. Condition varies. Restored tears. Significant foxing.

Opening50$ Sold For88$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 6 Lot Number 12

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Synagoga Judaica – Anti-Semitic Book – Germany, early 17th century

Synagoga Judaica, by Johann Buxtorf. Henau: Haeredum Guilielmi Antonii, 1614. Latin.
An important book composed by the Hebraist and scholar Johann Buxtorf (1564-1629). Buxtorf accurately documented customs, prayers and way of life of Ashkenazi Jews. Although the book's tone is explicitly anti-Semitic, it is considered a milestone in the study of the Jewish religion and even Jews of the period used it often enough.
13.5 cm. [1] 644 [should be 624], [60] pp. Good-fair condition. Vellum binding (of the period). Worming, creases and stains. Ownership ink stamp and inscription in pen on the inner side of front binding. Labels on spine.

Opening50$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 6 Lot Number 13

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Document About Rights of Jews – Europe, Late 17th – early 18th century

Pro Hebraeis Possidentibus Stabilia. Facti et Iuris [Possession rights of Jews. Facts and Jurisdiction], a document dealing with rights of Jews. Author and printer are unknown. [Italy, 1700?]. Latin.

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Auction Online 6 Lot Number 14

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Hilchot Bikurim – Rambam – Hebrew-Latin Edition – Leiden, 1702

[1], 25 pp. Good-fair condition. Stains and creases. New binding with vellum spine.

Opening50$ Unsold

Auction Online 6 Lot Number 15

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Monograph about Jews – Johann Christoph Wagenseil – Leipzig, 1705

Benachrichtigungen Wegen einiger die Judenschafft angehenden wichtigen Sachen, D. Joh. Christoph. Wagenseil. Published by Johann Heinichens Wittwe. Leipzig, 1701. German.
Johann Christoph Wagenseil (1633-1705) was a German theologian and Hebraist who was deeply involved with the question of Jews and Judaism. He gathered proof about the negative attitude of Judaism towards Christianity and asked the authorities to restrain Jews from mocking Jesus, but was opposed to forcible conversion to Christianity and believed conversion should be voluntary.
220 pp, 18 cm. Fair condition. Foxing. Uneven leaf cutting. Wear to edges of leaves. New binding.

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Auction Online 6 Lot Number 16

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Considerazioni di Biagio Garofalo – Rome, 1712

Considerazioni di Biagio Garofalo intorno alla poesia degli Ebrei e dei Greci, Biagio Garofalo, Francesco Gonzaga printing press, 1712. Italian. 2 parts bound together.
Composition analyzing the Greek poetry and the Jewish poetry using themes from Spinoza.
XVI, 61, [1], 63, [1] pp, 23 cm, good-fair condition. Stains, slight damage to binding, vellum binding.

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Auction Online 6 Lot Number 17

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Rashi Commentary Translated into Latin – Two Volumes – Johan Friederich Breithaupt – Gotha, 1710, 1713

* R. Salomonis Jarchi, Commentarius Hebraicus in Pentateuchum Mosis, Joh. Friederico Breithaupto. Published by Typis Reyherianis. Gotha, 1710.
* R. Salomonis Jarchi Commentarius hebraicus, Rash"i dicti, Commentarius Hebraicus in Prophetas Maiores et minores, ut et in Hiobum et Psalmos, Joh. Friederico Breithaupto. Published by Typis Reyherianis. Gotha, 1713.
Latin. Two volumes out of three.
Rashi's commentary on the Torah, first and last prophets, psalms and Job, translated into Latin. This is the first Latin translation of Rashi's commentary. Two volumes. Author's engraved portrait appears at the beginning of volume I. Vellum binding.
1st volume: [11] leaves, 1532, [32] pp, [1] engraved plate. 2nd volume: [4] leaves, 1027 + 166 + 299, [2] pp, 20.5 cm. Fair condition. Age-related stains, foxing. Worming. Some tears at margins of leaves.

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Pictures from the Turkish Sultan Court –Book with Dozens of Portraits – Engravings – Nuremberg, 1721

"Wahreste und neueste Abbildung des türckischen Hofes" [pictures from the Turkish Sultan Court], by Charles de Ferriol. 54 copper engravings by Johann Christoph Weigel. Nuremberg: Christoph Weigel, 1721. German. A book written following the mission of the French Ambassador Charles de Ferriol (1652-1722) to Turkey, surveying tens of personalities accompanied by engravings and commentaries. 54 engravings, titled and signed C."Weigel exe". [16], 103 pp + 52 engraving plates and [2] folding engraving plates. One engraving is most probably lacking. Fair-good condition. Slight creases and tears. Some engravings are detached. Inscription with crayon on title page. Ex Libris on inner front cover and ownership ink stamps on margins of engravings. Perforation stamp on title page. Old and worn binding.

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Three Compositions – Bernard Picart and Josephus Flavius – Engravings – Original Leather Bindings

Three compositions accompanied by engravings. Amsterdam, 1726-1732:
* Naaukeurige Beschryving Der Uitwendige Godtsdienst-Pflichten, Tempel-Zeden En Gewoontens Van Alle Volkeren Der Waereldt, Bernard Picard [Religious duties, manners and customs of all the nations of the world]. Joint publication: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague: Uytwerf Beman Alberts, 1729. Dutch.
The study was originally written in French; this is the fourth-fifth volume out of the Dutch translation accompanied by 58 engraving plates and a dozen folding plates by French master engraver Bernard Picart.
[1] leaf, 424, [31] pp; [4] leaves, 368 pp, 40 cm.
* Vervolg op Flavius Josephus; of algemene historie der joodsche naatsie, behelzende ene uitvoerige beschryving van derzelver regerings-vorm, godtsdienst, gezinten en plegtigheden…, Jakob Basnage. Amsterdam, 1726-1727. Dutch.
Writings of Josephus Flavius, edition in two volumes with several engravings. A large engraving and two portraits of Jakob Basnage preceding the title page of the first volume. [23] leaves, 7+658 pp + [4] engraving plates; [3] leaves, 659-1940 pp, 39.5 cm.
* Alle de werken van Flavius Josephus, behelzende twintig boeken van de Joodsche oudheden, het verhaal van zyn eygen leeven, de histori van den oorlóg der Jooden tegen de Romeynen, de twee boeken tegen Apion, en de beschryvinge van den marteldoodt der Machabeen. Waarby komt het gezantschap van Philo aan den keyzer Kaligula. Amsterdam: Marten Schagen, 1732. Dutch.
A large volume compiling two parts with some of Josephus Flavius writings: "Antiquities of the Jews", "Wars of the Jews" and "Against Apion" ("Antiquities of the Jewish People"). Accompanied by numerous engravings throughout the book and nine engraving plates, among them five double engraving plates of Map of Eretz Israel and the vicinity, the Temple, Jerusalem and the Destruction of the Temple.
[42], 790, [26], 112, [11] pp + [4] engraving plates and [5] folding plates, 39.5 cm.
4 books. Good overall condition. Original leather bindings.

Opening50$ Sold For413$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 6 Lot Number 20

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Thesis – Nuremberg University, 1726

D. Michaelis Frider. Lochneri, Furthensis, De reservato imperatoris exigendi aurum coronarium a Judaeis etiam in aliorum statuum imperii terris degentibus = Von der Juden Cronen-Steuer oder güldnen Opffer-Pfennig, Michael Friedrich Lochner. Published by Impensis Stephani Grebneri, Altdorf, 1750. Latin.
The composition concerns the poll tax imposed by German emperors on their Jewish subjects.
46 pp, 20.5 cm. Good condition. Dark paper. Some wear to margins of first leaves. Rebound.

Opening50$ Sold For163$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 6 Lot Number 21

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“History of Jews” – Humphrey Prideaux – Amsterdam, 1731

Het oude en Niewe Verbond aen een geschakelt in de geschiedenissen der Joden en der aengrenzende volkeren, sedert het verval der koningryken van Israel en Juda tot de komst van Jezus Kristus [History of Jews as is manifest in the Bible and in the New Testament from the days of King Solomon until the appearance of Christianity]. By Humphrey Prideaux. Published by Isaak Tirion, Amsterdam, 1731. Dutch. Second edition.
With eight engraved plates: frontispiece engraving, six folding maps and additional folding plate with a plan of the Temple. Numerous initials. Two additional engravings on the title page and within the text.
[2] leaves, xxii, 1552 columns, [20] leaves + [1] engraving plate, [7] folding engraving plates, 40 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Creases. Original leather binding with tears and damage.

Opening50$ Sold For200$ Including buyers premium

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“Religious Duties, Manners and Customs of all the Nations of the World” – Engravings by Bernard Picart – Sixth Volume – Netherlands, 1738

Naaukeurige Beschryving Der Uitwendige Godtsdienst-Pflichten, Kerk-Zeden En Gewoontens Van Alle Volkeren Der Waereldt, Bernard Picard. Joint publication by: Uytwerf Beman Alberts, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, 1738. Dutch.
The original monograph was written in French. This is the sixth volume of the Dutch edition which was printed in six volumes, with 38 engraving plates by the French engraver Bernard Picart. Chapter discussing Judaism and Jews in the end.
[7], 340, [2] pp; [1], 317, [42] pp + [38] engraved plates, 40 cm. Fair condition. Stains. Original leather binding, tears and damage.

Opening50$ Sold For250$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 6 Lot Number 23

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Study about Laws and Rights of Jews in Germany – Nuremberg, 1741

Tractatus de juribus Judaeorum, Von Recht der Juden by Johann Jodicus Beck. Nuremberg: Johann Georg Lochner, 1741. German.
A comprehensive study concerning laws and rights of Jews in Germany: criminal law, contracts, civil laws, inheritance laws and more. This composition, refering to both the German legislative system and to the Halachic laws, was written so as to serve as a guide for readers, and encourage tolerance towards the Jewish community through teaching and explaining the Halachic laws.
A fine frontispiece engraving, divided into four scenes depicting a wedding, writing a will, commerce and execution by hanging. [1] engraving-plate; [10], 599 pp, 20 cm. Good condition. Stains, foxing. Original vellum binding, damage.

Opening50$ Sold For275$ Including buyers premium

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Abstract from Selichoth – Anti-Semitic Composition – Germany, 1745

Kurzer Auszug aus denen Selichoth oder Judischen Bus-Gebeten, d.i. Sammlung von denen Lasterungen, die sich in diesen Gebeten befinden, und wodurch die Ehre Jesu Christi verachtet, und der Christliche Glaube verspottet wird, aus einem gerechten Eifer fur die Ehre Jesu Christi, und aus Eherbietung fur die christliche Religion, Christian Wilhelm Christlieb. Publisher not indicated. Place of publishing not indicated. 1745. German.
Anti-Semitic composition meant to prove how Jews curse Jesus and his believers in their prayers and how they bypass the restrictions of censorship through use of code words such as "Akum" and "Edom". The composition surveys the Selichot and their meaning in short and cites some passages.
[24] leaves, 20 cm. Good condition. Foxing. Rebound.

Opening50$ Sold For163$ Including buyers premium
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