How to sell

1Evaluation your items

Free of charge

Free of charge

We provide a preliminary evaluation of the item for free without obligation to include it in our auctions.
Quick and Simple

Quick and Simple

Upload a photograph and a number of details through the link below or send an e-mail to the auction house.
Prompt Feedback

Prompt Feedback

With the exception of rare cases, Kedem experts will provide prompt preliminary evaluations.


Our experts have inspected and evaluated thousands of items and are apprised of worldwide market prices.

Ever wonder how much your item is worth?

Try one of the following options for a free evaluation:
  1. Email: Send Kedem an email or complete this form. Detailed information and photographs will help us provide you with a more accurate preliminary evaluation.
  2. Visit our offices: We will be happy to meet with you and view your item in our Jerusalem offices (8 Ramban Street) during regular office hours.
  3. Home visits: If relevant, we can coordinate a home visit at your location to view a large collection or large items that are difficult to transport.

2 Items on consignment

If you decide to consign your item for auction, the next step is to transfer it to Kedem. Consigned items can be brought in person to our offices or sent to us by mail. (All shipping expenses lie with the consignor, including insurance and customs duties.) Kedem will then prepare a detailed consignment receipt listing the items you’ve consigned and their auction opening prices (the minimum price reserved for the sale of the item) and Kedem’s Terms and Conditions of sale. Our team of specialist will then expertly describe and photograph your item in preparation for it being offered in an upcoming Kedem auction. Note that customer confidentiality is of utmost importance to Kedem and we never reveal a seller’s identity.

3Auction your items

Your consigned item will appear in the relevant upcoming Kedem auction catalog with the description and photograph prepared by our cataloging team. Once listed in the catalog your item will get wide exposure to ensure it is seen by as many potential buyers as possible. Kedem’s catalogs are distributed to an extensive mailing list of customers, are available online on the Kedem website and are also posted on numerous international online auction portals. 

4 Payment

After the sale of your consigned item, Kedem collects payment from the buyer. The proceeds due to you will be transferred no later than 45 business days after the auction. Kedem's seller’s premium depends on the hammer price of the item, as detailed in the Terms and Conditions of the consignment receipt. If for some reason your item did not sell, we kindly request that you collect it from the Kedem office no later than 14 days after the auction.


Kedem evaluates your item and in consultation with you recommends an appropriate auction opening price. Bids lower than the opening price are not accepted. 

We charge a seller’s premium (plus Israeli VAT) only on items that were sold. The premium is a function of the item’s auction hammer price, as detailed in the Terms of Use on our website.

When consigning your item we will give you an estimate of when it will be offered for auction. Items are assigned to our various auctions according to the appropriate category (eg Judaica or Israeliana), the order in which the items were consigned to Kedem and other considerations. 

Please contact us by email at .A Kedem representative will get back to you promptly to get more details and set up a meeting at your location to view the collection and evaluate it.

We don’t need a professional photograph; even a photo taken with your cellphone will suffice at first. If nonetheless you still have a problem sending us a photo, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help resolving the issue.

No. The evaluation by Kedem is free of charge (and confidential) and you are under no obligation to sell the item through us.

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