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Auction Online 9 Lot Number 1

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Portrait of Herzl, Special Edition of Ha’aretz on the Fortieth Anniversary of the Zionist Congress – 1937

* Portrait of Theodor Herzl / Shaul Raskin / engraving / 18.5X23.5 cm / Signed and titled in the plate / some stains * Ha'aretz, forty years to the Zionist Congress 1897-1937. Special edition, supplement for "Ha'aretz" readers, Tel-Aviv, 3.8.1937. [32] pp, 26.5 cm. Fair condition. Foxing, stains. Significant wear, tears and open tears at margins of leaves.

Opening70$ Unsold

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 2

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Theodor Herzl – Three Items in His Memory – 1954

Three items in commemoration of Herzl: * Theodor Herzel, by Louis Lipsky, New-York: American Zionist Council, [1954]. English. A booklet about Herzl on the 50th anniversary of his death, by chairman of the Zionist American Council. 11 pp, 22 cm. Good condition. Stains. * "Aтикво", еврейский национальный гимн… Folded sheet with sheet music and lyrics of HaTikva anthem. Odessa. Russian and Hebrew. Portrait photograph of Herzl on the cover. Folded sheet, 25.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Ink stamps. * Binyamin Zeev Herzl – fiftieth memorial day, 1904-1905. Poster with photographs from Herzl's life and from his funeral. 1954. Hebrew and French. 34.5X99.5 cm. Good condition. Creases. Folding marks. Tears at folding marks.

Opening100$ Sold For130$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 3

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Poster – Binyamin Zeev Herzl

Poster, "Dr. Binyamin Zeev Herzl Visionary of the State of Israel", published by "Pirsum Totzeret HaAretz", Moshe Halutz, Tel-Aviv.
70X49.5 cm. Good condition. Foxing. Small open tears at margins.

Opening50$ Unsold

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 4

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Six Memorial Plaques and Decorative Items with Theodor Herzl’s Image

* Oval plaque with Herzl's profile portrait, with a rectangle plaque below it, inscribed "Dr. Binyamin Zeev Herzl 10 Iyar 5620, 20 Tamuz 5664 (1860) (1904)". Screwed into a flat, four-legged, decorated base. Brass. Height: Approx. 13 cm, base approx. 11.5X7.5 cm. Metal is dull and stained, damage to base. Three holes, two of them large, drilled in the base. * Bronze plaque, Star of David with an entwined wreath of leaves, with Herzl's profile portrait, inscribed on the side "Dr. T. Herzl". Nailed to a heraldic shield covered with black velvet, fixed to a wooden base. Length of shield approx. 18 cm. One nail out of two is lacking. Velvet is worn and unraveled. Reverse of shield is peeling. * Rectangular plaque, Herzl's profile portrait, inscribed "Herzl" on the side with a decorated frame. Repousée copper. 8.5X13.5 cm. Some scratches. Bent plaque. * Medal, Herzl's profile portrait. Repousée metal [bronze?]. Diameter approx. 5 cm. Good condition. Stained on the reverse. * Herzl's profile portrait, cast bust-like bronze relief. Inscribed on the stand "Dr. Theodor Herzl". Signed "By Sors" [ca. mid-20th century]. Approx. 15.5X20.5 cm. Good condition. * Memorial plaque with Herzl's profile portrait, designed by Boris Schatz. To the right of Herzl's portrait appears the image of Moses and to the left a quotation from Herzl's book, "The Jewish State": "a wondrous generation of Jews will spring into existence …" Created by Boris Schatz. Below an inscription: "If you will it, it is no dream". Signed in monogram. Cast bronze, silver plated. Approx. 5.5X7 cm. Good condition. Framed, unexamined out of frame.

Opening250$ Sold For250$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 5

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Copper Plate with Herzl’s Portrait

Copper plate for suspension, with Herzl's profile portrait surrounded by vegetal motif and the text "Binyamin Zeev Herzl visionary of the State of Israel". Repousée and engraved. Suspension loop on the reverse.
Diameter 36 cm. Good condition. Some corrosion.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 6

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Gold Medal – Herzl’s Portrait – 1966

Gold medal, 21.6 karat. Obverse: Herzl's portrait surround by the Hebrew legend "Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl visionary of the State of Israel". Reverse:image of the Knesset building and a quotation from the book of Isaiah 1:26 "VaAshiva Shoftecha KeVarishona…" with an English translation. Bottom inscription "House of Parliament, Jerusalem" indicates that it was probably minted for the inauguration of the Knesset building [1966]. Marked: "Gold 900". Diameter 2.5 cm. Weight: 8 grams. Very good condition.

Opening150$ Sold For220$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 7

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Protocol of the First Zionist Congress – Vienna, 1898– First Edition

Zionisten-Congress in Basel (29.30.und 31. August 1897), Officielles Protocoll. Vienna: Vereines Erez Israel, 1898. First edition. Protocols of the sessions of the first Zionist Congress which took place in Basel in 1897. 200 pp, 23 cm. Good condition. Wear to paper and adhesive tape to paper cover. Signature in pen on front cover.

Opening400$ Unsold

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 8

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Souvenir Program – Conference of Chovevei Zion Association in London – 1898

Zionist Conference, 5658, (Convened by the Chovevei Zion Association of England). Souvenir Programme, Glerkenwell Town Hall. Printed by Philip Johnes & Co. London, [1898]. English.
Program of Chovevei Zion conference, which was distributed as a souvenir during the conference in London on March 6, 1898. The program features an ode to the participants, names of delegates, pictures from Jerusalem and Metula and the scheduled agenda. During this conference Chovevei Zion accepted the central Zionist leadership which established the Zionist congress in Vienna.
[4] leaves, 28 cm. Good condition, stained and darkened leaves. Folding mark throughout the booklet.
Not listed in the NLI catalogue.

Opening100$ Sold For110$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 9

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HaBrit HaOlamit Shel Poale Zion” – Letter from Ya’akov Meirson – Vienna, 1920

Nokh der V-ter Poale Zion velt-konferenz a briv tsu di Khaverim fun s.a.p.p.z. in palestina fun Y. Meirson". Adria printing press, Vienna, 1920. Yiddish.
A letter from Ya'akov Meirson to members of S.A.P.P.Z. (sotzyalistishe arbayter-partye in Palestina, Poale Zion"), "Temporary committee of Socialist Workers Party in Eretz Israel" after the Poale Zion World Conference of in Vienna in 1920.
Ya'akov Meirson (1886-1947), politician, was one of the leaders of Jewish Socialist Workers Party and one of the founders of the communist movement in Eretz Israel.
In the fifth conference of the 'World Alliance of Poale Zion' in Vienna in 1920, he disagreed with David Ben-Gurion and Yitzchak Ben Zvi and claimed that there is no unoccupied land in Eretz Israel… Hashomer is an armed union founded to protect the capital of the Jewish Bourgeoisie and fight the Arab workers. Following these remarks and similar ones his party turned its back to him and Meirson was expelled from the conference. After the conference, he continued his political activism and was elected to the Jaffa Committee. When he could no longer stand the way the Zionists treated him and the persecution by British Mandate authorities, he left the country, moved to the Soviet Union and settled in Odessa.
7, [1] pp, 22.5 cm. Fair condition. Ink stamp of illustration by Lilien on the inner side of front cover. Filing holes. Ink stamps. Stains. Creases and tears.

Opening50$ Sold For70$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 10

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Two Booklets – Association of Zionist Youth Movements – 1928-1930

Two booklets about conventions of Zionist youth movements in Germany (Verband der jüdischen Jugendvereine Deutschlands):
1. Booklet from the seventh congress of the organization. Dresden, 1928. On the first page, signatures by Dr. Hugo Hahn and Fritz Schwarzschild.
[1], 30 pp, 30 cm. Good condition. Bound with string.
2. Album from the eighth congress of the association. Duesseldorf, 1930.
Photograph of delegates in the congress hall, two photographs of theater performances and a photograph of Martin Buber. On the first page a signature by Herbert Friedenthal (theater director).
[5] leaves, 24.5X32 cm. Fair condition. Bound with string. Stains. Tears and defects to wrapper.

Opening300$ Unsold

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 11

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Information Leaf – Election to Zionist Youth Movements – Romania

Buletin de Vot. Information leaf for voters – election to youth movements in East Europe [Romania].
Detailed lists of youth movements' members and list of candidates.
Single leaf, 22X30.5 cm. Poor condition. Stains. Creases. Tears. Folding marks.

Opening50$ Unsold

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 12

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Archive of Documents –Zionist Congresses Decisions – 1935 – Printed in Ten Copies

Decisions by the Zionist Congresses 1-18, 1897-1933/ Die beschluesse der Zionisten Kongresse. Edited by M[oshe] Gordon and G[eorg] Herliz. 1935. German and some Hebrew.
A bound volume compiling an archive of leaves and documents with decisions of the Zionist Congresses 1-18, 1897-1933 edited by Moshe Gordon (director of "Bialik Institute") and Georg Herliz, founder of the Central Zionist Archive. The documents include decisions, proposals for discussions submitted to the Zionist Organization and the Zionist Executive Committee. A letter from the editors to the management of the Zionist Organization in Jerusalem is enclosed: "Until the 11th congress the formal version of decisions was published in German…it is advisable to appoint a committee to translate and edit the material".
Lot of hundreds of documents. Most of the documents are typewritten. Good condition.
Not listed in the NLI catalogue.

Opening100$ Sold For110$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 13

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Broadside on behalf of “Ezra” Center to the Congress Delegates –1935

Broadside on behalf of the central committee of "Ezra" in Krakow and Lvov to the 19th Zionist Congess delegates. 1935. Hebrew and Yiddish.
A detailed broadside about "Ezra"'s assistance to pioneers, and a request to acknowledge "Ezra" as a world fund authorized by the congress. Broadside is printed on both sides in Hebrew and Yiddish.
43X31.5 cm. Good condition. Folding marks. Slight tears at folding marks and at margins.

Opening50$ Unsold

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 14

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Ballade in Memory of Joseph Trumpeldor – Cover Design by Otte Wallish – Prague, 1930

Die Ballade vom Leutnant Trumpeldor. Prague: Dr. Josef Flesch, 1930. German.
Ballade in memory of Joseph Trumpeldor, sheet music. Verse by Georg Mannheimer, tune by Walter Kohn. Cover design (Trumpeldor's portrait) by the artist Otte Wallish.
11 pp, 33.5 cm. Good condition.

Opening50$ Unsold

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 15

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Booklet – Second Maccabia – Cover Design by Franz Kraus – 1935

Second Maccabia, spring, 1935. Published Maccabi World Union, Tel-Aviv-Haifa, 1935. Hebrew and English.
A booklet with the second Maccabia program, with numerous photographs from the first Maccabia, illustrations and numerous advertisements. Cover design by Franz Kraus. A fine illustration in color of a boy flying a flag with the Maccabia emblem, on the background of Tel-Aviv. English booklet and Hebrew booklet bound together.
[1] title-cover, 37+38 pp, 30X23 cm. Good condition. Some stains and creases.

Opening50$ Sold For160$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 16

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Prospectus on behalf of Tel-Hai Fund – 1938

Prospectus on behalf of Tel-Hai Fund issued for the World Convention in Prague in 1938, meant to recruit members to the Beitar work and defense groups. Published by Tel-Hai Fund, London, 1938.
The prospectus displays small photographs of training and activity in the various legions and a map of Greater Eretz Israel.
Folded sheet. 33.5 cm. Good condition. Creases. Slight tears and stains.

Opening50$ Unsold

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 17

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Iron Boards for Tel Hai Fund – Certificate of Appreciation – Australia – 1945

State of Israel – Iron Boards for Tel Hai Fund. Poster with an illustration of the Map of Eretz Israel, a Menorah and emblem of "Tel Hai Fund". Australia, 1945.
A certificate of appreciation on behalf of the fundraising enterprise "Iron Boards for Tel Hai Fund", Keren Tel Hai Fund Heritage in Australia, awarded to Mr. Ze'ev Kamil and his wife Reisl, inscribed by the Revisionist Zionist organization in Australia, in gratitude for their devoted work. June, 1945. Emblem of Tel Hai Fund embossed on the bottom of the poster, surrounded by handwritten signatures.
Approx. 46X62 cm. Good condition. Some stains, creases and folding marks.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 18

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Yoel Buchwald – Caricatures of Congress Delegates – 1956

500 caricatures of the 24th congress delegate. Yoel Buchwald.
Published by Letste Nayes, Jerusalem-Tel-Aviv, 1956. Hebrew, English and Yiddish.
[1] title cover, [31] leaves, 17X23 cm. Good condition. Booklet bound with thread. Stains. Wear at margins of wrapper.

Opening50$ Sold For50$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 19

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Collection of Documents from the Estate of the President of the Zionist Organization in Mexico Areih Dulzin

Collection of booklets and documents from the estate of Arieh Dulzin. Mexico-Israel. 1920 through 1980s.
Arieh Dulzin (1913-1989), served as the president of the Zionist Organization in Mexico. In 1956 immigrated to Israel, served as the head of the economic department of the Jewish Agency, and later as head of the immigrant absorption department and treasurer of the Jewish Agency. Was member of "Gahal" party directorship on behalf of the Liberal party.
* Letters and documents in his handwriting. Drafts of speeches and essays, written by hand and typewritten. A notebook written by hand, with a satiric play composed by Dulzin in his youth.
* Typewritten letters and autographed letters from various public figures, among them Yosef Vinizky, Peretz Bernstein and more.
* Numerous printed documents among them from the Zionist intelligence services, the World Jewish Congress, Jewish Agency, Zionist organization in Mexico. World Association of Zionim Klalyim. A printed document concerning the immigration of Latin American Jews and their absorption.
* Telegrams and letters of condolences sent to Dulzin after the death of his father and his brother.
* Booklets: Members rights – Kupat Holim shel HaZionim Haklalim. Tel-Aviv, 1959. The Cairo Trial, facts and comment, Jerusalem, 1955. Booklet from the first convention of the Zionim Klalim in South America. For Peace and Security by Abba Eban. The Peaceful Use of Atomic Energy, by Abba Eban. Information booklet about Kibutz Ein HaShlosha and Kfar Silver. Zionistishe bleter by M. Even Sapir.
* Tickets: delegate card from the 23rd Zionist Congress. Invitation to the opening ceremony of the 23rd congress on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. 1951. Invitation to the opening ceremony of the sixth Maccabia. 1961. Loan certificate of the Liberal Party in Israel. Tel-Aviv, 1966.
* Letters sent to Annette Dulzin after the passing of her husband.
Total of about 100 items, some consisting of several leaves. Size and condition vary.

Opening200$ Unsold

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 20

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Four Receipts – “Shekel Zioni”

For receipts for donations of "Shekel Zioni":
* Receipt designed by Josef Budko. Issued by the limited excutive committee of the Zionist Organization, London, 1920s.
* Receipt on behalf of the Zionist Organization in Poland. 1919.
* Receipt on behalf of "HaMizrahi" in Poland. Issued by the limited executive committee of the Zionist Organization, London, 1920s.
* Receipt from the twentieth year to the Congress.
Overall fair condition.

Opening50$ Sold For50$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 21

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Shekel HaGeula/Asirit HaShekel – JNF – first half of 20th century

Two receipts for donations to JNF. First half of 20th century.
* Shekel HaGeula. A receipt published for the twenty-second year of JNF. In the center appears Herzl's portrait surrounded by the flags of the twelve tribes. Pivovarski printing press. [Petrograd], 1919.
* Asirit HaShekel per capita. Receipt for a donation of ten Mil to JNF. [1940s].
Good-fair condition.

Opening50$ Sold For60$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 22

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“Shekel HaZioni” – Receipts and Receipts Notebook – 1921-1960

Five single receipt and a receipts book (unused) for donation of "Shekel HaZioni". England, Germany and Eretz Israel, 1921-1960.
Including a receipt from 1949 inscribed "First year to the State of Israel".
Good overall condition.

Opening50$ Sold For170$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 23

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“HaShekel HaZioni” – Two Paper Items – 1920s and 1930s

Two paper items, "HaShekel HaZioni":
* Printed document for distribution of the "Shekel Zioni" on behalf of the national committee for the "Shekel" in Eretz Israel, with signatures of the committee members, addressed to the representative in Safed. [1932].
28X22 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains. Folding marks. Tears.
* Notebook with four receipts for donation of "Shekel Zioni". [1920s].
10.5X18.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Receipts are detached from booklet.

Opening50$ Sold For50$ Including buyers premium

Auction Online 9 Lot Number 24

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Diverse Collection of Paper Items – JNF

Seven paper items. JNF: * Stamps booklet for a pupil. Cover illustration by Nahum Gutman. * Booklet about JNF "Golden Book". * Poster for the 35th anniversary of JNF. Warsaw 1937. * Kfar Nahalal booklet, how JNF builds new villages in Eretz Israel on JNF lands, I. Etinger, 1924. * Hassidim came to the country… (settlement of Hassidim from Jabłonna and Kozhenitz in Jezreel Valley), published by JNF, Jerusalem, 1926. * Yizkor booklet with leaves for folding, as a donation for the redemption of the land of Israel.
Seven items. Size and condition vary. Overall good condition.

Opening50$ Sold For120$ Including buyers premium
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